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Tbh Jason only ever goes over to the manor to steal shit probably

Like.  He’s out of toilet paper?? Better run over to Bruce’s to grab some.  Or he has a bunch of bagels and no creamcheese? Well Bruce probably has some so.  

And it’s always really stupid stuff like that and it would probably be easier to just go buy it himself but nope. 

Jason’s excuse basically boils down to “He’s rich so it doesn’t matter” Which is true?? but?? Jason what are you doing with your life

Bruce doesn’t mind at all, mostly because he’s glad he and Jason are on good enough terms for him to come to the manor at all so. 

Usually no one even sees him while he’s there, but every once in awhile he’ll bump into Duke or Damian and it’s awkward but mostly on their end if you get me 

( “…Jason why are you here it’s. 2 AM.” “Yeah well i got stabbed a little bit and I”m out of bandaids soo” “….. .… . ….”) 

And then ofc if he runs into Alfred he ends up dragged into staying for dinner, no matter what time it is :)

Jily Breakdown
  • Lily having a breakdown because there’s a transfiguration exam the next day and she can’t fucking figure out how to do anything and if you fails and goes back home petunia will never leave her alone.
  • Lily throwing her textbook against the wall of her heads door and storming out into the heads bathroom, locking the door, and curling up in the corner. 
  • James, who was drooling on the floor of his dorm after falling asleep studying, was woken up by a large thump. 
  • Him sitting up slowly as he heard the door to the bathroom slam shut and waiting.
  • Thinking that he is just imagining the noise and laying back down until he hears soft sobs coming from the bathroom. 
  • Jumping up and moving towards the door because it’s Lily and the fact that Lily is sobbing breaks his heart.
  • Finding the door locked and knocking on it, hoping to get Lily’s attention. 
  • “Lils… Lils what’ wrong. You need to let me in. Please, let me in.”
  • “Fuck off Potter.”
  • James hand curling into a fist, not because she swore at him but he can hear the pain in her voice and he can’t protect the one person he cares about most. 
  • “Lily. I will kick this door down.”
  • “I don’t need your pity Potter.” 
  • James letting out a low sigh before slamming his shoulder into the door. The wood creaking with each blow until it blows open to reveal the heads bathroom. 
  • Lily sitting in the corner, cheeks stained with tears, eyes wide as saucers. She’s wearing an old ratty sweater and pajama shorts. She looks like a lost child and James’s heart breaks. 
  • “James. I’m pa-pa-pathetic. Go back to bed. Please.” 
  • James taking slow steps towards Lily as if he was approaching a wounded animal. 
  • “I’m not going to leave the woman I have loved for 6 years sobbing on the bathroom floor.” 
  • James kneeling in front of Lily and whipping her tears with a calloused thumb. 
  • “What’s wrong Lils? Tell me what’s wrong?”
  • Lily doesn’t what to tell James what’s wrong. But suddenly the words are spilling out of her mouth and all her fears leave her body, filling the bathroom. How she’s going to fail her exam. How everyone at home thinks she is a freak and so she has nowhere to go when she fails out of Hogwarts. 
  • James laughing softly when she has finished. 
  • “You won’t fail out of Hogwarts.”
  • “Yes, I will-” 
  • “And even if you do…” James cut Lily off, “You can always come home with me.” 
  • Lily taking a shaky breath before looking James in the eyes. And she knows that everything is going to be okay. And James isn’t teasing her. And she isn’t scared anymore. And all of a sudden she’s grabbing James by the collar of his t-shirt and meeting his lips with hers. 
  • James being shell shocked and lifting his hands in the air because he doesn’t want to break her but he can’t think straight. 
  • But she’s kissing her with such passion, and her hands are wrapped in his hair, so he brings his hands to her hips. 

A Morning With Yoongi

  • waking up to the noise of rhythmic thumping
  • shifting around to find an empty spot next to you
  • you grudgingly get up, wondering what all the ruckus is and find him seated in his studio
  • silently making your way over to him, you drape your arms over his shoulders
  • he jumps a bit from the sudden intrusion but continues to work quietly boy do those concentrated eyes do things to you
  • you slowly lose patience from him being distracted
  • you tilt your head to give him a chaste kiss on his jawline, your hand snaking it’s way down his chest
  • now that definitely got his attention
  • he turns to look at you and sees your ruffled appearance, reminding him of the unforgettable night before
  • his eyes transition to a darker shade and he presses his lips against the shell of your ear, suggestively whispering
  • you’re just asking for it aren’t you doll?

-Admin Babydoll

Wolfstar HC


  • Sirius being hella gay but covering it up by hitting on girls because his family already hates them AND LORD KNOWS THAT HIS MOTHER WOULD BE A RAGIN HOMOPHOBE 
  • Remus being Bi but not telling anyone because he fears they will not view his sexuality as valid. 
  • 5th year at Hogwarts
  • Sirius and Remus going for a walk through the courtyard in between classes.
  • They get confronted by this Ravenclaw boy who is alway pissed that Remus gets better marks than him on the exams. 
  • “Hey, bookworm. Nice scar. Who gave it to you? Your mother? Because I know that if I had a child like you I would whip the living daylights out of him.”
  • Sirius clutching his fists at his side. Breathing heavily through his nose.
  • Because Remus is already ashamed of his scar and he doesn’t deserve anymore hate. And Sirius has never loved anyone more than he loves Remus and he cannot just fucking stand there while someone picks on his boy.
  • Well, not his boy.
  • Remus putting his hand on Sirius’s shoulder as if to comfort him “excuse me, we were taking a walk.”
  • “Oh yeah. With your boyfriend? Did he give you that scar while you were doing the nasty? You freak.” Remus turning bright red and deflating as the word freak settles on his shoulders. 
  • Sirius losing it. 
  • “Watch your tongue you bloody arse.”
  • The Ravenclaw boy laughing, “What are you gonna do about it Black?”
  • “Oh, wouldn’t you love to know?” Sirius jumping on the Ravenclaw boy intent on beating the living shit out of this kid the muggle way.
  • The Ravenclaw pulling his wand and hexing Sirius all the way into the nursery. 
  • Sirius, passed out in a cot, having his wounds tended to as Remus sits in the chair next to him picking at the sleeve of his sweater. 
  • Lily, James, and Peter visit but as soon as Sirius starts to move James ushers everyone out, winking at Remus as he leaves him with Sirius. 
  • Sirius waking up to find Remus standing over him, brushing the hair out of his face.
  • “You are so stupid Black.”
  • Sirius smirking, “I don’t like it when people mess with the people I like.”
  • Remus huffing. “You would have let James fend for himself.”
  • “You aren’t James.”
  • “Just because I’m not ripped doesn’t mean I can’t fend off that Ravenclaw prick.”
  • “That’s not what I meant.” Sirius taking Remus’s hand in his, “I like you a bit more then I like James.” 
  • “Don’t play favorites Sirius.” 
  • Sirius pulling Remus down so that their faces are but inches apart.
  • “I think James will understand.”
  • Sirius closing the space and kissing Remus. They move slowly and Sirius runs his hands through Remus’s hair because lord knows it always looks so soft and Sirius just wants to always be able to touch it. 
  • Sirius and Remus being so distracted that they don’t notice James and Lily walking through the door. 
  • Jumping apart at the sound of James clapping. 
  • “Fucking finally.”


WOAH WHAT IF Keith and Lance get together but after the first couple of days, Keith starts doubting himself and comes up with the idea that as soon as they get back to earth, Lance will surely find a pretty girl to date and essentially, him being with Keith is a relationship out of necessity instead of 100% feelings. Keith’s self esteem starts dropping to an all-time low but he refuses to tell Lance about it, so he suffers in silence? So his mindset is “let me have this while it’s still mine because it won’t be that way for long…” And like whenever they come across an alien girl or any kind of female on their missions, Keith is definitely intimidated and self worth goes down by like 78% even if Lance doesn’t even talk to them bc he must be looking at her and comparing her to what he’s got aka socially- challenged, boring Keith (:/)

The Bidders When They Sneeze

I know I haven’t updated in so long lol, but I finally managed to come up with a shitpost headcanon ! Yay

@tsundere-eevee @bolt8826 @maidofstars @themysticaldaydreamer lmaoo

Eisuke: His sneezes are those annoying sneezes that build up all day, but linger on the nostrils (no wonder he’s always in a bad mood). Like, you’d think he’s faking a sneeze, but it just never comes out. When he does sneeze, he does it like a drama queen. His whole body shakes violently, and he sometimes even falls on the floor for dramatic effect. He gets mad when people don’t say “bless you” after a sneeze. It pisses everyone off.

Soryu: Like a ninja, his sneezes come out of nowhere. The whole penthouse room is silent, and everyone is busy doing their own thing, and then suddenly a sharp “a-CHOO!” would scare the living shit out of everyone. When they all snap their heads to look at him, Soryu acts like nothing ever happened.

Baba: Like, his sneezes have so much build-up and anticipation that you’d think he’d be roaring after. But no, it’s just a weird, anti-climactic “ah-AH-AHHHHHHHH-choo.”

Ota: Poor Ota sneezes like a rapid fire gun. Once he starts sneezing, he could go on for as long as it takes, depending on how dusty a place is. One time, he managed to reach a whopping 21 times, but by then, his face was so red and he sprayed everyone with his germs.

Mamoru: This guys sneezes like a beast. Like, you can feel the whole penthouse shake whenever he sneezes. Plus, he doesn’t really cover his mouth like he’s supposed to, so everyone’s pissed at him because they’re covered with his nasty spray. Ota and Baba once caught his sneeze on film, and it was glorious.

Shuichi: Nobody knows if he actually sneezes. If you ask Hikaru, though, he’ll tell you a different story. Apparently, this guy tries to hold in his sneezes all day, so when he finally gets home and is 100% sure that nobody’s looking, he explodes.

Luke: Polite sneezer. His sneezes aren’t as obnoxious as Eisuke’s or as loud as Mamoru’s. He always has a handkerchief prepared, or anything to cover his mouth, really. He wouldn’t allow himself to spread those nasty germs. That’s just gross.

Hikaru: Whenever this guy sneezes, it’s a mess. Like, he covers his mouth with his hand, but you can tell that he slobbered all over it. He always begs for tissue from the nearest person, and it’s almost a pitiful sight to see.

Bonus - MC: She, bless her soul, has the cutest sneeze. It comes out like a little “chew!”, almost like a puppy or a kitten. She doesn’t want to spread her germs around, so she always covers her mouth with her elbow or a hanky. Interestingly enough, after she sneezes, you can hear eight voices screaming “BLESS YOU!” in varying degrees of loudness.

Jily Quidditch HC
  • 7th year Jily when they have been dating for several months.
  • James begging and begging Lily to come watch him play quidditch. Swearing that he will do better if she is there cheering him on. 
  • Lily going to watch him practice but avoiding the games because she isn’t a fan of large groups of people and it seems like it is always raining. 
  • James begging her while she is trying to write an essay and she finally says yes because GOD DAMN IT SHE NEEDS TO GET THIS ESSAY DONE AND HE WILL NOT LEAVE HER ALONE. 
  •  Lily actually being minorly excited to watch James but refusing to let it show because it will just add to James’s ego. 
  • The day of the game James goes down to the pitch an hour early with the team to get ready. 
  • Lily putting on bright red lipstick and braiding her hair down her back. 
  • Wrapping up in a Gryffindor hat and scarf. 
  • Before leaving she grabs one of James’s extra practice t-shirts and slipping it over her jumper because it’s red and gold and it has his last name on the back.
  • Arriving at the quidditch pitch and sitting next to Remus on the Gryffindor side. 
  • They are playing Hufflepuff. 
  • James planning on being extra aggressive because Amos Diggory has been making love eyes at you for the past week and that is not okay.
  • James’s eyes landing on Lily as he is warming up. 
  • She is talking excitedly to Remus about the book he is holding. She looks beautiful. All the red and gold makes her look as though she is on fire. 
  • Sirius pulling up next to him.
  • James sighing, “Bloody hell. She’s beautiful isn’t she.”
  • Sirius, in the same dreaming manner, saying, “Yeah, he is.”
  • Then turning a light shade of red when he realizes that he said that out loud. 
  • “What did you say?”
  • *clearing his throat* “Yeah, SHE is.” Then rushing off to join the rest of the team. 
  • Lily looking up so see James. 
  • James smiling a toothy grin and waving at her before he flies off to join the rest of the team.
  • “There’s something about Quidditch boys.”
  • Remus, not looking up from his book, “really. I hadn’t noticed.” EVEN THOUGH THAT LYING TURD HAD TOTALLY NOTICED HOW GOOD SIRIUS’S ASS LOOKED IN QUIDDITCH PANTS. 
  • In the end, Gryffindor wins.
  • Lily hadn’t even noticed how cold it was or how the rain (which started halfway through the game) had plastered her hair to her back. 
  • James flies over to the stands after the final score is called and swoops down next to Lily. 
  • Jumping off the broom and snogging her senseless. 
  • Remus, who doesn’t know what to do, looks up a Sirius who winks at him causing Remus to flush. 
  • James and Lily breaking apart. 
  • “Will you come to the next game?”
  • Lily, wiping the mud of James’s face, smiles at him. 
  • “If games always end like this,” she plants a kiss on his cheek, “I’ll be at every game.”


Teru Headcanons (Pt. 1)

i finally finished another headcanon post!! yay me! i actually finished this about a week ago but tumblr deleted them all and i cried for like 10 minutes it was upsetting :’( but anyways! i got them done again! yaaay

Mob // Ritsu //

  • the wig was on purpose
    • he knew it was a disaster he just had to be sure no one remembered him falling from the sky naked and bald
    • like? i would do that too tbqh
  • he actually has terrible fashion sense though
    • he just? likes being colorful? the more color and patterns the better in his mind
    • plus that just means its easier to see him
    • im almost 100% sure he owns 8 pairs of floral sneakers that are all apparently completely different
    • everyones sure theyre all almost identical if not the same shoes
  • love at first fight
    • like…. it wasnt immediate but by the time he got home he was like ‘wow that timid guy kageyamas pretty cute and hes really nice hahaahahahaa fuck im gay?’
  • theatre gay teru is real and i will not stand for anything that suggests otherwise
    • hes actually really cool to the drama club after the fight?? like he becomes the person that Always gets the lead but u know they deserve it and ur always happy to find out that they did
    • he doesnt get the lead in musicals but he does get like the lead supporting role and hes always just as excited to be in them
    • on opening night when everyones Nervous hes like ‘squeeze my hands as hard as you can’
      • it is a good pressure stim…
      • and it makes the person feel a little bit better!! win-win
  • his apartment is really lonely so he likes to surround himself in very heavy blankets and some tea so it aint as bad
  • in fact he never cleans it so it looks lived in
    • when it is clean it feels even less like home
  • once he befriends the Esper Squad he invites them over a lot
    • mob is usually the only one that says yes rip
    • but they have a fun time
    • even tho terus internal process the Entire Time is literally ‘fuckfuckfuck im so gay???/?/??????/??????? shit’
    • especially when mob does the Sof Smile……… he fucking dies
  • the first time mob comes over after they start Kind Of Dating™ terus literally screaming internally at all times
    • when mob kisses him for the first time Very Sof he almost cries bc its so pure and hes so gay
    • hes also bright fucking red
    • mob finds it really cute
  • the first time he visits Spirits And Such hes really nervous
    • hes heard from mob that reigens really awesome so he knows that mob values reigens opinion and hes Very Afraid reigens gonna hate him
  • it takes all of 5 seconds for reigen to decide hes now responsible for another kid
    • teru also thinks of reigen as his unofficial father
    • the first time reigen does a Dad Thing like ‘im so proud of you’ or hugs him teru hecking cries
      • reigen thinks hes fucked up but then he sees terus smile and hes just ‘oh. heh.’
  • tome is his best friend and they meme all day
    • the group chat
      • teru: *string of emojis that have no rhyme or reason*
      • ritsu: what
      • ritsu: the fuck
      • shous phone is constantly dead so he never responds ever
      • mob: …. yes?
        • poor baby he just wants to be Included in the joke
      • tome: ME AF @ TERU
    • tome is constantly sending him the randomest fucking shit
      • tome: hear me out
      • tome: mothmans gay and really likes caramel macchiatos
      • teru: tru??????
    • they are a pair of gays and its good™

thats all i got for now………………. but uh. yeah :D

Reiner and Bertolt have been living together in their tiny apartment for a few months when they have their first big argument. Years later, neither of them can even remember what the argument was about, but it was definitely over something insignificant when compared to the grand scheme of things.

After they argue, they take to separate rooms of the apartment, and don’t talk to each other for a few hours. Both Reiner and Bertolt hate confrontation, but they also really struggle to find a way to make up after a fight. They just tiptoe around each other, not saying anything, hoping the other will make the first move to apologise.

Eventually Bertolt goes to the kitchen, where Reiner is working on his laptop, sitting on a stool at the breakfast bar. The brunette manages to make his way around Reiner despite the minute size of their kitchen, so he can get to the kettle to make tea. Reiner doesn’t turn to look, but assumes Bertolt is only making a hot drink for himself because he’s still angry at him.

To his surprise, once the kettle has boiled, Bertolt brings a steaming cup of black coffee to Reiner, setting it down next to him. It’s the peace offering that melts Reiner’s heart, and he smiles appreciatively.

Without looking at Bertolt, Reiner says, “Hey, where’s my sugar?”

After a moment, Reiner feels Bertolt’s soft lips press against his cheek to give him a kiss. He doesn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around his boyfriend and squeeze him tight, burying his face in the crook of Bertolt’s neck.

“I’m sorry.” Reiner mumbles against Bertolt’s warm skin.

“I’m sorry too.” Bertolt replies quietly, returning the hug with equal enthusiasm.

Nyx Kissing Headcanons

Listen, if I don’t post some of these ideas that I have bouncing around in my head, I’m going to EXPLODE!

So, until I get one of my longer things out (which I am currently outlining a ton, aside from fics I owe friends, including @luvleekaotix-imagines), here are some short kissing headcanons regarding our favorite glaive:

-Before you’re even with Nyx you fantasize about kissing this man. A lot. I mean, have you seen this man’s mouth? The way, when he smirks, causes that little dimple in the corner of his mouth to appear? Let’s not even talk about a full blown smile. 

-You can easily find yourself lost in a fantasy about making out with Nyx-after training, after dinner, after a mission, just in general-wondering if his mouth is as really soft as you think it is.

-The first time you kiss Nyx is when you’re both slightly drunk, when the sickly sweet scent of alcohol lingers between your breaths and you’re wondering who is gonna make the first move: if you decide to be the first, he won’t forget it anytime soon. It’ll be all urgent lips, sharp teeth and probing tongues. It’ll absolutely make your knees weak.

-When you do it again, this time sober and caught between a wall and his hard body, the fantasies are blown out of the water. There is no hurry, he will take all the time in the world mapping out the curve of your mouth, tracing outlines with his tongue and drawing your bottom lip into his mouth. He won’t stop until you’re dizzy from lack of oxygen, only stare at brighter-than-blue eyes watching you in fascination: you weren’t the only one fantasizing about this.

-He will kiss you on every occasion and every chance he gets: Good mornings, Good nights, Before missions, After missions (though if you’re hurt expect the kisses to be more urgent, you head cradled between his hands), even something as simple as smiling at him. Really, it’s the best way he can show you how much he adores you.

-Making out with this man is sin, don’t let those sweet eyes fool you. It will be his mission to get you a panting mess in his lap, a hand tangled between the strands of your hair and the other skimming the skin along your waistline. He will leave marks on any patch he can find-discretely though mind you-and his tongue wants to taste every inch of you: Return the favor and you’ll rewarded with the most pleasant noises yours ears ever heard.

-Want more? Some NSFW?? …..Sorry loves, you’re gonna have to wait on that ;)

Reasons why i think Prasiolite is the best gem for an amedot fusion

-Type of quartz form the same “Family” as amethyst (so she’d be chubby!)
-Is like green, like peridot

-Is created by superheating an amethyst until it changes

-Symbolises strong connections(their relationship), and a connection to the earth(peri being a new crystal gem)

-represents mental and spiritual growth(peri’s redemption)

-the gemstone itself is commonly used with peridots and amethysts anyways

Some Dad Might is in order! =D

Headcanon that Toshinori actually starts carrying photos of his students around in his wallet (or just in all of his pockets, since his wallet does not have enough space for all of them).


He got the idea to take photos of the kids when they are training so that he could show them their improvement later on, just like he did with Izuku after the ten months. But gradually, he can’t help but take more photos – when they are at the dorms or when they are out together (Shopping together, twenty children plus their teacher, had become a regular thing for them. Sometimes even Aizawa gets dragged along, sleepily slurping on his juice box.)

At first, the children are confused or even embarrassed about it – cue in here the shy people like Izuku and Kouda blushing and ducking away when they see the camera. Slowly but surely, though, everyone begins to like the idea, the braver and more confident ones even posing for the camera with a laugh.

Toshinori is so happy with his new hobby that he picks out the best photos and keeps them with him all the time. And now when someone asks him to tell them about his students – which happens frequently, since it’s Toshinori’s favourite topic and everybody knows it – he proudly presents the photos while he talks about his students’ newest improvements or shenanigans.

(Proud Dad Might, everyone. We all need it.)

Kissing Headcanons
  • Nathaniel’s kisses are all about saying something. They’re a way of communicating, just a bit more enjoyable than using words. When he cups Candy’s face and brings their lips together, he puts how much he cares about her into every motion. He caresses her cheek, presses himself firmly against her, and when he’s feeling daring, he traces her bottom lip with his tongue. It’s all a strange mixture of instinct and calculation. Sometimes it’s the calculation that wins out. A kiss on the cheek to mean he appreciates her. A kiss on the nose to mean he finds her delightful. A kiss on the forehead to mean he will always be there when she needs him. But sometimes, when Candy kisses him back in a way he’s not expecting, instinct takes over. They kiss in a way that could never be translated into words.
  • Castiel kisses as though it is the last thing he will ever do. In the rare moments that his kisses are brief, he takes Candy’s face with firm hands and presses his lips to hers with determined passion. He steals her breath and then pulls away. Whether it’s to taunt her or savor the fleeting moment is unclear. The long kisses – of which there are many – are long. At first, he takes his time, parting her lips and teasing her with his tongue. But when the desire kicks in, he shows no restraint. He nibbles on her bottom lip, and then boldly adventures down to her neck and shoulders with his tongue and teeth. He touches her with eager fingers, tangling them in her hair and trailing them down her back. He loses himself in her, and though he does his best to hide it, walks with weak knees afterward. If kissing Candy was the last thing he ever did, he’d die a happy man.
  • Lysander kisses Candy like he’s trying to commit her to memory. He knows he’ll never forget someone like her, but that doesn’t stop him from being slow and meticulous, from reveling in every second his lips are against hers. His kisses are laced with an almost painful affection. They start out brief and tender, but then she opens her mouth to him, and they become deeper and full of longing. His hands are just as committed to learning her by heart. He trails his fingers along her collarbone, follows the line of her curves to her hips, holds her close so that he will remember the pressure of her body against his. There are moments when he forgets himself. When everything he tastes and feels is her, and all is right in the world. Candy says that sometimes he murmurs to her in these moments. Sweet nothings, declarations of love, poetry that he’d never be able to write on paper. He never remembers the exact words, but he remembers the feeling of her skin under his fingertips.
  • Armin’s kissing style is best described as exploratory. Kisses are supposed to be adventurous and intense and fun, and he always seems to find a way to make them live up to his expectations. Perhaps the best part of it for him is Candy’s reactions. Sometimes they’re just funny. A strangled laugh when he goes from kissing her neck to blowing raspberries. An exaggerated sigh when he groans at an obnoxious volume. Other times, they leave his entire body burning. A shocked gasp when he takes her fingers and kisses and bites them. A soft moan when he brushes his tongue against hers. He keeps a record of her responses in his mind, determined to find what she likes best. Determined to try everything, so that he will know her every last desire. He’ll enjoy every bit of exploration it takes to get there.
  • Kentin gains confidence with each kiss. When he first presses his lips to Candy’s, his movements are cautious. Almost uncertain. He holds her with gentle hands, hoping she knows how much control she has over the situation. She could pull away from him, offer him friendship, and he wouldn’t love her any less. But she never pulls away. She stays, clinging to him and working her mouth in time with his. Every second he has her in his arms floods him with joy, and he spends their time together trying to express the inexpressible. He brings his hands to her face, switching between gentle pecks and deep kisses. He smiles against her mouth, delighting in the giggles he draws from her lips. He tilts her back, enjoying the sensation of carrying her weight in his arms. He is never surer of himself than when she is kissing him back. Being with her makes him feel like anything is possible.

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For the keywords headcanon thing: Christmas ❤

Yay, Christmas!!

Keyword Requests

  • If you don’t think Victor has competitions with his neighbours over who can put the most ridiculous light display in the apartment windows, you’re very wrong. 
  • Since New Year is a bigger deal in Japanese custom, Yuuri and Victor always go to Yuuri’s then, which means they have a quiet Christmas with just the two of them. 
  • Every year the Russian skating team infiltrate Yakov’s house for their yearly Christmas party. He doesn’t know how they get in, or who runs it, but he knows he’ll come home one day to all his students, a fully decorated house, and Victor hogging the mistletoe.
  • Christmas Eve, in true Japanese style, is their big Christmas date. They plan it together and it’s always an amazing evening. 
  • Since it’s also Victor’s birthday, Yuuri always makes him breakfast in bed on Christmas morning. 
  • On their first Christmas, Yuuri didn’t get the memo that in other cultures, people might get more than one present on Christmas, so he was more than a little surprised to watch as Victor brought a whole wheelbarrow’s worth of presents out of the cupboard for him. 
  • Mistletoe is hung everywhere in their apartment, and Yuuri usually ends up having to take it down within the first few days because otherwise he can’t get anything done without Victor demanding a kiss.
  • Victor once cried in a shopping centre on Boxing Day because a little boy said his hair looked like Santa’s.
  • Victor and Yuuri send personalised holiday photo cards to all the important people in their lives, and each year is themed differently. Makkachin is of course, on all of the photos too.
  • Every year, they cook Christmas dinner together, have birthday cake for dessert, and then spend the rest of the evening curled up together until Yuuri gives in and gets the mistletoe back out.

Ray left the crew because of his past. Because until he was 18 he was part of a mob. but at 18 he ran away because he couldn’t stand it anymore, couldn’t stand the family politics, the beatings, the fear tactics, the everything. So Ray runs and eventually makes a new home with the fakes. or made a new home. Because somehow his face gets slipped. or his name gets slipped. or they finally figured out the famous sniper Brownman was their famous mob sniper. but they find him. ray’s mother, the mob boss, the most feared lady on the east coast, in AMERICA finds him. and corners him. and “asks” him to go home. “asks” in the terms come with us or else. the ‘or else’ being the very detailed deaths of everyone of the crew. of his family. so with no real choice he slips away in the night. no explanation. he can’t tell them. they might follow him if he does. they might try to fight if he does. and they’ll surely die if they do. he doesn’t care what the mob has planned for him (for his welcome back will be a knife to his side or a boot to his ribs) but as long as the others are safe

But of course the Fakes are stubborn. its in their nature. and ray leaving randomly? has them determined to find him. they know no one just kidnapped him. all of ray’s stuff is gone as well as his pink rifle and a car. he clearly left. but why? 

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02. Horned serpents and thunderbirds teaming up and creating a secret map of the school, including hidden passages and rooms. there are two copies of the map, one for each house. the older students use the knowledge from the map and help the younger ones, and this legendary map is passed down each year.

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