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(contains chapter 12 spoilers)

  • As soon as Magnus got home from Alec’s apartment, he changed into the Angel sweatshirt that Alec gave him and laid down on the side of the bed that alec slept in only two night prior because it still smelt like him
  • Although Alec wasn't a fan of  The Charioteer by Mary Renault, but he always listens to it while falling asleep alone because Magnus liked it and that was all he needed to at least feel a little closer to him
  • The physical boundary rule was actually really hard on Magnus because he is very comfortable with his sexuality and his sexual desires, so he would often scroll through the “Alec Lightwood” tag on Tumblr while thanking god because of teenage girls having such graphic imaginations
  • Alec had set the last picture Magnus had sent him as his background on his phone and got extremely turned on whenever he saw it because how could anyone look so fucking hot in a ratty sweatshirt
  • Jace got turned down by clary about 15 times before he gave up and later that night fucked another redhead because it reminded him of her while thinking god how could he be so gone for a girl that he has never had an actual conversation with
  • when Jace had gone to see Magnus he had originally planned to tell him to back off Alec because he wanted Alec to lose all of his distractions and be focused on the ice, but as soon as soon as he stepped into the room he remembered all the times he saw Alec smiling before a game and he just couldn't do that to his best friend
  • If Izzy and Simon were to experiment with threesomes they had discussed that the third person would 11/10 be Raphael Santiago from the Angels because before him and Izzy started dating he had been the crush that made Simon realize that he was Pan 
  • When Izzy got married Alec did shed a tear or two or many while giving his sister away because his baby sister was getting married
  • Izzy and Magnus text regularly and you bet your ass that Magnus has at least 50 screenshots of baby pictures of Alec and/or screenshots of a text where Izzy tells him embarrassing stories of Alec while growing up
  • After the accident happened Alec refused anyone to see Max other than Izzy and he had to get escorted out when Raj went to try to apologize
  • When Max was 13 or so he had this small crush on Jace. When he told Alec about this a few years later, Alec chuckled and gave him a knowing smile and asked him “it was the hair, wasn’t it?” before he hugged Max tightly. To this day, Alec and max are the only ones that know this conversation happened and it has not been brought up since.

But let’s talk more about this myth that the writers are all writing a different story, because it’s gotten to be a bigger problem outside of TJLC. Namely: much of the discontent with series three was predicated on this baseless assumption about the writers, which unfortunately kept a lot of people from examining series three further. This inevitably left some fans feeling confused and frustrated.

Let me be clear: no one has to like the story that Moftiss are telling, whatever one believes that to be; it’s cool to wish they had done things differently. But if your response to seeing your headcanons binned is to allege that the show is inconsistent, and you’ve justified this to yourself based on the fallacy that the writers all do their separate thing and are telling different stories and characterizing the characters differently, then consider that you weren’t basing that on reality and maybe you simply haven’t tried hard enough to understand what story is being told.

There’s a reason the show constantly encourages people to think, and whether you believe in TJLC or not, they’ve made it crystal clear that their surface narrative is not intended to be trusted, e.g. Moffat recently saying that Sherlock is definitely not a sociopath and only wants to be one, because Moffat feels characters are not reliable judges of themselves. A lot of us have felt that was clear from series one, for exactly the reason Moffat states in that quote: “A man who has decided to suppress all his emotions in order to be better at what he does clearly has an awful lot of emotion. That’s a very simple deduction.”

A lot of people complained about Sherlock acting “out of character” in series 3 whereas the rest of us saw long-expected character development: Sherlock was finally expressing himself, instead of burying everything. Sherlock didn’t see the most important person in his life for two years, and finally got to see him again: what did these people expect would happen? Of course he cried a lot and fell all over himself and tried to play things off as jokes. He was forced to deal with powerful emotions when he wasn’t even practiced at dealing with minor emotions.

It ties into the greater issue that is the folly of assuming negative things about the writers. People are far too comfortable allowing themselves these assumptions and it frankly isn’t serving their enjoyment well. The show has gotten to the point where you’re going to be disappointed if you’re unwilling to think about it, or unwilling to dispense with headcanons that were never supported by the show itself.

Consider the sociopath angle alone. Emotionless, in-control Sherlock was always a fandom creation based on the external act Sherlock puts on in the show to hide the fact that he isn’t that way at all. And with all fandom creations, emotionless, in-control Sherlock is totally cool to explore. But it was never going to be the case on the show itself, and one can’t have reasonably expected that to ever be the case given the evidence we had from the very first series. I feel like a ton of the people who were disappointed by series three were attached to their favorite fandom characterizations, which is completely fine, but a lot of people did not seem to realize they had their fandom and canon wires crossed and took the further step of alleging inconsistency on the part of the writers, which is, to put it bluntly, absurd. The show is incredibly consistent, and especially in regard to characterization. What it is not, unsurprisingly, is consistent with most fandom characterizations, because most fandom characterizations are based on the intentionally unreliable surface narrative.

Imagine Joly doing something really cute like falling asleep at a table at the Musain during a meeting and Musichetta grins and absentmindedly goes “my boyfriend’s cuter than yours” to whoever happens to be nearest to her and there’s a pause before Bossuet goes “…’Chetta, we’re dating the same person” and she’s just like “oh yeah” and turns and high fives him

'First Kiss' Headcanons

All right, so here we go. First Kiss synopsis things. Should I turn them into ‘fics to make part of a little tiny 'first kiss’ series? Should I just leave them like this? Sophie has claimed the levihan as a collab piece so that one will definitely get written. Any other artists wanna collab on one of these? :’D

The pairings:

1- Mike/Nanaba

2- Levi/Hange

3- Erwin/Hange

4- Ian/Rico

5- Marlo(we)/Hitch

6- Auruo/Petra

7- Jean/Mikasa

8- Sasha/Connie

9- Ymir/Historia

10 a&b- Gelgar/Lynne(Rene)


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Grantaire who’s more or less a (completely harmless) loudmouthed jerk to literally everyone but as soon as Enjolras comes on the scene he gets all shy and soft and sweet and tongue-tied and only really manages to talk again when he has an argument to pick apart or ideals to tease

Wait. Canon Grantaire. That’s the one

Can you imagine Les Amis friend-haunting Marius and Cosette though

  • Like Marius first notices when something keeps knocking off his hats whenever he comes home, and eventually they figure out that’s Courfeyrac’s way of telling him he looks ridiculous
  • Combeferre hasn’t quite gotten the hang of moving corporeal things yet and so keeps accidentally knocking books off the shelf when he’s trying to read. Marius lays them open on the table so all he has to do is move the pages
  • They soon realise that various doors and windows are always open in the morning because Prouvaire likes to look at the stars at night but always forgets to shut them again
  • Feuilly is the easiest to spot when he finally moves in because seriously, what other ghost is genuinely going to think of paying rent? (Also where is he even getting that money what the hell Feuilly)
  • Bossuet is like the world’s politest accidental poltergeist because things are always going flying then apologetically floating on back to their rightful place
  • Joly’s ghost sneezes.
    No, really.
  • They’re not sure who keeps initiating those raucous dances to the tune of drinking songs at increasingly random hours, but they have their suspicions that Bahorel is heavily involved
  • Eventually Marius puts up a piece of chalkboard as a way to communicate with his friends, and they don’t know exactly how long Grantaire has been there but they realise he’s there as soon as they find a beautiful chalk portrait of Cosette signed with a somehow sarcastically elaborate ‘R’
  • Marius finds Enjolras one day when he’s talking politics and something starts breathing aggressively down the back of his neck
  • Bonus: supportive and caring Cosette who gives her husband the benefit of the doubt when he says they have ghosts despite very little initial proof, then seamlessly beginning to believe him as the evidence mounts. Because hey, if her mother became an angel and sent her another angel to care for her in her place, what’s to stop Marius’ friends returning to him?

Grantaire having “you have got to be kidding me” as his soulmate tattoo.
He greets everyone for the first time by yelling, “WHAT TEAM?” - figures it’s an easy way to work it out.

Courfeyrac, Joly and Bahorel all immediately holler “WILDCATS!” – the correct response, but not what he’s looking for. (Bossuet would have too, but as he opened his mouth to shout somebody jostled him and he spilt his drink all over his shirt, so the first thing he says is “Oh my god, sorry”.)

Combeferre replies, “Pardon?”; Musichetta calls him adorable; Eponine asks if he’s drunk; Feuilly deadpans “Harlem Globetrotters”; Marius hesitantly says “…Edward?” at the same time Cosette points to him and says “His, sadly.”

Enjolras walks into the room just as Grantaire’s yelling it at Marius and Cosette. He blurts out “You have got to be kidding me” at the back of his head, and Grantaire freezes then spins around and grins at him, and they both know as soon as they lock eyes.

“What team?” Grantaire offers, and Enjolras just makes a pained expression, mutters “I have a fucking High School Musical tattoo. Amazing,” then drags him forward for a kiss.

AU where Harry, Ron and Hermione’s solution for every persecuted party they encountered was just to bundle them off to Charlie in Romania like they did with Norbert.

  • First year: “Oh, cool, Ron’s sent me a dragon. Not seen one of this breed in a while, sweet. Better write him telling him I was happy to help.”
  • Second year: “Hagrid?? What are you doing– what’s this about a Chamber? Oh, never mind. Come see Norbert, you’ll barely recognise him. Ginny, you too, the more the merrier.”
  • Fourth year: “You know what, I’m just going to sit here on Hogwarts grounds, mind these dragons, and if my brother asks for any favours I’m going to feed him to them.” Followed by, “No, Hermione, I am under no circumstances taking any of these house elves with me. No.”
  • Fifth year: “Sirius! Nice seeing you again, I trust you’re well? Just as well Harry checked with the Order to make sure he wasn’t being tricked and sent you to me for safekeeping, huh?”
  • Sixth year: “Hey, aren’t you that Malfoy kid? They’re trying to get you to do what? Fuck that. Here, let’s not think about that now, I’ve got a job for you. Fancy learning how to tame a Hungarian Horntail?”
  • Seventh year: “You know, this dragon sanctuary wasn’t supposed to be an all year round summer camp for muggles and half-bloods, but I’m having a fair bit of fun here.”

Imagine Bossuet coming across a box in the street and as he goes to walk past it it meows at him so of course he immediately runs over to it and there’s an abandoned kitten inside with a piece of paper that says “THREE KITTENS, FREE TO A GOOD HOME” and he frets for a second because he wants to take this little bedraggled scrap of fur home so badly but Musichetta’s a dog person and Joly’s allergic to cats so he doesn’t know how well it’d be received

But the little ball of fluff looks so sad and lonely and cold that Bossuet can’t bear to leave it on its own, especially seeing as its siblings have already been taken away and this kitten has drawn the short straw in life and Bossuet feels like he can relate so he scoops up the little bundle in his arms and hurries home with it before he can change his mind

And when he gets in he just sits on the living room floor playing with it, trying to remember just how it is you look after cats when Musichetta calls “Who’s that?” from the bedroom and Bossuet just stands up and says “Before you say anything–” and freezes because Musichetta is also holding a kitten and staring at him with the exact same look of astonishment he’s looking at her with

And then they hear the front door open and Joly sneezes and says “you guys will not believe what I found on the way to work” and walks in and he’s holding a kitten too and they all just stand there for a moment blinking in surprise and “the box on the corner of–” “yeah” “oh my god” “I only took one because I wasn’t sure you guys would be ok with cats” “same” “oh my god

And that’s the story of how Bossuet, Joly and Musichetta accidentally adopt three kittens ((called Lucky, Hermiaowne and Desdemona, in case you were wondering))

  • Les Amis as innocent internet trends (...les amemes):
  • Combeferre:(pointing at anything that moves) what kind of dog is that? I love it
  • Enjolras:Grantaire? I love Grantaire (trips over, 1000 photos of Grantaire and Enjolras together fall out of his pocket) ahh, I'm holding these for a friend. My boyfriend. And myself. How cute are we
  • Grantaire:(encounters any mild inconvenience) this is homophobia / MACKLEMORE DIDN'T DIE FOR THIS
  • Joly:tag yourself I'm (macklemore didn't die for this)
  • Bossuet:gays in space
  • Marius:I love my girlfriend, who is loved and cherished, by me, her boyfriend, who loves her
  • Feuilly:sneuilly (snail feuilly)
  • Bahorel:snahorel (snake bahorel)
  • Bonus Cosette:sendyourenemiesglitter.com

I am very supportive of the idea that 99.9% of the time Jehan is this fairylike whimsical wisp of a being who doesn’t walk so much as float and smiles at everyone and has the aura of a meadow in spring

But then if anyone ever so much as thinks of harming any of his friends he is thunder and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and angelic fury and mountains cower in his wake and you are going to wish that you had never been born (◕‿◕✿)

AU where Enjolras, Combeferre and Courfeyrac all hate each other when they first meet. Enjolras is a snooty rich white boy with a superiority complex, Combeferre is too serious about everything and spends all his time studying and doing extra-curriculars and worrying about school, and Courfeyrac is the loud, obnoxious class clown with way too much energy to handle.

But then some time in the midst of their teenage years they all get paired up for a group project in school and start to spend time with each other, and things slowly begin to change. 

First off, Enjolras gets taken down several pegs by both boys on multiple occasions and starts to see the world isn’t what his elitist republican parents make it out to be, and he isn’t better than anyone else, and he realises how sheltered and ignorant he’s been and strives to do better; he messes up a lot and his feminism needs a lot of work but he tries so hard and regrets who he used to be with all his heart. And the other two can see that, and maybe they don’t cut him too much slack, but they know he’s doing his best.

Combeferre realises that his stress levels regarding education and the negative impact school is having on his health isn’t what everyone else goes through, begins to get help for what he realises is an anxiety issue, and decides that a life spent forfeiting happiness for the sake of success isn’t the life he wants to live. He’s tentative at first, and it isn’t easy to let go, but he’s making the first steps and knows his life will be so much better for it down the line.

Courfeyrac’s  aspergers makes it so that he simply wasn’t sure how to make friends, and his lack of a filter didn’t help either. He was lonely as hell and thought the happier he acted the more people would like him, and only got knocked down and ended up hurt every time he tried to reach out to someone. He just wants to make people happy, and he’s so glad that people are finally giving him a chance. Combeferre and Enjolras are there to set the record straight when he’s uncertain or confused, and with them he’s able to channel his energy into productive activities and finds himself less stressed because of them.

They’re all introverted to an extent, so their preferred hangouts involve movies, short forays into the outside world’s events and parties and the like, and quiet nights at each others’ houses that occasionally derail into pure silliness and gentle hilarity. 

They have their differences sometimes, they fight, they fall out, sometimes they can’t stand to even be in the same room as each other. They call each other out for insensitivities, apologise and make up, smooth out each others’ rough edges, and round each other out as human beings, and they mould themselves into the greatest support group that any scared teenager could hope for; forming the core of les amis in doing so.

A three dimensional triumvirate complete with character progression, differences, imperfections, flaws, and acknowledgement and tackling of said flaws is something I would love to see more of. Not just the unrealistic inseparable trio of perfection they often get reduced to.

Grantaire bugging his boyfriend via social media like

  • @whymyenjissad: “my enjolras is sad because politics”
  • @whymyenjissad: “my enjolras is sad because starbucks ran out of his favourite syrup shot”
  • @whymyenjissad: “my enjolras is sad because he’s so pretentious”
  • @whymyenjissad: “my enjolras is sad because oh shit he;s notived me takingthis photo abort aBOTRT”
    [blurry photo]
  • @whymyenjissad: “my Grantaire is sad because I took his phone”
    [photo of Grantaire looking suitably sheepish]