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Able to check one thing off of my long ass list of headcannons to do.
Enjoy some Tony.

Tony Stark headcannons:

-Low key thought you were going to be another one night stand.

-Probably feels bad about doing this to you, but on the other hand, realized he actually harbored some feelings for you.

-Who am I kidding, he thought you were hot af the fist time he saw you, that’s why he hired you in the first place.

-Pepper feels shocked when she sees you in the morning because you never seemed like the type to do this.

-She’s low key pissed at Tony because he probably ruined this job for you.

-Shocked when Tony tells her about his feelings he has for you, but not in a mushy way, the usual stark, blunt way.

-“She’s hot”
-“Tony you say that about all the women”
-“Yeah,but this ones different”

-Gives you his usual playboy smile the next time he sees you.

-Totally asks you out to dinner.

-You 10/10 say yes and really thrilled about this.

-You having second thoughts about going on the date because everyone’s said to keep relationships out of the office.

-Cancelling the date because of these insecurities.

-Tony being Tony, he doesn’t take no for an answer and shows up to your place with the dress he bought for the date he set up.

-“Tony what are you doing here?”
-“Didn’t I say we were going out today?”
-“But I told you I couldn’t go.”
-“Wow, you look so busy at the moment, come on get the dress on, we’re heading to Paris”

-Shocked that he knew your dress size.

-Like seriously, the dress fit like a glove.

-The date ends up being the best date you’ve ever been on.

-Actually falling in love with him.

-Him securing that feeling and telling you he felt the same.

-After keeping the relationship in she shadows for a while, he finally releases it out into the public.

-This shocks everyone because Tony is known as the “billionaire playboy philanthropist”

-It hurts you a bit when everyone thinks you’re just dating him because he’s rich.

-Probably the best relationship you’ve ever had in a REALLY long time.

-No joke, he’d give you the world if he could.

-Nobody knows stark like you do, not even pepper. He’s told you thinks that Jarvis doesn’t even know, and he built the damned thing.

-Speaking of which, Jarvis has seen you so much that he’s called you Mrs.Stark.

-Tony not wanting children, but changes his mind when he sees you holding your friends baby.

-Low key whipped for you, but not being able to admit it.

-You are his weakness, so if anyone thinks about fucking with you, they have a WHOLE nother thing coming.

-Waking up at 1 am and having to drag him away from his newest project.

-“10 more minutes babe, I’ll be up soon”
-“Tony you said that last time and you never came”
-“Just trust me, I’ll be there soon”

-Actually trusting him and getting pissed when you find out he’s not in bed in the morning.

-You actually ground him from being able to do ANYTHING other than spend time with you or sleep.

-He probably sneaks into the lab when you’re not paying attention.

-This leads to an unwanted fight.

-Feels like shit seeing you cry, so he buys you anything you want.

-You opt out on the object.

-“I’d rather buy your time.”

-He totally melts into a puddle after hearing you say this.

-(y/n) 1 — Tony 0