headcanon vanessa

I betcha a hot peso that Usnavi helped Vanessa moved into her apartment. 
The elevator was broken and she was going to call more people to help them climbed the stairs and Usnavi’s macho ass was like “Nah, I got you” 

two hours later he’s laying on Vanessa’s bed with an ice pack because he threw his back out and Vanessa is thinking 

“This is not how I imagined getting Usnavi in my bed.”

Being best friends with Wade Wilson aka Deadpool would include (spoilers):

  • Meeting him before he knows about his cancer.
  • Sharing an apartment.
  • It’d probably be a bit of a mess, but you’d turn to clean the place.
  • Playing aggressive videogames.
  • Giving him speeches as if you were his subconscious voice.
  • Basically having the same humor as him.
  • You being a superhero/antihero too.
  • Getting excited when he finally meets a girl.
  • Getting close to Vanessa too.
  • The three of you eating chimichanga and inviting Peter Parker over.
  • Being friends with Weasel, and always being welcomed to the bar by everyone.
  • You breakdown when he informs you about said cancer.
  • You’re the first one he talks about the scientists with.
  • Not trusting them and expressing your concern.
  • Getting angry when he leaves Vanessa.
  • Keeping her company to make sure she’s alright.
  • Being determined to find Wade, and you do after the explosion.
  • Him being afraid to show you his face.
  • Your first reaction is to hug him tight, followed by a ridiculous joke.

‘’I guess I am the hot friend now.’’

‘’I’m still being the sexy one, duh.’’

  • You hit Weasel when he comments about Wade’s face.
  • Helping him beat up guys to find Ajax.
  • He gets impressed by your skills/powers.
  • Still, he’s fucking overprotective ALL THE TIME without realising.
  • Expressing all of his worries about Vanessa to you.
  • Having matching Hello Kitty backpacks.

‘’You may be wondering, why the red suit? Well, that’s so bad guys can’t see me bleed.’’

‘’Smooth Pool, smooth’’

‘’Can you shut the fuck up?’’

  • Helping him find Vanessa at the streptease club.
  • He ends up beating the shit out of some guy who tried to lay his hands on you.
  • You’re the one who asks Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead for help.
  • When you find Ajax, he continuously firts with you to annoy Wade.
  • It definetly annoys Wade.

‘’What’s my name?’’

‘’I’m gonna fuckin spell it out for ya.’’

‘’I didn’t know you could spell, Wade.’’

  • You get your turn to beat the shit out of Ajax.
  • ‘’You touch my best friend, you answer me.’’
  • Giving Wade and Vanessa private space after the events.

‘’Let’s celebrate that I saved my girlfriend from the psycopath who detroyed my beauty.’’



‘’OK, I’ll call Parker.’’

  • Wade thinking there’s something between you and Spiderman.
  • He basically scares guys away from you.
  • You probably would walk into something intimate.

‘’Wade, I’m going to the cinema with Peter, I’ll be back arou… Oh my god, oh my god. I think I just puked a little bit. Seriously guys, in the kitchen? We eat food there!’’

  • But basically him becoming your brother figure.
  • And you being the little sister he always wanted.

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usnavi in highschool headcannons?

HS Usnavi Headcanons!!

  • Afterschool rap battles with Benny 
      • Benny and Usnavi bicker over who is the better rapper, Biggie or N.O.R.E.
  • Got into pokemon and had to share with baby Sonny who was very handsy. (Lowkey still thinks about pokemon)
  • Dreading EVERY new school year with new teachers struggling for the next 7 months with his name. 
  • Taking Spanish electives for an easy A
  • Benny sneaking Usnavi out of the store through the back so they can hang out or go to parties
  • Benny showing Usnavi if they change the tv station channel from 3 to 2, they can get free porn
      • Usnavi proceeding to yell “TAKE IT OFF!!” as in take the porn off but when his parents come in and see the porn on the tv…well…they misinterpret. 
  • Usnavi taking prom pictures with Daniela but she totally had a real date on the side
  • Benny sitting out with Usnavi because he didn’t have the nerve to ask (slightly younger) Nina to prom
  • Bros sit outside by the curb in their rented tuxes making  vow to be each other’s wingman and best men
  • Usnavi inviting Benny over whenever Nina had to babysit Sonny (giving them that ‘alone time’ )
  • Nina bringing her friend Vanessa over and Benny totally trying to hook them up with double dates
      • It fails, Benny and Usnavi are just fools
  • Usnavi originally use to sit on fire escapes, Nina was scared at first but after a while she started to climb them. Then Usnavi became the one who was scared. Mainly for her
  • Rosarios low key love Usnavi and would have rather him pursue Nina than Benny (back in the day)
  • Usnavi will forever and always see Nina as Benny’s girl. Even if Benny never got around to taking her out when they were teens
  • Usnavi had peach fuzz (still does) and acne which cleaned up. 
  • Vanessa always thought he was cute anyway and usually experimented on skin treatments if they were hanging out
      • Vanessa learned most of her skin tricks from Carla. 
the ITH characters and their favorite things

usnavi: coffee (not a surprise). the jangle of the bodega door when it opens. vanessa’s pretty hair. his dad’s cap that always rests on his head. the sound his keys make when he twirls them around on the chain. the smell of good food being made. sonny’s grin.

sonny: when usnavi puts him on stocking duty. pete’s giant mural commissions. the sound of piano. the pictures of his mom in his bedroom. hershey’s chocolate bars. dogs. laughter. bad movies. sprite soda.

vanessa: the way usnavi blushes. her morning coffee. keeping herself busy. organizing. making the people she loves happy. routines. embarrassing her boyfriend and his cousin. working at the bodega when both boys are gone.

nina: books. working hard and amounting to everything she hoped for. cheek kisses. babies. writing. cooking with her mom. coming back home after months and seeing everyone.

benny: cars. having a job. nina rosario. giving advice (even if it’s not good advice). receiving praise. the memory of his mother. the sound of birds chirping early in the morning. also babies.

pete: the smell of aerosol paint. art museums. hugs from sonny. twinkies from the bodega. commissions. being paid for doing what he loves. his stereo. the summer heat. smiles.

daniela: the sound of hair snipping. gossip. cinnamon flavored gum. the daily newspaper. seeing her barrio family visit her in the bronx. tight hugs. playfully threatening her barrio family.

carla: squirrels. the wrinkles some people get next to their eyes when they laugh genuinely. the sound of soft guitar. when shoes tap against the tile of the salon floor. doing register math for customers. dyeing her hair.

In the Heights characters and sleep

Pete: Doesn’t sleep a lot. Doesn’t really feel the need to. He always sleeps with music blasting super loud. Sleeps at the weirdest hours, not nearly a full night, generally a lot during the afternoon.

Usnavi: Twitches a lot in his sleep, breathes weird, makes little sounds like a tiny animal, a squirrel or something. Wakes up very early, morning person more by habit than natural predisposition.

Piragua guy: Always a smile on his face even in sleep. Excellent sleeper, always wakes up super early and perfectly rested.

Claudia: Sleeps in a tiny ball, rolled into herself, like a baby. Old people style, she doesn’t need a lot of sleep and often just knits in the middle of the night, or watches TV novellas.

Kevin: Extremely heavy sleeper. Snores very loudly too. Impossible to wake up, would sleep through a hurricane.

Camila: Complete opposite. Wakes up if a fly scratches itself three floors below. Often grumpily leaves their bed to go sleep on the couch because Kevin’s snoring is too loud. Cannot stand any clock in the room. Very grumpy in the morning.

Daniela: Rumor is that she doesn’t even need sleep. No one has ever seen her sleep, heard her talk about sleep. Does she sleep? Who knows.

Carla: Needs very little sleep, she’s just a little ball of sunshine and energy. Super morning person, just finds ten things to do before going to work. Drools a little bit in her sleep.

Sonny: Loooooves to sleep. Loves to sleep late. Sleeps in the most ridiculous positions, all sprawled out across the bed, kicks in his sleep if he shares your bed.

Benny: Very consistent sleeper. Falls asleep face down, lies there like a lug for maybe 7 hours, does not move, does not snore, does nothing at all. Just sleep. When he’s had enough rest he stands up and is completely ready for the day, he has basically zero sluggish time. Morning person.

Vanessa: Doesn’t necessarily love sleeping, but hates being awake. Sleeps late if she can, very grumpy in the morning. Talks in her sleep, the most random things, sometimes violent stuff. NOT a morning person whatsoever.

Nina: Horrible sleeper. Has had insomnia since early childhood, can never sleep a full night. Tired during the day but pushes through. Neither morning person or night person, just kinda middle of the afternoon person.

Backstage LGBTQ HC:
  • Alya: She's bi but leans towards guys a bit more. But that doesn't stop her from having a crush on Bianca
  • Jax: Homoromantic asexual. PROBABLY DATING MILES.
  • Miles: Biromantic homosexual. PROBABLY DATING JAX.
  • Sasha: Trans guy. Definitely. He's also gay and ace.
  • Kit: She's a gay and ace demigirl
  • Carly and Vanessa: Both Bisexual
  • Julie and Scarlett: Both lesbians. Probably dating.
  • Yeah
little things that make up the ITH couples

usnavi/vanessa: coffee. everyone knows usnavi gave vanessa free coffee every day back when he was still crushing on her and he STILL does it, and he knows her coffee order so well he can do it blindfolded. also he makes it before they open so its ready for her when she comes in. vanessa likes to try and make usnavi’s coffee sometimes as a joke, too. and once, they switched coffee orders and vanessa thought his was too bitter but he had drank half of hers in under a minute, making her laugh really hard. he swears he falls in love all over again when she laughs.

benny/nina: books. benny didn’t like to read as a kid, but when he grew up and started dating nina, he’d drop everything if nina wanted to read with him. on some days, when it’s pouring outside, they sit on their couch, with nina reading some giant classical book and benny listening. he loves her voice. nina got him into reading, so much so that he would ask her to read books to him on the phone while she was in stanford and he would follow along with his own copy, 3,000 miles away.

sonny/pete: hugs and forehead kisses. we all know sonny is TINY and pete’s got a good five inches on him. the height difference is perfect for them, because sonny fits right into the crook of pete’s neck, and he’s the perfect height for pete to cup his boyfriend’s face and place a lil kiss on his forehead or temple. sonny playfully tells pete to fight him, and that he’ll grow, don’t worry.

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what does everyone do for valentines day?

Vanessa and Nina always find the shittiest/nastiest Valentine’s for each other and gorge on chocolate together.

Benny and Usnavi always go buy cheap candy the day after Valentine’s Day and make shitty raps about how Valentine’s Day sucks (when they’re single, that is)

Sonny rants EVERY year about how stupid Valentine’s Day is and it’s a capitalist bullshit holiday, and EVERY year, Pete buys him a big bag of candy and a teddy bear or something and Sonny gets Pete pretty bouquets and they have fancy candle lit dinners of McDonald’s on the fire escape.

One year, Pete is really distant and he’s just been working and Sonny’s frustrated and he’s pretty sure Pete is going to forget about Valentine’s Day, and then around noon he sees Pete again, and he’s grumpy, but then Pete tells him that he’s been doing all these commissions day and night to get more money and Sonny can finally get top surgery like he’s been wanting and Sonny is like??? omg??? He cries he loves Pete so much

When Sonny’s in elementary school, Usnavi helps him make Valentine’s for everyone and has to tell him, “Yes, you have to give a card to everyone. I don’t care if you think Max is gross, you have to give him a card!!!” Later they just share candy and watch shitty television together

Sonny always gets Nina a lil box of chocolates!

Usnavi gets Vanessa big ass bouquets and makes her dinner and covers in sof kisses, and she’s not the best at romantic gestures, but she buys champagne and makes him breakfast. Like, she’s not a big Valentine’s Day person, but she knows Usnavi is.

Oh gosh, Benny and Nina. They’re so annoying on Valentine’s Day omg. They’re ALWAYS together and holding onto each other and kissing a bunch. Benny buys Nina those giant ass stuffed animals and big bouquets of flowers and Nina always takes Benny out to dinner and they cuddle so much jfc. When Nina’s out at Stanford and can’t make it for Valentine’s Day, they Skype and text the entire. Damn. Day. Benny stays up late for her!

Daniela has never enjoyed Valentine’s Day, but Carla LOOOVES it, so they usually go to dinner together and buy makeup or jewelry for each other.

Camila and Kevin usually just have a nice dinner out, and Kevin buys Camila roses. They also get Nina a lil teddy bear every year! When she’s at Stanford they mail it because their daughter needs love

Abuela Claudia hasn’t had anybody to celebrate Valentine’s Day with in a long time, but she gives roses and hard candies out to anyone who comes by.

how do the ITH characters act around kiddos?

usnavi: THE DEFINITION OF MOM. since he basically helped raise sonny, he likes to think he’s pretty good at taking care of kids. sonny was a pain in the ass, but not all kids are. i mean, if he can wrangle his cousin, he can wrangle anyone.

sonny: a good role model, but kind of irresponsible. he would babysit the barrio’s kids as he got older, and the kids LOVE him, he’s the coolest person there and the most fun to hang out with. it’s all good, most of the time.

nina: so so so good with kids. she wants some of her own, and she was sonny’s babysitter as a teenager when usnavi worked the bodega and abuela was out. she has it down, she loves kids and kids love her.

vanessa: she knows how to tame them. she helped babysit sonny sometimes when she was a teen. for some reason, kids always listen to her. a baby could be crying, she’d hold them, and they’d stop. they call her, “the kid whisperer” and vanessa hates it.

benny: pretty good, but he’s iffy. he’s pretty nice to them at first, but if they start getting on his nerves he gets annoyed easily. prime example: sonny. when sonny was 3, he threw his sippy cup at benny’s nose and benny cursed right in front of him, earning a shove and a “shut up!” from usnavi.

carla: AN ANGEL. she melts every time she sees a cute baby and often jokes about adopting hundreds of kids because she loves them so much. she donates what she can to charities helping kids around the world and she just loves “god’s little angels”.

daniela: since most of the characters were kids when she was just starting the salon, she knows how to deal with them, coming in for cuts against their own wills. she loves them, but won’t put up with their shit. “you listen to me, or i call your momma.”

pete: he’s okay with them. he never had a lot of experience with raising one or helping take care of a child, so he doesn’t know a lot. when sonny would follow him around when he was 12, he took good care of the kid. he was only 2 years younger than him, but he likes an admirer if they come along.

camilla: perfect?? around kids. i mean, she raised nina, and look at her. camilla loves babies and kids and she loves her granddaughter (nina & benny whoooo) very much. a perfect mom.

kevin: he also helped raise nina, so i’d say good. not too shabby, maybe a little shorter with his temper than camilla, but it was never an issue with nina.

abuela: i feel like i dont have to go into detail. we all know she is so kind and every kid loves her. ahhhhh hugs for abuela all the time!!!!!!!!!

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Any headcanons you have for Deborah and the other counselors? Or Tommy?

//cracks knuckles// XDD Well, I’ve got a few so far that have sprung up as I’ve been writing and drawing. Sit down, this is going to get LENGTHY.

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Vanessa and Warren Headcanons:

Vanessa was the one to propose. Warren had been wanting to for the last week, but was too nervous to do so. When Vanessa asks him he tears up and can’t speak, but manages to nod.

Dale teases him about this.

Dale is also one of the last people to know that Vanessa and Warren were getting married.
“You didn’t tell me you were engaged!?”
“We wanted to keep it a surprise and everyone knows just how well you keep secrets!”

But once the word is out Warren is the one making sure everyone knows that he’s getting married. Everyone.

Vanessa is in charge of the wedding invitations, which is sent out to all friends, family, and anyone that helped fought against the demons. Vanessa made sure that “You are all invited to the wedding of Vanessa Santoro and Warren Burgess, except for The Sphinx, rot in hell” was printed right on the invitations. Ruth nearly died when she saw this, while everyone else was dying of laughter. Vanessa kept a serious face the whole time.

Vanessa gets worried about how Ruth will react to her marrying into the family. Ruth doesn’t look up when she’s told, simply saying: “It’s about time to you settled down. Besides, Vanessa’s been part of this family for so long it’s nice to have it official in the eyes of the law.”

Those words meant everything to Vanessa.

Dale is the best man at the wedding. Kendra the maid of honor, Seth is (grudgingly) the ring bearer, and Tanu is in charge of the floral arrangements. “I have a potion that will make the flowers bloom rapidly, and if we time it just right we can have all of them just open as you walk down the aisle! Kendra, can you get some of the fairies to help me out, this has to be perfect!”

Both Warren and Vanessa going to Tanu the night before the wedding (at separate times) to ask for a potion to calm their nervous. Warren gives Tanu a massive hug, while Vanessa threatens to gut him if he tells anyone. Tanu just smiles and hands them a small vial– which is just filled with sugar water.

The wedding colors are black and red. No, Warren did not have a say in this.

“Tradition can go now the drain! My wedding dress is going to be red and there’s nothing you can say to change my mind!”

A former member of the Society attacks right before the vows are said, whom Vanessa swiftly knocks out with a dart from her blowgun. She then causally turns back to the “priest” (who’s actually Stan– being leader of the Knights of the Dawn gives him the power to marry people) and tells him to continue.

“You hid your blowgun in your wedding dress?!” Warren cries.
“Yes. I have three knives in here as well. Can we continue now? One of the hilts is digging into my side.”
“…By the Queen’s shrine, I love you so much.”

They kiss before Stan even says “You may kiss the bride”.

“’Until death do we part?’ No way– I’m not letting death decide when I leave this idiot! Tell death it can go to hell!”

Newel and Doren cry after the wedding– the beautiful Vanessa can never be theirs! (Seth just rolls his eyes.)

Mara catching the bouquet.

Warren and Vanessa kept their honeymoon location a secret. Everyone expects them to go somewhere foreign and exotic– it turns out they were just going to the next town over.

Things settle down nicely after the wedding. Warren has a habit of teasing that Vanessa is pregnant– so everyone just soon learns to ignore him on this topic.

This proves to be a mistake– because soon Vanessa does become pregnant, and no one believes Warren. It’s not until Vanessa smirks and nods her head that everyone believes them– and chaos ensues. Kendra is the most excited (outside of the happy parents of course).

“I’m going to be an aunt!”
“Um… technically this baby is going to be your third cousin or something, actually–”
“Shut up Warren! Vanessa is like a sister to me– I’m going to be an aunt!”

Vanessa confides in Ruth with her worries about being a parent.

“No, I get the final say on the name.”
“Honey, the baby is both of ours–”
“Are you giving birth?”
“Then I get to name the baby.”

Warren becomes super-overly protective of Vanessa and the unborn baby. Always asking if she feels okay, does she need to sit down, does she want some water? Vanessa needs to take it easy, no– he can get that for her! She just needs to sit down! Etc.

Vanessa is completely cool the whole pregnancy. A little bit of pain here and there, but she handles it. Her morning sickness only lasts a week– and heaven help the soul that tries to get Vanessa to change her morning workout routine– whether she’s pregnant or not.

Labor on the other hand, is a different matter all together…







Turns out that Warren thought Ruby was the perfect name, and he made to the hospital in record time (not counting Vanessa’s records, of course).

Vanessa was completely calm after Ruby was born.

You thought Warren was overprotective of Kendra? Well, then feel bad for his daughter…

“You have to support her head when you hold her– here, let me show you… Wait! Careful– CAREFUL!”
“She was just yawning, Warren…”

“…There’s a boy with my daughter… He’s looking at her… He’s staring at my daughter… HE’S TOUCHING HER!”
“…Warren, they’re both babies… let them play…”

Aunt Kendra is best aunt. Seth is second best uncle (sorry, Tanu gets title of best uncle).

“Warren… Can we talk?”
Warren looks up from his breakfast. “Yes honey?”
“…I’m pregnant again.”
Warren stares.
“With twins.”

im CONVINCED when nina was 4 and usnavi was like 9ish, she would force him to do little plays in front of the entire barrio with her. LIKE HOW CUTE

she would find play scripts in abuela’s home and make him memorize them with her and perform them at potluck dinners her parents organized.

usnavi was not the best actor, he was too monotonous. even tiny infant sonny would laugh at this ngl (my headcanon is that he’s been living with his cousin and aunt&uncle since he was a baby)

nina was WAY too dramatic when it came to these plays, yet vanessa was always there right in front, clapping away. best friends 4 life!!