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Pssst. Imagine Sakuya writing songs for Mahiru, but he never had the intention of them ever seeing the light of day. Then Tsubaki finds them, shows them to Mahiru, and that was the day Sakuya decided to order a fox plushie.

Okay, I AM A BIT LATE. BUT! I WILL ACCEPT THIS 100000% I couldn’t stop thinking about HOW CUTE THIS IS. So I had to do some this scribbly comic thing. AHHHH I imagine so much. *__*


And of course like you said, he shows it to the object of his affections lol

Also bonus about the whole fox plushie thing. LOLLLLLLL

I am sorry my doodles always become crack. But bless you April for sending this~~!!!!!!! ;w;YELLLLLLLLS

Something not mentioned enough in the RWBY fandom: both Blake and Yang can draw while Ruby and Weiss can’t. I mean look at this. 

Drawn by Ruby:

Drawn by Weiss:

and then you’ve got this drawn by Yang:

and lastly the arguably best artist of them all, Blake:

Seriously though, Ruby and Weiss are both just in the general vicinity of what they want while Blake and Yang are rocking it. This should be explored more. 

More Undertale doodly doodles! I… I really like Undyne, so I decided to draw her again, this time with her hair down. The more I draw Undertale the more I think I'ma do small headcanons for some of the characters because… well, why not? xD

Speaking of headcanons, let’s start with Undyne here. Given that she’s some sort of fish/reptilian/amphibian?? monster, I’ve decided that she doesn’t actually have boobs in my headcanon. Given that she isn’t mammal, there isn’t really a reason for her to have any since she can’t produce milk, so yeah. I’ll probably tweak her appearance here and there to my liking as well (lighter belly and chest, orange irises, scars, so on).

But yeah, it’s small but it’s a start. I hope you guys like the drawing! She was so much fun to draw. :3

(PS: yes her jacket is based on Mass Effect’s N7. I can’t help myself ;_; )


No.  Bad Sans.

Holy bat balls I’m finally continuing my “Just A Head AU!!  So sorry it took so long you guys.  I’m slowly catching up on all these personal projects.  Will be getting onto Undernovela as well.  Sorry for how messy this is.

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If I’d pick a region to live in it’ll be Sinnoh!
This region is abundant in greenery so it has a calming and healing feel to it.
Breathing the air in this region would be cool and refreshing! I bet the entire place smells nice…
Because all the produce is fresh I think the food would be amazing too!!


Quick doodles of the Dreemurr family! Originally it was just Toriel and Asgore, but I was asked to draw Frisk, Chara, and Asriel too, so I sketched out something fast for them. If you’re wondering why they look a bit different, it’s because Toriel and Asgore were sketched in pen traditionally then colored in photoshop. The kids are all done in photoshop.

ANYWAY! As far as headcanon goes I’ma do how I did MLP: start small then build outward to bigger subjects (speaking of, MLP headcanons will still continue of course). Okay anyway, headcanons:

- It’s common for the males of their particular monster species (goat-lion monster) to have manes while, typically, the females don’t. I’ve made Toriel a special case: a maned female. Why? I thought she’d look cute with hair. >.> Asriel will have blond hair like his father when he grows his mane in.

-They’re more lion than goat, so their sounds range from purring growling to roaring. That said, they can still bleat, which is pretty common in cubs.

-All of their species have saber teeth that are prominent but not very long.

-Frisk and Chara’s preferred pronouns are Them/they: they are both non-binary.

-Because I was asked earlier about Asriel, here is the short version of an answer I want to go more in depth with: Yes, Asriel is alive and well in my headcanon. How  that happened is still in the works.

But yeah. That’s all for now, I think. Thanks so much for taking a look, you lovely peeps! C: