for a while i wanted to design the quartz dogs in their uncorrupted forms so here they are

from left to right: orange, ocean, biggs, picture, bruneau, green, red, purple

the lines mark their heights, the names on the lines indicate which gem has which height. orange jasper is there mostly for reference

bruneau is slightly crouched so her actual height is higher than where her head is on the pic. also you cant see it from this angle but her face has a pattern on it:

[please do not use my art and my designs without my explicit permission]

393. Ravenclaws actually have a very strange sense of humor, where historical references and any other intellectual connection to represent a funny situation is the center of the joke. Witty jokes and smart metaphors are the most valued, and sometimes it can get annoying because the other houses may not understand every joke, and because once they start no one can put an end

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So it was confirmed that Shiro was an old time friend of the Holts, enough to have dinner at their house like it’s a recurring thing. I like to think Shiro was almost like family to them and I can’t help but think about Shiro talking about Keith to them and Matt saying how much this Keith’s personality seems to match Katie’s, because both are stubborn and reckless.

Just Shiro and Matt having good laughs over these two people they love a lot.

Shiro saying he wants to introduce Keith to Matt and Sam someday.

Think about this.

more batfam hcs

— Cass carries puppies belly-up like babies. She even carries Titus like that. All the kids have pics of huge, grumpy Titus on Cass’s little arms

— Dick is allergic to crawfish and he found out on a gala night. Bruce had a fit when he saw his small boy swell up like a watermelon, and now he always has EpiPens ready because Dick unironically loves seafood

— You know who hates seafood, tho? Tim (and Damian, for different reasons)

— Steph has really bad sense of direction. She got lost the first time she rode alone to the Wayne Manor. She went in circles around the whole damned estate, gave up, and when she told Tim, he couldn’t stop laughing about it for days. “How could you not see the building??”

— Jason knows how to cook well, but don’t ask him to bake anything. The last time he baked something, there was soot in the ceiling and a cake blew up

— Bruce mixes up names so often, it’s become a meme between the batboys. Dick responds to Tim, Tim responds to Jason, Jason responds to Damian, and Damian responds to “the short one”.

— Tim has a rigorous alarm schedule for his ADD medication

— Cass emulates Bruce sometimes, and it scares the living crap out of Dick when he hears something Bruce would say through her tiny quiet voice

— Jason’s favorite color is blue (:

— On movie nights, Bruce ends up crushed under all his sons and daughter snoring on top of him. Sometimes it gets him teary eyed because this, this is his family, and Jason why is your knee jabbing my ribs, please


“Jack it is FIVE IN THE MORN-”

I confess, this drove me a little nuts for a bit.

Because everybody was clearly awake earlier. And now they’re all passed out and it’s 5am?? Um, hello, it only takes 45-60 minutes (in the dead of night, assuming no road construction issues*) to get from one place to the other.

My brain just couldn’t cope.

So of course, I tried to figure it out. As a result, I’ve decided that the Falcs were playing the Blackhawks that night.

Why Chicago?

A Chicago game means Central time, so a 7pm start is 8pm Eastern.

Say the game ends at 10:30, give or take. They’ll do press, change, and head to the airport, give that an hour or so, so let’s say take-off is around midnight, and it’s a 2hr15min flight from Chicago to Providence.

Part of why I worried that more time couldn’t be built in there is that Shitty says in 3.9 that Jack’s game-winning goal was 2 hours ago. Let’s be generous, since Shitty’s got a drink and is, well, Shitty so it’s likely he’s high, and say that that comment about the ~10:20ish goal happens somewhere around 1am. (mayyyyyybe as last as 1:30. maybe.)

Finish the conversation out, Bitty drops the pie, and goes upstairs. There’s a few more minutes in there, let’s be generous and say that by the time he gets upstairs and starts his many (many) calls to Jack, it’s between 1:30 and 1:45.

Jack’s not going to end up landing until 2:15 at the earliest, let’s say 2:30/2:45 by the time he gets to his car and Bitty gets through to him for real. (Bitty. Honey. If Shitty hasn’t come up to check on you at this point, he’s not going to. Clearly he knows you need some alone time.)

They talk for at least half an hour or 45 minutes, with Jack pulled over to be safe, which takes us to 3:15 or 3:30.

An hour, let’s say, to drive to Samwell (4:30).

You park that car, Jack, but oops - no parking nearby. It’ll take a few minutes to circle around and find that spot. Text Bitty to see if he’s awake, and, well, it’s the polite thing to do to wait and see if he responds. (4:40)

Screw it, he hasn’t answered, but Jack isn’t willing to wait any longer. He knows how to get into the Haus, (probably) nobody is awake, and even if they are, he can’t bring himself to care at this point. So he texts Bitty again, asking Bitty to let Jack in, just in case he’s awake and didn’t respond for some reason.

And so by the time Jack gets to the door, soaking wet, and Bitty meets him there, it’s 4:45 or 4:50, which is totally close enough for the 5am comment.


*Or, you know. Jack got stuck in an extra hour and change worth of road construction traffic between Providence and Samwell. Sadly entirely plausible.

When Remus Realised That He Was In Love With Sirius Black...


  • Remus couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment that he fell in love with his best friend, he decided maybe that he had always known deep down that there was something different about how he saw him compared to the others. But once he had realised his affections it became so blaringly obvious that every one of Sirius’ actions reminded him of it. Everything action reminded of him of why the borders of friendship and something more had dangerously blurred.
  • How he made Remus feel more than the monster inside of him. Made him feel real, the happiest he had felt in so long and much happier than a monster could ever be.
  • How he never minded staying up late with him just reassure him once again that yes, you do belong here.  That he is worthy of the friends he has as he tirelessly tried to convince him to ease the torture he put himself through. Smoothing his hair back and holding him to chest he whispered in attempt to calm him down whilst not wanting to draw the attention of their roommates to the situation. The curtains of his bed pulled right around the pair- Moony hated thinking he was causing a scene.
  • How he had excitedly bounded into the room stumbling over his words trying to tell him of how the transformations were going to become a little easier now. How he shushed his protest before stubbornly insisting “When have we ever been the ones to desert you in your hour of need. No, you don’t get a choice in this.” How he had planned out every detail to such a foolproof degree not even Remus could find a fault to latch onto and try convince him to stop.
  • How every time he woke aching and bruised in the shack the distinct weight of padfoot could be felt pressing carefully into his side. When he first stirred the dog was up nuzzling his face and giving him a small lick of compassion, before moving to lap at all the fresh wounds that covered his body. The dog was matted and damp from the previous night but god, Sirius was there. He had stayed through it all and that meant more than anything.
  • How Sirius dipped into the dorm in between lessons the next day, just to check in on him- occasionally taking the day off when Remus was too drained to fight back. He brought him notes from classes that he didn’t have his own in, in neat cursive rather than his usual scrawl. Sitting on the edge of Remus’ he told tales of all the stupid things James was doing in lessons, in desperate attempt to distract from the pain wracking his friends body.  He stayed up late into the night completing essays that Remus had long forgot about due to previous evening and turning up empty handed to lessons himself the next day, more than willing to take the detention heading his way.
  • How he understood that sometimes Remus didn’t want to talk, he just wanted company.
  • How he absentmindedly traced scars through thin clothing that he had memorised the exact position of on Remus’ pale skin to a worryingly accurate degree. The heat of his fingers making Remus shiver slightly. The act, though so simple, felt intimate and caring.  
  • How strong arms slung round the back of the sofa behind him before dropping after a few minutes to rest of Remus’ bony shoulders.  
  • It was all the little things, Remus decided, that had built up into the big problem that were his feelings for Sirius Black.

Dating Peter Maximoff would include:

(The X-Men headcanon no one asked for)

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  • He loves using his speed to take things from your hands and run off again.
  •  Which ensues a lot of “GODDAMNIT PETER!” on your part.
  •  He loves you playing with his hair especially right before bed it relaxes him.
  • Tugging on his hair however ensues a rather different emotion.
  • Peter surprises you with kisses at least twice a day a minimum.
  • Hugs are also great.
  •  After apocalypse broke his leg you would so dote on and spoil the shit out of him.
  •  And the little shit that he is will enjoy every minute of it.
  • If you’re crying, he will wrap you in blankets and just hold you until you stopped.
  • Then he’ll go consider murder if someone made you feel like that.
  •  Cheeky little shit is his main nickname.
  • Along with Sonic.
  • Whenever Peter’s feeling sad and/or crying you will do something similar to Peter and hold him however you’ll eventually grab his face and try to ease him into calming down.
  •  Playing video games is also thing that happens.
  • Lovey dovey dork relationship that’s for sure.


anonymous asked:

You said that the integrity soul killed a lot of monster before their death, so how many monsters each of the humans killed during their time in underground?

Ah pfff, without giving any real specifics, here’s random headcanon time again:

Teal - none

Orange - one or two

Blue - a lot

Purple - none

Green - none

Yellow - several

Pick-Up Lines
  • Draco:One night with me and they'll be calling you MOANING Myrtle.
  • Harry:What the hell?
  • Draco:I must have had some Felix Felicis, because I think I'm about to get lucky.
  • Harry:I don't think so.
  • Draco:Your name must be Severus Severus, because you're making my prince full blood.
  • Harry:God, shut it.
  • Draco:I wanna stick my half-blood prince inside your chamber of secrets, and release the prisoner of azkaban to give you the deathly hallows.
  • Harry:Seriously, where did you get this shit?
  • Draco:*looks up from his phone* From the muggles.

matching nicomaki ssr’s make me happy because nicomaki photoshoot headcanons tho

they’re both vain as hell but also childish as hell so while the majority of the camera roll is pretty good there’s the odd shot of nico smacking maki with her broom or maki volleying the ball into nico’s face. the only real reason their photoshoots aren’t a complete mess is based on the mutual belief that they need to look their hottest At All Times

Okay, back when Ronaldo was a backgrounder and had only appeared in Cat Fingers. I headcanoned that him and Lars would hang out with each other as buddies. Before, I saw his blog, I thought that it would feature co-stars on the blog like from the cool kids, Pedee ,Kiki, and Sadie with Lars as the co-star of the blog. The blog would have a section where Lars would show off his cooking skills and everyone would balance out Lars and Ronaldo out. Sadie, Peedee ,Lars and Kiki were my top skeptics. I had headcanoned that the blog would ship tease Larsadie and Kikinaldo.


Soft!Dex headcannons

-his fav clothes to wear around his dorm is a baby pink hoodie and pastel blue sweats
-his fav colour is purple
-when he goes home over break his younger sister gives him flower crowns to get him through to the next holiday
-he currently owns about 30
-his fav on is made up of blue bells, daisy’s and lily’s all in varying shades of pastel purple
-he wants to die his hair but he’s worried that when his hair grows through natural again it will be a darker shade of red
-he loves his light red (hella orange) hair

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