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I saw your tags and ASDFGJKKL JACKBUM HEADCANONS??? tell me everything

  • listen jackbum being domestic is such a THING 
  • there was the Gold™ situation with jaebum hogging the fan and we all know how that probably just ended with jackson waiting for jae to fall asleep and crawling into his bed
  • and the bed is already almost too small for jaebum 
  • jaebum being shook just waking up to shirtless jackson curled under his chin and the fan blowing Jackson’s hair in his face
  • he’d never been so happy to squished into the wall
  • “go back to your bed, jackson”
  • “make me, hyung”
  • jackson smelling really good so whenever they hug jaebum shoves his face into his neck or his hair and just staying there without moving
  • “are you really sniffing me right now”
  • “no” 
  • Jaebum tended to clean up after jackson. the staff are all like ?? cause jaebum just wipes Jackson’s lips when he eats messily or fixes his hair and throws away his snack wrappers and overall just treats jackson like a PRINCESS
  • Jackson getting a lil jealous when jaebum wears other member’s sweaters 
  • “do I not smell good enough you have to wear mark hyung’s hoodie” 
  • “shut up you know you smell amazing” 
  • jinyoung and jackson teasing each other and jackson being bitter™ when jaebum tells him to apologize 
  • “jj project favoritism” 
  • “jackson we’re dating if anyone would get favoritism it would be you”
  • “so why aren’t I getting it?” 
  • jackson being mad at jaebum ASDFGHJKL 
  • the other members would be losing their minds w frustration
  • poor jaebum making mistakes everywhere and trying to figure out what he did and how to fix it
  • upset jaebum would be so funny 
  • he wouldn’t tell anyone about him and Jackson’s fight except his cats
  • the members probably wouldn’t even notice something was wrong until jackson dragged in a teddy bear the size of his body a billion roses and all of jaebum’s favorite snacks
  • “I’m so sorry I love you so much I never meant to say that please forgive me or I might cry” 
  • a minute of silence and jackson goes to get on his knees
  • “stop! okay, I forgive you. you better be prepared to make this up to me”
  • “oh I will” 

Some sketches of the egg boi from the gods au @darcyfirth wrote

I haven’t been so much in my house lately, so I kinda sketched most of these on my way home and then used color pens and watercolors to try and “paint” them pfft.

As always, click the images for better quality
Vlogging - Justin Bieber Head Cannon

A/N: sorry for the delay! 

Request: ’Hi can u do one where y/n and Justin start a vlog Chanel. The name will be there ship name? Love ya‘ 

Vlogging with Justin would be like:

  • “We should go on an adventure.”
  • “Where to?”
  • “Anywhere {Y/N}, we need vlog footage, remember we have a vlogging account?”
  • You forgetting that the both of you have a vlogging account.
  • “What, no! I didn’t forget.”
  • You guys go on the adventure and Justin just happens to forget the camera at home.
  • “Oops.”
  • “Justin, this isn't ‘oops’. How could you forget the one thing we need most?”
  • “Oh my god, {Y/N}, it isn’t that serious.”
  • You eventually get over the fact he forgot the camera and decide to vlog on your phone.
  • You guys run into fans while going on your ‘adventure’ and basically the entire vlog is you two hanging out with them.
  • You two argue over who’s day it is to vlog, edit the video, or not getting enough vlog footage.
  • You eventually resolve your problem(s) and carry on with your lives.