headcanon: one of them are in love of felix

Dating Demetri Volturi would include...

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  • You both meet on the battlefield in Breaking Dawn Part 2.
  • It wasn’t the most romantic encounter, but as soon as he saw you he was captivated.
    • Marcus revealed you both were mates, and when the conflict was resolved, you went with him to Volterra.
  • He’s very protective of you, and gets irritated whenever someone flirts with you.
  • Since you’re human, he rarely lets you out of his sight, for fear of one of the lower guards mistaking you for a snack.
  • Playing Hide and Seek – he usually cheats and uses his gift to help him win.
  • When he’s off duty, he’ll just stand and hug you, arms wrapped around your waist with his face in the crook of your neck.
  • Felix is your giant bestfriend
  • Playing with Dem’s hair when you can’t sleep
  • You and Felix constantly give him nicknames - he hates them.
    • “Demi Lovato” “Demmie” “Dee Dee”
    • “Felix… please stop encouraging her…”
  • Heidi is so jealous, but Dem tells her to “Grow up” lol
  • Demetri is more than willing to fight anyone who disrespects you (except the masters of course) because no-one, and I mean no-one hurts you.
  • When he turns you, he won’t leave your side.
  • Hugging him with your newborn strength.
    • “…ow…Beautiful, it’s your turn not to crush me…”
  • He loves you whole heartedly and will stand by your side for eternity.

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Being a supermodel, Adrien likely has a very strict diet so to keep that trim figure but still have that healthy glow. The problem? That diet doesn't exactly work so well for a superhero who runs around fighting bad guys every other day. The boy needs more calories and isn't getting them. So Felix, knowing this, is constantly helping his brother get more food without their father knowing. Cause like hell is he risking his brothers health over some pictures they could easily photoshoped in post.

that’s actually one of my strongest adrien headcanons! we’ve seen he gets all his meals prepared for him at home, and with what are undoubtedly world-class chefs they’re probably tailored perfectly to maintain all the calories he should work off on his scheduled activities; only that doesn’t cover all the extra exercise he gets as chat noir and the dupain-chengs haven’t been able to adopt and feed him yet

luckily felix is chat noir less frequently than adrien and has time to help

nino don’t be rude


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What games do you think each individual guard and coven member would enjoy most?

This is going to be the most overly detailed and long answer ever; so it will be partially under a cut. I will be focusing more on modern games because ancient history (well..history in general) is my worst subject. Also- I took “games” as more like board-games (rather than like manhunt, which I’m sure both Demetri and Afton like for different reasons lol) sort of deal, so I hope that’s what you meant! :)

Volturi Coven:

Aro: Red Flags

If you haven’t heard of Red Flags, it is a game where your friends will try to make the “ideal lover” (who you are required to date for at least 3 years) for you by playing two “appealing” cards face-down (e.g.: Iron Chief, loves video games, has an 8 pack, rescues dogs, cured cancer, owns a 5-star restaurant, etc). Then, their opponents will place a “sabotage” card on top of any two cards (e.g.: is a serial killer, will constantly interrupt you, sneezes without covering their nose, will only communicate with you via text message, etc). The goal is to convince the friend whose judging that your fake date is still the best for whatever reason, despite having this major flaw (arguing is encouraged). Aro, of course, is really great at sabotaging relationships. So, of course, he enjoys this game. He also knows exactly what everyone wants in a mate, and is good spinning the negative cards into positives because he knows how everyone thinks. 

Although, there will have to be edits to the game to make it more vampire friendly. When I played with my friends, they unintentionally created one that was “has 8-pack, world champion hunter, and serial killer,” which was a pretty terrifying combination. But, that probably actually describes Demetri, and I’m sure a lot of vampires like him for those qualities. Of course “is a vegetarian vampire, who will constantly try to convince you to switch diets” will be a card because yes. But, seriously if you haven’t played this game it’s hilarious and fun. 

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■ For Cosima and Delphine. ▼ For Krystal.ൠ For Sarah :)

■ -  Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon for Cosima and Delphine

Delphine is more about order than cleanliness. Her minimalist look means she likes things sleek and uncluttered, which is half of the reason why she has so few things of her own and also where the games with Cosima come in. She’ll keep letters or other small sentimental and meaningful things, but only if she has room for them. She has less attachment to material things.

If Cosima had to pick three things she could save from a fire, she’d have a hard time choosing only three but it would ultimately come down to: her laptop and her external hard drive because they’re obviously a package deal, that old locked briefcase where she keeps important documents, and whatever she could grab of her hydroponic set-up.

▼ - childhood headcanon for Krystal

When they were both younger, she and her mother had a very strong bond since it was just her and her mom. It was never glamorous, but it was loving and Krystal’s intense confidence stems from this period. Now their bond has matured and lessened a bit, especially with distance, but cooking and retail therapy are still their favorite activities when one of them visits the other.

ൠ - random headcanon for Sarah

Cosima and Felix go behind her back and make her a Sapphire profile. She’s partly offended, partly amused, and then partly intrigued when she gets a couple messages, and finally decides to take one woman up on a date. Felix helps her choose an outfit – in reality, commenting on what she chooses, she gives him the finger, and sticks with her black jeans and leather jacket – while Cosima offers to have Kira stay the weekend with her and Delphine.

It must go well because when Felix asks her in a sing-song if she finally got laid, Sarah scowls and tells him to piss off but can’t hide her smile.

“At the end of the day, If i’m stronger than you, and if i’m faster than you, then I can kill you. And that’s better than anything money can buy.”

This line. I love the set up to this line. Because ever since he was introduced, it’s been stated repeatedly how much Felix loves money. He said he wants to retire with a tv the size of a billboard, they made a point of only showing him talking to Control when payment was mentioned. Things like that, over and over to show us how much he is motivated by money.

And then there’s that line. Which by having setup his greed makes us instantly understand just how much truth and importance that holds for Felix. And that his greed is actually secondary to being better than everyone. That he’s a mercenary because killing people makes him feel powerful. And having money is definitely a show of status and power, but it’s still nothing compared to the power he gets from being able to take someone’s life. That he doesn’t just enjoy killing someone because it’s amusing to toy with them, but because it feels satisfying, and good.

And the setup that there’s been throughout the whole season, for that one line to have the impact and importance to his character that it does, is just so well done.

2p Germany Headcanons
  • Has a cat (German Rex) named Felix.
  • Makes puns at the most inappropriate times even when no one gets them.
  • Very open (and shameless) pervert.
  • Loves gummy bears.
  • Can be pretty childish at times.
  • Enjoys heavy metal and rock, namely from Germany (obviously) and the US.
  • Has a love for nature and goes on long walks through parks/woods.
  • Is constantly pulling pranks.
  • Tends to live a minimalist lifestyle.
  • Loves theater and movies.

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So you said you're evil Queen trash. Do you actually watch OUAT? And what dynamics would you headcanon everyone? Specifically Hook, Pan and Felix (Pans right hand man, the creepy one with the club) BC I love them

No, I just google Evil Queen photos and stare at them for a few hours everyday…

Anyway, this was actually in my drafts I just never got around to finishing an OUAT dynamics, so here it is, the finished product ;)

Regina Mills (Evil Queen) ~ Alpha
Emma Swan ~ Alpha
Hook ~ Alpha
Marry Margret (Snow White) ~ Omega
David Nolan (Prince Charming) ~ Alpha
Henry Mills ~ Beta
Robin Hood ~ Alpha
Gold (Dark One/Rumpelstiltskin) ~ Alpha
Belle ~ Omega
Peter Pan ~ Alpha
Felix ~ Beta
Zelena ~ Beta
Blue Fairy ~ Omega

I didn’t realize how many of them have such alpha personalities, even the Omegas are “alpha like”
I’m only doing the main characters and the ones you asked for cause if I tried to do all of them we’d be here for years. lol

wolfgang once told kala that the gods didn’t love us. ((or, at least, they never seemed to love him.)) his opinion hasn’t changed. he hasn’t found god in the hospital halls, and he won’t find him at the bottom of a bottle. 

 but he prays, oh my god, does he pray. every night he drops to his knees at felix’s bedside and he prays to every god he can think of. with tears streaming down his face, he alternates between cursing every holy name he knows and just begging to hear felix’s voice one more time. he yells until his throat is sore and he kneels until his legs are numb. he has bags under his eyes and tear stains on his cheeks. his knees are bruised and his vision is blurred. yes, wolfgang knows that felix is the one in the hospital bed, but he can’t help feeling like he’s the one who’s dying. ((no, the gods don’t love him, but that’s okay. he doesn’t love them, either.))

Felix and Stories

So Felix is the kind of person who does his own piercings, cuts and dyes his own hair, has been self-sufficient, self-managing, and all around autonomous since he was about fifteen-years-old. He’s street-smart but not well-educated, grew up poor in a rough neighborhood with good friends and inter-connected community. His home life sucked. He served in the UNSC – was either dishonorably discharged or he went AWOL but he’s got military training and his bad rap sheet his what turned him onto freelance work. 

He’s got a story behind every tattoo and a clear line of thought behind every piercing. He mods his own armor and paints symbols onto his weapons, inks cenotaphs and celebrations in his skin. He pins charms to his ears and wears a bullet on a cord around his neck and there’s a kind of ritual to it all. He’s just a little superstitious. He believes in luck but doesn’t trust it and he’s not a romantic, but he loves things when he’s got the time. He speaks four different languages, two of them fluently. He swears best in English, says kind things best in Korean.  

Felix has left people to die in his time. 

He’s also been the one left behind. 

He is semi-fluent in monster. 

Felix is one hell of story teller. 

I have a headcanon that Locus has social anxiety and only ever feels comfortable interacting with people if it’s for work.  Locus also has selective mutism and doesn’t talk to people or interact with them otherwise.

Felix is a helpful partner because he often leads conversations and wants everyone to give him attention, so it takes a lot of strain off of Locus, and it’s one of the many reasons they work well together.

Felix and Locus as life partners who live together but don’t have sex because Locus doesn’t usually want to. So they have an agreement that Felix is allowed to get his rocks off from casual sex with strangers.

Which usually works out great for them, except that whenever Felix brings someone home for the night, Locus has the habit of giving his one night stand a head to toe once over, before immediately deciding that they’re not good enough for Felix, and then kicks them out of the house.

Felix is never angry about it though, maybe a tad annoyed because he ends up taking care of himself alone later. But if it really bothered him, he simply wouldn’t bring them home.

And usually it’s worth it, because he sure does love seeing Locus so jealous.