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I'm new to the les mis fandom and I just had a question; why so so many people headcanon Jehan/Jean as non-binary? No shade at all, i'm 100% behind this. (Representation is fab), I just wondered where it started or if there was something in canon that pointed to it?

New to the fandom anon here, ask part 2 haha: i also haven’t read it yet but I just got it so I will soon. And i expect jehan to be nonbinary and grantaire to be bisexual af and so much else headcanoned i’ve seen, i can’t say i’m not the teeniest bit worried i’ll be disappointed by the book. I mean obvs it’s not all that opently lgbt+ ‘cus of when it was written blah blah but like still. Idk i’m ranting haha. But do u see what i’m getting at?

First of all, welcome ❤
I honestly don’t know how or when the non-binary Jehan thing started? I forgot about the fandom for like three years and when I got back there it was and I just rolled with it :’) Does anyone know?
I would warn you not to expect the book to be nearly as gay as we make it seem! There’s a lot of nuance and stuff that smarter people than me are better at talking about ( @pilferingapples, @just-french-me-up). But I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, it’s such a good reading! Keep you mind open, be patient with Hugo’s sidetracks, and don’t expect the gay to be openly gay I guess :B 

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Jearmin xx

1. My take on their canon relationship: It’s nice. Besides good companionship I like that Jean seems to think that Armin needs some kind of special protection haha.

2. Do I ship them: not really

3. Reasons why I do/don’t ship them: Idk..they just don’t make me feel anything special jfshdk

4. Headcanon, if any: Jean teases Armin threatening to cut his hair while he sleeps (he won’t but actually wants to know how it looks like so bad).

5. How much do I ship (%): 0%

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Can there be headcanons for jealous Jean?

  • ok but jean is definitely the type of person that gets jealous very easily 
  • he’d be like the bitter jealous type but also the sad one as well?
  • if someone tried to flirt with his s/o he’d be so mad at first but afterwards he’d get upset
  • before he got upset he’d probably insult the person who flirted with his s/o but he wouldn’t make a veryy huge scene
  • if someone flirted with his crush though it’d be different he wouldn’t make a scene since he’d embarrass himself but he’d say to the person stupid things he usually says like ‘you asshole im jealous’ lol
  • with his s/o situation, he’d think that he is not good enough and other silly things like that
  • his s/o would reassure him that it was nothing and that he is only overreacting 
  • (he’d then blush and apologize for making a scene for stupid things)
  • Friend: are you ok?
  • *In My Head*: Valjean never knew that Javert committed suicide did he? When he told him to meet him at Rue Plumet and he never came, he must have been so happy thinking Javert has learned mercy. If he had known that Javert committed suicide what would he have done? He would probably feel so horrible about it, maybe even going as far as to blame himself
  • Me: I'm fine

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can I request some Jean headcanons?? just lil facts abt my son pls ? thank u for ur time 💋

OKAY this got away from me bye

  • jean moreau is very tall and carries himself with put-on pride that bled over from his time with the ravens. if he ever hunched over in riko’s presence, well - riko is dead, and no one is around to bring it up anymore
  • despite popular belief, he wears black because it suits his image, not because it’s habit. it’s one thing he and andrew minyard share, not that either of them recognise that or would react well if someone pointed it out
  • his favourite colours are a deep forest green and silver-grey, which also sneak into his wardrobe in places (jumpers, shirts, ties, and the silver spinner ring renee gifts him halfway through his second month in california) 
  • he’s utterly unselfconscious about his scars, and the trojans learn very fucking quickly to never bring them up because he’ll snarl at them for prying. if they happen to look pitying, he’ll break something of theirs. like their face
  • the first few months, he spends a lot of time thinking he’s dead because he can’t quite believe it, even having been to the funeral. riko’s a ghost he can’t shake, haunting him during the day out of the corner of his eye in every flash of black, sometimes seeping into his dreams at night to torture him all over again
  • coach rhemann picks him up from the airport when he first arrives, and they have a very quiet week together where jean reads so much rhemann makes a joke about him being an academic rather than an athlete. jean doesn’t laugh, but rhemann didn’t expect him to
  • (he and his new head coach end up having a good relationship, once they’re over the first rough patches. jean was worried he wouldn’t be able to respect a man who hadn’t produced a champs-winning team in his tenure, the same way he thought he’d feel about the team itself, but instead he ends up respecting rhemann for his brisk kindness and refusal to give in to jean’s initial attitude)
  • (rhemann, quietly, thinks the first month that he’ll have to make alternative arrangements for jean, that he’ll never be a good fit for the team. fortunately, the trojans step in to stop that from happening)
  • jean and jeremy met long before jeremy flew out with rhemann to Palmetto to sign their newest player, but when jeremy arrives back on campus it’s like they’re meeting for the first time all over again. jeremy is really excited to see him. jeremy is really excited about everything, apparently. 
  • laila and alvarez are the next arrivals. laila is critical of jean from the get-go, and they’re a little similar in their seriousness, but alvarez is determined from the start to befried jean
  • (it works because part of it is that she thinks they’ll be unstoppable as defensive partners, and she tells jean this straight off of the bat. it’s the kind of reasoning jean can get behind)
  • the rest of the trojans are a blur of faces and names, too much enthusiasm for jean to really deal with. he hides the fact he’s overwhelmed with carelessness and a little bit of cruelty at first, feeling like a broken bird hunkered down amongst them as they chatter and jostle each other
  • none of the trojans are prepared for jean when he joins their practices at first - he’s silent amongst them, and so fucking fast their goalkeepers’ workloads are suddenly halved in scrimmage
  • it’s exciting but unnerving. jeremy is meant to be the one to take jean in hand and turn him into a team player, but he mostly leaves it to the girls because they’re better at it. it’s not like he doesn’t know jean had a complicated relationship with his last captain
  • they end up getting along anyway - jean likes jeremy’s stubborn determination and the ferocity that walks hand-in-hand with his bright good cheer. jeremy appreciates jean’s skill and honesty, even if he thinks jean could tone down the bad attitude at times. he also thinks jean has a nice ass, but that’s beside the point
  • their first game together, the trojans win. jeremy makes jean a deal as a joke that he’ll take him out for ice cream if he doesn’t earn a red card. jean raises an eyebrow and tells him that he hopes jeremy promises the entire team the same. jeremy says it’s only fair, and yells through the stadium lounge that it’s a deal
  • their first season, they steal the championship trophy from the foxes, and jean gets to look kevin day in the eye for the first time in a long while with the knowledge that this one thing, at least, he’s won
  • (jeremy buys him that ice cream. all the others, too. it’s only fair)
  • alvarez shows jean how to be a proper partner. laila and the others teach him what it means to be part of the team. all of them together watch him paste himself back together, come back stronger for it like he’s growing scar tissue on the inside too
  • (jeremy also manages to convince him he’s fucking beautiful - but that’s another post)
  • ok but imagine Javert is the first responder to Eponine’s call to the police about her parents’ abuse
  • this means he’s involved with the trial, as a witness, which would be fine
  • except the case worker for the Thenardier children is having a hard time finding a place for them. No family can take all three (and they are NOT splitting up) and others are wary of their background
  • so she comes to Javert and is like “what these children really need is a good influence, ya know? Like a cop” and “your house is gorgeous, much too big for a single man living alone, don’t you think” and also “so what do you say? Think you can manage three kids on you own?”
  • and that’s how Javert ended up with temporary custody of the Thenardier children which would be fine
  • because Eponine and Azelma keep mostly to themselves which is fine
  • but then there’s Gavroche
  • He is always asking Javert questions, and playing pranks on the older man, or trying to snoop on his case files
  • once he almost found Javert’s porn stash of muscly, hot men (b/c lbr it’s not like he’s getting a lot of action) that almost gave the inspector a heart attack
  • but as he got to know them, he began to like them more
  • he totally saw why they didn’t want to split up, and was determined that after the lawsuit he would help them find a family
  • after seeing their parents in court, and getting an even stronger dislike of them, Javert is determined that these kids don’t end up like them
  • He plans to find them a good home…
  • only instead he decides that maybe he should be their family, so he legally adopts all three (more accurately they adopt him)
  • what I’m trying to say is just imagine singledad!Javert
  • Bonus: singledad!Javert meets singledad!Valjean at a pta meeting or something and they hit it off and maybe, just maybe they are no longer single dads… just imagine ok?
Teddy Lupin headcanons

- wears jean jackets
- and flower crowns
- especially daisy chains
- often gets pegged as the bad boy
- but is really the sweetest, kindest person ever
- (also a bit of a prankster)
- (and regular customer at WWW)
- helps lost first years get to wherever they need to be
- and comforts them when they’re sad or worried or miss home
- is referred to as “my brother Teddy” by many first years
- pretends to be annoyed
- but secretly loves it
- cuz that means he’s got a family
- and siblings
- has the bed by the window in his dorm
- so he can stare at the stars at night
- and talk to his parents like they’re there
- and tell them about his day
- he tells Remus about how he’s excelling in DADA
- and he tells Tonks about the girls he likes
- and asks for their help during the next quidditch game
- cuz, you know, it never hurts to ask
- thanks them for their help whenever he wins a game
- often has long conversations with “Uncle George” in WWW
- also helps Professor Neville to tutor students in herbology
- sends Honeydukes sweets home to Ginny and Harry
- cuz he knows how much the two of them and Lily Luna love them
- owns a kaleidoscope
- carries it around in his pocket
- helped Louis Weasley stop crying by showing him the world through the kaleidoscope
- and how pretty everything is if we can only see it
- regularly teases Victoire Weasley about her first name
- and just as regularly gets his ass kicked by her
- definitely changes his hair to red and white stripes during Christmas time
- often sets off fireworks in the courtyards when no one is looking
- and never gets caught
- (everyone knows it’s him, but the teachers let him have his fun)
- is a huge Good Charlotte and Britney Spears fan
- secretly owns every single star wars movie and has marathons with Victoire
- loves life
- loves people
- loves himself

Teddy Lupin

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This isn't a sinful request (unfortunately), can I ask for jean, eren, Levi, armin and Connie jealous headcannons?


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  • “why is s/o talking to that guy? I’m obviously better looking than him”
  • walks over to the target of his jealousy when his s/o walks away
  • *grabs person’s shirt and yell in their face* “I’m jealous!”
  • “You saw that, (Y/N)? I’m the best at 3dm gear, ain’t I?”
  • will hold s/o’s hand and look into their eyes
  • saying, “I’m jealous, you know.. so uhm, don’t forget about me?”


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  • “oi! hands off (y/n)!”
  • walks up to his s/o to take them away
  • “I’m not jealous! I just don’t want them feeling like you like them. Not that you do, right?”
  • Will cuddle and snuggle… just anything to feel his s/o with him


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  • “Ah! (Y/N)?”
  • He’ll then tell both his s/o and the other person that if either of them needs help, they should ask him for help
  • “What was that about, (Y/N)?”
  • will be quiet, making his s/o worry about him
  • he would grab his s/o’s hand to his chest
  • then tell them “this… this is where is hurts you know.. so please, lean on me. I promise I’ll do anything for you so just count on me!”


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  • Connie will relentlessly tease you
  • “Ah! What, he’s better than me? Well why don’t you go with him then?”
  • because that’s how he try to stop himself from being pouty and just flat out crying
  • will talk to the other person to rub in their face that his s/o will still choose him
  • “yes, try. that’s all you could do.”
  • then will cuddle his s/o, being such a sweet little dork
  • “sorry about earlier…” then a pouting fest begins


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  • “Tsk. What do you need now? (Y/N) is helping you again?”
  • Will not leave them alone, all the while staring down the other person
  • “What? I don’t get jealous.”
  • But will still reach out for his s/o’s hand and grip it somehow tightly.
  • “Next time he asks for help, tell him to go ask someone else.”
  • grabs s/o’s chin, making them look into his eyes,
  • “look at me…. yes, perfect.”

[A/N: Connie’s and Levi’s to follow. My laptop’s messed up rn :( ]

UPDATE! added connie and levi

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Headcanons of Jean, Eren and Levi seeing by accident their crush naked?

Ohhhh boy


  • When he opens the door and sees his crush standing there in all their glory, Jean is torn between high-tailing it out as soon as possible or staying behind for a few lingering seconds to check out the body he has been secretly fantasizing about. 
  • Tact wins over his hormones and he turns on his heel, an apology muttered beneath his breath, and dashes out of the room quicker than his crush can even blink.
  • Instead of taking off and avoiding them, however, Jean is the type to stick around and wait until his crush is finished changing so he can spew out a slew of apologies. Given how sincere he seems to be, his crush lets him off the hook and they mutually agree not to bring it up ever again.
  • Of course, this doesn’t stop Jean from thinking about what he saw. It’s hard not to when they were so perfect and irresistible. 
  • Luckily, no one seems to find out about the awkward encounter and it’s a memory Jean stashes in the back of his mind for the rest of eternity. 


  • It probably happens because Eren just didn’t knock before he entered the bath area. Figuring that no one was around, he’d just swing the door open and be greeted with a sight.
  • It sort of takes a while for his brain to register what he’s seeing but, when he does, his entire face turns as red as a ripe tomato and he’s backing out as quickly as possible, stammering all sorts of apologies as he leaves.
  • His crush is probably yelling at him too since he was kind of just standing there in shock for a few moments and it alerts several people who were passing by. 
  • Unlike Jean, Eren’s method is avoidance to the highest degree simply because he’s mortified. Somehow, he manages to tell Armin what happened and he resolves himself to just apologizing the next time he seems them.
  • When he does get them alone, his crush forgives him with a small laugh and a smile, but reluctantly informs him that it’s spread throughout a small group of people that he’s a peeping tom. Much to Eren’s horror, Jean and Reiner don’t stop relentlessly teasing him about it until months later.


  • Out of the three, Levi is the most likely to not make such a big fuss over it. He would be curious as to why they didn’t lock the door to a public bathroom, but quietly dismisses himself after a moment or two.
  • He did get quite the look, though. He has eyes and isn’t blind. Levi is attracted to them and while this wasn’t done intentionally, it still serves in his favor.
  • The next time he sees his crush, he’d make sure to say a curt “sorry” and leave it at that. He won’t make a big deal out of it since it was purely an accident and his crush can recognize that. Beneath his nonchalance, Levi stores the memory for himself with a rather sly smirk when his crush isn’t looking.
  • Word doesn’t get out simply because neither of them talk about it, but Levi does find himself watching the sway of their hips as they walk away now, much to his slight annoyance. He was always attracted to them, but never as much as he was now that he had seen them up close and personal.
  • Should he ever enter a relationship with his crush, they’d teasingly bring it up every now and again. If they were alone, he may just ask for another show since they seem so willing. 
Being Married to Jean Kirschtein would include... 🖤

- Him waking you up every morning by showering your face with kisses.

- You beg him for five more minutes but he’s like nah.

- You both bringing the good out in each other.

- When you’re washing the dishes he comes behind you to wrap his arms around your frame and leave kisses on your neck and shoulder.

- In a modern!au, you usual wait for him to come home but you usually fall asleep.

- Jean coming home to a very sleepy you.

- “Hey. Wake up, baby.”

- “You’re home.”

- “Yeah, I’m home. Let’s go to bed.”

- Frequent date nights.

- He tries to spoil you every chance he gets but you tell him he doesn’t need to.

- At first he wasn’t fond of you being friends w Eren but he realized you married him and not Eren.

- He’s a real baby.

- When he’s sick, he acts like he’s terminally ill. - Cuddles are a must.

- You guys have prank wars that sometimes get out of hand.

- When you’re angry at him you like to give him the silent treatment.

- You end up giving in bc who can resist those eyes?

- Baby talk is brought up frequently.

- He would love to have a baby girl.

- His ideal name for her would be Ava.

- He’d spoil her so terribly.

- Jean never lets a day go by without saying I love you.

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Headcanons for Jean, Eren and Levi having a size cup A gf??


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  • blushing madly and gasping “It fits! It all fit in my hand”  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • telling her that she’s cute
  • but then backtracking and saying not because it’s small!
  • but then realizes he’s making it worse
  • “you’re beautiful, regardless.”
  • will think of her whenever he looks at his hands  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) lol


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  • “Eh? Is that a big deal?”
  • Doesn’t really pay attention to those kind of things.
  • “Hmm, I guess they are small. But isn’t that good? You can move easier when fighting?”
  • Will tell her that he liked her because of who she is, not what she looks like
  • but will still tell her that she’s the most beautiful person he’s ever seen


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  • “Oi! No need to be depressed about that!”
  • Will hold her hand whenever she feels insecure, telling her that she’s perfect
  • “I chose you, after all.”
  • Will complement her every now and then, about everything that he loves about her.
  • “Look at me, people say I’m small. Well, I am. But aren’t I humanity’s strongest? The best of the best? See? Small isn’t always too bad.”

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Jean, Marco and Levi headcanons when they meet thir s/o for the first time, please?

Sure thing, anon! :) Hope you enjoy~


  • Is the one out of the three to become completely infatuated, even if he doesn’t exchange a single word with them and only sees them walking past.
  • He’s going to want to try and impress them as much as he possibly can.
  • He’ll try to look ‘badass’ but he probably ends up falling flat on his face a lot.
  • He thinks he’s completely embarrassing himself and ruining his chances but his future s/o probably thinks he’s the cutest thing ever so I mean, it’s okay.
  • He’d totally challenge them to spar because he thinks he’s going to be able to beat them and look like a total awesome badass but he lets his ego get the better of him and is creamed.
  • This only makes him like his future s/o more though because they kicked his ass with no apologies.
  • Eventually he’s going to confess, after completely failing at it several times to the point where his s/o has to finish his sentence for him. “Are you trying to tell me you like me, Jean?”


  • Instantly realizes how much he likes his future s/o when he overhears them doing some extremely kind, such as standing up for a fellow cadet or peer who is being picked on.
  • From then on makes it his goal to kind of ‘bump into’ them, even if he’s too shy to directly tell them how much he likes them.
  • Hangs out with them completely platonically and totally loves it because as long as they are happy, he is happy.
  • Often finds himself doing little things for them here and there to make them smile, such as bring them their lunch or dinner, run laps with them, bring them their favorite flower, etc.
  • He really honest-to-God thinks they are the most beautiful thing to walk the Earth, literally no one can hold a single candle to them, doesn’t matter if the person standing next to them is a model–they are gorgeous.
  • Would probably confess his feelings during a moment when he thinks they aren’t listening–maybe they’ve fallen asleep reading their book and he’ll whisper it softly.
  • Surprise, Marco–they heard and that smile on their face is not so random.


  • While Levi can appreciate someone for how they look (he ain’t blind), he is more so the type of person who is going to ultimately decide his attraction based on another’s personality.
  • That being said, he is not the type to ever make his feelings (as small or insignificant as they start) known. He is not going to approach anyone.
  • He isn’t going to treat them any differently, either. At least not by much. Maybe he will entertain a few lingering glances during training, or exchanging some witty banter, but that’s it.
  • Levi is not your a-typical significant other and actually starting the relationship with him will be the hardest part. The burden is going to fall mostly on the other person pursuing him.
  • Levi has seen a lot of death in his life and lost many he’s cared for, so actually willingly setting himself up for potential heartbreak again when that person could die at any moment is not something he’s too keen on, to be honest.
  • Hell, Levi would live the rest of his life completely content to let his potential s/o find happiness elsewhere because he does not understand what there is to want or like about him. He has shitty self-esteem when it comes to that. 
  • Basically, it’s going to take some convincing and the ball will be entirely in the other person’s court. But once the decision has been made, Levi is a very loyal, respectful, and thoughtful s/o, even if it might take some real reading into his actions to see it.
NSFW Headcanons with Jean Kirschstein

+ He’s very vocal.

+ He loves when you’re on top.

+ Jean loves to watch you play with yourself.

+ His favorite thing is receiving a blow job.

+ Having sex in semi public places are a regular thing.

+ Jean has a high sex drive.

+ He secretly wants a threesome with you and Eren.

+ He’s an ass kind of guy so he worships your bottom every chance he gets.

+ Spanking.

+ He loves it when you whimper. It’ll make him cum at the snap of a finger.

+ Lots and lots of love bites.

+ His favorite position is reverse cowgirl (insert horse joke here)

+ He’s 8 inches when hard.

+ He likes to pull out and cum on your ass.

+ Dirty talk.

+ He can last about an hour in bed.

+ The sounds of him moaning are so explicit.

+ His tongue does wonders.

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