Bad Ragaz, 30.07.2017
  • Erik Durm and Emre Mor are training individually
  • Marcel Schmelzer and Julian Weigl are running 
  • Jacob Bruun-Larsen ist back in Team Training
  • Andre Schürrle is doing reduced training
  • lots of passing and position exercises
  • (training seems to be far more intense than with Tuchel (still not as intense as it was with Klopp :P))
  • lots and lots of explaining
  • Nuri’s probably planning to be headcoach by tomorrow
  • Nuri’s always doing cool stuff when I don’t have the camera ready
Peter Bosz wird neuer BVB-Trainer, unterschreibt einen Zwei-Jahres-Vertrag. Da der 53-Jährige noch bis 2019 bei Ajax Amsterdam unter Vertrag stand, müssen die Schwarzgelben eine Millionen-Ablöse zahlen.

RN.de 06.06.17

Die PK  um ihn vorzustellen ist heute um 14.30h angesetzt. 

Peter Bosz becomes  new BVB headcoach, he is signing a two-year contract. Since the 53-year-old still has contract at Ajax Amsterdam until 2019, Dortmund must pay a  five million fee. 


a little hockey history: jacques plantes and the lucky mask

At the Madison Square Guarden, on November 1st 1959, three minutes after the beginning of the game, Jacques Plante, goaltender for the Montreal Canadiens, took a puck to the face after a shot by Andy Bathgate, which instantly broke his nose. He was immediately taken to the dressing room to get stitches. As he was ready to return to the game, Plante said he would only go back on the ice if he was allowed to wear a mask to protect himself. He had previously worn said homemade mask during practice but headcoach Toe Blake didn’t permet it during regulation play. Since he had no other option that night, (each team had only one goaltender back in the day), he allowed Plante to wear it, knowing that Jacques would refuse to play otherwise. They agreed that he would discard it once his wounds healed. Plante kept his mask for the following nights and ended up with a 18-game winning streak. The headcoach became less insistent about getting rid of Jacques’ protection. The only night Blake asked Plante to discard the mask, the Canadiens lost 3-0. The “good luck charm” was brought back the following night, where they won once again. The Canadiens went on to win their fifth Stanley Cup in a row that year. Jacques Plante was the first hockey goaltender to wear a mask in regulation play on a regular basis and is still to this day considered one of hockey’s greatest innovators.

Laut der französischen Zeitung Nice Matin’ wird Lucien Favre sehr wahrscheinlich Trainer bei OGC Nice bleiben. Die Vereinsführung von OGC Nice soll nicht bereit sein, Favre zwei Jahre vor Ende seines Vertrages ziehen zu lassen. Favre soll u.A. auch wegen seines Gehalts bei Nice zufrieden sein und seine Frau möchte Nizza nicht verlassen.

Fussballeck 29.05.17

According to french newspaper Nice Martin, Favre will most likely stay as headcoach in Nice. Nice doesnt want to let ihm go when he has still 2 years contract. Favres wife also dont want to leave Nice.

The day has finally come my friends, the ushering in of a new era in Philadelphia Eagles history. I was shocked when I got the text from my bf that Chip was hired. I thought he was out of the equation, well played Eagles. Regardless of whether you wanted him or Gus or Lovie or Mike or…whoever, he will be on the sidelines in September so lets greet him with positivity instead of scrutiny. We have 8 long months to speculate his performance until we actually see it. I say we as fans embrace this time of hope. Fourteen years is a long time (more than half of my lifetime) so this will take some adjusting. I’m welcoming the change into the new era with open arms. Here’s to Chip Kelly, new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. Oh, and possibly ‘kelly green’ jerseys too ;)