Tobey and Becky from thisbirdtoohasflown

Alright I’ll see what I can come up with.

Name: Theodore Tobey McCallister the Fourth or Steven Theodore McCallister. I actually prefer the latter, but that works with another idea so… yeah

Gender: While when it comes with them having kids I can see them having one of each, but I decided to go with male.

General Appearance: A bit fairer skin tone then his mom and brown hair that is all over the place like his daddy. Maybe needs glasses?


Gosh I think he’d be a more quiet kid since he’s been taught to kinda contain his powers, yet a bit  of a know-it-all and have this itch to  correct people just like his mom and a bit of a show off because Tobey would be encouraging him to use his full abilities.

Special Talents:

Well if I look at all the kids OCs for them I’m pretty and tired of them having all of Becky’s powers and robo-genius from TObey. So…

He’d definitely be stronger than your average human, but not as strong as his mother. And just like his mom would have the dictonary in his head. However flight would be painful for him and he’d wouldn’t be able to really “fly” more like hover for a little bit and do a weird high jump thing.
Who they like better

Err as in who would be the more “fun” parent? That would be Tobey hands down. I mean, Tobey would encourage him to do all he can and even if he did something wrong Tobey would try to scold him but at the same time would be asking him all about it and not really scold him at all while Becky is ranting about how he’ll expose their secret.
Who they take after more:

Actually I think he’d take more after Becky and does care about the general public and stuff more than his own interests.  
Personal Head canon:

Gosh. Uhh… when it comes to them having kids I always view it being something that they had trouble with and that them having one or two would be extremely difficult. And I have some other stuff that goes with it, but it gets a little… creepy.