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Im Jaebum | smut | 4725 words

he thought you were snooping.. but you were more than glad with the consequences.
  !!! » » jaebum with tattoos and lip and nipple piercings, very mild bondage, daddy kink, ice play, usage of toys, overstimulation maybe, face sitting, ass play, and other sins. enjoy. ♥

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Pillow Fight

Requested by: Anonymous

Summary: You and JB are at the dorm enjoying some alone time when you both get a little mischievous and something that goes beyond pillow talk happens. 

Member: JB

Word Count: 932

The sound of rain pattering against the window was the only noise that filled the room. You were laying on the couch with JB, your head resting on his chest, his arm wrapped around you loosely.

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anonymous asked:

Im sorry but the Markbum feels are hitting me. I saw a gif set of them and it got my mind all messed up. I picture JB standing behind Mark and wrapping his arms around the older's waist. Even tho Mark is older JB is in charge of the relationship. "You're my good little boy, aren't you?", JB whispers as he nibbles in his ear and palms him through his pants. "Yes daddy, i am.", Mark moans quietly as he rest his head on JB's chest. "But right now, I want you to be naughty.", JB growls in his ear.

GOD MARKBUM IS ONE OF MY WEAK SPOTS…I’m not kidding, thank you for this imagine NOW I’M FUCKED UP KJSAHDSAKJ YEA you should BE SORRY oMF…

anonymous asked:

rmbr that one vlive where jb took the camera and started speaking then jinyoung came over right away and nestled his head onto jb, and started making faces at the camera and jb stopped talking bc he was lost for words bc wow i want that kind of love

that was one of the sweetest things ive ever seen istg :( they are so soft nd gentle like what kind of relationship goals when will me & jackson Ever