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Do you have any headcanons on Midorin's sister? Her name, appearance, bond with her big brother, her age, her uhm status in the family, her personality etc? Has Akashi ever met her? Do both get along? Maybe some cuteipie imaginary moments you thought of? Also how do Midorin's sister and Takao's sister get along, how they met or did they? Wow I wrote too much

Hi dear! Omg, I’ve always thought he had an older sister (I had so many funny headcanons about it), but it seems he has a younger one. In any case, I’ve only ever seen the anime, so for any notions or information displayed into novel, manga or elsewhere I used Wiki as a source. So forgive me if it’s not precise, just keep n my mind they’re just my headcanons ; )

Midorima’s Younger Sister Head canons:

妃明 Himei Midorima, with the character of Princess and Bright

She is seven years younger than Midorima

She seems a doll. Small and petite, with big eyes and long, curly green hair. She usually wears frilly dresses and skirts, keeping the hair in braids or piggy tails.

She is a princess. Himei likes to be ladylike and tries always to seems mature and refined (but she’s just cute and adorable). However she wants to be treated right and is very demanding; luckily she doesn’t want expensive things, but someone to play and talk with, small girlish things and cuddles when necessary. She’s very brilliant and smart for a child. Himei idolizes his big brother: he’s her hero. Strong, cool and smart.

Midorima is the typical “I fake to not care and be very severe when actually I’m the only who spoils her the most” brother. He absolutely cherishes Himei and is very proud of her, always going to every school ceremony and taking lots of photos when he thinks no one is looking.

He’s the one who has taught her to read and write, he also checks her homework. If she’s been particularly good or she has taken a good grade, he treats her to ice-cream. Otherwise, he gives her candies.

Himei loves when he pats her head and shows his small smile. She knows Midorima rarely smile, so for her it’s very precious.

She calls him “Onii-sama” due to her respect for him.

Himei always throws tantrum because she wants to see him playing, but usually their schedules don’t match. When their parents manage to bring her to the matches, she sits in the first row. She doesn’t scream, it’s not elegant, but she follows Midorima starry-eyed without breaks, biting his bottom lips in the crucial moments and restraining excited exclamations when he shoots. At the end, she waits for him and jumps into his arms to congratulate him.

Once, Midorima lost while she was watching. He felt really ashamed, but she didn’t said anything. She took his hand and brought him to the nearest kiosk; then she took out few coins from her pretty purse and before he could stop her, she bought two ice-cream cones for both. They ate in silence until, while walking back home holding hands, she said “I’m coming to the next match too. Don’t worry, you’re going to win.”

She’s Midorima’s most powerful lucky charm.

She can be really spoiled and childish, especially when tired or upset.

Midorima loves to read her fables or books, it’s their most quiet and special moment,

The only times she wears pants is when Midorima brings her to the court and teaches her a bit how to play basketball. She doesn’t like sports, but she likes spending time with him.

Akashi is Himei’s ideal prince. She wants to marry him when she grows up. When he comes to Midorima’s house, she always wears her prettiest dress and prepares tea and cookies. Obviously, Akashi is a true gentleman with her and treats Himei like a proper lady.

For now, Akashi has managed to refuse the marriage proposal with the excuse of the age gap, but she’s very determined.

At first Himei didn’t like Takao. He seemed…wild? Moreover she didn’t understand when he was joking or not, and thought that his brother felt offended by his continuous mocking.

But we know, Takao is incredibly good with children. So first, he made sure to let her now that he and Midorima were really good friend and he too thought that her brother was the best player. Then he started chatting quietly with her and complimenting her to put the girl at ease. In the end, the two started playing together. Now, when Takao comes he always plays tea party and house with her or let Himei do his hair. He looks good with both hairpins and braids.

Sometimes Himei is very conflicted and guilty, because she thinks he could marry even Takao and believes she’s betraying Akashi. In those moments, she drinks her tea sighing and reflecting aloud about the hardships of being a desired woman. Midorima nearly choked on his drink the first time he heard her.

She obviously has a secret diary where she writes her daily life.

Takao’s little sister is called融和 Yuuwa (Harmony). The two little sisters know each other thanks to their brothers. Takao’ sister however is a tomboy and at first Himei was horrified by her manners and boyish games. They met at a picnic and Yuuwa was covered in mud for chasing some insects. With time, they learned to get along and started to enjoy their complementary friendship, becoming inseparable. Himei believe it’s a pity Yuuwa isn’t a boy, she would have been a fantastic prince since she’s very courageous and strong.

When they are playing together Yuuwa defends Himei from stupid kids that bully or mock her for her dress and princess-like attitude. Himei, instead, helps her doing her homework and tends her bruises when she falls during her dangerous games.

This is very useful when Takao and Midorima have to study and babysit the girls at the same time. Even if the two always want Takao to play with them.

Shuutoku loves Himei. They stare at her with awe all the time when she comes and give her all sort of treats.

Actually, Himei prefers Shuutoku over the Miragen, since the second was full of scary and crazy people. She’s in particular scared of Murasakibara and Aomine, who feels offended by this, claiming he hadn’t done anything to scare her.

My interpretations of the Pokemon protags

My headcanons have the female player characters as the protagonists, the male protagonists filling their NPC role if applicable, and if not applicable, fulfilling a role I made for them. Kris, however, does not fill a protagonist role, instead being a regular trainer who happens to be Lyra’s older sister.


  • Picked Squirtle as her starter.
  • Cool and mature.
  • Tsundere.
  • Has a kind of motherly quality to her.
  • Sighing in annoyance ALL THE TIME.
  • Red’s cousin who lives with him and his mother.


  • Picked Charmander as his starter.
  • Rarely speaks, especially around people he doesn’t know
  • Not good with expressing his feelings.
  • Loves Pokemon more than anything, and gets along with them better than people.
  • Incredibly determined and hardworking.
  • Leaf’s cousin.


  • Picked Totodile as her starter.
  • Tomboy.
  • Wants to fight everything and everyone.
  • Lyra’s older sister who left on her journey a few years prior.
  • Has a soft spot for her sister’s best friend, Ethan (But is it the kind of soft spot Ethan wants? We shall see.)


  • Picked Chikorita as her starter.
  • Very happy and bubbly.
  • Seems ditzy and clumsy but is surprisingly smart.
  • Always sees the best in people (to the point of being naive sometimes).
  • Loves cute things
  • Gives a lot of hugs, and is just generally very affectionate.
  • Kris’ little sister.


  • His first Pokemon was Marill.
  • Very nice and very awkward.
  • Gets crushes on any girl who treats him even remotely nicely…
  • …But his main crush is Kris, Lyra’s older sister, who he’s liked for years.
  • Always trying to help out his friends. Like, he will bend over backwards to help someone even slightly.
  • A childhood friend of Lyra.


  • Picked Torchic as her starter.
  • A bit awkward.
  • Loves Pokemon training, and wants to do Contests, but she’s kind of shy, so it’s hard for her.
  • Has the hugest crush on Steven Stone. Like, she goes bright red every time he even looks at her. You can imagine how the Latias ride went, right?
  • Gains a lot of confidence on her journey.
  • Her dad is her role model.


  • Picked Mudkip as his starter.
  • Sweet but sometimes offends people accidentally.
  • His “type” is girls who could probably easily crush him
  • Secretly loves cute stuff (like Pokemon dolls) but he’s embarrassed
  • Very smart and knowledgeable about Pokemon, thanks to being a professor’s son.


  • Picked Piplup as her starter.
  • Done with people’s bs (especially Barry’s)
  • A good person, but is kind of materialistic.
  • Always wants to look her best.
  • A very good cook.


  • Picked Chimchar as his starter.
  • Huge nerd.
  • Incredibly socially awkward.
  • Hopeless romantic.
  • Wants to be a Pokemon professor.


  • Picked Snivy as her starter.
  • Kind of a cool, big sister type
  • Tomboy
  • Teases her friends a lot but would probably kick anyone’s butt for making fun of them
  • Very confident.
  • The biggest Cheren x Bianca shipper to walk this earth.
  • Hilbert’s older twin sister.


  • Picked Oshawott as his starter (Bianca also has an Oshawott).
  • Acts cool and flirtatious
  • Always trying to impress people…
  • …And then he falls flat on his face and gets embarrassed.
  • All he wants is for people to think he’s cool.
  • Hilda’s younger twin brother.


  • Picked Oshawott as her starter.
  • Very fiery and fierce.
  • Can be incredibly sarcastic.
  • Cares a lot about justice and doing the right thing.


  • Picked Tepig as his starter.
  • Cute, dorky little brother type.
  • Everyone wants to take care of him.
  • “The truth is lots of girls like me because, let’s face it, I’m pretty adorable.”
  • Ends up being a huge star at Pokestar Studios.


  • Picked Fennekin as her starter.
  • Super cool and fashionable.
  • Very popular with both girls and guys.
  • One of those people who seems to be good at everything. (People think that, but she’s an awful cook and can’t sing to save her life.)
  • Though she doesn’t seem the type, she loves Rhyhorn racing like her mother.


  • Picked Froakie as his starter.
  • Very calm and quiet. 
  • Like a big brother to his friends.
  • Like Serena, he is quite fashionable.
  • Probably ends up becoming a model.


  • Picked Popplio as her starter.
  • Very upbeat.
  • Kind of a tomboy, but still has a pretty obvious feminine side.
  • Always sees the best in people (similar to Lyra)
  • Nice, but very scary when angered
  • Could probably kick your butt if she wanted to.
  • Ships Hau x Lillie super hard. She’s probably working to get them together behind the scenes.
  • Sun’s older twin sister.


  • Picked Rowlet as his starter.
  • Loves puns.
  • Makes so many bad jokes.
  • Not physically tough at all.
  • Comic relief.
  • He and Hau are inseparable.
  • Also a huge Hau x Lillie shipper.
  • Though he gets along quite well with Gladion, Sun’s a bit wary about him getting close to Moon.
  • Moon’s younger twin brother.

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I’m here for single mom Bodt and Marco feeling the need to make up for his dad

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Nishinoya for the "send a character" :)

First impression

COMES IN CLUTCH WITH THAT RECEIVE, crazy hair (seriously how does he do that style), LOUD, I LOVE HIM

Impression now

all of those still ^ plus, good senpai (pls call him senpai), fucking AMAZING at volleyball, should go pro, loves asahi, loves tanaka, finished his popsicles in 2 bites so you know he’s a badass and brain freeze does not exist for this child, I could go on….

Favorite moment


Idea for a story

Give me a Nishinoya pro volleyball career story ಥ‿ಥ

Unpopular opinion

I don’t have any for Noya! 

Favorite relationship

Asanoya for sure. I love their whole opposites thing, he really builds Asahi’s confidence up which is super great, super healthy, I LOVE THEM.

Favorite headcanon

Big brother Nishinoya! Has 2 younger siblings, is a great big brother.

Thank you for asking!!! :)

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Headcanon on Chris if he had a younger brother with a huge age gap (5-8 years). Like how would he act etc. etc.

-He’s very, very overprotective of them

-And he’s the proudest big bro ever

-When it’s time for lil bro’s puberty, Chris will be the person who’s like ‘ah, where did the sweet sunshine child go?’

-Lil bro is in high school now, and it’s time for a parent meeting

-Unfortunately, the parents™ are out of town

-So big bro Chris goes in their place

-Somehow, he gets the time wrong and arrives a bit early

-So to kill time, he visits little bro in his classroom

-Lil bro is so embarrassed

-But the girls in his class are definitely not complaining

-Everyone’s like ‘ya we knew Chris is how, but wow’

-From that day on, lil bro never allowed Chris to come to another parent meeting

-Honestly, Chris is the ‘I’m the only one who can mess with my sibling’ type of brother

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Do you have any Padilla family + clony headcanons? Love your blog

1. Tony has two older brothers and one younger sister, thus making him the third child. His family have been close ever since he was young, they made sure to eat meals together and make time out of their schedules to go on ‘Padilla outings.’

2. Once Tony announces that Clay is his boyfriend, they accept him instantly. Since Clay is an only child, he never understood what it was like to have siblings. But as the months passed, he feels like the Padilla’s are a second family.

3. Tony’s sister loves to comment on how cute of a couple they are. Whenever they are heading out on a date for their anniversary or during the holiday’s, she boasts about how perfect they are for each other. She was the one who predicted that they would get married and promised to plan the day out so it would be perfect.

4. Tony’s brothers are the compete oppostite and aim to embarrass him. They show Clay old baby pictures (his favorite being one of Tony on his first day of school since his hair was super curly) which caused him to blush, which rarely happens. (“your cheeks were so chubby!”)

5. Tony’s parents accept him as one of their own. His mother talks about how he’s such a good influence on Tony and she loves taking pictures of them together for her scrapbooks. Tony’s father appreciates his intelligence and ability to learn new things fast, which comes in handy whenever he helps in the garage.

6. Clay loves spending time with Tony’s family. His mother’s home cooked meals are delicious and he likes to hear the bickering between the siblings. The only downside is the amount of times he and Tony have gotten caught in the middle of a make-out session by his brothers.

like this post if you’d let Nora and her brothers adopt u / ur muse

Headcanons: Baby Hiro

- Hiro was a very restless sleeper. He woke up crying every night, sometimes 2 or 3 times. He wasn’t a fussy baby mind; he just wanted a cuddle

- Hiro LOVED cuddles. When his mother held him close in her arms, he’d snuggle into her, letting out a tiny yawn and falling asleep
- Hiro would try to pull his father’s glasses off when the latter held him

- Mashed carrots were Hiro’s favourite food (ironic since he hates them now)

- Hiro wanted to follow Tadashi everywhere, even before he could crawl. His mother would prop him up in a beanbag so he could see what Tadashi was doing

- Hiro didn’t communicate with gurgles and other normal baby noises, but rather by squeaks. They were high pitched and sounded like a tiny kitten. His family found it so cute

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can i request 2d helpin out a younger brother figure after they have a breakdown?? sorry if this is too specific ('':

A/N: there’s a small division between the two prompts, but it’s included in the headcanons because i figured i could kill two birds with one stone.

  • If 2D had a little brother, he’d probably be a bit more extroverted, having grown up with someone who’d looked up to him his whole life. metaphorically and literally.
  • He’d be the type of brother to rest his arm over his little brother’s head or shoulder whenever they would be standing side by side, all in good nature though. just imagine the high difference in family photos
  • He and his brother would definitely share a lot of of the same interests, music preferences, horror films, thatching. They’d often get into trouble throughout their childhood, but nothing too crazy like murder or anything like that, small things like breaking vases and falling out of trees.
  • When they were a bit older, they’d probably have horror movie marathons late at night and have small contests to see who’d get scared first. The winner receiving the other’s dessert for a week or something.
  • They’d be known as the “Pot Brothers” in schools or around town whenever they’d stop by to the record shops to snoop around. Lots of garage band jam sessions.
  • When 2D picked up the habit of smoking (receipts) his little brother would probably have too. They’d never really get into fights, getting along well most of the time, but when they would, it’d be over something they’d get over quickly, never escalating into anything serious.

  • If ever his little brother was having a hard time, he’d be the first person to console him, even before their parents. They’d probably have a safe spot in a local park to clear clouded minds and talk things through.
  • He’d be very supportive to whatever his little brother was going through, giving him well thought out advice and ruffling his little brother’s hair a bit when he gets him smiling again.
  • 2D would take his little brother to the funfair or ice cream shop whenever he was feeling down and they’d spend the entire day there.

  • After 2D went through all the trauma that transformed him into the front-man of Gorillaz, he’d definitely take advantage of his fame and often times buy his little brother tickets to go concerts of bands they’d used to listen to growing up.
  • The time spent between the two would definitely be cut quite a bit, as it would be normally which comes from adulthood, but hey’d still hang out together, sometimes his little brother accompanying him to various parties and gigs.

hngng that’s all i could think of, this was very challenging to write because i am a younger sibling not the older i was tempted to call my older brother for help but nAh

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First impression: Kind of cool but why is he so popular? I don’t get it?
Impression now:
HOLY SHIT I fell in love with all the art and fics for karamatsu. Hot, angsty stuff :>
Favorite moment:
“I need Jyushimats Oh I need Jyushimatssss” That entire skit was gold
Idea for a story:
I kinda want to see him go shopping (maybe with one of the other bros) and watch him buy painful shit and like an entire bag full of sunglasses
Unpopular opinion:
Whilst I do like the theory of Kara always silently putting up with his brother’s mistreatment and never fighting back (good fic fodder), I do believe that’s not the case. Kara can just as easily snap back at his brothers.
Favorite relationship:
Favorite headcanon:
He treats Osomatsu differently from the rest of his younger brothers

Send me a character ✿

Darry Headcanon #1

When he and his brothers were younger and went to carnivals, arcades, etc., he would always try his dead level best to win the prizes that his brothers wanted but couldn’t win for them because he just really wanted to make them happy even if it was just a little bit.

Anti!Matsu headcanons (Pt. I)

(Older brothers edition)
Younger ones here

[ Anti!Matsu can be defined as the alter ego of the characters that had come to life; hence, they are entirely different entities from the Matsus that we know ]

General Appearance: Their hoodies are black in color with their corresponding color on the pine symbol.



  • Blond hair with red eyes
  • Has several body scars (but never shows it to anyone)
  • Wears fake glasses most of the time.


  • Anti!Osomatsu is the outcome if Oso was never released from Tougo’s grasp when he was young. He’s violent af and has a short temper. Basically, a delinquent.
  • He’s protective with his brothers– to the point of being obsessed with them.
  • He still gets along well with his parents but he’s usually on Tougo’s side despite the fact that Tougo threatened to kill his family.

Similarities w/ Osomatsu:

  • They are both fucking strong when it comes to combat but Anti!Oso is quite stronger since he was trained by Tougo.
  • Has a small self-awareness.
  • Doesn’t have shame when the topic is sexual. Often spouts dirty words whenever he wants.



  • Ash gray hair with blue eyes
  • Slightly tanned skin
  • Wears earrings on his left ear


  • He’s a chick magnet (www)
  • He’s bisexual.
  • Always up for sexy time.
  • Fucking confident about himself.
  • Has an superiority complex especially when Anti!Osomatsu is the topic. (I hope I used the right word here ghad)

Similarities with Karamatsu:

  • He’s fucking painful but in a lighter way.
  • Great singer.
  • Has noticeable speech tics (saying ‘heh’ and exclaiming things in English)



  • Brown hair with green streaks on several strands
  • Green, narrow pupils
  • Wears contact lenses to conceal his small pupils and for clear vision (however, very unnoticeable. You won’t know unless he tell you or you’re one of the bros)
  • Really bad haircut (not in its best condition)


  • The shortest temper out of the brothers.
  • Is really conservative
  • P U R E
  • But is really an angry fluffball
  • Likes classical music so much
  • Quite apathetic towards his bros
  • He tends to be wary of new persons. He’d like to assess stuffs if he’d go along well with a new person or not.
  • Knows how to handle his self-awareness.

Similarities w/ Choromatsu:

  • Will have no hesitations to confront you on what he sees wrong but waaaaaaaay too snarky every. damn. time.
  • A virgin. (Heh)

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HEADCANON: Kuwei and Nina becoming friends!!!!! She kinda adopts him a like a younger brother or something & they have sleepovers & talk about boys and make waffles! Nina helps him deal with the loss of his father & figure out what he's really passionate about! Nina and Kuwei teasing each other about crushes?? I need??? Kuwei shows up on the anniversary of Matthias's death and just sits with Nina and listens to her talk about him. Nina helps Kuwei find training for his grisha abilities!!




And when someone will knock


You can only join if (A) You are Inej (B) you brought sweets © You’re needed to complete a dare

Kara + siblingy wrestling/fighting

Oso - fair game. He’s his only niisan and therefore they have a different dynamic than say, Kara and a younger brother
Choro - you know the popular headcanon that Kara’s gentle with his younger bros? Choro is kind of the exception. Like he’s not nearly as fair game as Oso but sometimes?? He’s asking for it
Ichi - I’m genuinely not sure here, any ideas?
Jyushi - his sweetest, most angelic baby brother?? He’d never! It’s not like Jyushi would antagonize him on purpose right??
Totty - Totty is Kara’s youngest bro who he’s been the closest to since they were kids; if anything Kara would protect him, right? (T: minorly inconveniences him K: alright time to kill him)


oh my god, elliot… did you forget again? did you forget who i am? what do you mean? forget what? elliot, i need you to tell me who you think i am. what are you talking about? tell me right now. what are you saying? elliot. of course i didn’t forget. you’re darlene. you’re darlene. elliot- you’re darlene! i’m your - sister.

Headcanon - The Line of Succession

Izunia is actually the older brother, Ardyn the younger one. According to the law of the firstborn, Izunia was meant to be King, but due to the Crystal choosing Ardyn, he lost all his privileges and was placed behind Ardyn in the line of succession.
This was the origin of his jealousy, which only grew as Ardyn was praised as a Healer and loved all over Lucis, while he remained in the dark with no such extraordinary talents. He still loved him dearly, realizing this as Ardyn began his decline into darkness due to the Souls of the Daemons.
As children they were inseperable.


@accxrsedmessiah was the one with that idea, but alas too lazy to write it down. So I did it and I added a little edit showing a young Ardyn and a young Izunia to it. Weren’t they cute?