headcanons for ravi

sleeping with vixx


  • has woken you up in the middle of the night because he’s complaining about chores, schedules, and the kids in his sleep
  • other than that, he’s a quiet sleeper. doesn’t snore and sounds like he isn’t breathing so you constantly check on him to make sure he hasn’t suddenly died from overworking himself
  • can only fall asleep when he’s holding a pillow so if you doze off in his arms he’s gotta wriggle out of your grasp and find a pillow to hold…not that you’re salty bUT
  • lights a candle when you can’t sleep and stays awake until you do, then blows out the candle and goes to sleep himself (safety first!!!)
  • wakes up in the middle of the night to check on the kids (including leo)


  • that one person who watches all the food videos before bed and gets hungry
  • sneezes in his sleep all the time
  • impossible to wake up, rolls himself up in the blankets like a burrito and once you manage to get him untangled, he whines and pouts like a baby and holds his arms out for you to carry him out of bed
  • sleeps like a mummy, on his back with his arms crossed over his chest
  • can literally fall asleep in 9 seconds


  • needs a night light, he steals leo’s little whale mood light to put on his nightstand and bops it to change colors when he can’t sleep (he sleeps best when it’s yellow)
  • pulls the covers up so they’re right under his nose
  • wakes up every few hours to make sure you’re still next to him before burrowing back into you
  • practically sleeps on top of you bc he has a huge chopper doll in bed that takes up half of the mattress space
  • likes to hold you close to him and bury his nose in your neck


  • ½ of snore line
  • the walls literally shake with his snores, you have no idea how hyuk stands it
  • a true bed hog who takes up your space and steals all of the blankets even though he wears long sleeves under a hoodie to bed
  • the weirdo who wears socks to sleep. and not just any socks. the ones that go up to your knees wtf kim wonshik are you going to the gym or to bed
  • he either works on lyrics or writes love letters to you when he can’t sleep


  • is one of those guys who grumbles about how impractical it is to sleep wrapped up in each other but gets grumpy if you don’t let him cuddle you until he falls asleep ._.
  • leaves you to get into bed alone bc he’s busy gaming but makes up for it by curling around you afterwards and whispering how much he loves you into your ear
  • (which often leads to making love before falling asleep oops)
  • enjoys pillow talk bc he loves roasting you at all times of the day. it’s 60% sweet talk “how was your day” discussing future goals and 40% sass “why were you wearing that ugly shirt today instead of the one i bought you”
  • sleeps on his side with one hand curled up against his cheek like a baby


  • the other ½ of snore line
  • always needs to have at least one foot touching/stroking your leg otherwise he can’t sleep
  • still has the habit of wearing a jacket with nothing underneath to sleep, especially in the winter. the hyungs still make fun of him for it 
  • gets cold easily so there’s always more than one blanket on the bed
  • sleeps through the night in whatever position he falls asleep in. he’s too heavy to move so if he’s snoring into your ear…oh well
  • is surprisingly mellow and cuddly in the morning, he’ll wrap himself around you and let out sad little huffs through his nose when you tell him you’re getting out of bed
Sky Full of Stars (A Navi fic in progress)

The last thing Wonshik expected was to end up taking a trip only with Hakyeon. Yet, he was there, leaving his sandals at the cabin to step comfortably in the sand. He had already given his share of affection to the resident dogs, a bit embarrassed that Hakyeon was taking pictures, cooing loudly at him. The leader was very lucky that the dog had kept the rapper in place for so long, squatting down and giving the pup its much desired pats on the head. Wonshik was certain Hakyeon would waste all of his phone memory on that moment alone, considering the amount of camera snaps he heard go off nonstop.

“Don’t worry. I’ll have enough for sure! I even brought extra SD cards just in case.” Hakyeon boasted, a huge grin on his face even as Wonshik rolled his eyes.

The younger took the older’s word for it, shaking his head when Hakyeon had rushed over to the black labrador, squishing its cheeks before scooting over to its side. Wonshik chuckled as he saw Hakyeon give out instructions, resulting in the pup laying down in the sand as if it were reluctant to follow the commands. It took another few minutes for the labrador to soften up to Hakyeon, lifting his head up to reveal a sandy lower jaw. It nuzzled up to his cheek once the hesitance was put aside, Hakyeon giggling when he felt rough particles on his skin. The pair proceeded to take an unbelievable amount of pictures, constantly looking back at each other and the camera. Wonshik knew that Hakyeon would group a set of pictures together of them at the end of the day and felt his body stir a bit in anticipation.

That wouldn’t happen until they went back inside, so Wonshik let the adorable camera hogs be, strolling closer to the ocean. He took a seat where the cool water could pass over his toes, sighed deeply as the sound of crashing waves filled his ears. It had been a long time since Wonshik, or any of the VIXX members for that matter, had been allowed to have a relaxing day as he was having in that moment. He was always grateful that their group had done well, continuously receiving praises and job offers alongside their recent comebacks. There was nothing that could stop Wonshik from being thankful to their Starlights, supporting them through everything, but the rapper couldn’t help but miss the simpler times, where all he needed was the peace of the beach.

A flock of seagulls flew overhead as Wonshik leaned back, his fingers sinking in the warm sand, his shoulders slumping as his focus remained on the fizzling foam that narrowly grazed his calves. There were many people he knew that complained about the salty scent that surrounded places like this, but Wonshik preferred to take deep breaths and inhale the smell as much as he could. Although it wasn’t as crisp as a forest, perhaps a garden too, it was more than enough to reignite Wonshik’s senses, refreshing his body and mind as if he were given a chance to start anew.

Wonshik was easily lost in the calming trance, watching the ocean sway to and fro until he was suddenly snapped out of it, a familiar snap going off behind him. The rapper wasn’t surprised to see Hakyeon when he turned his head, the older smiling nervously as Wonshik gave him a knowing look.


The two of them knew each other long enough to know that Wonshik wasn’t mad in the slightest. There was no reason for Hakyeon to go to the younger’s side, to whine out apologies as he snuggled up against him. It could have been avoided, but he did so anyway, kicking up sand as he found a comfortable position next to Wonshik. The more the younger pushed him away, the more the older crept back, sporting huge eyes and pouty lips.

“Shikkie. Are you still angry with me?”

“What are you talking about?” Wonshik asked, poking Hakyeon’s sides.

“You’re definitely angry with me.” Hakyeon’s blinding smile betrayed his needy tone.

“Why would you say that?”

“Well for one thing, you wouldn’t let me take proper care of you before we came.”

“I know how to apply sunscreen on myself well enough.”

“Second of all, you chose ordering dinner instead of accepting my offer to cook us something after we played.”

“Considering you tried cutting carrots with a butter knife, I think I made an excellent choice.” Wonshik almost fell over, though he wasn’t sure if it was from laughter or from Hakyeon’s rough shoulder nudge.

“That was years ago! Are you ever going to let that go?”

“Don’t think so.”

Hakyeon huffed. “Meanie.”

“But I’m your meanie.”

“I don’t believe you.”

Wonshik blinked. “Huh? Why not?”

“Because of my third reason of why I think you’re angry at me.” Pulling the younger closer, Hakyeon intertwined their fingers, looking down. “You haven’t given me a kiss all day today.”

“Seriously? Is that what this is about?”

“Don’t say it like that! This is a big concern! On normal days, you would have given me at least ten kisses by now.”

“I can’t believe you …”

Before Hakyeon could complain any further, Wonshik gave the older a kiss on the cheek, pulling away once his face started to heat up. Hakyeon remained wide-eyed until Wonshik cleared his throat.

“Happy now?”


“Whoa -”

Ambushed by a flurry of kisses, Wonshik could only groan as he was weighed down to lay back on the sand. Their lips met gently, their breaths matching the wind blowing against them. All else was lost in those sole minutes, the only sensations Wonshik could recognize were the taste of Hakyeon’s sweet lip balm and his own fingers clutching the back of the other’s shirt. The intimacy remained languid, perhaps even more so when Hakyeon pulled back. His adoring eyes were searching for something in Wonshik’s, peering in so deep that it gave the younger goosebumps. Hakyeon chuckled when Wonshik remained still, the amusement shining clear in the older’s irises.


“What… what is it?”

“You love the beach, right?”


“Do you love it more than me?”

“Hakyeon.” Wonshik looked away. “Why are you comparing yourself to a beach?”

“No reason. But, this place does wonders to you, Shikkie. I wish I could see you like this all the time.” Hakyeon lifted one hand to caress Wonshik’s jaw, to bring back the eye contact. “Should we come by every weekend…like we used to?”

“You know we can’t.”

“I know.” With a sigh, Hakyeon flopped over next to Wonshik, watching the orange and pink clouds above their heads. “What’s your favorite part of this place?”

Wonshik didn’t need to think about a response for too long, his body instinctively taking a deep breath. “The smell.”

“Even if it sometimes smells like fish?” Hakyeon asked incredulously, which had the rapper grinning.

“Even when it smells like fish.”

themadnerdwithahat  asked:


  • Drinks all of the coffee Neither - unless Liv is on a brain. Some of her brains are super into coffee, and Ravi always finds it amusing watching her scramble around trying to find a way to make hot sauce in coffee taste good. (Ravi’s more of a tea man himself). 
  • Brings up adopting a pet Ravi! He really misses Minor, and he wants another dog, so he not-so-casually brings it up to Liv (aka, he drags her to a shelter). They adopt a dog, and also have their zombie rats - but they try not to think of their New Hopes as pets because that’s doomed for heartbreak. 
  • Kills the bugs Liv. She’s usually totally fine with killing them unless she’s on a brain that’s super turned off by bugs, in which case Ravi has to kill a tiny ant while Liv is on the nightstand screaming for him to kill it with fire. 
  • Cooks the meals Ravi af. Listen, Liv is a good cook, but she pours entirely too much hot sauce into the food, and there was that tiny incident where she absentmindedly cooked brains into Ravi’s meal - she stopped him from eating it, but it’s Ravi who’s in charge of cooking for them both now. 
  • Starts getting into holidays way before they should Liv. It’s usually because she wants to distract herself and Ravi from whatever Nonsense they have going on at the time. Mr Boss heading up a new evil plan? Time to decorate for Christmas. She and Peyton have a fight? Trip to the Halloween store! Another failed conversation with her mother and brother? Congratulations it’s Box Day today! Ravi is totally cool with it and rolls with it pretty nicely though. 
  • Initiates the couple selfies RAVI. 95% of these selfies are Ravi making funny faces or grinning while Liv is hiding her face or rolling her eyes at him.  
  • Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries This is more often than not Liv, but in her defense she usually has to make sure the entirety of the zombie population doesn’t kill each other, so it’s a bit understandable. She does, however, make sure that it’s not a consistent thing - she’s only forgotten like, two times so it’s been all right. After she forgot Ravi’s birthday, Liv put up a bunch of reminders and set five notifications on her phone, and made a huge birthday party for him the next year. 
  • Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping Ravi; he has such a sweet tooth. Liv doesn’t really eat though, so it’s really only Ravi who has to suffer from his Terrible Eating Choices. 
  • Nicknames the other Ravi likes to annoy Liv and call her different zombie names. Walker, Night Queen (modified slightly from Game of Thrones), etc. She rolls his eyes at him, but he giggles like an idiot. Every. Time. 

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Ravi isn’t surprised that Leo quietly returns to his side whenever their schedules allow them to see each other for more than a few hours. The other members allow them to have their space, knowing full well how much the rapper’s support reassures the main vocal in times of stress. They head to any rooms in the dorms during those days, Leo snuggling up to Ravi’s chest as soon as the door closes. They are enveloped in their own little world, the younger peppering the older with light kisses and stroking his hair softly as he speaks with his tentative voice. Ravi makes sure to listen to every word, humming in response even as he feels warm tears stain his shirt.

Leo does enjoy his life as an idol, but as every other person out there, the stress builds up every so often. The intimate moments he has with Ravi get him speaking more than he ever thought he would, explaining even the littlest thing that bothered him before their last meeting. He appreciates that the younger doesn’t add anything until he is finished, murmuring light responses such as, “No wonder you’re so mad… He sounds like a jerk… Your point was way better than hers.” Leo’s aware that Ravi isn’t the greatest giving advice; he completely makes up for it by not missing any detail, making sure to include every subject Leo brought without fail. The older leans in when Ravi wipes his wet face dry, sighing contently as they move on to less serious subjects.

Ravi makes it a point to tell Leo all the silly jokes and stories he feels the older missed out on, smiling even more when the older pouts and puffs out his cheeks. For others, Leo would appear annoyed with him, however, Ravi knows he is urging the other to relax when he sees a small smile emerge with each new tale. The younger makes it a point not to talk as much as Leo did, preferring to move on to cuddles and kisses before they have to head to bed. With each smack to his shoulder, Ravi’s chuckles bellow out in the silent room. Their game of cat and mouse with affection continues until both of them pass out, foreheads touching ever so slightly as they sleep in each other’s embrace.

Ravi never has the heart to wake Leo up early on a rainy day. He’s aware of how the older is very sensitive to the cold, how much he enjoys listen to the quiet pattering outside the dorm windows before he joins the rest of VIXX for breakfast. N nags Ravi for spoiling Leo too much, but doesn’t do much about Leo sleeping in either. The leader hardly gets to see Leo acting so cutely in the morning, so he lets the small inconvenience slide unless they have a tight schedule. Ravi pouts at N, feeling jealousy curl in his stomach, but that urge disappears when N laughs at his glare, telling the younger that he is free to join his boyfriend in bed if it bugs him that much. The suggestion is taken almost too quickly, Ravi gently snuggling his way next to Leo, who lets the younger wrap his arms around his waist. “Don’t talk,” Leo mutters; they both watch the rain gather on the window in comfortable silence until their friends come in the room for a group snuggle.

Imagine VIXX going clubbing and getting wasted. N is busy crying and drunk-blabbering to himself about how Leo doesn’t love him. Hyuk is busy flirting with Leo, too drunk to notice that Leo was asleep. Ken was singing ballads in the dark corner of the bar while Ravi and Hongbin were nowhere to be found. Probably planning world domination.