headed to the beach


Rune:  Hey, have you seen my sister?

Random girl:  *jumps a bit*  You startled me, sorry.  Your sister is?

Rune:  right, *closes eyes tightly*  Sorry,  Rana.

Random girl:  Does she have purple hair?

Rune:  Yep.

Random girl:  Yeah, her and Saros just headed down by the beach.

Rune:  Which is?

Random girl:  *giggles*  At the end of our property.  It’s actually really pretty at this time of night, surprised he took her there,  Saros isn’t the romantic type.  *shrugs*

The Honeymoon

True Fluff Series
Word Count: 775
Summary: After a dream wedding, Dean and the reader have their whole life to look forward to. 
Warnings: None. 

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Crush Imagine #37

I grabbed the blanket from my car and headed back towards the beach, where a group of friends and I were celebrating the last day of school. I sat down next to y/c and wrapped myself in the blanket, as we all watched the sunset. 

“Alright guys, time for the bonfire” y/f said, lighting the wood on fire in the middle of the fire pit. All of us gathered around and sat in a circle, enjoying the warmth. 

“Oh, I remembered this year!” y/c exclaimed. All of us made a confused look as y/c ran back to his car and came back, with his guitar. All of us cheered since y/c had forgotten it in years past. 

“Blanket?” I asked as he sat down, noticing he shivered a little. He smiled and gladly accepted, so we shared the blanket. Since the blanket wasn’t big enough that we could sit far apart, we sat close enough that I had to rest my head on his arm, which was nice. Y/C messed around in his guitar a little, warming up. 

“Alright, what do you guys wanna hear?” he asked. 

“Let’s go with I don’t want to be” one of my friends grinned. I laughed, no surprise there as the girls in the group and I were fans of one tree hill. Y/C chuckled and started playing the intro to the oh so famous song. 

“I don’t need to be anything other than a prison guard’s son” all of us sang. I turned my head and watched y/c play. His hair flopped a little and he tapped his foot as he began to pick up the pace for the chorus. 

“I don’t want to be anything
Other than what I’ve been trying to be lately
All I have to do is think of me and I have peace of mind
I’m tired of looking around rooms wondering what I gotta do
Or who I’m supposed to be
I don’t want to be anything other than me”

we sang-shouted, totally off tune. 

“Oh come on guys, I’m playing this goddamn song, atleast sing it properly” y/c laughed. After a few more songs y/c put away his guitar and we went around, sharing memories from this year, what we would miss, what we looked forward to, etc. 

“Let’s share some secrets” y/f sat criss cross and had a smirk on her face. My eyes widened once I realized she was doing this so I would finally admit my crush on y/c. She winked “Let’s start of with feelings, y/c and y/n, anything you guys want to get out in the open” she asked, taking a sip of her drink. 

“Not really” the two of us quietly said and awkwardly looked anywhere but at each other. 

“Oh come on guys, literally all of us know you two like each other, except for you two!” she exclaimed. 

“Y/f you were sworn to secrecy!” I exclaimed, realizing that now y/c knew about my crush on him. “Wait what?” I turned and looked at y/c. 

“You like me?” both of us said at the same time. 

“Yeah. I have for a while” y/c bit his lip. 

“Me too” I searched his eyes for any chance that he was lying, or joking, but all I saw was honesty. Y/C cupped my cheeks and kissed me softly once on my lips, and then once on my forehead. Everyone cheered, apparently this had been something they were all waiting for. Y/C put his arm around my waist and brought me onto his lap for the rest of the night as everyone went around, confessing to dumb things. Not that it mattered what anyone else said, now that y/c and I were together, finally. 

Film day with Ethan.

Requested by @dolanangels: “a really fluffy imagine with ethan and Y/N where they vlog and do a girlfriend vs boyfriend challenge”


“(Y/N), come oooooon.” Ethan wined from the living room.

“I’m almost ready, chill out.” You called back. You and him had a beach day planned and he was getting restless while waiting for you to finish getting ready. 

“We’re just going to the beach, sheesh.” He complained. You tied up your hair in a messy bun and walked out of the restroom.

“Alright, I’m ready. Goodness.” You joked. You loaded up the car with all your bags and other beach gear and headed off to Santa Monica for the day. 

“See, this is why I took forever to get ready. I knew you were gonna vlog today.” You laughed as he set up his camera on the dashboard of the car.

“I can’t have an amazing day with my girl and not vlog.” He said as he kissed your cheek. You smiled and turned up the radio as you hit the highway.

Once you got to the beach, it was pretty empty, you had infinite choices of spots. You set up your towels and everything and just hung out. It was just the two of you, and it was nice to be able to spend time with each other like that. 

You bought passes for the pier and rode a few of the roads and got lunch at one of the many restaurants on the pier. After lunch, you walked down to the end of the pier and enjoyed the view.

“The water is so pretty.” You said.

“Not as pretty as you.” Ethan said.

“Haha, you’re cute.” You laughed. You kissed him softly, knowing that his viewers would go crazy once they saw that footage in the video.

After you day on the beach, once back home in your apartment that you shared with Ethan and Grayson, you sat down to film a video.

“What’s up guys, we’re back.” Grayson began.

“And today, we’re with a special guest, my girlfriend, (Y/N).” Ethan said, motioning to you. “You’ve only seen her in vlogs, but today, we decided to switch it up and have her film with us.” He added.

“So, today, we’re gonna put Ethan and (Y/N) to the test and see how well they really know each other, and their relationship.” Grayson began. “They each have written five questions, that I will be asking them. They’ll get a point for each correct answer, and the one with the most points at the end is the winner.” He finished.

“We haven’t decided on a punishment yet-” You started.

“Loser gets dumped.” Ethan joked.

“Alright then, loser gets dumped.” You laughed. Throughout the video, the questions were pretty easy. They were mostly favorites questions, like favorite movie, favorite past time, and favorite outfit that the other one wears.

“Oh, c’mon, that’s an easy one.” Ethan said has he wrote down his answer to his favorite outfit that you wear.

“It’s not that easy. Because you have different favorites. You have a favorite dress up outfit, and a favorite casual outfit. You told me this the other day. Also, you like when I wear your clothes.” You said.

“That is true, I do like when you wear my clothes.” He agreed. “Okay, I’ll give you a hint. The answer I wrote was a casual outfit.” He said.

“Okay, that helps.” You said. “I’m gonna go with, your maroon Vans hoodie and leggings.” You said.

“My maroon vans hoodie and leggiiiings.” Ethan said as he showed his paper to the camera.

“Awe, seriously? I went out on a limb with that one.” You laughed. 

“Alright, that’s another point for (Y/N) and the score is now tied at four. Whoever gets this next one wins.” Grayson said. “Alright, Ethan, the last time (Y/N) bought you clothes, what store did they come from, how many articles of clothing were there, and what were they?” Grayson said.

“Oh my gosh, what kind of question is this?” Ethan asked.

“I gotta throw a few curve balls in there.” You laughed.

“Jeez.” He said. He sat there for a minute, trying to come up with an answer. “Okay, I think I got it. It was H&M for sure, I remember that much. And I wanna say it was three items. It was the red and black flannel, the purple crewneck, and that blue baseball tee.” Ethan said. You laughed and looked down at your answer sheet. “Is that it? Was that it?” He asked.

“Red and black flannel, purple crewneck, baseball tee, AND a pair of black jeans.” You said as your flipped your paper around.

“Ooooh, nooo. I forgot about those jeans.” He said.

“She also got me this camo t-shirt, but that’s besides the point.” Grayson added. “So, that’s another point for (Y/N), which means that she won. Ethan, are you ready to get dumped?” Grayson asked. Ethan shook his head.

“Well, Ethan, it was nice knowing you. It was a nice seven month run, but I guess this is it.” You said. You kissed his hand and walked off out of frame. Ethan pretended to be distraught and fell off of his chair and faked tears. You laughed and came back into frame and sat down in Ethan’s lap.

“Just kidding. No one is getting dumped.” Ethan said. 

“Well, that’s it for this week’s video. If you liked it, go ahead and give it a thumbs up, and if you didn’t like it, you might as well give it a thumbs up.” Grayson said.

“Yeah, and go ahead and click subscribe while you’re added.” Ethan said.

“We’ll see you next Tuesday,” 

“PEACE.” You all said simultaneously. 

“Awe, that was fun.” You said.

“It was. We should film together again.” Grayson said.

“We should do the girlfriend versus brother challenge next time.” Ethan said.

“Oooh, that would be interesting.” You agreed. 

You all sat around the living room, just lounging around for the rest of the night, not doing anything in particular, but you enjoyed it nonetheless.

High by the beach(drabble)


2: “what if butterfly’s are just really small Pterodactyls?”

22: “I am the type of person that will cry in the bathroom. But then i’ll walk out like nothing happened”

For: @daydreamedmemories

Pairing: Peter maximoff x Fem!reader

readers gender: Female


summary: Y/n and Peter decide when out on a date at the beach to get high.

time line: no specific detailed time line

fandom: X men

requested?: Yes

permanent tag list:


Originally posted by dinsintegration

Peter and y/n walked hand in hand down the hallways of Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters. The two have been dating for two years now. They were headed to the beach for their date, which they had to get approved by Charles.

Peter knew his dearest y/n had been sad lately. She didn’t particularly fit in at the mansion. There had been multiple occasions where he’d just find her sobbing and cursing the world. she would always tell him “I am the type of person that will cry in the bathroom. But then i’ll walk out like nothing happened”

It broke his heart to see her sad. It enraged him that fellow students would harass her. How could they not love everything about her? She was so kind and sweet. Honestly she was to damn good for this world.

The only time he ever saw her happy was when they were alone, and usually high. So now here the two youngsters are, sitting on the beach and passing the blunt they were smoking.

He loved seeing the smile on her face as she laughed and goofed around with him. It warmed his heart to see that sparkle in her eyes again. She was running across the beach, peter close behind her. He tackled her into a hug and they fell down, laughing their asses off.

y/n sighed happily and kissed him softly. “Hey Pete?” her voice was small and angelic to his ears.

“Yes my love?”

“What if butterfly’s are just really small Pterodactyls?”

Peter laughed loudly and kissed her temple. “I don’t know babe. That’d be kinda awesome honestly.” he said and nuzzled his face into her neck. “i like seeing you happy and smiling”

“And i like being with you” was all she responded with


Requested By Anon

When people began arriving on the beach it was midday and you were stretched out on the warm sand with Roman’s head on your stomach. You opened your eyes when he flipped over and pouted as his eyes wondered over the beach.


“You hungry?” He asked when your belly rumbled.

“Yeah.” You sighed, stretching like a cat and smiling at him.

He grabbed his wallet and left you on the beach as he headed to the nearest shop. You started getting worried when the sun became low in the sky and he still hadn’t returned, packing up your things you decided to go look for him.


After a few minutes of searching you found him flirting with a girl in the smallest bikini you’d ever seen, you hurried past him without a word and he didn’t notice you until you made the car alarm go off.


“Hey, sorry I got distracted.” Roman said as he hurried over to you and handed you the food.


“I saw.” You snapped as you waited for him to unlock the car.


“There’s a bonfire later we should go.” Roman said as he watched you get in the car and shut the door.

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Some of my favorite bday gifts. The Baguette size cutting board I bought for myself, that’s by an artist in Asheville who taught where I work, and the others are tea cups/bowls by our current clay artist. I drink way more tea than that so my intent was to use them as sauce bowls. I just love them.

We’re headed to the beach Saturday night, given the “snow” that’s forecast doesn’t shut everything down.

Pop Tarts in Bed

Day 3 of @charmerweek - Hurt/Comfort. This type of fic isn’t really my typical style so it’s just a baby fic. Trigger warnings for grief/parental loss.

Also on AO3 here.

It was 5am when she woke, and Caitlin slipped downstairs as quietly as she could, so as not to wake the rest of the volleyball team living in the Dig. She took one of the spare balls from down the side of the couch, and headed to the beach. It might not be a real beach - she had given up on those the moment she got her acceptance letter from Samwell - but it was nice to pretend that she hadn’t traded in for indoor courts. Today, she kind of wished she could pretend she had never given up softball, or that she was any good at ice skating. Instead, she walked, dribbling the volleyball as if it were a basketball, to the beach.

She practiced until sunrise, serving the ball time and time again, pushing herself until she had worn a patch of grass down to dirt which her shoes slipped on with every jump. Then she hit it into the bushes and tripped on a branch trying to retrieve it, and at some point she had started crying to match the blood trickling down her knee and the mud-covered scrapes along her arms. She abandoned the ball as lost, and pushed her way out of the thicket. The journey back to frat row happened around her. She almost stepped in front of a car, but noticed it just in time, and an early-morning jogger shot her a concerned look. Caitlin shrugged both incidences off.

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noel walked around aimlessly, cursing herself for not brushing up on her high school spanish as she struggled to find anyone to point her towards the beach she was looking for. maybe it was a good thing, she didn’t usually take tips from old men sitting on street corners but he had kind eyes and she was trying to be more spontaneous so she had pulled her sun hat a little more snugly around her ears and headed off to try and find what he had called the best beach in all of marbella. “is there any chance you know where this is?” she asked, flinging a piece of paper towards the next person she walked past, not even bothering to look at them properly or attempt to say it in spanish. 


Today was my middle kiddos 3rd birthday. We had a busy morning where we had to divide and conquer appointments and a friend watched the my daughter but after those were done we went to lunch so he could be sung to. It was good. Food was good. The kids were overall well behaved with small flukes. But it was nice and he absolutely adored being sung to. And then we came home and I napped for a bit cause the hike had me drained still and my calves hurt. We headed to the beach after I woke up and spent a couple hours with friends on the beach. It was glorious. Now hopefully the house sleeps soundly.