headed down south

#275 Kitties and children

(@title: what lolol this is something I just whipped up! I know I said I was working on something special and I AM but I’m a bit stuck with it currently. So here’s something cute and fluffy! No pun intended 😽)

Dan: While you were pregnant, a good friend of your’s cat had kittens and you were absolutely dying to meet them. You’d always been a cat person and wanted your baby to have a pet to grow up with.

Dan wasn’t quite the same, he definitely preferred dogs. But you eventually convinced him that your family really, really needed a kitty.

So you headed down south to your friend’s place. As soon as you walked in, you heard little mews coming from the back room and made a beeline.

“Slow down, y/n, I haven’t seen you run that fast in months!” He laughed.

“I don’t think I’ve ever run that fast,” you joked as he caught up with you.

You sat next to the box full of adorable black and white kittens. “Aren’t they adorable?” Your friend commented.

“Yes yes yes, I want all of them!” You couldn’t decide. That was until Dan came and sat next to you.

The kitten with almost no white on it immediately scurried to him and climbed out of the box. “Hello there,” he smiled at the small animal.

“I think we’ve made a decision?” You said after a little while of Dan letting the cat crawl all over him while laughing.

“Definitely.” Dan giggled and put the cat on your belly.

Phil: You loved cats. He was allergic, but he absolutely loved them. For the sake of his allergies and your sanity (listening to someone sneeze over and over really drains you), you refrained from getting a cat.

But when your daughter turned six, she decided that it was time for a kitty.

“Please mommy, please?” She begged, for the 7th time that week.

“Sweetie, I told you. I want a cat just as you do, but we can’t have one because daddy won’t feel good,” you explained, squatting down to her level.

“Why can’t daddy just feel good when we have a cat? Cats make everyone feel good!” She reasoned.

You laughed a little. “I agree. Maybe daddy will learn to feel better about kitties some day.”

A few hours later, Phil came home with a small box in his hands. “Guess what I have!” He sang.

You and your daughter both ran into the front room to see him with a tiny kitten in a box. You also noticed a bandaid on his left arm.

“See, I told you daddy would feel better with a kitty! He’s not sick!” Your daughter said with matter-of-fact tone.

“Daddy’s arm really hurts because he had to get shots for this,” he said quietly to you.