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Homestuck Camping Headcanons

John: Brought enough kites to populate a small country if the citizens were also kites. “John we’re in the middle of the fucking woods where are you going to fly a goddamn kite,” wrong question Karkat. John makes eye contact while holding a kite, floats up above the tree line, and flies his kite suck a dick everyone. Terezi tries flying one of the kites but seemingly does not know how. When John tries to show her she somehow manages to get him tangled up in the string and just starts cackling. She takes another kite from the pile and flies it perfectly. John is not pleased.

Dave: Spends the entire trip there composing raps and sick beats which is VERY ANNOYING to Karkat who is being carried five inches from Dave’s stupid rhyming mouth fuck you Dave. When they get there, it turns out mr cool kid is hella afraid of bugs, like “fuck oh fuck there’s a bug Karkat kill it please fuck oh my god someone please just kill it” levels of hate. “You know my species starts out as a bug” Karkat narrows his eyes. That is different, Dave tells him, your species can talk and have s- “eat shit, Dave.” Around the campfire, he tries to tell a scary story but it turns out the big plot twist at the end is just a character falling down some stairs and Dave saying “I warned you about stairs, bro” in a spooky voice. Roxy throws a marshmallow at his head from across the campfire.

Jade: Somehow manages to befriend every single forest creature she finds. She goes out for a walk and comes back with five squirrels, three bunnies, and a doe with her baby in tow. “Can we keep them?” She finds a nearby lake with a little waterfall and encourages everyone to go swimming, she cannonballs off the ledge obvi and a belly flop competition starts. Everyone’s belly hurts. This was a mistake. Oh god.

Rose: Finds a dark cave nearby and extends an invitation to explore it, Kanaya lights the way and Jake shows up in full on spelunking gear which ends up being pretty much useless as the cave dead ends after fifty feet. Rose is disappointed, she was hoping to find ancient cave drawings or the remains of a ritual sacrifice. Jake, who found some cool rocks and some kind of skull he might give to Dave, asks her why she seems let down. When she mumbles something about the blood of children he nods and walks a step behind her on the way back. At the campfire, Rose also tries to tell a scary story, she recounts the tale of Mothman. It is actually pretty spooky until she gets to the end and says that there probably was no Mothman and it was most likely a red sand hill crane that had wandered off its mighration course. Dave boos.

Kanaya: No one but Rose will share a tent with Kanaya (especially not Dave) because she likes to turn up her glow a little which attracts every. Single. Bug. She has an entourage of moths following her around and yes they do have names, Rose, they’re our children now you have to love them. Tries her hand at scary stories too, but it ends up just being about a troll who showed up to a white-tie occasion in a semi-formal outfit. Needless to say, the fear and outraged reaction was limited. She does end up scaring John, however. He heads around to the latrine only to see Kanaya hunched over a bag of pre-packed blood. “Uh, Kanaya? What are you doing?” She turns around with blood all over her mouth which she casually wipes away, Oh Hello John, I Did Not Hear You Coming, Is Something The Matter? The last part is said to his back as he sprints away screaming.

Karkat: Eats a bug in front of Dave just to freak him out a little, then Dave asks if it’s cannibalism and Karkat punches him in the arm. Tries to refuse swimming in the lake, but Dave jumps in and pretends to drown so Karkat freaks out and jumps in to try to rescue him. When Dave resurfaces laughing, Karkat pushes him back under and asks Dirk if this would count as a just death. Dirk says he better not risk it. While he’s asleep, Dave and John team up by squirting shaving cream on Karkat’s hand and tickling his face with a crow feather. This backfires because instead of rubbing his own face, Karkat starts swinging his arms out and manages to cover both Dave and John’s faces in shaving cream. He doesn’t notice and goes immediately back to sleep. Dave and John wash the shaving cream off and agree that this never happened, only Jane and Roxy Definitely Saw Them and also took a video.

Terezi: “accidentally” knocks one of John’s tent poles out with her cane while she’s walking, then accuses John of unfairly targeted a poor innocent blind girl. She and Vriska go to the river to try and catch fish for dinner, they end up getting in a competition to see who can catch the most fish. Everyone eats soup for dinner. Terezi and Vriska will not talk about what happened. Terezi gives scary stories a go, but it ends up being less scary and more like one of her roleplaying court scenarios. The only vaguely frightening thing is that at the end, she points up to the trees and everyone suddenly realizes that she hanged a bunch of her plushies sometime during the day and apparently no one noticed until now. She smiles wickedly and everyone feels slightly uneasy.

Jane: Spends part of the afternoon getting the soup ready in anticipation of a lack of fish. Realizes she forgot some of her spices at home and starts panicking until Jade takes her through the woods and helps her find some wild herbs that will taste almost the same. At one point, she goes to the bathroom and comes back with a small carapacian in handcuffs having apparently dodged another assassination attempt. She treats this very casually but enjoys being fussed over for a little bit. She tells a scary story that’s actually scary, no one realizes she’s teamed up with John in the Ultimate Prankster Duo. He is making the wind move through the trees very eerily, and right at the scariest part of the story he jumps out of the woods yelling. Everyone jumps out of their seats, some of the godtier kids accidentally fly up a good ten feet in the air they got so frightened. Jane and John high five and secretly salute Colonel Sassacre.

Jake: Jumps off the waterfall at least fifty times and has a blast doing it. Dirk is hesitant to go because he secretly is sort of afraid of heights after living in the post-apocalyptic high rises of Texas. Jake remedies this by picking him up bridal style and jumping off the ledge with him. Dirk does NOT scream or hold onto Jake for dear life because that would be uncool. Jake shows Jade some of the cool rocks he found and presents Dave with the cool skull he brought back. Dave is slightly in awe and develops a newfound respect for Jake, who promises to show him his Cool Skull collection when they get back home. Jake tells a story around the campfire that might have been intended to be scary, but ends up being more of an adventure tale, Indiana Jones style. Everyone listens intently and really enjoys it even though it’s not a ghost story.

Roxy: Can apparently climb trees like nobodies business? She had to help the carapacians in her old neighborhood get stuff out of them because they were always losing balls and cats and kites. She goes for a walk with Jade and Calliope while Jane is making dinner and they pick her a nice bouquet of wildflowers to give her when they get back. Around the campfire, she tries to tell a scary story but it ends up being about wizards and no one is surprised. Their tent is poppin’ and she and the ladies party it the fuck up all night and end up sleeping until noon the next day because they’re so exhausted.

Calliope: Loves being in nature so so so so much holy fuck. She’s lived underground and chained up her entire life that this is unbelievable. She’ll spend entire hours just staring up at the sky and pointing out cloud shapes to Jane and Roxy. She tries telling a scary story around the campfire, but it ends up being a tale about the importance of friendship and how love is the truest magic of all. There are a few tears in some of the kids eyes at the end of it.

Dirk: He and Jake go out to collect firewood and refuse to take more than one trip so they stagger back into camp with towering piles of branches and make a huge mess by dropping them everywhere. Instead of telling a ghost story, he and Dave have a rap battle over the fire which devolves into them just laughing and quoting SBAHJ until they can’t talk anymore. Karkat and Jake share a Look™ like, I can’t believe these are our fucking dorks. Dirk can name every single star, he knows the stars and constellations that transferred over from his Earth, and he knows the ones that migrated in from Alternia/Beforus. People begin to doubt him when he points out a constellation that he claims is shaped like a dick, most likely because he called it “Ursa Penis”. He spends the rest of the night trying to come up with a major/minor dick size joke but can’t think of a good one and sulks a little about it.

Sollux: Sets up everyone’s tent for them with his psiionics and goes on a walk with Karkat. They get very lost and argue the whole time about whether or not they are actually lost. John and Dave are flying above them and could theoretically help them get back to camp but they will not. Sollux thinks they’re going to die out in the woods and tries eating some roots and berries and mushrooms even though Karkat tells him that that’s the worst possible fucking idea he’s ever had in his life and yes he’s including the time Sollux suggested finding a way to combine troll and bee DNA to make the ultimate being. You mean ‘bee’-ing, Sollux says. No the fuck I do not, Karkat replies. The mushroom Sollux eats ends up giving him wackass hallucinations and Karkat definitely does not record any of the crazy bullshit Sollux starts saying.

Okay but we know Roxy used to drink a lot, right?

Imagine once she got better she still has all these drink glasses
She brews tea in a wine glass
She pours cough syrup in a shot glass
Dirk comes over in the morning to visit her and she’s sitting on the couch, eating cereal and milk out of a giant margarita glass, offers him a champagne flute of chocolate milk
She won’t go near alcohol but serves everyone wine glasses full of hot cocoa and marshmallows, there’s vodka bottles being used as flower vases, bottle corks for cat toys
Imagine Roxy getting better and being healthy and making the best of a bad past to make a better life for herself

sushi headcanons

john: only eats stuff that’s completely cooked. tempura shrimp, california rolls, etc. roxy keeps calling him a wuss. he orders one of those rolls that’s a take on philly cheesesteaks/cheeseburgers and grins at the face she makes. that’s not real sushi, john, what the fuck? oh really roxy? i thought sushi was just the rice part! he eats 3 pieces of it at once. he is utterly, incredibly sick later.

rose: only eats nigiri. in japan they don’t usually eat rolls, she informs dave as he goes to town on a hand roll. most of the rolls you can order here were made for dumb westerners who couldn’t comprehend the concept of raw fish by itself. dumb westerner this, dave retorts, and nearly chokes on his hand roll. rose raises her eyebrows and grins as she daintily dabs wasabi between the fish and the rice on her nigiri. 

dave: orders hand rolls pretty much exclusively and refers to them as his fishcream cones. has a variety. arranges them in order of how much he likes them. eats a bite out of one, then sets it down and takes a bite out of another. then sets it down and takes a bite out of another. dirk makes a pained noise. dave sets it down and takes a bite out of another.

jade: orders sashimi. loves the fish but her doggy side hates the rice! she eats twice as much as everybody else and seems ready for more. no wasabi, no ginger. all fish all the time. she keeps talking with pieces of fish hanging out of her mouth. everyone is vaguely horrified. 

jane: does this the professional way! orders omakase and scoffs as everybody else just orders rolls. as a result she gets the objective best sushi and takes her time savoring every piece. only uses the wasabi and soy that the chef includes with the sushi. keeps commenting aloud about how glad she is that she did it this way. roxy elbows her and says jane is welcome to a piece of her spicy tuna if she wants. jane quietly accepts. 

roxy: everything is spicy. spicy tuna rolls. spicy scallop hand rolls. spicy salmon rolls. spicy tuna nigiri. if it’s a roll with sriracha sauce in it she’s ordering it. if it has jalepenos or any kind of spicy pepper on it, she’s ordering it. her greatest achievement is eating the entirety of the sushi place’s challenge too-hot-to-handle roll and not having to pay for her meal. eats way too much and spends the next hour and a half groaning about how full she is.

dirk: is not sure he can trust uncooked fish. look, ok, he knows that people used to eat this all the time, but fish were pretty toxic on earth in 2425, ok, and he had to cook them to get the toxins out. makes a lot of noise about how he’s not sure fish and cream cheese ought to go together. eventually appeased. is DELIGHTED when roxy helps him find a roll that says “citrus” and there are tiny paper-thin lemon/orange slices in it. eats too much but pretends to be fine even though jake keeps grinning and poking his stomach.

jake: goes immediately to the weirdest rolls and orders them. splits a philly cheesesteak roll with john. eats sea urchin and loves it. does a quail egg shot, then does another one, and another one. he fucking loves those things. orders a gigantic variety of nigiri so he can sample as many kinds of fish as he can and loves them all. announces every one is his favorite after he tries it. in addition, eats a shitload of edamame.

karkat: tries some spicy rolls and, without admitting that they are too much for him, orders something super mild immediately afterward. dave knows and elbows him. karkat demands an elbow toll of one of dave’s hand rolls, and dave acquiesces – but it’s one of the ones he’s already had a bite of. karkat gives dave a dirty look. avoids crab rolls, even with dave’s assertion that none of them use real crab. makes a lot of noise about how humans must have a deathwish if they’re eating raw fish all the fucking time. eats too much.

terezi: asks which sushi is the MOST R3D and then orders whatever is pointed out to her. ends up with a bunch of tuna and spicy tuna and R3D SN4PP3R even though she’s told it’s not very red. makes loud slurping noises as she swallows the fish. makes the chef bring her a bottle of sriracha and starts just dumping it into her mouth. starts scraping red tobiko off other people’s rolls and into her mouth. john finally loses it and asks if they can just buy a stupid thing of tobiko so she stops being stupid. terezi, nose deep in the tobiko the instant it’s brought to the table, is appeased.

kanaya: joins jane in the omakase because if anybody ought to know what’s good here, it’s the chef. is the perfect model of etiquette. read up on how to properly eat sushi before she came here. attempts to say “arigato gozaimasu” when the chef gives her sushi. doesn’t rub her chopsticks together because the internet said it was rude and nearly gets a splinter, which rose offers to help her remedy. wow rose get a room, dave drawls as kanaya turns brilliant green. eats exactly the right amount and sighs loudly when karkat grumbles about how full he is afterward.

callie: orders sashimi only with jade, but gets dozens of different kinds of fish as opposed to jade sticking to her favorites. stacks them and mixes them like lunchables. informs everyone else on what combinations are the best. mournful that there isn’t much blood in the fish, but enjoys herself anyway. when she’s informed she can finish her meaty fishflesh meal with mochi ice cream and tempura fried oreos, her eyes light up and everyone realizes they aren’t getting out of there for another hour. 

Homestuck characters playing d&d

Dave plays a bard who tries to fuck everything. Kanaya, the DM, is not happy with this, so instead he tries to rap to up his initiative rolls. It never works.

Karkat plays a tank - a giant who just runs at everything and tries to hack stuff to death. He likes the power.

John plays a character based on himself. Armed with a hammer, his human barbarian is deadly, and he’s usually the final blow against enemies.

Roxy plays a half-elf rogue (because of course she has to be a rogue, guys), and makes an excellent spy/lockpick/general thief. Not always against the bad guys.

Rose plays a wizard who likes burning things. All the things.

Jane is the cleric. She spends most of her time healing Dave because he runs into the heat of battle armed with nothing but a lute and his “sick beats”.

Tavros really gets into it, and has an entire backstory laid out for his troll hunter. He and Kanaya invented the troll race because he felt left out - “If John can be a human, I can be a troll!”

Vriska and Terezi helped with making the troll race, but they’re banned from playing. They are occasionally allowed to roll for Kanaya’s monsters, however, as long as they don’t leave their seats.

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Consider this: Homestuck marshmallow toasting headcanons

Aw yiss. This is incredible. I am diving full-force into this.

John: Perfectly toasted. He and Dad went on regular camping trips and John has become The Expert at the perfect crust-to-fluff ratio.

Rose: Blackened to a crisp. Swears she likes it that way.

Dave: Really really really sick of fire. Prefers untoasted marshmallows at a good distance.

Jade: Zaps the marshmallow with her own Green Sun flamey powers. It gives it that good added tang that only radiation can bring.

Jane: Like John, she is a master of the toasting arts. Unlike John, she goes all-out on the s’mores recipe. Eat a Jane Crocker S’more if you want the best s’more you have ever had in your life.

Jake: Drops his marshmallows into the fire exactly four times before toasting the most perfect marshmallow to ever exist. It is slightly on fire but honestly the burnt mouth and singed eyebrows were worth it.

Roxy: Shoves five untoasted marshmallows into her mouth in one go and then downs half a bottle of chocolate syrup to wash it down. Will not touch the graham crackers.

Dirk: Sticks ten marshmallows onto the Unbreakable Katana and uses it as a spit. Sets all ten on fire. We forgive him. It sounded like a good idea at the time.

Aradia: Burns the marshmallow on purpose, eats the blackened crust, leaves the inside.

Tavros: Marshmallow on each horn. Forgets about them all night. 

Sollux: Also not a fan of fire. Steals a bottle of chocolate syrup and drinks it like a beverage for the rest of the night.

Karkat: Burns the marshmallow, eats the insides, leaves the outsides. He and Aradia have a good system going. Does not understand why he’s the only one who legitimately enjoys the taste of graham crackers. Spent two hours attempting to light the fire until Tarvros lights it by accident.

Nepeta: The girl lived in a cave. Practically her entire non-meat diet on Alternia was toasted marshmallows. She knows what she’s doing.

Kanaya: Toasts the marshmallow, punctures the crust with her fangs, and sucks the innards out like blood. Prefers those multi-colored ones and brings her own bag. Acts very surprised when someone calls her out on it.

Terezi: Ate four whole bags in the car on the way to the camping trip and is completely fine. Eats one more bag while people are toasting and downs three bottles of chocolate syrup. Everyone is slightly concerned she’s going to keel over at any minute but she doesn’t even hiccup. If you can get her to feel comfortable socializing, she tells the best scary stories. Says if John gets anywhere near her with those graham crackers she will light his windsock on fire. He does so she does.

Vriska: Guess how many spits she has in the fire? All of them. She dropped all of her spits in the fire. Terezi and Jade decorate her horns with marshmallows without her noticing and she gets very frustrated when people start snickering. Rearranges them so there are eight on each side and then rolls with it for the rest of the night. 

Equius: Makes a horse sculpture out of stuck-together marshmallows and refuses to let anyone eat it. 

Gamzee: Somewhere in the woods with four bags of marshmallows and twenty bottles of chocolate syrup. Sometimes the others can here a crackling fire and distant honking. It’s always in a different place each time. They leave him there when they pack up and go home the next morning and he’s back home waiting for them like he never left.

Eridan: Eats his sandwiches with two marshmallows sandwiching a single graham cracker, insists it’s better that way. It isn’t better that way.

Feferi: Trident. Fire. Twelve marshmallows. Make it happen. Also spends two hours in a deep conversation with Jane about the nuances of her s’mores recipe, adding in suggestions. A week or so later, she and Jane produce the Optimal S’more. No recipe for anything ever will top it. It is incredible. 

Caliborn: Locked in the back of the van with more marshmallows than he deserves.

Calliope: Deserves as many marshmallows as she wants. Eats many, many marshmallows. Prefers them untoasted.

Jasprose: Has fun chucking marshmallows into the fire and watching them burn. She’s a sprite. She doesn’t eat. Plus she likes to watch the looks of horror on everyone’s faces.

Davepeta: The Reigning Champion Of Tossing Marshmallows In The Air and Catching Them In Their Mouth. They’re a sprite. They also don’t eat. They don’t care.

imo all of the kids have some kinda musical aptitude but its different for all of them. like the beta kids can play instruments, but the alpha kids never learned how (i mean to be fair ¾ of them didnt have access to anybody that would teach them/an actual instrument to play)

same thing goes for singing. all of the strilondes can rap to some degree, the most proficient being the striders, altho the lalondes having some pretty good rhymes (see: rose’s sick jam about smuppet ass) but they cant sing. all of them are musical geniuses but are tone-deaf when they try to sing

whereas the crockengliharleyberts cant rap for shit and are all terrible lyricists but they have the voices of literal angels. jade has perfect pitch and can name any note on an 8-octave keyboard. jane has a rich deep contralto voice and a brilliant sense of rhythm and kills at jazz. jake can pull off a flawless soprano and loves acapella. 

john doesnt sing in front of people, but one day everybody is chillin in his house and they hear him belting “nessun dorma” in the shower. everyone goes silent. roxy looks like shes having a religious experience. dave cries

Homestuck characters doing an escape room

Karkat talks through all his thought processes, a running commentary of what he’s thinking. It puts everyone else off and he’s ultimately banished to the “corner of silence” where he sits and steams because he finally got it but nope, they’re gonna have to struggle without him now.

Roxy fiddles with everything in the room. Everything. Even if it might be important later.

Rose is the only one who figures anything out by herself. To everyone else, it looks like she just walks up to the padlock, puts in a number, and opens the next door, with no effort or thought required.

Dirk jumps on concentrating people as a joke to spook them. Dave doesn’t approve.

Terezi gets really into the scenario and starts roleplaying. She is, of course, an investigating officer and lawyer, and she is very helpful, if rather irritating.

Sollux overcomplicates everything - no Rose, it CAN’T be that simple, what if you have to do THIS first and read it back to front and then do this really complicated maths problem and then…

Tavros is pretty silent all the way through, but he tends to get what everyone else doesn’t. If people have been stuck on one element for a while, it’s usually Tavros who eventually gets it.

dirk liking his hair played with but only trusting certain people with it

dirk’s really anxious a lot during the events of sburb so he forms a habit of fidgeting with his hair

after the events he begins to trust his hair with roxy and dave a lot, roxy always styles it and braids flowers into it while dave just likes to play with it

he never really asks for it, they just know he trusts them so whenever they’re bored or anxious they find themselves plopped down and playing with it

jake is a different story, though

dirk is really uncomfortable with jake touching his hair at first, and he proclaims so

but over time he slowly grows more and more comfortable around jake as they spend time together, even leaning into his touches and asking him to play with it

they find mutual comfort in spending this time together and find it in themselves to finally sort out their bad issues and forgive each other (ofc with help of gcatavrosprite) and finally rule over the consort kindgom in peace

I’m interested to know what Roxy would have thought of Rose had she been able to grow up with her- as it was, Roxy longed for her company and inexorably idolized her, but actually knowing someone who’s cool is different from just reading about them.

In a scenario where Rose was able to raise her, what would she think? My instinct is mostly that Roxy openly loves her mom a lot still, and looks up to her, but with a healthy dose of rolling her eyes sometimes at Rose’s dramatics, or pretending she’s uncool in certain situations. 

Roxy in canon really hoped it was true that Rose was a practitioner of some dark magyks and had a lot of money that didn’t rightfully belong to her, but maybe if they grew up together, some of this would make her uneasy, and she’d urge Rose to stop. 

I have little doubt that alpha Rose would behave the same way when entering the sburb session as her beta counterpart- she’d blow through the game, wreaking havoc while trying to protect her daughter. Roxy just shrugs like, “well that’s my mom, you know?” and thinks it’s half cool and half infuriating.

Strilonde movie night

Rose invites Kanaya so they can spend the whole movie all over each other - she’s not really a movie person but doesn’t want to let down her family

Dirk feels uncomfortable watching Rose like that so spends the whole time grumbling to himself at the other end of the couch

Roxy is sat on the floor in front adding Audio Description for fun, much to the annoyance of everyone else who’s watching, especially Karkat

Dave is sat between Rose and Dirk; he finds Roxy funny, but Karkat’s reactions even funnier

Karkat tries really hard to ignore Roxy and just WATCH THAT FUCKING MOVIE but finds himself unable. He only slightly smiles when Roxy starts doing voices

WV is there too, of course, silently giggling at what Roxy is saying, sat on the floor next to her, between Dave’s legs

John and Jake join them halfway through, because what’s more fun than crashing movie night? They critique the film as if it was wine, with flouncy language and bullshitting scents and flavours

Jane provides movie snacks in the form of cookies, but doesn’t stay to watch

Jade joins them for a bit, and eats most of the cookies, but ultimately leaves to keep Jane company

Strilonde Humanstuck Headcanons!

I had too many headcanons so yeah the shortened Strilonde version. I’ll make a troll version later
-The striders and lalondes are cousins.
-Twins run in their family
-Dave and davesprite are twins. Davesprite is also call Sprite because why not. Dirk and Hal are also twins.
- Sawtooth and Squarewave are the Strider butlers
-Davepetasprite is bro and the disciple’s kid. They aren’t together tho, just a weird one night stand that resulted in Davepetasprite. Who lives with the leijons and are called Petra or Pete.
-Jasprosesprite is Rose’s bubbly twin sister Jasper who named their cat Jaspers and tried to convince Rose that she didn’t name him after herself.
- Jasper ends up dating Nepeta when they’re 17
- They both start dating Feferi a year later
-Bro and Mom Lalonde are twins
-Alpha Dave and Alpha Rose are twins.
-Mom Lalonde and Alpha Rose are married.
-Alpha dave tragically died. He was filming a movie and a set fell on him
- Dave and Sprite were only 2 years old when Alpha Dave died. Dirk and Hal were 3.
-Bro got depressed after that and thus drank himself to death for two years. Petra was conceived during this time making them 4 years younger then Dave,Sprite, and Nepeta.
-Bro goes to rehab after Petra’s born and gets better.
- He starts dating Dad Egbert when Petra’s like 5
-Cal is this creepy prop from one of Alpha Dave’s movie that Dirk took and now has in his room. Hal steals it every once in a while.

Dirk looked a startling amount like Dave’s brother when they first met. It was unnerving, and led to Dave unleashing his feelings on the relative stranger almost immediately. Over time, however, despite having the same face and style, Dave was able to separate the two in his mind, helping him better move past his childhood and make good friends with Dirk.

Roxy, on the other hand, only reminded Rose more and more of her mother over time. It was obvious from the first sighting- despite the age difference- that she had the same DNA, but as she got older, taller, more confident, she really grew into the person Rose remembered her being. Rose worried that maybe Roxy wasn’t as similar as she imagined, and that it was her who was forgetting what her own mother was like. When she pictured her, and Roxy’s face rightfully came to mind, how could she know?