i was talking to @pensversusswords about bitty’s smol little butt and you know how when you’re like in a serious relationship with someone you’ve known for awhile and you develop these inside jokes but they’re SO WEIRD that you’d be forever embarrassed if anyone knew about them??? but to you and your bf/gf they mean the absolute world???

all i can think about now is jack and bitty having an inside joke thats essentially ‘can bittys butt fit in that?’

bc one night when they’re finally going to bed at like 1 am and they’ve had a long day and they’re exhausted but they’re happy and they’re having one of those Late Night Conversations that make you go ‘wtf’ the next morning and at the end of it jack mentions maybe something he had seen that he wanted to take a picture of (a solitary baby swing in the park maybe–’it was so small,’ he says)

and bitty, in his exhausted but slap happy state says, ‘i bet my butt would fit in it’

which then means they spend the next twenty minutes laughing so hard they’re crying, and every time they manage to pull it together, one of them snorts or giggles and it starts the whole process over again

but now it’s A Thing between them. A Thing that never fails to make them smile or laugh and is just theirs and it makes them happy despite the fact that its one of the weirdest inside jokes either of them have been a part of

(maybe they’ll be out getting coffee a couple of days later and jack sees a booster seat being brought out, he’ll look at it and flick his eyes over at bitty and see bitty looking at it before looking right back at jack and the both suddenly Know. and they both crack the fck up in the middle of the coffee shop as everyone just stares at them like ‘wtf’)

Overwatch headcanon time!

THe TL;DR: The UN are the bad guys, Blackwatch was based on Talon, Overwatch was a propaganda tool and the Swiss HQ explosion was assassination.

At the fair founding of Overwatch and Blackwatch where we lay our scene.
Gabriel, despite being more qualified to leading the organization, is bumped into the sister-organization Blackwatch to operate underground.

The UN does this for two reasons: 1. The real heavy lifting was always designed to be carried by Blackwatch, and Gabriel is more qualified and 2. Overwatch becomes a face for the UN, and while Jack is a capable commander, he’s mostly there for show. Their golden boy.

This is not to say that Overwatch isn’t actually doing work and genuinely risking life and limb. But they are shipped out to the higher profile areas, literally leading children out by the hand on tv. Overwatch had one primary function. ‘You are safe; We are handling this’.

I think that Talon (or it’s early form) had infiltrated the UN. Blackwatch was doing the grunt work, but was increasingly turned to more serving the sovereign wants of the UN and/or Talon. They make sure that Blackwatch is kept under control, and have an agent that works for them within their midst.
Jack is kept in the dark about this and Gabriel is under orders to remain silent.

This of course creates a schism between the two. Jack thinks they’re there to save the world and be the heroes and Gabriel thinks Jack is too naive and idealistic, and Reyes is angry that he can’t see that they’re being used.

Then Blackwatch gets exposed. The public goes in an uproar. But no worries! The UN is gonna launch a super good sekrit investigation, ya’ll. There’s nothing suspicious about investigating your own shit that’s circling the drain, is there?
I imagine at this point, that Jack demands information, which Gabriel cannot give to him freely.

McCree leaves Blackwatch right before everything goes up in flames (literally). Gabriel, the man with the most intel, the person who can effectively sink a whole bunch of higher ups, is successfully assassinated.

Instead of emerging as a victorious hero like he has so many times before, Jack fakes his own death. Which makes no sense unless he was never meant to walk away from that explosion and the hit was meant for him too. He goes out on his own, undercover, investigating something as the jaded Soldier 76.

Mercy gets ahold of Gabriel’s body and resurrects him, but he’s captured by Talon because of his strategic importance.

McCree meanwhile is on the run, with a bounty that could probably save the economy of a small country and OH BTW. BEING OVERWATCH IS NOW ILLEGAL. Any of you assholes get back together, we are gonna lock you up.

Everybody that could have information about this is effectively driven underground and outlawed.
Aint that a peach.

But hey, the UN said that the explosion was caused by infighting. That is, after they amended their story from ‘there was no foul play’.

And why shouldn’t we trust the UN?

391. Each ravenclaw student has a small book shelf that constantly replenishes itself with something new to read, and overtime it adjusts itself to what you like to read (it’ll still throw new things in every now and then though). It’s a bit like a mini library, it disappears when you’re done reading but for a couple of knuts you can buy it permanently. However for just a reread it remains free, so most don’t buy any until their seventh year

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How would everyone react to finding out their partner was only 4'11

I’ve done all of them again, but the last three are below the cut~

  • Yoosung’s not exactly a hugely tall guy himself - he likes having a small partner. Having someone who he can press against his chest when he’s hugging you is nice, and it’s even better when you wear heels, and still don’t reach his full height. He likes feeling tall.
  • Seven just finds you adorable. The cameras made it difficult for him to figure out how tall you were, but he had kind of got the idea through watching you struggle to reach the kitchen cabinets. He teases you about it a lot, but really, he loves how small you are.
  • Zen loves how small you are. He’s fairly tall, although not extremely tall, but he loves having access to your hair. He can bury his nose in it, press kisses to it, all without bending down. Most importantly, of course, your height means you make a very good spooning partner.
  • Jaehee doesn’t notice how short you are until she sees herself next to you in a mirror one day. She’s not exactly short for a woman, but she’s not particularly tall, either - and for some reason, seeing your significantly smaller frame next to hers pleases her.
  • Jumin is the tallest of the lot, and he notices your height the most. He actually finds it a little concerning, at first, and wonders if there’s a specific reason you’re that short. It only takes him a little while (and a few hits from you), however, to realise that your height only adds to your charm. Besides, your height only gives him another reason to keep you by his side at all times - it would be too easy to lose you, otherwise.

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you know what lowkey fucks me up and i need in future seasons?? alec and magnus casually being in each other’s proximity without even touching?? like consider:

- the Gang hanging out at the loft for either Serious Business or no particular reason, magnus sprawled in one of his comfortable lounge chairs, swirling a drink in his hand and engaged in conversation with the others, while alec just absentmindedly decides to sit on the armrest focused on whatever they are talking about and occasionally contributing, sharing amused looks with magnus whenever simon starts his overly excited rambling

- during a briefing before a very important mission at the institute, which magnus has to attend as well, nobody really cares about seating arrangements because there aren’t enough chairs for all of them anyways so izzy sits on the table with one leg dangling off the side, clary next to her on a chair and jace stands, hunched over a map. magnus sits at one end of the table, legs crossed, making that boring office chair look like his throne and alec stands next to him, one arm draped over the back of the chair (maybe or maybe not playing with his hair occasionally, even if magnus playfully slaps his hand away once in a while because ‘mind you, i spent an hour on my hair this morning, alexander!!’), and nobody makes any teasing comments bc they’re used to it by now

- during a battle, both of them on high alert, back to back, making sure they cover as much ground as possible, twirling gracefully like in a dance, blue flames circling magnus’ fingers and alec’s arms stretching in fluid motions, his bow and quiver an extension of his limbs, communicating without even saying a word, just sensing the other whenever something is wrong and working together to Kick Ass

- them finding each other when they’re in a group setting/room full of people and always ending up standing next to each other, alec’s arms crossed, both sporting unimpressed glares at whoever is talking (probably a clave representative or even alec’s parents), most definitely rolling their eyes in unison and bumping shoulders once in a while, sharing quick amused glances and smiling to themselves, doing their best to keep a serious stance and pretend they are actually paying attention and not just making heart eyes at each other

but yeah anyways casual proximity is what i’m getting at

991. After the war, Harry and Ron ask the Hogwarts school board to forbid students from bringing in their own brooms for Quidditch matches (to keep the richer families from buying an advantage with more powerful brooms) unless they have valid excuses like medical reasons. In exchange for giving all the Hogwarts Quidditch teams high quality brooms to use for matches and practice, Harry and Ron offer to help advertise the broom companies by being seasonal spokesmen for their ads.

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Holt Family Reunion (because I have a lot of feelings)

When they finally find Pidge’s family it’s very heartwarming and it honestly makes everyone feel so much better? Like they get to actually see how Voltron is helping the universe and each of them kinda files that memory away as something that will get them through the hard time. It’s messy full of tears and laughter because one of the first things her dad says is “am I seeing double, why are there two matts? Wait, katie? KATIE? Oh my god katie” and then they just all collapse in a pile of hugs and tears. It takes them almost twenty minutes to stop crying and over an hour to separate from their hug on the floor. This mission resulted in a lot of aliens being rescued and most of them were injured in some way, but because there were so many aliens they couldn’t put them all in the healing pods. But almost all the aliens who saw the reunion insist on allowing matt and sam to go first so they can be strong enough to be with pidge. So the first set of healing pods contains pidge’s family. During this time, the remaining aliens and paladins try to organize how they will get everyone home. Some aliens planets have been destroyed and allura updates them on what planets have been rescued. Then they start talking about the people in the pods about where they come from, other aliens tell the home planets of the ones currently healing. But then they get to matt and sam holt. Allura says, oh earth okay, they’ll need their own pod because no one is near them. And pidge is like. What? You want to send them home in a pod? A POD?!? Hell no, I am taking them home Myself, you are not just sending them in a pod. And allura is like, “be rational, voltron is needed you can’t just take time off from being a paladin”. And pidge just Snaps. They’re like “What?! How dare you! You of all people should know! I have MY family back just because you can’t get yours doesn’t mean you will stop me from reuniting mine. My mom thinks all of us are Dead!!” “please pidge calm down” “NO I WILL NOT CALM DOWN, and if you don’t swear that you will open up a wormhole for me and the green lion to take my family back to earth, I will destroy this entire castle with the touch of a button. You think I won’t do it? I am doing you a FAVOR by promising to come back, if you try stop me, I will ruin you forever.” Allura looks over at the other paladins, like a little help here, but the Pidge Protection Squad is out in full force, and all she gets are hard stares. She agrees to send the green lion to earth, but when she says she’s doubling the patrols of the other paladins everyone else is like ??? no???? We’re going back to Earth. We don’t know what the hell the garrison told our families, but they most likely think we are dead, THEY THINK WE ARE DEAD. We are going and seeing them and there’s nothing you can do to stop us. Finally Allura turns to Coran like, help me please. And he just calmly takes her to the side and says, “I know what you’re just trying to do what is best, and you are not the bad guy in this situation, but it would be best to let them see their families one last time. You know as well as I do that they could die up here. You know we would have given anything to say goodbye to Altea, at least they have the chance to say goodbye to Earth.” Finally Allura gives in and says, okay you’ll all go in the green lion because it has the cloaking device and is the smallest, I’ll keep the castle near your moon so it stays hidden. Now first they go to the Holt family’s house because duh, out of everyone they deserve to be reunited first. But when they get there, there’s no sign of Mama Holt? And the house is a mess? Like someone went through it? And all the electronics are missing? What the heck, where is mom? Their neighbor almost has a heart attack when they see Katie, why is she here, didn’t she know? The neighbor very shakily tells them that their mother was arrested for treason. Apparently she had been caught sneaking around on a military base of some kind. Pidge has to be physically restrained to stop them from killing the neighbor yelling that they were a liar. When she finally calms down, they thank the neighbor and go back to the green lion, contacting allura… “we need Voltron”. On the way back to the castle pidge can’t stop talking, they keep saying “She knew, she knew something was wrong, she knew the garrison was lying but she didn’t want to believe me, why does she believe me now, why did she do that. Iverson didn’t arrest me because he would then have to admit that a little girl managed to hack in, but mom, mom is an adult, she could be executed, oh my god, what if she’s dead, what if she’s dead! How, I just, I just got my family back, how can they do this. We are going to obliterate the garrison, I don’t care if you think that’s excessive. They are corrupt and lying and dicks (language) I DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS ABOUT LANGUAGE SHIRO I WILL CUT YOU” Finally they get back to the castle and everyone gets their lions, it’s show time.

It was a normal day at this government facility, hidden, calm, no one was expecting a HUGE FREAKING ROBOT WITH A SWORD TO DROP FROM THE SKY AND TEAR OFF THE ROOF SCREAMING GIVE ME MRS. HOLT OR WE WILL DESTROY YOU. Everyone is frozen in fear, what the actual crap, someone finally snaps out of it when the robot throws some of the roof a mile down the road. Everyone is frantically looking for a Mrs. Holt, who the hell is Mrs. Holt where is she SOMEONE FIND HER IMMEDIATELY! But they are too late. The sword rips through the guard shack in it’s search to find Mrs. Holt. Suddenly, a middle age woman, wearing ripped prison clothes, stands up on the rubble and says “Katie? Katie is that you?” The paladins are ripped apart by the storms of emotions that come from the green lion. Everyone is crying and they can hear the Holts just saying mom over and over again. One second they’re voltron the next, the green lion is on the ground near her and three people are tumbling out of the mouth, running to meet Mama Holt. “Oh my god, my baby, my beautiful baby, you’re alive, you’re alive I knew they were lying, I’m so sorry, I thought I’d never see you again–oh my god Sam?! Matt! OH MYGOD YOU’RE ALIVE, YOU’RE ALIVE. Don’t you ever leave me again, I love you so much, where have you been, you’re alive, you’re alive, am I dreaming, oh my god” The other lions start to fly to other sides of the world, the yellow one goes to Hawaii, the black one heads to japan, the blue one starts to head to cuba when he realizes that the red one, is just staying there. Red and Blue head to Cuba together.

Each reunion is filled with screams and tears and hugs. Almost everyone doesn’t believe the paladins story, until they show the lions and the bayards. For the first time in what feels like years, they get to eat real food: manapua, saimin, nachos, yuca fingers, sushi, PIZZA, spam, rice. A shock comes to them a few hours later when Allura calls to them and says, Okay, get ready to say goodbye. Almost immediately she has 4 very angry mothers yelling at her over the coms “I JUST GOT THEM BACK -what? You want them back? I HAVENT SEEN MY SON IN OVER A YEAR - auwe, no. you one lolo if you think I’m gonna let him leave, half of the family is still stuck in traffic trying to get here! No, a’ole pilikia no no - bsolutely not! Showing up here with a lion and a boyfriend (he’s not my boyfriend) be quiet lance, I am talking . I swear you go to space and now you have no manners, no he is staying here for at least a few days - Have you even been feeding them? They are so skinny. (we have to eat this weird green goo) YOU’VE BEEN FEEDING MY FAMILY GOO? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU-why don’t you come down here and try rip my child from my cold dead hands, I don’t care if she can throw shiro who’s shiro- SHE THREW MY BABY? NOPE I DON’T CARE IF YOU ARE A GROWN MAN, YOU ARE NOT LEAVING, YOU ARE GROUNDED MISTER, DO YOU UNDERSTAND!-” this goes on for almost 20 minutes of different moms and dads and uncles and aunties yelling over one another about how they need at least a few days with their family. Finally allura and coran agree to 4 days on earth as long as the paladins are always ready to leave immediately if there is a distress call and Allura and Coran get to spend a day with each family.

Lance and Hunk almost immediately volunteer to bring the alteans down from the castle… it is very suspicious. However when they show up a few hours later with their lions full of nonperishable earth food it makes sense. No seriously, Hunk brought almost 70 pounds of rice with him and like 100 cans of spam and Lance brought almost every spice you could think of, their families were horrified when they realized they had had the same exact thing for almost every meal for months. All the paladins make frequent trips up to the castle, to bring family members to see it and to bring more food and clothes. They don’t know how long they’ll be paladins, but there is no way in hell they are leaving without some very essential items this time. Like their super soft blanket, another pair of shoes, a bucket filled with face cream, pictures of their family. In fact, by the second day, almost everyone has moved their entire room up into the castle. It’s like moving in for college, with the parents helping to decorate their child’s room and making sure they have everything. All this time pidge is working almost non stop to try create at least 4 long range communicators so the paladins can keep in touch with their family because she refuses to let them believe they are dead again. Shiro is enjoying tea with his mother and for the first time in a long time actually feels relaxed. Keith on the other hand is kinda overwhelmed by how many people there are in Lance’s house, but now he understands why Lance is loud and uncomfortable with the silence of space. Also Keith might fall in love with Mama Lance’s hugs, he’s never felt this warm and loved. Lance is so happy that he cries, multiple times, and is almost always in the middle of group hugs, and he easily falls back into the role of brother, uncle, and mama’s boy, he never wants to leave. Hunk spends almost all the time at the beach with his family. The sand beneath his feet, the tradewinds playing with his hair, the salty breeze, the sun warm on his skin, and the soothing sounds of a improv jam sesh with his uncles is everything he’s wanted.

The alteans are very surprised at how different each paladins’ family is. Hunk’s is large but relaxed. Shiro’s is small and peaceful. Lance’s is loud and chaotic. Pidge’s is quiet and silly. But the one thing that each family has is it exudes love and caring and accepting of the alteans.

Nothing is harder than the last day when everyone has to say goodbye. Allura and Coran go up to the castle first, giving the paladins their privacy. It hurts because everyone over age 13 knows that this might be the last time they see their family member. The parents hold onto their children softly crying because they are just kids, why do they have to fight in a war. Keith goes back next, visiting his desert home to pack everything up with him… and also possibly breaking into the garrison to steal back the stuff from Lance, pidge, and Hunk’s old room. His lion is actually filled by the time he’s flying up to the castle. Lance’s family insisted on giving him tons of food. Shiro heads back next. He and his mom go to a temple to pray and there is a tearful goodbye, especially when she says she is proud of him. His lion is filled with rice, seaweed, tea, noodles, fresh vegetables, plus small sprouts so he can grow them on the ship, and some family heirlooms his mom insisted on him taking to keep him safe. Pidge goes next, they managed to make a device that will allow the paladins to keep in touch with their family as long as they are in a nearby galaxy, it isn’t perfect, but it’s better than nothing. The last hug is long and warm and when pidge goes into their lion she let’s out a half sob because it’s filled to the brim with peanut butter and spare electrical parts. They have to stop themselves from running back out to her family. They make quick pit stops to each of the paladins families giving them the communicators and instructions on how to use them. The sleepless nights were totally worth it when all the parents give her thankful hugs with tears in their eyes. Hunk and Lance leave at the same time, they both know that if they don’t go together, neither of them will leave. Hunk’s last day is a huge luau with his entire extended family, most of his old classmates, and the whole neighborhood. His lion is filled with all the leftovers, more rice and spam, tons of fresh and dried fruits, and an 8 string ukulele so he can have the sound of home with him. His whole family sings Aloha ‘Oe to him as he walks into his lion and he cries freely. Lance’s spends his last day hugging every family member as much as possible. He takes tons of selfies with everyone, including all the pets. He has a long talk with his war vet grandpa about how he’s scared of not being good enough, but is reassured when his badass of grandpa says he was the same way. It’s a tearful goodbye and everyone hugs Blue together as he walks in. His lion is filled with tons of family pictures, a disk with a video from each family member and of course hella food and spices. He’s able to fly off with a smile on his face because he knows his family won’t forget him and he won’t forget his family.

Bonus: When they all get back to the castle they realize that the food storage room can’t fit all the food they have and have to clear out one of the extra bedrooms to store the food there. They literally have enough food for years. And everyone realizes how much they needed this. The things that were holding them back from fully devoting themselves to Voltron had been solved and the alteans now understand the paladins so much more.

Bonus Bonus: It was at this time that the alteans realize how freaking young the paladins are because now pidge has set up a clock/calendar that is synced up to earth time. Each of them say when their birthdays are so they can celebrate and Allura almost faints when pidge says their 16th birthday is coming up. Like what is this infant doing here what. This leads to a very interesting conversation where they realize that Shiro is still considered a baby by altean standards. Coran has to sit down when they explain that the oldest human to ever live only lived to 128 years, which is still child years for alteans.

Free Him - Headcanons [V]

Honestly ya’ll need to know that V deserved so much better

  • Okay so it’s no secret that V is extremely loyal
  • This man would love you to the ends and the Earth and back because when you’ve devoted yourself to him he’ll dedicate his entire being to making you happy, safe and comfortable
  • He’d never press you for anything but you can tell that he wants your love and whatever you give to him he’ll return tenfold
  • Wants to spoil you honestly 
  • He wouldn’t want to ever burden you with the things that are on his mind but if you sat down with him, pulled his head into your lap and stroked his hair then he’d eventually be eased into quietly telling you the things that are bothering him
  • His voice would be so soft while he tells you and he’d choke up and all you’d have to do is tell him that it’s all okay
  • Asks politely if he can take your picture so often because he thinks you’re just the most wonderful-looking thing
  • Seriously if you look on one of his memory cards between the sets from shoots there’s just candids of you laughing, smiling, just living life
  • Even though he’s going blind he still does his best to do his part around the house
  • Buys you flowers! All the time!
  • Enjoys having sprigs of lavender around the house because they’re bright and smell nice and just generally make him very happy
  • Usually he’ll wake up first and he’ll make you tea because he thinks the best way to start a day is with something warm to wake you up
  • But!! if you got up first and made him breakfast in bed with some nice tea and fresh sliced bread with jam he’d probably cry but at least he’d be extremely thankful and you’d sit together in early morning light sharing breakfast together and he’d be HAPPY
  • You’d lay in bed with him pulled close, gently stroking his back and whispering that he’s good enough and that he’s done so much for you and you just tell him how much you appreciate his love so he knows he’s valued

Canonverse AU - In which Levi joined the Survey Corps normally with Farlan and Isabel and Eren, Mikasa and Armin were the underground trio and they were the ones sent to capture them. Just think of thug!Eren waving the fact he escapes Levi multiple times right in front of his nose and Levi is furious because Isabel thinks he`s really cool. While Mikasa and Armin try to keep Eren away from Levi because they know he wants him and he has to remember Levi is a soldier who would capture them, but Eren can`t get over the beautiful raven.

some batfam hcs

— Tim is the smallest Robin, so half the time Batman would just lift him from the back of his cape like a scruffy pup when he got kicky

— All the Batkids think of Barbara as a big sis and admire and fear her a little, mostly Dick’s fault and his exaggerating stories

— Dick has a pranking streak, his no. 1 victim? Bruce

— Bruce is tired of Dick’s pranks honestly but he doesn’t stop the kid because he knows it grounds Dick a little to be lighthearted sometimes

— Then Damian joined in and now he’s got shaving cream on his face 8 times a week, not including the times he actually shaves

— Jason doesn’t say it but he named his helmet Horatio 

— Alfred keeps a small photo of little rambunctious Jason framed with the words ‘For Alf, the Real Dad of the house’ scribbled on the back. Jason gave it to him for making mint chocolate cookies one time, it’s so cute and exasperating and heartbreaking, he’s even got a hero pose and everything

—  Tim and Jason spend so much time together now they have their own inside jokes

— Dick, as a cop, knows the best coffee shops and bakeries in the city

— One time Tim walked into a 7/11 at 3 in the morning and bought 5 energy drinks. He’s become a frequent buyer since

992. After the war Harry got really ill several times because of stress and Mrs Weasley helped take care of him. It helped her continue on despite Fred's death and Harry was completely baffled by the care because he had never had someone help him while he was ill. Mrs. Weasley realizes this and goes batshit crazy and visits the Dursleys in an absolute rage over their neglect.

i don’t think y'all understand how bitter i am that bucky barnes never got to integrate himself into the avengers.

a good balance of therapy sessions and salt sessions with sam wilson. non-avengers think they hate each other, but the other avengers know you do NOT mess with either unless you want the other to Murder Your Ass

staying up ‘til 5AM with natasha, sharing horrible russian jokes and trading stories that alluded to the darker part of their lives, but never outright stated it (like how bucky loved the austrian winter, even if he was there to assassinate a politician. they catch the implications, but it’s a game of chicken that they’re both happy to play).

wanda and bucky both sharing their fears that HYDRA is everywhere. both accepting they are trying to become better people. both of them realizing they’re halfway there.

bruce, showing bucky how to manage his own little herb garden. both vision and bucky using said herb garden to work some magic in the kitchen; even if their earlier attempts elicit some muttered 'hail mary’s and steve’s strangled: 'it’s great, really, mm yeah, no, seriously, buck, why would i lie-’

tony showing him half-forgotten schematics of flying cars and laser guns and all the nerdy sci-fi things bucky read back in the 40’s - but brought to life. both understanding what it’s like to have a body part altered and forcibly integrated into their daily life. bucky sharing anti-itching recipes (mostly psychosomatic), and tony offering regular maintenance for bucky’s metal arm

clint brings his dogs. need i say more. (yea i need to say more. bucky trying desperately to show equal amounts love to all the dogs and nO CLINT JUST ONE MORE PAT FOR LUCKY I GAVE TWO MORE TO PIZZA WAIT- )

steve being slightly dismayed that bucky is getting the hang of modern lingo and trends, but also more happy than he has been in a long long time. both share the woes of super-strength and these thin pieces of technology people call phones. also waking sam up way too early for morning jogs. also, read: bucky meets memes and LOVES them

bucky barnes being part of the avengers team, and really shaping the century in a good way. bucky barnes finding a home in the avengers.

civil war was a clusterfuck sequel to the equal clusterfuck of age of ultron. give me back the avengers, a group of broken people mending each other, learning that saving themselves is just as important as saving the world.

993. If there had been no Voldemort, Sirius and James would've sent Harry when Remus became a professor at Hogwarts saying "Congrats on the job, now live your dream Professor! Oh and Harry, get in as much trouble as possible. Love you too Minnie!"

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Vespiquen Line Headcanons

(For anonymous. Thank you for being so patient!)

  • There is a popular brand of honeycomb biscuits known as Combites, which are moulded and iced to look like cutesy combees. They come in a variety of flavours including ginger, orange, strawberry, and chocolate, but honey is naturally the classic.       
  • Despite the fact that vespiquen’s body is lightweight and partially-hollow, scientists are still baffled as to how it manages to fly. 
  • Even though combees have three faces, they all share one brain, and thus have one personality. This separates them from other many-headed species such as zweilous and dodrio, whose heads have distinct identities. 
  • Although vespiquen cannot sting, they can nip with their pincers and even draw blood with their tiny claws. For them to attack is uncommon, however - more likely they will release a wall of combee and retreat from harm’s way.    
  • Combee honey is good for sore throats. Trainers will often feed it to their fire-breathing pokémon, as it can act as a salve after a particularly active battle. 
  • There are records of lone vespiquen attempting to control other small bugs with pheromones just as they do combees. It never works. 
  • Trainers can buy moulded compartments containing combee-shaped slots for their pokémon to sleep in. This has the effect of making them feel that they are nestled in close to masses of other combees, which is how they would sleep in the wild.
  • Research suggests that female combees are no less common than male ones, but that vespiquen will oust many female combees from the hive out of fear that they will evolve and usurp them. 

When Rhett tells the story of the time he punched John Carson to defend Link, here’s the parts he’ll leave out. 

He’ll leave out the part where his parents get called to the school to take him home, and that Rhett’s father arrives, lips pursed and expression blank. He’ll leave out the part where the principal tells his father that he’s suspended for three days.

He’ll leave out the fact that when his father finally growls “I’m ashamed of your actions,” during dinner, Rhett slams his hand on the table and says “I’m not!”

He’ll leave out the fact that he and his father had their first ever row over his actions, and that Rhett had roared “I’ll never let anyone hurt Link, ever!” over his father’s shouts about ‘disappointment’ and ‘reputation’.

He’ll leave out the silence that follows his exclamation, and the fact that he hears his mother sobbing quietly in the next room as he tries to fall asleep that night.

He’ll leave out his father clearing his throat from behind him as he brushes his teeth the next morning, before putting a hand on his shoulder and saying “How did I miss you growing into a man?”

He’ll leave out his mother’s three day silence, and then her, haltingly, telling him that she’d packed some lunch for Link as well, so they could ‘have a little picnic after school’.

He’ll leave out the part where Link kisses his knuckles during the picnic and mockingly call him his hero, even while his smile expressed nothing but gratitude and adoration. 

He’ll even leave out the part where he tells Link he’ll do it again.

For some reason, people seem to know about that last part anyway.