headcanon at every event tony stark is at

So imagine Tony enforces a weekly wii tournament, with Mario Kart and Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games being firm favourites amongst the Avengers. Pietro immediately takes a shine to Sonic for obvious reasons. He insists on playing as Sonic every time the play the Olympic Games, even if it’s in an event more suited to skill or power. The other Avengers roll their eyes at Pietro’s obsession with the blue hedgehog but they don’t stop him. In fact, for the first Christmas he spends at the Avengers tower, Pietro finds a mysterious present under the ginormous Christmas tree (curtesy of Hulk’s strength and Tony’s love of going over the top). As Pietro rips open the shiny Rudolph paper, it reveals a mass of fuzzy blue fabric. He shakes the pile of fabric and it unfolds into a Sonic the Hedgehog onesie. It takes the Sokovian less than a minute to get into his new outfit. He speeds around the tower laughing and telling everyone that ‘It’s all about speed!’