Some Iron Dad & Spider-Son Headcanons

Still working on a million wips that I keep meaning on posting, but I wanted to share some of my personal head canons:

  • Peter is super proud of being from Queens
  • Like you don’t even understand, this boy will get into arguments defending Queens
  • Once, when Tony and Peter were working on the Iron Spider suit together, Tony jokingly said that Manhattan was the best borough
  • He instantly regretted it when Peter dropped his screwdriver to send his mentor a glare which Tony secretly thought was as vicious as a tiny kitten’s glare
  • For 15 minutes Tony was forced to sit there as Peter ranted at how Queens was obviously the best borough with the best cold sandwiches around while Manhattan was just an overrated tourist trap
  • Tony will never admit it to anyone, but when he’s having a bad day he’ll shut himself in his lab and watch footage from Peter’s patrols
  • He has a couple of favorite moments from Peter’s patrols, like the time Peter had to help a little girl find her lost bunny in Flushing Meadows that ended with him taking a dip in Meadow Lake
  • Or when Pete helped a college aged student with his med chem homework after saving the student from being mugged
  • But Tony’s all time favorite moment from Peter’s patrols was the time that the kid stopped a robbery during a little boy’s birthday party
  • The robber had turned out to be the hired magician for the party, and the little birthday boy had been crushed to see his party ruined
  • So Peter, being the precious hero that he was, stayed for an hour at the party, showing off tricks to the little kids and even taking the birthday boy on a joyride with his webs
  • The parents of the little boy had offered to pay Spider-Man for both saving their home from being robbed and helping to save their son’s party, but he turned the money down (he did accept a piece of cake, however)
  • For a solid week the media had been positive that Peter was Tony’s secret illegitimate son
  • It took a press conference from both Pepper and Tony to quell those rumors, and to specify that Peter was just Tony’s personal intern which raised even more questions, some more dark than others that Tony made sure to squash down quick
  • When Tony’s birthday came around, Peter had no clue on what to get him
  • I mean, what do you give a billionaire that he already doesn’t own? Plus it’s not like Peter has a job
  • So instead of buying something, he spent a whole weekend locked in his room putting together Tony’s gift
  • When the day arrives Peter nervously heads over to Tony’s apartment 
  • The older he got the less and less Tony enjoyed parties, so instead of a giant party he instead just wanted a quiet movie night with his favorite people
  • So that meant it was just Pepper, Happy, Rhodey, and Peter
  • After dinner and a movie, Rhodey had left, Pepper went to do some quick paperwork, and Happy went to get the car ready to drive Peter home
  • Since it was just him and Tony in the apartment, Peter bashfully took out a flat, textbook-sized gift from his backpack 
  • “You didn’t have to get me anything, kid,” Tony had protested. Peter just shook his head and pushed the gift towards his mentor
  • “Just open it,” Peter said, watching as Tony curiously unwrapped what he realized was a book. 
  • Except Tony quickly saw it wasn’t just a regular book, but a scrapbook that Peter had obviously made.
  • Tony flipped through the pages and realized they were some of the best pictures he had ever seen
  • Some of the pictures were of him alone, working in his workshop on the Iron Man suit or training in the gym
  • Other were of him and Pepper, some being regular portrait shots while others were silly windows into their everyday lives; in one picture, Pepper was in the middle of laughing as Tony in the picture smiled lovingly at her
  • There were even pictures of Tony and Rhodey playing ping pong, and him and a drunk looking Happy at a bar
  • The last page was just a single picture, a selfie that Peter had taken with Tony in one of his labs
  • Tony had his arm around the kid as the two smiled at the camera
  • Under the picture was a simple note: Happy birthday, Mr. Stark! Thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me, you’re the best mentor in the world. You’ll always be my favorite hero. Hope you like all the pictures, I took all of them. -Signed, Peter Parker (PS, you’re also kind of like my dad now, so thanks for that too- you’re the best dad ever)
  • By the time Tony looked up Peter was fidgeting where he stood, a blush on his cheeks as he stared nervously at Tony
  • “So, do you, uh, like it?” Peter asked.
  • Instead of answering Tony put down that scrapbook on the coffee table carefully and walked over to Peter
  • Before Peter could ask again, Tony wrapped the kid in a hug
  • “I love it, I love you,” Tony said, squeezing the kid tight. “Thank you, son.”
  • Peter hesitated only a moment before returning the hug.
  • “Happy birthday, dad, love you too.”

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Can i request Bakugou meeting his biggest fan? Its like a lil dragon girl and has groud zero merch all over her like she might be a bigger fangirl then Izuku(even if its impossible) and he my boi being so proud he shows off he has the best fan. Just over all cuteness

Oh, this is darn cute~

Bakugou Katsuki:

  • Once be became a pro-hero, it was strange to Bakugou that a lot of his fans were older. Like in their early to late teens. It wasn’t that he didn’t mind teenage fans, but he did want some younger fans
    • Mostly because he remembered how much of an effect All Might had on his younger self and he kinda wanted to do the same to this generation of kids
  • So one day when he’s out walking, having just gotten off duty and still in his uniform, he’s startled when he hears a loud and abrupt scream from behind him.
  • Turning he sees a small girl with scales all over her body looking at him with wide eyes and a huge smile etched on her face. She quickly runs up to him, jumping around excited.
    • Her small body seeming ready to burst at the seams because she was seeing him
  • Bakugou takes her in more as she jumps in front of him. She’s wearing a black shirt with an orange X on it, her socks having lots of grenades draw on them and of course her school bag that was plastered with his symbol and face on the cover.
    • She was a fan… and a big one. That much he could tell.
  • She babbles on excitedly about how she had seen him a block away and had thought it was him but had to make sure. So she followed him and sure enough, it was the Ground Zero.
    • Bakugou smirks a bit, seeing as this girl definitely had the spirit. Reminded him a bit of himself when he was her age.
  • He leans down, asking for her school bag. She gives it to the hero without a second thought. He takes out a pen and one fo her notebooks, scribbling his signature inside for her
  • When he returns the book, she squeals hugging it close to her and gushing. Bakugou only shakes his head, now seeing maybe a bit of Deku’s excitement in her as well.
  • She pauses a moment, looking a bit embarrassed. Bakugou takes notice and asks her what’s eating at her. She takes out her phone, asking if it would be okay to take a photo.
  • Bakugou only chuckles, kneeling down next to his small fan and giving off one of his shit-eating grins. The girl snaps the photo a moment later, eyes wide.
    • She seems to really love it, which only makes him feel proud.
  • She bows to him once, saying her thanks once more. She turns to run back to where she came from, saying how she’d cherish this forever. Bakugou watches her go
  • When he finally carries on back home he can’t help the pride in his heart. People get on him for the type of behavior he displays as a hero… but if a little girl that sweet likes him… then he must be doing something right.

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Glasses Gays Headcanons

bc im a procrastinator on things that i actually need to do

  • Patton’s glasses fog up when he’s cooking sometimes
  • It’s low key irritating but when other people are with him he Puns it out
  • “Looks like it’s getting a little /steamy/ in here kiddos,” he says before he takes them off and rubs them on his shirt
  • “patton nO” -virgil
  • With logicality, their glasses both get in the way when they kiss
  • Logan and Patton both have contacts but never wear them
  • Patton doesn’t like putting things/his hands near his eyes (also Patton’s vision is so bad that contacts aren’t the best for him), and logan just likes how his glasses look on his face
  • Patton always forgets to clean his glasses and it infuriates logan
  • Still Not Being Able To See Things Even When Your Prescription Is Up-To-Date™
  • Logan laying down on his side before taking his glasses off and they smush into his face
  • Logan also hates the eye strain he sometimes gets after reading too long even though glasses are SUPPOSED to prevent that exact thing
  • Patton can barely see two inches in front of his face without his glasses, everything is a blur
  • Whereas with Logan, everything is just blurry
  • Yellow writing on white paper is the Worst
  • No one knows, but Patton actually has the progressive lenses, aka the fancy bifocals that don’t have the lines
  • Basically he can’t see anything without his glasses but logan can at least walk around without walking into things (mostly, kinda)
  • Also Patton is red-green colorblind too fight me
  • Sunglasses
  • Logan’s glasses fog up when he drinks coffee and it’s just irritating to him, not punny (but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t think them)
  • Roman trying on either of their glasses and being all “oh my god you are both bLIND”
  • He also gets instant pain from wearing them
  • idk, I can’t think of any more rn but other glasses wearers feel free to add on to this

Okay picture this

An older Kouta being all poser, still sporting his now very old red shoes, and looking at other Deku fans like: Well I liked Deku much before it was cool!

And then you have Eri - because she and Kouta will obviously be friends - a true accidental hipster admiring this one Eraserhead hero that no one has heard about ever.

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hello hello!! i love your blog!! can i get bakugou, todoroki, midoriya, and kirishima’s reaction to finding their s/o peacefully asleep on the sofa of the common room at the dorms?

Bakugou Katsuki:

  • Bakugou had come down to get a bottle of water before going back to his room to finally hit the sack. The common room was empty, no one in it except for him
  • So after he had gotten his water, he thought he might as well turn off most of the lights. It was getting late and everyone seemed to be in their rooms doing their own things already
  • So as he clicks a few lights off, he’s surprised to see his S/O on the couch, a few textbooks around them and fast asleep. They must have fallen asleep studying
    • He rolls his eyes, thinking of how dumb they could be to fall asleep here of all places
  • However… despite the fact that he wants to go to bed himself… he can’t help but want to make sure you are sleeping comfortably. Damn these feelings…
  • When you wake up later, you have no idea where this blanket came from… but you were glad for it. Whoever had given it to you seemed to have also left a glass of water for you.
    • Truly a sweet gesture, and one you wanted to thank the person for if you found out who they were.

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Todoroki Shouto:

  • It had gotten late, but as he trudged through the entrance to the dorms, Todoroki was glad to finally be back. Provisional lessons always seemed to last late into the night on some days…
  • As he makes his way to the staircase, his eye catches onto a figure resting on the couches. He pauses when his mind finally clicks that it’s his S/O sleeping there
  • He comes over quietly, looking at them sleeping so soundly. He wonders why they are sleeping here… a part of him thinking that maybe they were staying up to see him
    • And he’d be exactly right about that… but as the hours passed you fell asleep.
  • Todoroki sighs, seeing as he can’t leave you down here all night, but he also doesn’t want to wake you. And so, despite how tired he already was, he picks you up with ease
  • You mumble in your sleep a bit, seeming to recognize that it was him who was carrying you to bed. He gently hushes you, walking towards your dorm to let you sleep.
    • And as he leaves you to your dreams, he gently kisses your temple, hoping you’d continue to sleep peacefully.

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Midoriya Izuku:

  • Midoriya always started his day off early, as he needed to keep up with his training regiment. Those muscles would not stay forever if he wasn’t training after all.
  • As he descends the stairs, he can see the outline of his S/O asleep on the couch. They seem to have fallen asleep last night watching TV, meaning they had been down here all night
  • Midoriya bites his lip, trying to decide if it would be okay to move you to your bed. His face flushing a bit at the thought of you waking up to him holding you
    • Plus… the thought of someone seeing him carrying his S/O was also a bit embarrassing
  • Eventually, he decides that soon enough, more people would be downstairs… and so you should go to your room. He lifts you carefully and brings you back to your dorm
  • About 2 hours later when you wake up in your room, you try to recall how you got here. Or better yet, why Midoriya’s jacket is laid across your shoulders like a blanket
    • Laughing, you made a note to say your thanks to him when you saw him next.

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Kirishima Eijirou:

  • Kirishima had a bit of a bad habit of losing track of time, especially when he was on his phone. So when he came downstairs for a snack, he was shocked to see it was past midnight already.
  • Deciding it was time to hit the hay, he left the snack and made his way back upstairs. As he glanced out at the common room he paused, as he saw his S/O asleep on the couch.
  • He smiles softly, walking towards them and kneeling down a bit. Their breathing is soft and they seem so peaceful. But he doesn’t want them sleeping down here tonight
    • So ever so gently he shakes your shoulder in an attempt to wake you up.
  • You bat your eyes a bit, taking in that it was Kirishima in front of you. You ask him if he was okay and he nods. He explains it’s late and he wanted to bring you to your room.
  • You agree and he carries you there. And just as he leaves you, you ask him to stay for a bit. Your feet were cold and you wanted him to help warm them up.
    • Kirishima agrees, crawling into bed with you and wraps his arms around you tightly. And soon you both drift off to sleep once more.

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I have a headcanon that Dorian has a horrible middle name that he does not want anybody to know about. Its a name thats  embarrassing and cringe worthy. Leliana knows and she sympathizes with him that she strikes it from the records because being a spymaster she can do that. 

The Clay/Justin as brothers headcanons

that nobody asked me to do. But who cares, I wanted to write this, so here we go:

  • Justin decides to keep his surname (Foley) because no matter what, he still loves his mom,
  • but sometimes he’ll try say Justin Jensen in front of the mirror and he likes it a lot.
  • Clay and Justin agree to keep the adoption a secret from their friends until it’s official
  • or at least that’s what Justin believes, because Clay needed their friends’ help to organize the best surprise “Adoption Party
  • and Justin didn’t cry at all that day
  • Clay did struggle at first, but he never gave up on Justin
  • Justin ends up telling Clay about the time he planned to kill him
  • Clay laughs but he puts paper cups around his bed that night, just to be safe.
  • They share the bedroom and they always bicker because Justin is really untidy.
  • Justin helps Clay with girls and Clay helps him with school (and that makes Clay cry because it reminds him of Jeff).
  • It takes time but Justin opens up to Clay about his old homelife
  • and Clay tells him about seeing Hannah after she died. 
  • At school nobody dares to lay a finger on Clay ever again, because Justin can be really protective (and vindicative) 
  • They end up going to the same college, but they tell anyone who asks that it was just a coincidence.

Headcanon: Dating Stephen Strange would include

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WARNINGS: Mentions of sex!


  • When you met he was an asshole.
  • You didn’t like him at all, but Ancient One ordered you to train him along with Mordo.
  • He used to think he knew everything, but he didn’t and that was the main reason you hated him and his ego.
  • You don’t talk too much, just the necessary for him to obey his training.
  • Sometimes you even complain and yell at him to do it right.
  • Stephen improves incredibly fast on Mystic Arts.
  • You’re surprised and eventually start to talk more with him, slowing down the burden of the training.
  • Even he started making compliments to you.
  • You doubted to do the same, but he’s kind towards you.
  • Which is shoking.
  • You know he’s worthy of his power when he manages to defeat Kaecilius and Dormammu.
  • Both of you apologize for being rude and Stephen for having a big ego and being narcissist.
  • Your first kiss is on the roof on the Sanctuary.
  • He comforts you when you remember Ancient One and how she helped you through your traumatic past and problems.
  • And you comfort him everytime he has nightmares or remembers his old life and his job.
  • The cloak loves you.
  • Cuddling and sleeping together on his office.
  • Making out on every opportunity you have.
  • Wong teasing you both for your PDA.
  • Sex is amazing.
  • He’s gentle and always caress you, making sure he would worship your body.
  • But sometimes when he’s stressed, he’s dominating you and fucking you rough until you scream.
  • However, he lets you take control and having your way with him.
  • He loves it.
  • You both love each other and try to save the universe from mystic menaces.

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For your requests, can I plz ask for a domestic au with bakugou X reader (with their daughter) ? Like it's bakugou's birthday and just a bunch of fluffiness? XD thank u!

Had this written up already… only for Tumblr to delete the entire post… Still kinda pissy… but I hope that my second time writing these is just as good as the first time. RIP me

Bakugou Katsuki:

  • Bakugou had never been a big fan of his birthday, as he never liked to get the attention he thought he didn’t deserve. Being born wasn’t some great thing…even as a child he only wanted the presents and nothing more.
  • This, however, call changes once his baby was born. His birthday still wasn’t what he got excited about… but rather seeing his little daughter get excited about it
    • It was obvious to everyone that Katsuko adored her father… and loved anything involving him. So an entire day about him was amazing to her
  • The morning began very peacefully, but very different as well. And as Bakugou sat up, he couldn’t help but notice you were missing from his bed. 
  • The sounds of his daughter promising to carry it carefully and the smell of food meant he had a small idea of what would be greeting him this morning.
  • The door opened a moment later and you walked in behind the excited two-year-old. Bakugou rolled his eyes, seeing that already this day was starting out in his favor.
  • Katsuko bounced over to his side of the bed, doing her best to climb up. The present in her hands making her be extra cautious. Eventually, Bakugou reached down and lifted her onto the bed.
  • Katsuko thanked him before taking a seat near her father. Her mother strode over towards her father, placing his meal on the bedside table. His favorite and a steaming cup of coffee
    • “It’s too early for this shit…” Bakugou groaned.
  • You rolled your eyes, walking over to your own side of the bed and sitting down. Katsuko looked at you and you nodded. In the next second, she put her gift into her father’s lap.
    • Well, your daughter was too excited to give you her gift, so she couldn’t wait another second.” You chuckled, watching your daughter.
  • Bakugou nodded, taking her gift and beginning to unwrap it. Katsuko jumped excitedly on the bed, making it bounce slightly. You giggled as you watched her.
    • “I made it! I made it!” She chanted as her father finally opened the item.
  • To anyone else, it would look like an ordinary framed photo of a family trip to the mountains… but to Bakugou, he could see his daughter’s own little touches.
    • The crudely drawn images of him as a hero were along the frame. Her own little touch to an already very sweet gift.
  • Bakugou smiled softly, reaching to place the photo on his bedside. he gently took his little girl onto his lap a moment later. He kissed her ash blonde locks a moment later.
    • “I don’t hate it.”
  • Katsuko’s eyes lit up, smiling happily that she had made her daddy so happy. She had been very worried he wouldn’t like it. But seeing him right away put it on his nightstand for him to always see meant the world to her.
  • As Katsuko happily played with your father’s hand, tracing the lines and scars on it, Bakugou turned to you. A smirk rose to his features as he looked at you
    • “I doubt you can top Katsuko’s gift, woman… it’s pretty damn great.”
  • You snorted, not believing you were competing with your small daughter over who had the best present to give Bakugou. But alas… this was your husband after all.
    • “Well my gift is pretty good.. but maybe not as good as Katsuko’s”
  • Bakugou smirked, turning his head to reach for his coffee. You smirked yourself, seeing now would be the best time to give him his gift. And with that, you decided to tell him.
    • “Katsuki… I’m pregnant.”
  • You’d later spend Bakugou’s birthday running the washing machine to get rid of the coffee stains… but at least the news had shut your husband up. 
    • And more than anything… Katsuko was excited to be a big sister.

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