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Just A Few Of The LGBT Signs Seen At The Women's March
"Bisexuals are just confused by your ignorance."
By Sarah Karlan

Click the header link above to see more signs from the Women’s March! 

Horizon Light - Part 4

~2500 Words

Chapter Tags: Strong Language, References to Substance Abuse/Alcoholism

I modeled Obi-Wan’s quarters kind of after what we see Raleigh & Yanesy sharing in their introductory sequence at the Anchorage Shatterdone. Raleigh & Mako have quarters with a different layout in Hong Kong, but I like the apartment-style layout better.

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ML’s Love Letter To Horror Movie Fans

I was rewatching Horrificator and Nino’s insistence on filming through a potential tragedy reminded me of that guy from Diary of the Dead, that guy from Cloverfield, etc..  That had me paying closer attention to how much this episode pays homage to Horror/Monster movie tropes. I was cackling so much, I decided to make a post to spread the hilarity.  

A huge thanks goes to TV Tropes, where you can find the description of each stereotype.  You can also click my headers for a direct link to each.  There is an existing list of tropes from this episode that I found halfway through doing my own list.  I couldn’t find an entry for every trope so the ones that are not linked I came up with myself.  Also, I didn’t include every single trope.

Thanks go to Miraculous, les aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir (aka, Miraculous Ladybug) for gaining even more of my respect and for giving some mad love to us horror fans.  Enjoy!

We’re Making a Horror Movie Inside the Horror Movie

As seen in Diary of the Dead

Tragic Monster

  • tbh this happens in EVERY ML ep

Cat Scare

  • the monster is in the stall behind Marinette
  • ominous music builds
  • Mari: hmmm…what’s this pink goo….
  • Alya: *out of nowhere* MARINETTE!
  • viewer jumps because OH NO Alya’s warning her about the monst–
  • oh wait, no…
  • Alya:  Chloe’s gonna kiss Adrien
  • Mari:  OH NO THE HORROR!!!!!

Beware of jump scares (or not) after the cut…

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Some Children Are Transgender – 5 Explanations for Why That’s Perfectly Okay
The media tends to sensationalise stories about kids coming out as trans. Here’s Riley J. Dennis with the facts behind common myths about transgender children.

Riley busts some of the myths that might make some people think it’s not okay for children to come out as transgender – and to share the facts that prove how we should be supporting trans children instead.

Click the header link above to watch the video!


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