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How about some Karma x Rio headcoms? It doesnt matter what their about, they could be about anything.Thank you!

Hey there!!! I copied and pasted some I did in the past, just so you know XD I did add a little more on, though, and here’s the link to the original :P

Past ones—

  • So, so much teasing others
  • When they’re together, nothing can get in their way
  • Perfect partners in crime
  • Every single day is friendly competition
  • They can make a competition out of anything, too
    • Karma: I folded 20 towels yesterday evening
    • Rio: Hahaha, I folded 40.
    • Karma: WELL LAST WEEKEND I FOLDED 50.*and so on*
  • Lots of dirty jokes
  • Their relationship wouldn’t be very romantic, more like just best friends who also happened to be dating
  • Duo devil faces
  • Calling each other cute all the time, 24/7


  • CONSTANTLY trying to fluster each other
    • Rio always wins, but she doesn’t know she does because Karma is great at hiding his embarrassment
  • The Ultimate Meme Team™
  • Text each other memes constantly, the meme spam between them never ends
  • Can and would imitate the Back at it Again at Krispy Kreme video
  • Get drunk off soda, chips, coffee, and candy on Saturdays
  • Commentate on movies like sports matches constantly
    • *watching Big Hero 6* “Ooh, this movie gets you in the feels by using a great technique we like to call ‘Killing close sibling’” “He got roasted, literally”
  • Binge watch TV shows together all the time

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Bmp1 princes entered in their room and see that mc wearing a sexy lingerie ..xd !?

Wilfred: Devious. Why wouldn’t he be? When he walked into your room to see you waiting in just the strapy lace fabric he couldn’t count the different scenarios that played through his head on ways to tease you and pleasure you. You were about to get what you wanted and more.

Glenn: Shy. He instantly went four shades of red upon each realization. What were you doing?  What were you wearing? Why were you wearing such revealing clothes? And the kicker- she wants to have sex with him. He thought he died on the spot as you slowly dragged him to the bed.

Roberto: Happy. He never thought you would do something like this. Waiting for him in the white little number, “Common Roberto, this is what you wanted isn’t it?” You beckoned, waving you hand for him to come closer. 

Joshua: Concerned. The strict prince was concerned when he saw you. Before the wedding sex, unthinkable. Traditions passed through the years and his will power stood strong in his mind as he tried to ignore you advances. But that subtle slip of the strap caused his animal desires he bottled up to break free.

Keith: Surprised. Walking into your room to see your adorned in the inviting lingerie caused him to stop in his track, mouth agape, in pure bliss and awe at what you were wearing. “Well?” You asked, standing up so he could get a better view. He could get used to this side of you.

Edward: Lustful. His eyes scanned your body up and down and back up again. He wanted to imprint the image of your blushing form into his brain before he quickly worked his hands to tear off the sheer fabric.

Yakov: Embarrassed. He wasn’t sure what to make of you in the naughty lingerie you were now in or how to explain everything he was feeling, but he couldn’t deny how instantly hard he got when he saw you on your bed, arms open and waiting for him. Trying to suppress his excitement embarrassment took over, causing his face to turn extremely red as he neared the bed. 

Come Back My Valetine-- Joshaya

This could be read as a sequel to my other fanfiction “Valentine’s Day” or as a standalone one shot.


“Where is he?” I ran into the room frantically. I had to see him. I had to see if he was okay.

Everyone looked up at me, in despair. It wasn’t good. That much I could tell. Riley walked over to me and hugged me.

“The doctors say he’s stable right now, but he’s in a coma.” I looked over to Josh laying peacefully on the hospital bed.

“Do they know when he’s going to wake up?” She shook her head.

“They said it could be tomorrow or in years. The accident took a large toll on him.” She too looked at him.

I went over to him and looked at his peaceful face. Was this becoming a tradition? Last year it was I who was laying in this hospital bed. Now it’s him. Why?

I quickly spun around ready to leave the room. “Maya, where are you going?” Riley was shocked that I would leave Josh’s side.

“I need to get a few things.” I said as I headed back home.

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any advice on ordering from aliexpress? things to know, etc.

Oooh, yeah, tons. Let me kind of compile a vague list off the top of my head

  1. Come to terms with the fact that shipping is slow. Really slow. That’s the tradeoff on AliExpress; because you’re getting free international shipping, the company will let the orders pile up for 1-2 weeks before shipping, so that they can do it in bulk by USPS and save money. If you need something a little quicker, make sure to look at the “ships out on x” delivery time underneath shipping. 
  2. Still taking a long time? Older than a month? It’s always invariably fucking customs. If you see that it’s arrived in your country, but isn’t at a warehouse yet, it just means they’re holding your package because they think it’s drugs, or something. Save your breath, because neither the seller nor the post office can do anything. Their hands are basically tied, and all you can do is wait. 
  3. Do not pick simply by S/M/L!! Chinese sizing runs a little smaller. I’ve fit anywhere between an XS to a M on that website. Especially different for shoe sizes; a Chinese 38 is a European 37.5, which is a US 7. You’re best off measuring the length of a similar shoe you already own.
  4. Always scroll down when buying clothing, because they’ll often post hi-res big pictures of the models wearing it (better idea of fabric/fit), and give a detailed table of sizing. Once in a while, the sizing chart will be in Chinese. I can’t help you there. 
  5. Read the reviews. I can’t stress this enough. I’ve gambled a bit by buying from stores with no reviews, before– but if you’re nervous about getting scammed, always make sure it’s an item that already has preexisting, delivered orders. 
  6. For a lot of stores, sweaters seem to run the elusive measurement called “one size”. This basically means one-size-fits-all. Most of them will fit me perfectly, a couple fit more to a true American size medium. Basically what I’m saying is that even if you’re 5′1″ and 100 pounds, check your own measurements and sweater fit preferences 
  7. If you buy shoes, they will smell weird fresh out of packaging. This is a side-effect of ordering directly from factories. My mom claims that they smell like cigarette smoke, but I have no idea. Just like, leave them outside overnight or something
The Sun Will Rise

I lie in bed
And all the voices
In my head
Come screaming
To the forefront
Of every thought
I’ve ever had
And I doubt myself
And everything I am
The color of the sky
And the green of your eyes
I could say I love you
But the voices tell me
I am loved by no one
And they remind so
I am alone
At sea
And floating free
From here to eternity
The voices say I’m mad
And maybe it’s really true
I see everything around me
From cityscape
To morning dew
And then I see you
Upon a hill that cannot be reached
Up there you love
To quietly preach
What you love
And who you are
Born from dust
Of the furthest star
When the voices try to fight me
Break me into two
But I know better
I’ve learned their tricks
I’ve built a wall
Brick by brick
Upon that mountaintop we reign
Life and love are not a game
The voices take their leave
But will return
I’ll burn them down
Their ashes to an urn
I made for them
One sunny day
When pain was kept
Far at bay
For I learned very long ago
The sun will rise
And the wind will blow
And fields of flowers
Will banish snow
And off to wonderland
We go
One day
One day
When the sun does rise
And you exhale
All your lies
The will shine
All day till night
And set again
The last rays of light
In the west
On Pacific shores
And I will finally say
No more
No more
No more
Enough, now…

Original Work: Kelsey H. 3/13/15