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Where Richie teasingly calls Eddie princess but Eddie secretly loves it

This is my first HC list, go easy on me!! I usually write in paragraphs

-Eddie Kaspbrak is not fucking gay. He’s kissed like, 3 girls in his 18 years of living. That’s pretty straight, he thinks.

-But then fucking Richie Tozier is walking into his life the beginning of his senior year.

-He’s a new kid, and Eddie learns that he also lives down the street from him.

-Richie sees him in the hallway one day and he’s just like, “hey princess, are you gonna be the one to show me around or will I have to find everything myself?”

-Eddie immediately flushes a dark shade of red. He wants to punch him. But Eddie is a nice person. So he shows him around.

-After that, Richie quickly eases into a friendship with Eddie and his group.

-He likes everyone but Richie secretly likes Eddie the best.

-(It’s not a secret)

-Eddie is studying for his midterms one night

-And it’s like the middle of winter

-Richie is knocking on his window in the dead night and eddie is immediately pulling him inside and is like “what the fuck are you doing, you could have like fallen off of my roof”

-And richie is like “well you would have saved me, right, princess?”

-Eddie almost faints

-“Yeah of course I would, stupid. You’re not dying on my watch”

-Richie pretends to fall, clutching his chest in an over dramatically motion and eddie fights rolling his eyes

-“I think I’m.. dying.. eddie, you have to save me” Richie reaches out to him and suppresses a giggle

-“No you’re not, stop it” Eddie is on the floor from laughing so hard

-“No I’m really dying.. you have to give me like, mouth to mouth or something. I don’t know. Sorry I don’t make the rules”

-“Richie, I am not giving you mouth to mouth. God knows where your trashmouth has been”

-“Yeah not on yours” and richie goes right back to over dramatically pretending to die. “Listen eds, I will hold my breath for as long as I can until you save me”

-Eddie doesn’t believe him

-But then richie is turning red and eddie panics because what the fuck!!!

-Eddie scoots over with a scowl and tilts his head back, placing his mouth onto the other boy’s, breathing the air into his lungs

-When he pulls back, Richie has the biggest smirk on his face

-“Oh fuck off you asshole, you were turning red!”

-“Are you telling me that you don’t wanna kiss me?”

-Eddie stammers on his words and richie is pulling him down, faces inches apart

-“Cmon princess, I know you want to kiss me, just as much as I want to kiss you”

-And that’s all eddie really needs to hear before he’s attacking Richie’s lips with his own

-So, he has kissed 3 girls and 1 boy in his life but he swears he can’t be any more gayer

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Maybe a hc of reddie going to see a horror movie together? 💕❤️

- its their first date and literally both boys are so nervous

- eddie keeps fixing his hair and making sure his breath smells minty fresh

- richie has tried on literally 10 outfits because he can’t decide what to wear and wants to look good

- he ends up being a few minutes late because of this

- at first its awkward, because they were friends the last time they went to the movies and now they’re dating and it seems super weird

- but then richie trips over his own feet and eddie laughs at him and they’re back to normal

- richie pays for everything, which eddie hates

- “i’m trying to be a gentleman”

- “its annoying, stop”

- they sit near the back of the cinema and richie throws his arm around the back of eddie’s chair before the boy has even sat down

- “we are going to just make out, are we? i actually wanna watch this film?”

- “i’ll do my best to restrain myself for you”

- one of the jump scares gets eddie pretty good and richie starts laughing his ass off until literally the next scene scares the shit out of him and he drops his popcorn over himself

- the movie turns out to be kind of shit, so eddie gets bored and leans his head on richie’s shoulder and richie starts blushing in the dark

- eddie reaches out for richie’s hand and he keeps stroking his thumb over his knucles and richie is just grinning like an idiot in the movie theatre

- “she’s gonna die, she keeps making dumb decisions”

- “richie she’s the only one that’s survived so far”

- “so far”

- the last jumpscare of the film freaks eddie out quite badly and he just stuffs his face into richie’s shoulder to hide and richie just silently comforts him

- when its over they walk out holding hands and they keep looking at each other and smiling because they’re both so loved up and they don’t even know it

The Cast of Final Fantasy XV as YouTubers

Okay, so I’ve actually been wanting to do this for a long time because I love YouTubers of all kinds and I can totally see each and every one of these dorks as video-making losers we would all love.

I just wanted to give you all a quick list of cute head-canons to inspire you with, featuring The Chocobros and guest star Ravus.


Ignis Scientia

  • Has three separate YouTube channels to accommodate his many talents, because Ignis refuses to be the type of man who would give cooking advice to the youth of Lucis and not teach first time moms how to knit their children pink and purple booties.
  • From his most popular to least popular channels: Cooking With Ignis, Knit One Purl Two, and The Fundamentals of Cosmogony
  • Do not be fooled, this man knows how to garter stitch and will make sure you know how to in ten minutes or less or his name isn’t Ignis Scientia. 
  • He posts videos once per channel, three times a week at the exact same time, and there are no vacations for this man - he is committed to making himself a part of your daily routine. 
  • Food puns.
  • His Cosmogony videos are much like your college classes, however, can your Professor summon fire and explain complicated mechanics with only a moogle and a chocobo finger puppet before an array of elaborate backgrounds? Think about that. 
  • He’s come up with new recipes mid-video before and all of his viewers love it.
  • He’s the third most subscribed YouTuber. 

Ravus Nox Fleuret

  • Do you know what fucking Flower Power is, my friend? Well, you do now, because Ravus dishes those details with finesse and bad words and he does not give a shit if you care about the behavior of the Brahma Kamal in the wild or not. 
  • This boy loves him some flowers, he is downright obsessed with their beauty, meaning, and whether or not they have the properties to kill you.
  • His YouTube channel is called Petal To The Metal and he hates it; the only reason he kept the name is because he couldn’t think of a more clever one and because Ignis was the one who decided on the line. Who can deny that pretty face?
  • However, it does apply, because he is not your everyday botanist - no. He’ll let you know every gorgeous detail about a bloom and then explain how it can be used to poison your party guests when they next come over for tea. 
  • He does not hate your hate comments, in fact, he’ll post them all over social media (username included) and proceed to roast you on livestream with the rest of his fans.
  • He’s the second most subscribed YouTuber of the group because he’s super hot and appeals to your inner petty bitch. 

Prompto Argentum

  • Have you ever wanted to be a film star? Prompto doesn’t, but he’ll sure as hell film your next three music videos for a heck of a deal. His channel is all about making movies, short films, live comics, and taking you for a spin behind the scenes of the small screen - he’s not famous yet, folks.
  • His favorite things to film are his friends and he’s super into vlogging, known to interview everyone when they’re hanging out, especially Ignis. You and everyone else knows he’s got a thing for the master of all. 
  • Prompto reads every single comment - EVERY single one, and he makes the time to reply when he can. He likes to be close to his fans. 
  • His YouTube channel is called Through The Lens and it’s classic, cozy, and only a little gay when the boys are around. 
  • Sometimes, he likes to make personal vlogs by himself to talk to his subscribers about his fears and anxiety; he gets a lot of peace from their good feedback.
  • He’s only filmed one horror video - it didn’t end well. 
  • He’d the top most subscribed YouTuber; everyone LOVES Prompto.

Noctis Lucis Caelum

  • Just your average Let’s Player, folks. Noctis’ channel is full of Grade B gaming runs and Grade A hilarity.
  • Not very original, his YouTube is called kingdreamy247 - for any of you that don’t know, it’s also his PSN username - and he wreaks havoc upon the gaming community with his absolute favorite series - Assassin’s Creed.
  • He dies a lot, so expect most playthroughs to be three times longer than you would expect, and for the word ‘FUCK’ to be said in succession multiple times per video. 
  • Never fear, his content does not end there, for he is an absolute sucker for review videos - from games to gear, he’s got you covered if you ever want to know which brand is the best in his book.
  • He LOVES opening your fanmail and will make the biggest deal out of fanart given to him, posting it up on his wall every time he gets a new piece. His father - the true King Dreamy - does not really approve of so much mail coming into the Citadel, but so long as it’s checked for any threat, he lets it go. 
  • His only special guest has always been Prompto. 
  • He’s down low on the Most Subscribed list; he doesn’t talk about it.

Gladiolus Amicitia

  • Are you ready for a walk on the wild side? Ever wanted to rough it in the wild but unsure if you would actually survive? Well, don’t you worry your pretty head, because the big guy has got your back and he’ll show you how to with or without a shirt.
  • Cup Noodle is the name of the channel and he really doesn’t give a fuck if you question it, because first of all, Cup Noodles are the best thing in the world and he doesn’t need your opinion on how to properly name a YouTube channel that actually correlates with the topic.
  • Posting twice a week, Gladio will take you straight to camp with his informative videos: Knots for Dummies, or a fan favorite, How to Prepare a Survival Cup Noodle Pts. I-VI.
  • The big guy doesn’t accept fanmail or gifts of any sort, but he does accept phone numbers, ladies.
  • Be sure to check out a new series addition to his channel: Braving the Beasts, an inside look to handling threats in the great outdoors - coming to you later this year, if he feels like going through with it. 
  • He’d be higher on the Most Subscribed list if he didn’t take so many vacations from the internet. Still, he’s somehow higher on the scale than Noctis.

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rivamika for the ship thing

Who was the one to propose: 
Levi, in a surprisingly tasteful and romantic way.

Who stressed more over wedding planning:
I think they would both be great at wedding planning and they’d soothe each other’s nerves if they get stressed.

Who decorated the house:
It was a combined effort, they have similar tastes.

Who does the cooking:
They alternate through the week.

Who is more organized:

Who suggested kids first:

Who’s the cuddler:
Neither are very cuddly, but occasionally one of them will rest their head on the other’s shoulder or wrap an arm around them.

Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:
Levi likes to be the big spoon.

What’s their favorite non-sexual activity:
I could see them both being in some kind of martial arts and sparring with each other.

Who comes home drunk at 3am:
Levi might do it once. Mikasa would get him back by vacuuming the whole house at 7am.

Who kills the spiders:
They’re both master bug killers, the spiders don’t stand a chance.

Who falls asleep first:

A headcanon:
In a modern au, they met in a gym. Mikasa benched Levi’s max and he’d never been so turned on impressed in his life.

Their relationship summed up in a gif:

Do they have any “rituals”?
They workout together every day and then shower together after.

Who has the most patience?
Levi, just slightly.

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May I request a Jason Todd x reader? Something like they have a child, and they're just doing coot lil' things with them? Thanks! ^^

(i did this as a headcanon, hope you’re alright with it!)

  • Jason could sometimes be a lazy man, and so most of the time, it would be up to you to make plans for the day.
  • Jason would be the one to suggest things–most of the time he would try and suggest that you two would just have a movie night along with your child, and so it would be up to you to make things more exciting.
  • You would settle for a day at the park, preparing several dishes to try and bring for the picnic. Jason would try and help you with preparations, though with how much he’s tried to distract you by wrapping his arms around your waist and planting kisses all over your neck, you have no choice but to send him away.
  • The two of you would have a fun time at the park. The both of you would watch your child as they play around the swings and the slides, doing nothing but lie down on the grasses.
  • Jason would push his child in the swings, wallowing at the sound of their laughter. he would completely enjoy playing around with them, running around the park as he chases after them, waving a hand and giving you a grin as he passes by your direction. 

TLDR: At the end of the day, the three of you would be tired and spent, but the two of you know that you wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

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Hey, how about some deaf!Eddie HCs?

- he’d be the shyest boy ever

- richie and bill would be his bodyguards and would stand on either side of him so no one could walk past or touch him without him realising

- mike knew partial sign language from his granddad and richie begged him to teach him so he could talk to eddie without having him to lip read

- bev would always link her arm with eddie’s because he was so small and could get lost in a crowd if he wasn’t careful

- eddie had about 100 different facial expressions when he watched the other losers talk and if he read their lips and understand what they had said he’d usually react super over dramatically to make them laugh

- especially when richie spoke, because its just pure filth

- stan learnt sign language as well and he would sign insults at richie behind his back to make eddie laugh

- ben would take eddie to the library to read with him and bev on weekends when eddie wanted to get out of the house and it was super peaceful and relaxing for him

- bill play video games with eddie as much as possible even though he didn’t hear any of the dialogue, bill would occasionally sign the important parts for him

- richie took WEEKS to learn sign language and messed up the first time he tried it out on eddie

- “i look so freaky today?”

- “ah no, FUCK, cute, i swear i meant cute!”

one of my favorite headcanons to think about is frisk convincing all of their friends to connect with each other on the undernet, so despite the fact that some of them have a ton of followers, & some of them only have a handful, they’ve still got a fairly tight-knit community both online & offline where they post photos of all their hangouts, tag each other in memes all the time, post on each other’s timelines, all that good stuff:

  • toriel is always trading puns & terrible memes & puns back & forth with sans. sans trades them with alphys. sometimes asgore tries his hardest to get into it too. he’s not very good at memes, yet.
  • 90% of undyne’s feed/profile are filled with videos of fighting/weaponry techniques. alphys posts a lot of anime stuff. toriel’s is a ton of baking videos. frisk posts a ton of positivity stuff. sans is almost entirely empty, except for the time he’s tagged in stuff & he responds to it with a bunch of puns.
  • papyrus is so freaking stoked to have finally reached his double-digit follower count. but now he’s got more than one assailant constantly spamming his message/askbox with terrible puns & jokes. the price of fame is a large one.
  • frisk’s account has all the parental controls still locked on it.
  • flowey likes to steal frisk’s phone & post odd/cryptic things on their account. everyone knows it’s him. except sometimes it’s not. =)

When Viktor first got Makkachin, Yakov had told him to not allow the poodle to sleep on the bed as it would cause the habit to form. Viktor had agreed and even tried to follow that exact rule for the first week and a half. But one night, when everything was terrible and the panic hadn’t left his system entirely, he heard sounds of soft whimpering coming from the side of his bed. Curious, Viktor uncurled himself from his tight ball and shuffled to the side to see Makkachin standing on her hind legs with her front paws leaning on the bed, giving her balance. At the sight of Viktor and his tear stained cheeks, Makkachin whimpered again as she tried to jump up and Viktor simply couldn’t deny her as he reached down and scooped the small poodle into his arms. 

Makkachin immediately licked at his cheeks, trying to clear the tear stains away, before nuzzling against Viktor’s neck and just staying there. Viktor immediately curled himself around her and took comforting in the small body of warmth that was trying everything in her power to make sure that he was okay. With a full heart and a calming mind, Viktor fell into a peaceful sleep that night. 

Ever since then, Makkachin has always slept on the bed and by Viktor’s side. 

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Eruri for the ship thing???

Who was the one to propose: 
Erwin plans a lowkey proposal, knowing Levi doesn’t like all that flashy romantic shit.

Who stressed more over wedding planning:
These guys? Nah, they both have a pretty good handle on it.

Who decorated the house:
Erwin lets Levi take care of that because he’s so picky.

Who does the cooking:
Whoever gets home first usually starts dinner.

Who is more organized:
Levi, hands down.

Who suggested kids first:
Erwin would probably mention it in passing and Levi would be like “.. yeah, alright.”

Who’s the cuddler:
Neither are very cuddly, but Levi practically wraps himself around Erwin in his sleep.

Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:
Levi is usually the big spoon.

What’s their favorite non-sexual activity:
Going for coffee/tea and people judging watching.

Who comes home drunk at 3am:
Erwin would probably do it a handful of times and Levi would send him to the couch.

Who kills the spiders:
Levi gets the ones he can reach, Erwin gets the ones on the ceiling.

Who falls asleep first:

A headcanon:
Erwin hates cleaning, but if he knows Levi’s had a bad day, he’ll clean up the house to improve his mood.

Their relationship summed up in a gif:

Do they have any “rituals”?
They go grocery shopping on Sundays, come home, open the good wine, and then cook dinner together. 

Who has the most patience?
Erwin, obv.


basically just a load of hcs @thatdidntgotoplan and me (but mostly me) made up where washington and king george III were school teachers for like the rest of the cast

also we live in fucking england so this is basically like reception to year 1

anyway enjoy


*troublemaker who gets told off by the teachers

*has the whole “big boys don’t cry” mentality

*always brags to everyone that he kissed eliza even tho he didn’t

*heard washington accidentally say “shit” one time and then proceeded to walk around the playground pronouncing that the wobbly bridge and the play castle were shit. he then called seabury shit and got yelled at


*obsessed with pokemon and beyblade and kids’ anime

*he put one of his beyblades into seabury’s hair once and got yelled at. a bald patch still remains in seabury’s hair to this day

*a master of pokemon trading cards except he can’t read so he’s all like “big picture in….in…kinoar?”

*has that one ash and pikachu lunchbox that’s personalised with his name on the front in comic sans. everyone thinks it’s the sickest thing ever


*c’mon we aren’t even gonna pretend laf wasn’t THAT ONE KID who threw rocks at everyone and got into loads of trouble

*jefferson gets hamilton, laurens, and mulligan into trouble but not lafayette bc lafayette always gives him his babybel or cheesestring at lunchtime

*was the donkey for the nativity but in the middle of the play he stole the baby jesus and ran off the stage

*gets high on dip dab and eats it like 24/7 even though he’s allergic to it


*the slowest reader in the class

*he made washington a really pretty daisy chain once. it had buttercups and everything. washington cherishes it.

*always does the pencil roll in p.e. because his head hurts when he does any other kind of roll

*he does horseriding and everyone makes fun of him because they say it’s girly but then he tells them that it’s the most EXTREME MANLY THING EVER and they all think he’s so cool


*the quiet kid on the top table who actually gets on and does his work

*he’s like a golden child. washington’s so glad to have him in his class

*if he ever argues with alex he automatically becomes really petty and joins jefferson and madison

*he goes to the corner of the field and plays restaurant all the time. he takes it super seriously and serves leaf kebabs and chicken nugget rocks to all the kids on tree stump tables


*teachers’ pet who always crosses his legs, folds his arms, and puts his index finger on his lips

*fucking snitches on everything, especially alex. washington would question him except his family’s loaded and they might sue him

*has like two friends but thinks he’s hot shit. 

*tells everyone he’s going to be in the next diary of a wimpy kid book and that his uncle is the author. they all believe him.


*always up at first aid. he likes it and the nice lady martha gives him a lollipop and a sticker for taking his medicine

*chubby and bad at p.e. but nobody dares to say anything because of jefferson

*jefferson’s wingman. he never leaves his side like EVER

*probably still wears drynites to bed

and that’s all bc i don’t want to make this a long-ass post

stay tuned for part 2 

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- okay imagine if their daughter had a twin brother who’s just as hot headed as richie, but quite short like eddie so people don’t think he can throw a punch

- he hears his sister got hurt and he’s really quiet the next couple of days and no one in the house knows why because he’s normally so loud and boisterous 

- one day eddie’s at home cleaning and he gets a call from the principle saying he and richie need to come in for a meeting about their son and he starts thinking of the worst scenarios

- “oh god, what if he skipped? what if he ran away? WHAT IF HE DIED?”

- “jesus eddie, calm down, he probably drew a dick on the wall of the boys bathroom again”

- they get there and their son is sat there with a big smug look on his face whilst their daughters ex boyfriend is sat across the room with an ice pack over his eye

- the principle tells them their son cornered the boy and beat him up in the school hallway and eddie is horrified but richie is so fucking proud of his boy because the kid looks MESSED up

- “kid, you’re like half his height how did you do that?!”

- “i learned from the best, dad”

- the principle suspends him and as they’re walking out a few students cheer him and pat him on the back and eddie is so shocked because?? they’re condoning violence??

- “that’s my boy” richie is still beaming

- at home eddie grounds him for beating the kid up and their son gets in a mood and locks himself in his room for hours and refusing to talk to eddie

- later that night eddie goes to talk to him and he hears talking inside and he opens the door to see the twins sitting on bed hugging each other and the girl thanking her brother for doing that

- eddie gets all emotional and apologises for being so harsh, he just didn’t want him to grow up to be violent and get himself hurt because richie was always getting into fights at his age

- “i’m not just half of him, i’m half of you too. i know when to draw the line and stop being a dumbass, dad, don’t worry”

- eddie is so proud of his babies like they’re amazing

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Could I request for headcanons about cute signs when he has a crush on reader for Thirteen, Snipe, Aizawa, Hizashi & Toshinori please? P.S. I love how you improvise with Thirteen & Snipe. They're both so interesting!

I should do this like my last post so they’re all the same post but it’s too late for that

Thirteen (A bit shorter for the ones we don’t know much about yet):

⚪️ He talks to you a lot. Goes out of his way to do so and he will talk about anything that he thinks will interest you. He’s pretty good at not sound arrogant if he talks about himself. Also, he truly does love listening to you talk too. Overall, he enjoys talking to you.

⚪️ Will openly want to invite you out with him too. It’s not a date, or at least he isn’t confident enough to say it’s a date quite yet, but you can very well take it that way. Typically it’s just the two of you unless another teacher decides to tag along.

⚪️ If any incident happens and you’re involved, in the end causing you to get hurt, he is so, so worried. Instantly tries contacting you and, if he can’t right away, then he’s hurrying to get to you as soon as he can. 

⚪️ Result: Very outgoing and open with you, and to the other teachers it’s pretty clear he likes you but it’s also easily mistaken as friendliness.


⚪️ Talks to you about cowboys and his favorite Overwatch character, Jesse Mccree (no i wont stop making that reference)

⚪️ But seriously, I imagine he’s an absolute sweetheart with his crush. He’ll say things trying to be charming or smooth but it just doesn’t come out right, but still ends up making him look adorable for trying anyways.

⚪️ He’s such a pushover with you. You can ask him to do anything and he’ll probably do it so long as you flash him a smile or bat your eyelashes a bit. 

⚪️ Since he is an adult and a teacher, I imagine he, like the others, doesn’t have time to play the ‘does she/he like me, do they not?’ game. He’s not super blunt but he also isn’t a complete nervous wreck around you either. He’s able to talk to you like a normal human being unless you do something that especially flusters him. 

⚪️ You’ll find that’s easy to do.

⚪️ Result: He’s sweet. It’s pretty clear that he likes you and he’ll probably make the first move eventually.


⚪️ Good luck trying to figure out whether he likes you or not, because this man is an expert at hiding it from you. He doesn’t get nervous, he doesn’t blush, he doesn’t stutter - everything that happens with him is inside. Butterflies in his stomach, a racing heart, ache in his chest. It’s all there, but not at all visible.

⚪️ He’s so soft on you though. Even though he tries to be extra tough with you and extra cold, it’s so obvious that you have a place in his heart. Toshinori and Hizashi are probably the only ones who can catch onto this quickly and realize it’s because he has feelings for you.

⚪️ Very, very protective. He tries to act like he isn’t, but he is. If you’re in trouble, he drops everything that he’s doing to help you. Yet he’s still a bit of a mystery, because he also is the type to encourage you to know how to defend yourself. He wants to be your hero but at the same time, he wants to know that you have some sort of way to be safe when he can’t access you in time.

⚪️ Sometimes he’ll ask you out in a simple way, without saying it’s a date. “Oi, (Y/N), let’s get coffee/a drink.” It’s because he likes you and wants to spend time with you, but he’ll vehemently deny that being the case. And, of course, Toshinori and Hizashi both know what he’s doing and tease him about it.

⚪️ Just because he doesn’t blush often doesn’t mean he never does. You can get him to blush, it’s just hard to do. Typically it’s when you point out his soft spot for you, his students, or cats.

⚪️ It will take a while for him to go out with you romantically. You can make the first move as much as you want, but unless it’s something very straightforward, he’ll just brush it off. As for him, it will take a serious situation or him accepting his feelings to make the first move.

⚪️ Result: Tough to read and seemingly cold towards you, but overall very good, loyal, and reliable toward you.


⚪️ Uh well if you don’t know that he has a crush on you then you’re probably both deaf and blind.

⚪️ Everyone knows it. The teachers know it, the students know it, people who live on the other side of the world know it - because he literally tells you “I love you baby! Let’s go out!” In complete English nearly every time he sees you.

⚪️ It’s because of this, though, that you don’t realize how serious his feelings are. Hizashi is capable of having serious conversations and he’s a surprisingly intelligent guy, but sometimes he likes playing around too much. 

⚪️ He’s always inviting you to be on or listen to his radio show. Always telling you to listen to this new song or hear his new rap. He brings you signed CDs and stuff as if it’s the best gift ever. You probably have a whole pile of things that he’s brought you. 

⚪️ Since he’s so playful and isn’t that good at getting his real feelings across in a heartfelt manner, you might have to make the first move. If he does, then you’ll have to truly understand that he isn’t just playing around. 

⚪️ Also, he talks about you all the time. It’s annoys Aizawa to no end.

⚪️ Result: Loud. Obvious. Considerate, but doesn’t have an inside voice.


⚪️ Aww the cutest when he has a crush. He is hopeless around you. Despite the fact that, when in his buff man 3000 form, he gets a lot of attention from girls, he’s nervous around you.

⚪️ It’s probably because he fears that you won’t reciprocate his feelings due to his state of health and physical appearance. He also doesn’t want to end up getting sick while in a real relationship with you, so sometimes he wonders if it’s best to keep his feelings to himself.

⚪️ But man, he really really likes you. Assuming you also have feelings for him, your relationship is one that will happen naturally given that you spend time with one another. And you will, because he still asks you for drinks, to see a movie or the cedars he likes, or to go jogging with him or something. Anything, really.

⚪️ Tries to be smooth when he compliments you but it never comes out that way. He’ll try something and then he’ll mess up the line, say ‘oh shit’ in English and then he might either try again or get too embarrassed to continue. 

⚪️ You are the number one person who can calm him down, make him smile, change his mind, and more. He listens to you so much that it annoys Aizawa because he stops listening to what Aizawa says if you don’t agree.

⚪️ He likes to watch you when he’s mostly sure you won’t notice. Typically it’s when you’re doing something with a big smile on your face or you’re laughing. it makes him get that calm, content expression and it puts him at ease to see you like that.

⚪️ Result: Just wants you to be happy. He wants to be happy with you but it’s a bit hard for him to accept it. Head over heels for you though. 

I came up with more Headcanons for the Past Kings Idea.

•Regis, once he realized Noctis COULD see the past kings, had a habit of sneaking into his son’s room at night and begging his father not to tell Noctis about his more embarrassing antics.

•Grandpa Mors loves ignoring him and telling Noctis humiliating stories about him and Clarus.

•With enough force of will, they can interact with things.

•Mors enjoys smacking Clarus upside his head.

•The Rouge and The Clever often comment on the horrid security around the Citadel.

•The Tall has a habit of taking Noctis to the training rooms to show him moves, which causes people wandering in to stare at the floating swords fighting the prince.

•The Clever sees himself in Ignis.

•The past kings can wander around the citadel, leading Noctis to obtain a lot of blackmail on the Crownsguard and Kingsglaive.

•The Mystic, The Just, The Fierce, and The Tall love to watch Soap Operas when Noctis is busy.

•They can change between their normal forms and their armored forms.

•The Fierce enjoys watching cakes being made.

•The Tall compares Prompto to a young pup learning to walk.

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Erejean for the ship thingy ^^

Who was the one to propose: 
Jean tosses a small box at Eren one morning over breakfast, and Eren opens it to find a simple white band inside. “Are you really asking me to marry you while we’re in our boxers eating Froot Loops?” “Yeah.” “… okay.”

Who stressed more over wedding planning:
They both have no idea what they’re doing. Maybe they should just elope??

Who decorated the house:
They both did, it’s a mishmash of all their stuff.

Who does the cooking:
They both do, but they totally get take-out like 2 or 3 times a week.

Who is more organized:
Jean, but only slightly.

Who suggested kids first:

Who’s the cuddler:
They’re both cuddly little shits.

Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:
They switch it up.

What’s their favorite non-sexual activity:
Video games.

Who comes home drunk at 3am:
They come home drunk at 3am together.

Who kills the spiders:
Eren because Jean is scared of them.

Who falls asleep first:
They both pass out pretty quickly.

A headcanon:
They play fight a lot and it almost always turns into sex.

Their relationship summed up in a gif:

Do they have any “rituals”?
They get snacks and watch TWD every Sunday night.

Who has the most patience?
Haha neither has any patience.

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Do you have any hcs for when Richie and Eddies daughter gets her heart broken for the first time please? Thank you😊

- she’d be gushing to her dads for WEEKS about this boy that asked her on a date

- eddie would be the supportive dad who was super hyped and helping her get ready for the date and helping her with outfit choices and what to say to the guy

- richie would be the overprotective dad leaning against the door grumbling to himself about this ‘punk ass kid’ taking his little girl out

- “richie, you took me out on our first date when we were younger than her”

- “and i remember exactly what i was thinking about throughout that entire date, i was a punk ass kid too eddie!”

- the guy would arrive a little late and richie would already be pissed off with him

- “good evening mr tozier”

- “good evening mr tozier? what the FUCK kind of language is that?!?”

- “richard, please!”

- their daughter would be dating this guy for a few months before one day she comes home crying her eyes out after her boyfriend cheats and just runs straight into richie’s arms

- “you were right about him dad”

- eddie’s heart completely shattered the moment he came home and saw his daughter sobbing her heart out on the couch with richie rubbing her back and trying to calm her down

- “eddie, get my shotgun”

- “we don’t own a shotgun”

- “well get my wallet so i can buy a fucking shotgun!”

- eddie would have to try and calm richie down in the other room as their daughter went upstairs, telling him not to go to the kids house, but richie was fuming because his little girl was heart broken and he couldn’t do anything about it

- richie would cry because he was so frustrated and eddie would have to hold him so tight before he stopped

- “she’s too good for him, she’s too good for anybody, eds!”

- the two go upstairs and offer to take their girl out for the day and they can go to the movies and eat loads of junk food or they can go play laser tag, whatever she wanted, they just want her to smile again

- “not all boys are bad, sweetheart, you just need to find the right one” eddie was an angel

- “ive got you two until then”

- that nearly made richie start crying again

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Okay, now I'm imagining Sammy and Susie arguing over whether to watch a film or a play ..., Then both trying to give in, And begin arguing about watching the one they dislike so the other is happy, And end up not doing either.

((that’s adorable and so perfect. after 20 minutes of arguing they just decide to go out to dinner together instead. they almost start arguing about where to go, but sammy immediately agrees to the first thing susie suggests to avoid another 20 minutes of debating xD))

Original Terms of Endearment in Hyrule (that aren’t Hylian)


Rota: meaning “my flower,” which, given that they live in the desert, is a very meaningful thing to say to someone.

Serr’ta: meaning “my heart.” Pretty self-explanatory.


My feather: refers to feather braiding ritual observed between serious couples.

My dove: implies that the person it’s being said to is soft and sweet.


My droplet (this is actually @zeldahijinks ‘ but I just love it so I wanted to include it here)

My pearl: implies the person is precious to oneself.

My pebble: implies the person is pretty/handsome/good-looking.

My minnow: implies the person is cute.


Pebble: pretty much the same implications as for the Zora. Is also an equivalent of “my pearl” because smooth pebbles are aesthetically pleasing and harder to come by on Death Mountain. Be wary though; pebble is used for a partner, while ‘little pebble’ refers to a Goron child, simply because of their size when compared to an adult Goron.

My opal: This precious gem is more naturally occurring on Death Mountain than diamonds, and are actually seen as prettier because of their complex and colorful patterns.

Ruby: Basically, “my dear.”

~Mod Zora~

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Eeeek your answers to the ship asks have me squealing and smiling too much and this one is going to kill me: yumihisu ^^

Who was the one to propose: 
Ymir asks Historia to marry her almost every morning when they’re still in bed and half-asleep. Historia always agrees and doesn’t think much of it besides her gf being cute, until one morning Ymir actually slips a ring onto her finger. Cue happy squealing and tears and cuddling.

Who stressed more over wedding planning:
Ymir would be, but she would try her best to help anyway.

Who decorated the house:
Historia is a natural at that kind of thing and Ymir likes whatever she does with the place.

Who does the cooking:
Ymir is a bad cook, so Historia makes most of the meals.

Who is more organized:
Again, Historia.

Who suggested kids first:
… Again, Historia. At first, Ymir is like “why don’t we just get a dog?” but then she warms up to the idea.

Who’s the cuddler:
Ymir is a big cuddler.

Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:
Ymir is the big spoon, she sleeps wrapped around her tiny gf.

What’s their favorite non-sexual activity:
Historia enjoys yoga, and Ymir likes Historia in yoga pants, so she takes it up too.

Who comes home drunk at 3am:
Historia would carry home a drunk Ymir at 3am

Who kills the spiders:
Ymir is grossed out by spiders, Historia has to get them.

Who falls asleep first:

A headcanon:
Sometimes they lay together and Ymir runs her fingers through Historia’s hair while Historia counts Ymir’s freckles.

Their relationship summed up in a gif:

Do they have any “rituals”?
The always give each other a kiss before parting ways (on the lips, cheek, hand, whatever)

Who has the most patience?
Historia. You know Ymir has no patience for anyone but Historia.