headcanons gone crazy

dragonkikyo  asked:

Maybe just a general list of who you think would love to have an s/o who's easy to blush? Or just a few who you think would really like it and headcanons? (I'm sorry I've gone crazy with requests lol orz)

I went with a few headcanons with this request! And I’m writing this in the light of their s/o being bad at hiding when they’re flustered, as well as visibly blushing!

  • Aomine lives for seeing his partner flustered, and sometimes when he’s jealous, he teases them specifically to get that reaction out of them. He finds it absolutely adorable and it serves a reminder that he’s the one that can get them like that.
  • When he teases them he usually ends up saying something perverted to rile them up, but if it made them uncomfortable he’d look for other ways to get them flushed.
  • Kiyoshi loves to see his partner happy, but also a little flustered as well. Whenever he manages to get such strong reactions out of them he can barely suppress the urge to drown them in more affection, often making them even more embarrassed. 
  • He’s also quite good at getting his partner to blush. He’s not quite predictable enough for them to anticipate it, as he can often tease them seemingly out of nowhere. Every now and then he’ll comment on how much he likes seeing them like that and how glad he is to have them.
  • Seeing his partner blush actually manages to get Himuro a little flustered as well. While he knows how charming he comes across as, his heart speeds and his ears feel hotter when he sees that he has such an effect on them.
  • He ends up being almost bashful when his partner is obviously flustered, and won’t usually tease them unless he wants to monopolise their attention for a little while.
  • Hanamiya often keeps an eye out for what gets them flustered, so he can use it later. What he likes about seeing them embarrassed like that is the fact that their reaction is because of him. It’s almost become his way of reassuring himself that they still like him.
  • He always gets more protective of them and he’s barely subtle about it. He wants to make it clear to other people that just because he teases you like that, doesn’t mean that they can.
  • Hayama thinks that it’s the cutest thing in the world, and he is more than happy to tell them all about it. Whenever he catches them blushing he tends to loudly gush over how adorable and sweet they are, and how they should only do that in front of him. 
  • What’s also just as likely is him simply pulling them into his arms and holding them tightly. (Whether it’s due to making sure that you can’t see his own creeping flush, or showing anyone nearby that you’re already taken, is kind of up for debate.)
  • Imayoshi loves to rile up his partner, because of how sweet they look and how they can’t help but react to him, and it always makes him want to tease them a little more. He tends to keep it to a minimum so that they don’t think he’s making fun of them.
  • He likes to throw in a few passing compliments to see if that can get them embarrassed again, usually about how they’re too cute for their own  good as he wraps an arm around them.