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i can’t believe

i cannot beliEVE


i imagine it’s a bit choose-your-own-adventure ish where this could end up two ways, so im gonna go ahead and choose the stevetony option

this is a follow up to this post!

so steve sits there in shock because he basically just confessed his feelings to fucking HAWKEYE wtf and clint’s just like ‘okay, im just gonna…’ and then he leaves the room.

now that steve REALIZES he has feelings for tony, he can’t go on blissfully ignoring them like he had been. but he can’t really do anything about it either. tony has justin. tony’s happy. so steve’s just going to have to get over it. somehow.

it doesn’t seem to be working, though, and steve spends the next couple of months grinding his teeth and carefully setting down his coffee cup every time someone mentions justin. and since it’s no longer just tony bringing him up, steve is legitimately thinking about taking a short leave. just some time to get away from everyone and reevaluate his priorities. he’ll still be on call of course, but maybe getting out of the tower and away from the constant reminder of tony’s relationship will help him move on. 

yes, he thinks. this is the perfect plan.

only… the day before he’s scheduled to take off,  trudeau happens to be in the united states and of COURSE he gets kidnapped and of COURSE he’s hidden in the basement of some abandoned warehouse because supervillains don’t have a single creative or original idea to split between the lot of them and OF COURSE it’s steve that ends up sneaking into the warehouse and actually saving the guy (who thanks him profusely and even apologizes a couple of times because he’s just that polite)

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I headcannon that every time insecticon blitz gets startled or scared he floofs up.

;;OOC - ( Basically already a thing regarding Insecticon!Blitz tbh. But if anyone points it out their eyes/optics will be in danger of being clawed out )

okay but in the past I’ve seen posts saying how Alistair wouldn’t be as good a monarch as Anora would be and while I think that’s not all that far from the truth (bc Anora was basically set to be queen from the get-go; Alistair didn’t want to touch the throne of Ferelden with a ten foot pole), I also like thinking about good king Alistair:

– Give me a semi-hardened Alistair that learns the hard way that being king means that a lot of bad decisions have to be made, but also greatly surprised when a decision he makes benefit people, and especially those who need the help.

– Give me an Alistair that, being so painfully aware that he was not raised to be king and lacks the type of education Cailan received, has no qualms to sit down and immerse himself in his readings, to turn to Teagan for help, because he knows there are people counting on him to be prepared to be a good king. It’s as much responsibility as knowing people depended on him when the time came to end the Blight, only it’s reserved only for a whole country this time. Easier, right?

– Give me an Alistair that takes interest in knowing his people, that follows through with Cailan’s intentions to improve the Alienage in Denerim; an Alistair that is the king of the people among the people and wants to know them, wants them to talk to him, because what use it is ruling from behind walls that could block his view of the world if he allowed them to.

– Give me an Alistair that absolutely takes no shit from anybody, that slowly learns to navigate his way in court and pick out the dependable people, that has no intention of letting people make decisions in his stead.

– Give me an Alistair that, with his natural charm and kindness, is loved and respected by the people of Ferelden; an Alistair that can stop, think about everything that he’s done and all that he’s gone through, and feel good about himself because he is doing good work. He isn’t perfect, because nobody is, but for once he knows he can feel proud of himself.

tldr; Alistair could make just as good a monarch as Anora, in his own way.

little things about dating johanna mason: 

  • a bit difficult to get close to at times, but once she opens up to you she’s incredibly dedicated & will stay by your side
  • will basically fall in love with you if you offer her your food 
  • super protective. will gladly kick the ass of anyone harassing you 
  • makes sneaky axe & tree puns when you least expect it 
  • will share all of her flannel with you
  • will probably sneakily take & wear your clothes, too, if you don’t stop her
  • always down for naked wrestling matches 
  • will stay up all night with you to talk and keep you company if there’s anything wrong 
  • she’ll probably sneak up behind you for surprise affection (as long as she knows you’re ok with it & that it won’t scare you too bad) 
  • she’ll really want you to go camping with her at times
  • she’ll also really encourage you to climb trees with her 
  • actually ridiculously cuddly in spite of her tough personality 
  • swears all of the time. swears A LOT in bed 
  • not the type to usually cook for others, but she’d pour her heart into making the best damn food if you have a date at her place 
  • secretly really insecure about losing people because of her lost loved ones. she’ll regularly check to see that you’re still alive or that you haven’t left her :))) 
  • you’ll probably smell like pine after making out with her
  • she’ll show off by chopping trees down in front of you
  • actual lumberjack gf

can we talk about “Mr Jack’s Dad”

  • bob zimmermann is the original Meme Dad and i will not be convinced otherwise
  • so naturally, he does not let this go
  • the first time bitty gets a birthday card from the zimmermann’s they’ve signed it love, alicia and mr jack’s dad
  • when jack and bitty get engaged, bob nudges bitty’s elbow and says “well, congratulations, mr jack’s fiancé
  • at their wedding bob cracks it out in his speech, bitty buries his blushing face in his hands as soon as he hears “let me tell you about the first time i met eric” 
  • when will it end
  • alicia doesn’t manage to hide her laughter and bitty feels BETRAYED, they’re supposed to be in this together, dealing with their zimmermeme men
  • when bitty and jack eventually have a baby they name her jacqueline, after jack’s late grandmother
  • bob and alicia come over to see her for the first time and bob is cradling little baby jacqueline in his arms, alicia at his elbow, cooing at the little bundle
  • jack has an arm around bitty and they’re both staring fondly at the newest addition to their little family when, all soft, jack says, “there are three of us now”
  • bitty smiles
  • poor bitty
  • jack looks directly into his dad’s eyes and says, deadpan “three mr jack’s dad’s”
  • bob has never been more proud of his son
  • bitty wants a divorce

ok but think about the people of hawkins who saw things, and heard rumors, but know nothing

“wait, so nancy wheeler and jonathan byers hooked up?

but now she’s back with steve,

and they’re all friends,

but nancy and jonathan have matching scars?

what the hell, dude?”

“i don’t know, joyce byers came in here and bought all my christmas lights.

and everyone said she went crazy

now her son is alive.”

“first, one of my students goes missing

his friends start behaving oddly,

ask me about alternate realities,

bring a mysterious girl to school,

somehow set my radio on fire,

and call me in the middle of the night to ask about

sensory deprivation tanks,

and now theres a swimming pool in the gym

and a hole in my chalkboard.”

“chief was gettin’ weird about the byers case.

he was disappearing, acting jumpy,

digging into conspiracy theories about hawkins labs,

got his trousers in a wad about some boy who apparently got beat up by a telepathic girl with a buzzcut

sometimes he still sneaks out with waffles

man, it was some weird stuff.”

“she made me piss myself! broke my arm!

she made wheeler fly!

she didn’t even have hair!

and now the queer is back from the dead??!!?!?”

“I was just watering my plants

and there were these kids on bikes

and then the van flipped.

i mean it seriously flipped”

just imagine all the people who have no idea what the hell is going on

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  • who holds the umbrella when it rains Asami because of SIGNIFICANT HEIGHT DIFFERENCE which is always the way to win my heart. After like the fifth time Korra is all ‘hell with this I can be the umbrella girlfriend too’ creates some sort of cover with her avatar powers, or just BENDS THE RAIN AWAY and Asami is just ‘really. REALLY’.
  • who is the grumpiest in the morning Asami is always up at the crack of dawn because she is a fierce lady running a giant corporation, she has shit to do. Korra used to get up early, but now she has an Asami she get grumpy because she wants to cuddle, and there is no Asami to cuddle, and what the actual hell.
  • who worries more when the other is sick/hurt Asami constantly worries that Korra’s not actually taking care of herself while running around the world and beating up enemies and spirit monsters, so when Korra does eventually crash and get sick, Asami puts her straight to bed (calls Mako and tells him very firmly that he and Lin and Bolin will need to take care of everything) and fusses until Korra’s up and about again. Korra is a little cranky with this, but then realises she has Asami’s full attention and takes advantage of it as much as she can.
  • who plays pranks on the other Korra never stops pulling pranks. Asami falls for them maybe half the time, and is always embarrrassed ‘really Korra are you ten years old’, and then starts immediately plotting revenge.
  • who is always the first to suggest cuddling on the sofa THERE IS NO SUGGESTING. They just always straight up cuddle. No exception. They are cuddle fiends in the comfort and privacy of their home.
  • who insists on creating nicknames for the other Can’t see either of them doing nicknames. Korra tried doing petnames first, like babe or baby etc, except she was too embarrassed and just took off after.
  • who drools on the other when they’re asleep There may or may not have been an incident with Asami. She’s made sure that Korra will never tell.
  • who says ‘I love you’ first Korra. It just slips out without her even realising it. It’s the worst five seconds of her life until Asami says it softly back.

y’all think of Lardo as omniscient but let me tell ya

she’s not

she’s actually very out of the loop, especially when it comes to interpersonal gossip. She just doesn’t care that much about people’s personal secrets. it’s their own damn business

she’s got this Skill tho

she is very good at acting unsurprised by anything

unsurprised. by. A-NY-THING.

when in reality she is internally freaking the fuck out

like that one time she ran into Whiskey and an LAX bro making out behind the library 

“Cool bro” (internally freaking the fuck out)

Whiskey thinking, “How the fuck did she know?”

Bitty finally tells her about his relationship with Jack

“Congrats Bits!” (internally freaking the fuck out)

Bitty thinking “We must have been more obvious than I thought…”

everyone thinks that girl knows their secrets before they even tell her because her reaction is always so underwhelming

but in reality, trust me

she’s freaking the fuck out 

i refuse to believe that no alteans survived

ok but here me out: 

  • the Alteans were a race with huge technological advancement
  • they were diplomats, knowing the ways of other cultures, and travelling often for those who chose that lifestyle
  • have very long lifespans
  • can shapeshift and take the form of other aliens
  • you’re an Altean diplomat on a far away planet. you hear of Voltron, of Altea’s ruin, of Zarkon’s army
  • you hide yourself among the people of the planet you’re on, shapeshifting to conceal your real identity, you and the other Alteans there form a small community of relative safety
  • your planet gets invaded; you keep up the act. beyond cruelty and exploitation of resources, the Galra leave your planet alone
  • and you and the others survive, slowly, building  families with each other and non-Altean aliens who can be trusted to keep the secret
  • you teach your children their culture and history in the dead of night, they learn how to shapeshift before they learn how to walk
  • and you survive
  • until 10,000 years later, you hear whispers of Voltron, that the princess of Altea has survived, just like you
  • and for the first time, you have hope
  • there are really only two types of short people: the type that thinks they can still do anything anyways and the lazy assholes
  • honestly, the Minyard twins probably fit into the later category
  • this means that anytime something is, like, a foot above their head but still perfectly within reach, neither Andrew or Aaron try to get it
    • they just shrug and say, “sorry, too high, you’re gonna have to get it yourself, Nicky”
    • like Nicky will ask Aaron to pass him the remote, located a meter away from him
      • Aaron will hold out his arm but not lean over until eventually Nicky just gives up and gets it himself
    • every morning Andrew makes Kevin get his (sugar-filled) cereal from the cupboard even though he’s perfectly capable of reaching it himself
    • they both just walk out whenever Abby asks them to set the table under the excuse that they can’t reach the plates
      • (they actually do this everywhere except at Eden’s (since they need the job) and when alcohol’s related)
  • after years Nicky’s already resigned to this arrangement
  • Kevin still tries to argue back every time but always loses
  • then Neil comes along
  • Neil was never allowed to pull the short + lazy asshole stuff off, partly because he was roughly the same height as his mom and partly because there’s no way she’d ever let him get away with it
  • the upperclassmen are ecstatic to have someone short on the team who doesn’t make them get everything
  • and even though he rolls his eyes, Neil would still grab whatever Andrew asks him to get
    • this continues onto when they’re living together in a shared apartment with their two cats
  • eventually, even Neil starts getting annoyed
    • like really, Andrew?  it’s literally and inch above your head, you just don’t want to move
  • all of this accumulates to one day, when Andrew’s waiting for Neil to lean down and kiss him
  • and Neil just aborts halfway as says, “sorry, too low, can’t reach” and walks away
  • Andrew starts putting in a bit more effort into getting his own things afterwards
    • for example, he yanks Neil down next time

this question just REEKS of wiggling eyebrows and a low voice like


“remember how i dropped you off here and then dropped to my knees as soon as we got behind closed doors?”

“remember how i dropped you off here and we unpacked your room naked because it was easier than getting dressed when we knew we’d be going for round 2 (and 3) before i had to leave in a couple of hours?”

“remember how i dropped you off here and we fucked so hard we accidentally knocked down your lights and might have broken one of the legs on your bed?”

“do you REMEMBER that, bits?”