Quick sleeping headcanons before bed:

Lance: He tosses and turns a lot in his sleep. He also likes to sprawl out. He’s a lanky bony child. You fall asleep next to him and you will wake up with his knee lodged in your ribcage. He’s deadly.

Hunk: Quiet snorer. Likes to sprawl either on his stomach or on his back. But when it’s cold he wraps himself up in a cocoon of blankets and curls up in a ball. Only problem you’d have sleeping next to him is waking up cold and without blankets.

Keith: Dead still. Like, you’re gonna have a hard time falling asleep because you’re constantly gonna be making sure he isn’t dead. He isn’t a heavy sleeper though, lean in too close while you’re trying to see if his chest is still rising and falling and he WILL break ur nose on instinct alone.

Shiro: Loud snorer. He’s the kind of guy to have one leg under the covers and one leg exposed to the universe. He doesn’t move around much but good luck falling asleep next to him without ear plugs. He wears a sleep mask.

Pidge: Can fall asleep anywhere. Her sleeping position entirely depends on where she is on the ship. In her bed she lays on her stomach but if you catch her in the vents asleep odds are she’s compacted herself into a ball. She can sleep no matter what position she’s in. She’s an unstoppable force of nature. Fear her.

Allura: Quiet snorer. Big pillow hoarder. She has to have at least 5 pillows at all times when trying to sleep. 3 pillows for her head. One to cuddle and the other she just slings her leg over for core support. She’s a cuddle bug! Prepare to wake up with her hair in your face.

Coran: He can sleep standing up. He’s out of control. He can go days without actually laying down and sleeping somewhere. When he actually does lay down, he likes to sleep without a blanket so he can spring into action .03 seconds faster in case of any emergency. He talks in his sleep.

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What type of sports do you think the paladins enjoy? (Soccer, swimming, basketball, tenis, volleyball, gymnastics, ect)

I’ll be honest I have some pretty non surprising headcanons on this one, but I’ll try to throw some interesting one’s in there.

-Lance, unsurprisingly loves to swim. Growing up in Cuba near the beach means it’s a common past time for him, but what a lot of people don’t know is he’s also a track runner. 

-Those long legs can catapult his body far my friends. 

-Was Team captain of the Varsity swim team and the co-captain of the Track Team. Was offered a scholarship for his swimming, but chose to go to the Garrison instead. 

-Pidge is a rock climber. They’re size makes others underestimate them, but they can just climb about anything. 

-Short people just know how to climb. I swear. Pidge has set records, they see a rock wall, they’re on it. 

-Pidge tried to surf once. Pidge will not surf ever again.

-Pidge is a hard core Quidditch fan too. 

-Hunk too was a track person, but Hunk did shot put and discus. He’s set records in his high school. 

-Hunk is also a huge hockey fan. He never played on a team, but he does for fun on the occasion. He’s pretty brutal if he wanted to be. 

-Hunk really likes jousting as a sport too. Not like the dinner theater, but like Full Metal Jousting. He finds it hard to watch when there is injuries, but he admires the techniques. 

-Shiro is an archer. Something strikes me that he’s an Archer. It’s relaxing yet competitive. He doesn’t shoot 3D, but he does do Recurve. He thinks it’s more of a challenge. 

-Shiro also gave a stab at tennis. He’s not too bad actually. As long as he’s playing singles. He’s been known to accidentally hit his partner in the back if he’s serving in doubles. (Side eyes Keith)

-Keith. Keith strikes me as a Lacrosse player. He likes the physical contact and the sport itself. He’s a mean machine on offense, but he can also fill in for goalie. 

-Has taken his team to Nationals several times. 

-He tried martial arts, he’s good at it but not entirely interested. 

-The boy loves fencing. Keep Rapier’s out of his hands. 

-Refuses to play anything with Shiro. (See above)

-For fun, I just laughed about the idea that Coran loves Curling. You know, on ice, scrubbing to keep little rocks into targets. He didn’t understand it at first, but he really likes to watch.

-Just don’t let him play it. It’s a danger zone.

-Allura, surprisingly is a Gymnastics fan. But above all she adores air racing. Loves Air racing. 

Jason has a shoebox full of Polaroid pictures of him as kid with Bruce.

And one day, Damian has fight with Bruce and goes to Jason’s to vent. Jason asks him if he can show him something and pulls out the shoebox. They go through old pictures of him and Jason tells Damian stories of him when he was Damian’s age. Damian keeps looking at this one pic of Bruce, he looks super young. Jason leans over and says “you can keep it.” Damian looks so surprised like No, Todd this is your picture of Father. Jason says “it’s cool, you can keep it little man, it helped me when I was younger and homesick. So now it’s yours.” Damian is about to tear up and Jason suggests they take a picture together. That picture is hanged up in Jason’s apartment.

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It occurred to me suddenly that Otabek is that kind of person who is extremely intelligent and well spoken and generally very chill but will occasionally just come out at random with the stupidest thought ever spoken aloud by a person and all you can do is stare at him until he finally changes the topic. But Yuri, Yuri is the perfect match to that and he will encourage a three hour, sincere conversation as if the original comment was completely valid. ~beloved

Never have tears pricked at my eyes so quickly, I adore my idiot son Otabek Altin

Enchoi Your Friday: Pool Day with the RFA

It rhymes! Anyway, this was supposed to be with just the twins, but we just couldn’t leave out the rest of the gang. ;)

  • You were complaining in the chatroom that the weather is getting too hot
  • And the AC in the bunker was broken to make it worse
  • You suggest that the entire RFA go for a pool day or something
  • Saeyoung agrees…but he doesn’t have a pool in his underground house
  • Jumin, however, does and offers his since he barely uses it except for his swimming exercises
  • Everyone is all for it…except Saeran
  • When he found out Jumin and Zen were going, he was a bit hesitant 
  • All the arguing plus Zen’s talkativeness might threaten his enjoyment
  • But somehow you and Saeyoung pull him along
  • Saeyoung gave Saeran a pair of swimming trunks that were blue with Hawaiian flowers…while he’s wearing red ones with Hawaiian flowers
  • “Why are these matching…” Saeran deadpanned
  • “They were having a deal.” 
  • You guys get to the pool and Jumin, Zen, and Jaehee are already there
  • Jumin is stretched out in one of those recliner chairs, sunglasses on his head, and a slab of sun lotion on his nose
  • Meanwhile, Zen asked Jaehee to take a full body picture of him for his social media…and she was getting carried away
  • Saeyoung is the first one actually in the pool, as he canon balls straight in
  • You sit on the edge, just letting your legs dangle in the water at first
  • He swims over to you and puckers his lips for a kiss
  • Not thinking, you lean forward, but before your lips touch, he had grabbed onto your legs and pulled you into the water
  • Before you can protest long, he pulls you underneath the water and kisses you
  • Meanwhile, Saeran can’t swim well so he’s hanging out in the shallower side of the pool
  • Zen comes over and tries to give him a “big brother” kind of pep talk, and Saeran is dying inside because oh gosh it’s happening again
  • And besides that, Zen’s narcissism gets ten times worse because he’s shirtless
  • Yoosung arrives to the party a little late, and he barely has time to set his things down before Saeyoung tosses him into the pool in front of Saeran
  • Saeran is silently thanking him and dashes straight to his friend, “Hey, chipmunk! You came too?”
  • “Yeah,” Yoosung replies getting hair out of his eyes. “And I have inflatables. There’s even an ice cream one if you want to use it!”
  • Saeran is so touched
  • It takes so many tries for Saeran to actually mount the ice cream floaty
  • In some weird turn of events, Yoosung is pushing onto his butt trying to help him up
  • He pushed too hard and Saeran goes sprawling into the pool
  • Jaehee is on the sidelines watching, discreetly taking photos and trying not to laugh
  • Finally, Jumin decides to get into the pool…and of course, he brings Elizabeth on her own little floaty
  • This little floaty keeps drifting away from mista trust fund though…straight towards someone else
  • Cue Zen having to stand on the other side of the pool because of his allergies
  • Jaehee has to enter the pool slowly…feet, knees, stomach, and then the rest of her
  • Nobody, not even Saeyoung, dares interrupt this process
  • She waits until Saeyoung goes after Elizabeth or goes to bother someone else, and then she comes over to you
  • You two do little laps while talking and relaxing on the deep end
  • Everyone started to get a little hungry after a while
  • Jumin was prepared 
  • He thought having a BBQ would be a perfect meal for after food
  • It was a strange hybrid between Korean and American BBQ, and surprisingly Jumin is one heck of a good barbequer
  • Somewhere in the middle of the meal, Saeyoung tugs on your hand and brings you back to the car
  • You’re not sure what he’s upto, but you go along with it…turns out he’s going to the grocery store
  • He said he was craving his HBC and Dr. Pepper, but he really just wanted to get away from the crowd for a few minutes and spend some time with you
  • A few grocery store shenanigans…and a few board game purchases later…you two start heading out when Saeyoung has an amazing idea
  • With your help, you guys bring back huge tubs of different ice cream flavors and toppings for everyone
  • Cue Jumin and Saeyoung teaming up to experiment with their different flavors and concoctions
  • For the rest of the night, the group of you just ate loads of ice cream and played board games deep into the night

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Being in a polyamorous relationship with Diana and Steve would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo DIANA AND STEVE 😍😍Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Diana and Steve loving your company so much they both end up falling for you, making them both fight for you in their way, only for you to settle it yourself and suggest to be all together

-Diana always telling you to be yourself and do whatever you believe to be right, only for Steve to have to butt in and tell you otherwise whenever he thinks it’s a bad idea

-Steve wanting to keep you both safe and doing whatever it takes to do so, only for Diana to feel the same for you and him

-Diana enjoying to talk about her past life and her beliefs, truly amazing you and Steve but him most of the time still being somewhat skeptical and looking at you weird and making you laugh

-Steve and you laughing and smiling whenever you’d both witness Diana being excited or impressed by the most simple things around you, only for the both of you to explain to her

-Diana loving to show you her armor and how to fight the way she does, only for Steve to sometimes freak out when he sees you being thrown around and trying to butt in

-Steve enjoying to take you both sightseeing different places he’d visit and truly giving you each of you a dating experience

-Diana being blunt and honest when it comes to what truly pleasures a woman in bed and such, only to make Steve blush and for you to find yourself agreeing with her

-Steve being kind and soft when it comes to making love to you, while Diana knowing exactly how to pleasure you

-Them loving you with all their hearts and promising to one another to take care of you if anything were to happen to them

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Connor Murphy x Reader + Strict Parents

- keep your window unlocked because he will NOT hesitate to pick/break the lock and scare the shit out of you
- he met your parents and it was awkward for everyone involved
- he’s a 6 foot tall punk looking guy with long hair who paints his nails black and constantly looks pissed
- and your parents were like “so this is your boyfriend,,,,,,,,,,,,”
- he was on his best behavior but you know he’s kind of a dick
- you gotta specify WHEN and WHERE you’re going with him and EXACTLY what you’ll be doing
- you both learn to be sneaky
- “Connor got tickets for us to see A Christmas Carol from 8 to 9:30 and reservations afterwards.”
- sike the tickets were Zoe and Alana’s
- you’re actually going to a Fall Out Boy concert
- eventually your parents meet Connor’s parents
- “(Y/N)’s been such a good influence on Connor!”
- after meeting this well adjusted family, your parents chill out a little bit and make your curfew 30 minutes later

Dating Jeff Atkins would include :

(Woooo more prompts! AAAAWWW JEFF 😭😍 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him still being flirty towards you and making you laugh and roll your eyes at all his attempts, especially when he’d purposely try to embarrass you while at it

-Him sneaking to your house at night to call you out from your window to go hang out with him and always finding a way to convince you to agree

-Helping him along with Clay to get his grades higher, only to end up having some fun together as you’d both be busy joking around

-You and him encouraging and helping Clay with his social and love life as much as you both can as you’d see him as your friend

-Wearing his varsity jacket for fun, only for him to like it on you so much he really doesn’t mind lending it to you, especially when he’d feel the air being cooler

-Going to his games just to cheer him on and for him to always ask you for a slushie date whenever he’d win

-Him telling you and encouraging you to be yourself and do what you’d enjoy to do, as he wants you to be happy

-Holding hands a lot while walking down the hallways at school simply because he misses you too much and just needs to feel you for a moment

-Him taking you for the funnest and coolest parties, only to always make sure that he’s right by your side to to take care of you

-Your parents actually liking him a lot and always inviting him over for dinner simply because they get along with his kind and genuine personality

-Soft kisses that can end up rough, only for it to have actually been the start to when you lost your virginity

-Him always trying to cheer you up with different surprises and dates whenever you are down, as he doesn’t like to know that you’re sad

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Oh boy... speaking of irresponsible trainers, this is a relatively mild case compared to what I've seen over the years. The worst one was probably the person who adopted a Mimikyu and DID NOT SUPPLEMENT THEIR DIET WITH ANY PROTEIN, PERIOD. Their reasoning was a mix of 'don't be silly, fairy types don't eat meat' and 'it's wrong for Pokemon to eat other Pokemon'. Thankfully, I was able to reverse most of the damage done, and Mimi is now a beloved member of our family.

What box did that trainer escape from and who failed to duct tape it shut!?!

alec needs glasses

  • simon is actually the first one who notices
  • he’s walking down a nondescript hall in the institute on his way to the training room where he’s meeting clary when he walks past alecs study
  • it’s real quick but he pauses and back tracks, the door is cracked open enough that he can see into the room
  • alec is sitting at his desk hunched over papers and writing on them, he pauses and raises his head
  • simon thinks he hears him out in the hall but alec just sits back in his chair and pinches the bridge of his nose, his eyes squeezing shut and his forehead scrunching up
  • simon immediately thinks it’s because of stress after all alec really is the head of the institute even if the clave won’t acknowledge it
  • but then he sees alec pick up his stele from the desk and watches alec undo the top two buttons of his shirt and pull it to the side to reveal the voyance rune just under his right collarbone and redraw the rune
  • at this point, simon feels like a creep and rushes to the training room
  • he and clary go for coffee and simon asks her what the voyance rune does
  • clary tells him it’s one of the first few runes a shadowhunter gets, that it’s one of the permanent ones, that it makes it easier for shadowhunters to see past glamour and identify downworlders on the spot
  • simon makes the connection the next day when he’s back at the institute with izzy
  • she’s showing him her new whip and they pass alec in the hall
  • alec is rubbing at his eyes and his hand is resting on his stele at his hip
  • simon waits till alec rounds the corner, heading to his study before he excuses himself and follows after him
  • he knocks on the closed door and waits for alec to call him in, the shadowhunter surprised to see him
  • “do you need glasses?” simon always was blunt
  • alec’s face does a thing that’s a mix of confusion and absolute denial
  • “i don’t think the voyance rune really helps with your vision” simon points to alecs shoulder where the rune is
  • alec tells him to get out
  • magnus is the second person who notices
  • it’s a rare day off that alec has and magnus canceled all his appointments to spend a lazy day in with his boyfriend
  • alec is stretched out on the couch in a pair of sweats and a t-shirt with a book propped up on his chest
  • magnus is coming out of the bedroom with chairman following after him
  • he watches alec as he walks into the kitchen, sees alec already filled chairman’s bowl and there’s a cup of  steaming tea with his name on it
  • alec lets the book drop onto his chest and presses the heels of his palms into his eyes and rubs
  • magnus had been noticing him rubbing at his eyes lately
  • “everything alright?” he asks as he sits down at the end of the couch, pulling alecs feet into his lap
  • “fine” alec mumbles and picks the book up and continues reading
  • “you know there’s nothing wrong with needing glasses alexander. it won’t make you any less of a shadowhunter” magnus pats his ankle and turns on project runway
  • the next time alec see’s simon he asks for help
  • simon takes him to the eye doctor he used to go to when he was still a mundane, the doctor smiles and simon and remarks on simon not wearing his glasses
  • turns out alec really needed glasses and that he’s near-sighted, just like simon was
  • the prescription he gets is stronger than simons and simon helps him pick out a basic black thick-lensed glasses
  • simon makes a comment about him looking like clark kent that is completely lost on alec
  • it takes a week for the glasses to come in and simon ends up picking them up for alec because the shadowhunter has been swamped with work from the clave
  • simon drops them off at the institute and everyone is shocked when simon says he’s there to see alec and not clary or izzy
  • alec doesn’t wear them at first, keeps forgetting to put them on and still isn’t a hundred percent okay with admitting he needs them
  • but simon keeps reminding him and eventually alec starts wearing them
  • izzy gushes at how cute they look on them
  • jace pats him on the back and smiles
  • clary wants to paint them
  • simon still has his old pair and they all compare who looks better, alec wins
  • magnus has the best reaction of them all
  • it was a rare day when magnus had woken up before alec who had gotten in late from patrol
  • the warlock was in the kitchen actually cooking breakfast for him and alec, the coffee maker alec had made him buy chugging away
  • magnus hears alec shuffle out of their room and into the kitchen
  • the warlock turns to see his boyfriend bend down and scratch at the chairman and when alec stands up straight he has his glasses on
  • he’s sleepy-eyed and soft-headed with a pair of black joggers on and one of his more rattier sweaters that magnus refuses to admit he loves
  • the chairman paws at alecs leg and the shadowhunter is filling up his bowl and then moves to clean out the cat’s water bowl
  • honestly, alec takes better care of his cat than he does
  • sure magnus pictured the shadowhunter with glasses because it was obvious he needed them but this is nothing like what he imagined
  • magnus never thought he would use the word sinful to describe a pair of glasses
  • once alec is done taking care of his royal highness aka chairman he walks over to magnus and presses a kiss to magnus’s temple and wraps his arms around the warlock
  • magnus turns in his arms and pushes the frames up his nose as they slide down the bridge of his nose and presses a chaste kiss to his lips with a smile


  • max goes fucking ballistic when he sees alec with glasses
  • he talks a mile a minute about how they match and how alec looks like clark kent
  • (alec is shook because simon said the same thing like?? who???)
  • and alec smiles and nods his head and tries to follow what max is saying
  • max asks to try them on and of course, they’re too big for his face and max scrunches up at how strong the prescription is and tells alec he could be legally blind
  • alec is okay with wearing his glasses now

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OKAY I JUST WATCHED "When Harry Met Sally" AND THAT SCENE WHERE SALLY FAKED AN ORGASM IN THE DINER TO PROVE GUYS CAN NEVER TELL WHEN GIRLS FAKE IT AND HARRY WAS JUST SO SHOOK! Can you PLZ show how the UF bros, SF bros, UT!Sans, and US!Pap would react to their fem crush doing that to them!??! Like they're SO sure they can tell when a woman fakes it but then the crush laughs and just fucking STARTS MOANING AND WHIMPERING! AND BEGGING FOR IT AND THEN SHE JUST STRAIGHT UP FAKES SO PERFECTLY HELP! XD





Oh my god, poor Red. Poor, poor Red. He’s not embarrassed about you doing this in public, but he’s so SHOOK. The skele has been SHOOKETH. He recounts all the times he has sex with a woman and oh god, his life is a lie. Maybe he’s not the one that doesn’t call, but THEY don’t want him to call afterwards. Oh no, he’s slipping into an existential crisis. Please save him. 


Oh man, Fell is just so smug. He doesn’t care about the audience, but he’s in completely denial that a woman ever faked it with him. No, he can’t tell the difference, that is true, but he’s the GREAT AND TERRIBLE PAPYRUS! No one would ever dare fake such an intimate thing with him, in fact, they should be honored that he let them touch him in the first place! 



NO STOP THAT RIGHT NOW YOU’RE EMBARRASSING HIM! While you do your fake orgam in the restaurant, Black covers his ears(?) and screams really loud to drown out your voice and save himself from having to witness this. He does not want to believe that women can fake an orgasm, otherwise he’ll start to feel really insecure about himself. You two are not allowed back into the restaurant. 


Oh my gosh, Rus is blushing so hard right now. And he’s thinking about so many dirty thoughts, particularly of him making you make those noises. His cheeks are burning and he’s just watching you in shock and oh geez, he just wants to crawl into a hole and die because the whole restaurant is looking at him strangely. There’s even a woman giving him bedroom eyes. Please stop, you’ve made your point. 



UHM. Classic is trying to keep his cool with his easy going smile and coming up with puns for this, but oh my gosh he’s freaking out and wants to be anywhere but here. When you’re done, he excuses himself to the restroom and just screams because what in the actual fuck. 



Papy is not fazed one bit. He just keeps sipping his drink while you make those super hot noises, not caring about all the other people around him. Ahhh so that’s what you sound like. When you finish, Stretch leans across the table, and grabs your chin. 

“Let’s get out of here and you’ll be making those sounds for real tonight.”