Marauder’s Eating Habits Headcanons
  • Of course, the Marauders loved to eat, especially when planning pranks.
  • Obviously, James Potter pretends to be well-versed in etiquette, but when it comes to eating, he tries to use the right forks and the right technique, but somehow, he always fails
  • .He was the one always telling people to eat. “Moony, mate you need to eat!” or “Padfoot, no, you cannot have a hunger strike because Flitwick gave you detention on the day of Hogsmeade” or “Wormtail, mate, eat, don’t worry about your figure mate” 
  • He always piles heaps of food onto his plate, and tries to eat nicely and to organize his plate. However, all the food just ends up mixing. (”Potter, that’s vile, have more manners!” Evans screams every dinner).
  • Sirius always bursts out laughing when this happens. Well-versed in etiquette and pure-blood nuances, he effortlessly uses the right plates and the right technique.
  • He is always trying to organize food strikes. “Moony! Protest! I got detention for hexing Slytherins! I mean, can you blame me?” However, when the Anti-Muggle born and Anti-Werewolf Acts are passed Evans and him actually organize a hunger strike.
  • You cannot deny that Sirius Black was always keeping up with the latest food trends. “Moony, no, I cannot eat soya today.” After a few days, he say, “Wormtail, mate, I need to eat only Quinoa” or  “Prongs, you can’t give me chicken, I’m vegetarian on Wednesdays”
  • Remus is not very well-versed in pure-blood etiquette. He tries using the right forks and the right technique, and he gets it right. However, when he picks up the wrongs one to eat salad, Sirius leans over and snakes an arm over his shoulder, makes sure his lips are almost touching Remus’ ear, puts his arm over Remus’ and says, “This is the right fork, Moony.”
  • Remus, with his werewolf appetite piles a lot some days. Some days, he can barely eat. On those days, his friends make sure to save the treacle tart for him.
  • He needs chocolate with everything, having discovered its healing properties after his first full moon.
  • Peter  is not very well-versed in pure-blood etiquette, too. He never even tries using the right forks and the right technique. His friends don’t care anyway.
  • He heaps large piles of food onto his plate. He is especially partial to sweets. However, his plate always looks very nice. In fact, he is the one always decorating birthday cakes.
  • The other Marauders love when Peter cooks for them. They love him as their own.
  • Which is why there was no reason for him to have betrayed them.
  • The Marauders loved to eat. Which is why it is sad they only got a short amount of time to eat.

TIKKI- Sleeps curled up on her Chosen’s tummy. She finds it soothing to listen to them breathe.

PLAGG- Does that weird voodoo magic that small cats and dogs do, where they somehow manage to take over ¾ths of the bed and leaving his Chosen jammed in a corner trying not to fall out of bed.

TRIXX- Doesn’t sleep. Takes lots of little naps throughout the day, then spends all night getting into as much trouble as possible.

DUUSU- Needs EXACTLY the right atmosphere before she can fall asleep. Dim lights, soothing music/ambient noise, everything in the room has to be in EXACTLY the right place, and windows opened just enough to allow fresh air, but not so much to make the room cold, ect. Still wakes her chosen up ten times a night to get her a glass of water, or because something is out of place.

WAYZZ- Needs his own little private area to sleep. Heavy sleeper who’s almost impossible to get up in the morning.

NOOROO- Likes to sleep curled up by thier chosen’s neck. Wakes up at the crack of dawn to make sure their chosen has everything they need to start their morning, like thier keys, shoes, coat, umbrella and other necessities. Makes breakfast.

BEE- Sleeps on a pillow near their chosen’s bed. Has a loud, buzzing snore. Light sleeper who can go from 0 to 100 in one second flat.

headcanons about p5tag’s eating habits because this is the shit i think about

  • Outside of morning curry courtesy of Sojiro, Akira doesn’t tend to eat breakfast.  He sleeps until he absolutely has to get up and get dressed for school.  If he’s hungry enough, though, he’ll stop for something quick from one of the food stalls at the station.
  • For the first few months at Leblanc, he’s really really nervous about so much as touching the kitchen outside of helping Sojiro with work, which results in him spending quite a bit of money on take-out and snacks he can keep in the attic.
  • He eats lunch from the school cafeteria which, uh, kinda sucks because the food isn’t all that great, and for the first few weeks the lunchladies were nervous around him because even they knew about the rumors somehow.
  • Sojiro notices pretty quickly that Akira isn’t eating right.  He tries his best not to worry, but one day he hears Akira’s stomach growl as soon as Akira comes home, and from then on Sojiro’s like “screw it I’m feeding this kid more often.”
  • It starts off pretty slow, with Sojiro occasionally leaving “leftovers” for Akira’s dinner and once in a blue moon making sandwiches for Akira’s lunch.
  • By the end of summer vacation though he’s cares way too much about this kid to keep his aloof demeanor in check
  • akira cries a lil when one sunday he comes downstairs and sojiro tells him that he doesn’t have to worry about lunch anymore b/c sojiro is gonna take care of it
  • sojiro is straight-up preparing a whole week of different bentos for akira
  • don’t ask why sojiro has so many different bento boxes
  • i love this dad

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heyo can i have a headcanon about how eating habits of class 1-A? (if class 1-A is too much people just do some of ur faves!)

Class 1A Weird Food Habits:

Kaminari: “I sometimes eat cookies with ketchup. I did it because of a dare in first grade and stuck with it ever since.”

Kirishima: “I like to spread peanut butter on my eggs then, proceed to lick the peanut butter from the roof of my mouth.”

Tokoyami: “I eat the crunchy bits off popcorn first and then leave the fluffy ‘melt in your mouth’ bits in a separate bowl so that I can eat them last.”

Sero: “Whenever I open a can of baked beans I ‘drink’ a mouthful of them cold.”

Midoriya: “I like eating a cold hotdog before I go to bed at night. I also nibble the skin off first then eat the skinless hotdog. I have no regrets.”

Bakugou: “I can drink hot sauce right out the bottle.”

Koda: “I always put walnuts and peaches in my ice cream.”

Jiro: “I like eating raw spring roll wrappers. Elastic and chewy. I’ve liked it since I was a kid and have on occasion bought spring roll wrappers to snack on.

Ojiro: “Cheese doritos dipped in milk, then suck the cheese milk off the chip and eat the naked chip. Delicious.”

Shoji: “I once tried dipping my pizza in jelly. It’s not as bad as you think.”

Ashido: “I eat raw lemons with a butt load of salt.”

Yaoyorozu: “I always save the croutons in my salad for last.”

Uraraka: “I peel and eat the crust off Chicken McNuggets before eating the actual chicken.”

Sato: “Donut grilled cheese…”

Todoroki: “I like mixing random cereals together to see if they taste good. They usually do.”

Iida: “I microwave peanut butter for 30 seconds in a mug and then I put about a half cup of almonds in it and mix it up and eat it. It’s delicious, when the peanut butter melts a bit it’s all warm and liquid-y and it’s actually a good source of protein.”

Hagakure: “I like putting nacho cheese Doritos on my sandwiches. I have my own personal bag of Doritos just for sandwiches.”

Asui: “I like to eat popcorn with chopsticks so that my fingers don’t get dirty”

Aoyama: “Sometimes I have steak and salad for breakfast, washed down with a strawberry milkshake. Best way to start the day if you ask me.”

Edit: oh fucks, I read that all wrong… My apologies fam, please don’t kill me;-;

Headcanon that Groot’s habit to bring everything but what he was asked to bring one day lets him return something everyone has already forgotten about.

One day, Peter absentmindedly asks Groot to bring him a tool while he’s working on the Quadrant’s repairs, and Groot vanishes for a while, returning with stumbling little steps and his found proudly presented. “I am Groot!”

“Thanks, buddy,” Peter mumbles, reaching over – and hesitates as his fingers close not around a smooth handle, but a flat little thing, cool to the touch, one end round, the other spiky.

Heart suddenly in his throat, Peter uncurls his fingers and draws a shuddery breath when he sees the familiar flame-badge on his palm, fairly out of place when it’s not attached to an equally familiar red coat.

Groot looks up at him with big eyes.

“Groot?” Peter is horrified to hear his voice crack, but it’s better than the howl that is building somewhere in his chest which he is fighting down with all his might. “Where… where did you get that?”

It’s a dumb question, he knows the moment he utters it, because Groot is a baby, he won’t be able to answer him, probably didn’t even understand the question, and besides, there is only one person who was in possession of this badge, who would have been able to give this to the toddler, but still, Peter’s mind reels, because – when, where, why, why did Yondu give it away, he would never have given it away unless….

A gentle touch to his cheek draws him from his jumbled thoughts, and Peter blinks down at Groot. The baby has sprouted a vein long enough to touch Peter’s face, carefully catching the tears streaming down. “I am Groot?”

Peter laughs, the sound a garbled mix of a sob-chuckle. “No, Groot, you didn’t do anything wrong.”

Groot frowns, seemingly not convinced, but pulls the vein back. Instead he reaches out with both arms, upwards, a silent demand. Peter obeys, letting the toddler crawl onto his free palm and lifts him up until they are on eye-level, Groot able to cuddle to the Terran’s cheek.

After a moment, Groot croons, stretching his hands out for the badge, and Peter only hesitates for a second before handing it over. The badge secured in the baby’s arms, Groot turns, blinking up at Peter with an expression that is too serious for a child. “We are Groot.”


It’s too much, another blow to something already fragile, and Peter breaks into tears then, even though he can’t help but laugh about the irony of all of it at the same time – it’s a fucking badge, a bit of metal, and he finds himself crying over it like a baby, stupid, stupid, full of sentiment….- but he can’t stop, all the tears that he has swallowed down the whole time breaking free.

If Groot minds getting wet, he doesn’t complain, just wraps his tiny arms around the badge and whatever he can reach of Peter’s face while he croons and mumbles and tries to comfort as best as he can.


Groot doesn’t understand as much as an adult. But he understands what “family” means.

Percabeth Headcanon: Eating Habits

((Hi y’all! I’m almost done school, and then I can FINALLY devote more time to this page. Again, thank you for being so patient. Y’all are my favorite, and I couldn’t do this without you. Hope you enjoy this request!))

  • Percy loves to put potato chips inside of his sandwiches, getting the crunch and saltiness along with the meat and cheese. Annabeth is not a fan.
  • Annabeth has a habit of leaving an open jar of peanut butter with a spoon inside on her desk after a long night of drafting and planning her buildings.
  • Percy makes sure to get all of the creme filling off the inside of Oreos before he can dunk them in milk.
  • Any packages of M&Ms found in the couple’s house are located in the freezer. After Piper showed them the perks of the cold, but not tooth-breaking benefits of cold M&Ms, the couple never kept them on the counter again.
  • Whenever they visit California, there is only one absolute guarantee of Percy’s behavior that Annabeth can rely on when they go out to eat. Complaining about the quality of the pizza.
  • After Percy somehow managed to spill an entire bowl of Captain Crunch onto the laptop he was working on, he stopped eating around technology all together.
  • One year, a neighbor of theirs commented on how weird they thought making blue pancakes was for breakfast. The couple made sure to always bring over a blue food or drink whenever there was a gathering from that point on.
  • The Fight of the Peanut Butter lasted a course of four days before the couple agreed to disagree, one in full support of crunchy peanut butter and the other never wavering on their love for creamy.
  • While Annabeth liked to read during their lunches together when she first started working, Percy was not a fan of the lack of attention. After six gold fish landed in her soup and one made its way into her ear, Annabeth promised to leave work at work and enjoy their short breaks together.
  • A bag of popcorn always finds its way to the couple’s living room on movie nights, half being eaten and the other half falling along the carpet and coffee table.
Alec's sleeping habits (Malec Headcanons)

Alec’s sleeping habits
• The very first time Magnus and Alec sleep in a bed together, Alec stays up almost the whole night
• Because he snores. And he is so embarrassed that he stays awake trying to hide this little fact from Magnus
• Because the High Warlock of Brooklyn doesn’t keep around people who snore
• But little does he know that Magnus is awake on the other side of the bed, trying not to fall asleep because he cuddles.
• And what if Alec was scared away by his sleeping habits? If Magnus just latched onto him in middle of the night…
•But then Magnus turns around to find Alec staring at him
• Alec immediately turns bright red and starts stuttering “um…I couldn’t get to sleep…I uh…had to get some water…?”
•Magnus just raises a eyebrow, while a little smile creeps into his face
•Alec gives up, and mutters “I snore…I hate it and please… I like you…please don’t dump me…”
•And he promptly buries his face in a pillow
• Magnus smiles and starts running his fingers through Alec’s hair
• “I think snoring is very cute. And I cuddle in my sleep. So if I latch onto you, please don’t be alarmed…”
•And Alec looks up, seeing the warlock faintly embarrassed
• And this time when they fall back asleep, with Magnus’s head resting on Alec’s chest, they both fall asleep straight away


The occasional discrepancies in the ordering of Dunmeri names is easiest to explain if you remember that the people of Morrowind are only kind-of sort-of used to how Imperials work, and only infrequently give a fuck.

Your clan is more important than you as an individual, and your House more important than your clan, so the traditional naming convention is House-surname-name. Imperials do not really know what to do with this, but they are still an Empire, and empires are always obsessed with record-keeping.

Shenanigans ensue. Eg:

  • In an early attempt to translate Dunmeri names into the standardised name-surname census format, an Imperial census taker finds their paperwork filled with whole pages of new citizens all apparently named ‘Indoril’, every one from a different family. 
  • Local mer giving a grudging but good-faith attempt to be accommodating to Imperial transplants, introducing themselves to each one with multiple different rearrangements of their name because no one can remember which one the Imperials understand.
  • Local mer giving absolutely no attempt to be accommodating, changing their name order on purpose just to be difficult.
  • So, so many false accusations of tax fraud due to paperwork inconsistencies.
  • Several quite accurate accusations of tax fraud due to same.
  • Families borrowing each others’ given names depending on which Imperial trader they’re visiting, with whom their family has an account but whose ledgers have taken down the wrong name and now it’s just easier to go with it than to correct it.

Aside: Possibly some mer view men as selfish due to putting themselves ahead of their family, clearly a very suspicious habit.

RFA Thingy Shit: Little couple habits

I’ve done the same HCs for Diabolik Lovers a damn long while ago, but since I have nothing about Mystic Messenger here yet, I thought you’d at least like those.


◄ Zen ►

- You meowing and wearing cat ears would make him really like REALLY confused, he’d say you’re cute and then sneeze aloud

- He’d love you to see him perfom on a stage, but if he actually saw you watching movies with him - or something like this - it’d make him all flustered and he’d try to convience you that you don’t need to watch them since you have 100% of the real himself

- Every time you do or say something cute, he’d feel amazed and hug you suddenly, not letting go of you and spilling out all the “you’re the best thing that ever happened to me” texts… 

◄ Seven ►

- You two would be able to finish each other’s sentences, to the point that you’d literally look like the R team (you’d learn their sentences as well) - he’d use it as an excuse to adopt a cat…

- A typical lazy day would include you two laying on a sofa and munching Honey Budda Chips, so lazy that you’d rather prank Yoosung together in the RFA chatroom than actually move

- Once a while he’d hack into all your deviced and switch all your wallpapers into his funny photos; sometimes your computer would split out notifications like “It’s time to eat MC go and come back when you’ve eaten I know that you haven’t yet I installed a camera in your room” - you honestly wouldn’t be sure whether he’s joking about those cameras or not…

◄ Jaehee ►

- She’d always take care of your schedule, perfectly knowing every single task you have to do and remind you of them - she’d even have them all written down in her own calendar

- You’d sometimes get a little bit jealous of her speaking about Zen in such long phrases and she’d notice it immediately - she’d confirm you that there’s no reason to mind it and even try to talk about your charms instead; let me say that, she herself would sometimes get a little bit jealous too if you enjoyed Zen’s photos too much

- She’d help you at school with all of her heart! She’d even convience Jumin to give her a few days or even hours off if she thought that you’d need her in this time

◄ Jumin ►

- No matter if you see each other often or not, every evening he’d call you and ask you how your day was; he’d let you talk as much as you need and tell you about his own day as well

- He’d love to see you playing with Elizabeth 3rd - it’d be as if his most cherished beings were in one picture, he’d watch you two from afar, being too amazed to disturb you

- If you had any particular hobbies you enjoyed more than usual, he’d for sure sacrifice his sources to make C&R go into that shit; something like his cat projects, but with anything you like, and he wouldn’t need your agreement, he probably wouldn’t even tell you and you’d notice after a while

◄ Yoosung ►

- He’d love to make some food for you and always know what you like the most; he’d often try out new things and enjoy feeding you with his own hands

- If you liked to play games, he’d teach you all the things he knows and damn, there’s nothing more encouraging for him than you being impressed by his skills

- Sometimes he’d need you to act like his mother - tell him to go to sleep or help with studying, but it’d be the most lovely thing he’d ever see and, as it goes, he’d always listen to your orders!

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HCs for dating Grimmjow please? OwO

Yay! More headcanons! 

  • He has a habit of coming off as an asshole, and pretty much acts like one depending on the situation. However, he’s gentle when it comes to you. There’s something funny about how his rough hands usually bruised from a fight are touching you with no rough intentions at all.
  • He kind of likes it if he can get a shy s/o cussing or yelling at him. It’s just hilarious that he can have that kind of affect on such a timid person.
  • He likes play wrestling. Any excuse to be able to have his hands on you is a good one, but he likes to end a play fight by throwing you over his shoulder. To be honest, it’s an excuse to touch your butt.
  • Actually, if he wants to mess with you, throwing you over his shoulder is his favorite way to do it. You hitting his back to let you down never fails to make him laugh.
  • At first, he’s awkward on displaying affection and expressing his feelings. Though when he gets used to it, he gets more expressive and PDA becomes something he enjoys. 
  • He low-key likes it when you cheer him on in a fight. Your shouts and cheers are music to his ear as he hear you get more passionate about it. (”KICK THEIR ASS!”)
  • Intense stares. He randomly will just look you intensely, and it’s hard to read his emotions when he does this but it’s becomes clear if he brushes your cheek with the back of his hand or ruffles your hair. 
hamilsquad + demo-reps + gwash + maria bad habit hcs

Revset/SMFDR bad habits headcanons? You can throw the Schuylers and Gwash in there too if you wanna :> - @jointhefight

boss’ memo : !! !!! what a cool prompt aaa,, i couldn’t really think for the schuylers, my apologies ;; i might make another post for ‘em later

  • so john bites his nails and never responds to his text messages / is generally poor at correspondence because he falls asleep as soon as he gets wherever he needs to be out of pure exhaustion and then will forget that he was supposed to respond
  • alex chews on his hair and his pencils are also filled with bite marks,, when he’s thinking, he’ll start mumbling or even start talking aloud to himself without really caring about those around him. i’ve mentioned this before but he never thinks to blame himself for anything–not on purpose, he just forgets himself (literally). he fidgets due to his adhd,,
  • lafayette will skip breakfast. he will also skip lunch. he might skip dinner if it weren’t for the fact that he makes food as soon as he gets home simply out of habit,, he’s picked up alex’s habit of mumbling to himself, especially when he can’t think of a word
  • hercules is literally perfect consistently late to meet-ups or anything, really. the rev set has started telling herc to meet them at 4:30 instead of 5 in order for him to show up on time,,, he has no concept of time, and this extends to his sleep schedule. he’s honestly nocturnal (unlike alex. alex just doesn’t sleep–herc gets five to six hours during the day) so it’s a good thing he runs his own business, right?
  • aaron overthinks and obsesses over things that have already happened–he will often work himself up into having a panic attack because he keeps doing that. he’s an impulse buyer and his house is full of small trinkets that he found cool online and then covered his face in his hands when the package actually arrived / he looked at the bag it came in,, he’s also never watches where he’s going, mostly because he’s busy in his own head,, he has lots of injuries from walking into things
  • thomas’ eyes are too big for his mouth,, he always orders way more than he thinks he can eat and ends up packing it to take it home,,, generally thomas will also forget the names of people he meets,, it took him nearly a year to learn james’ name and they saw each other Every Day. unless he sees you regularly or you mention your name in conversation, he’s just not going to address you by name
  • james is often zoned out and always needs to be told instructions once or twice or seven times before he gets them,, it’s all fine. he also has a habit of falling asleep Everywhere,,, doesn’t matter how noisy or uncomfortable, he’ll sleep if he wants to. his posture is also Terrible and he keeps forgetting to sit or stand straight,, as a result he never gets to use his height to be intimidating
  • george has a bad habit of interrupting those around him unless they talk all the time or talk very loudly (see hamilton and jefferson). he also has no idea how to act or dress out of a formal setting because he still feels that things are expected from him,, he’s normally very good at keeping a neutral face until he’s frustrated, in which he will make an actual praying motion and look up at the sky. he,, can’t help himself
  • maria’s got a tendency to stare for too long, especially if she’s nervous,,, she just doesn’t know where to look!! she also hums to herself and her conversations will often go in circles without her meaning for them to,, (”how are you?” “fine, how are you?” “i’m alright, and you?”). she’s also a pillow hog–if you wake up without a pillow under your head, she’s likely hugging it or using it as her own pillow. she also has communication issues in general !!
Chocobro headcanons: sleeping habits
  • Gladiolus: Snores like a freight train. If you poke him in the side until he rolls over he'll quiet down for like 5 minutes, then he's back at it again with the zzz's.
  • Prompto: Tosses and turns. Probably gets up to pee like 6 times.
  • Noctis: Hogs the blankets.
  • Ignis: Sits up at 3 am and says weird shit in his sleep. Doesn't remember it the next day.