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okay im sorry but ive been reading wayyyyy too many superhero AU’s but can we just step back and imagine for a second:

  • Nico di Angelo being able to manipulate the shadows and get to McDonalds before anyone else.
  • Chiron being a leader of like 50 kids, all with superhero powers
  • Chiron making rules like no interaction with civilians, whats so ever
  • And Nico being like ‘okay, cool. i dont really give a fuck’
  • but then will motherfucking solace
  • saves his ass from something, probably from not eating enough since will is always looking out for others
  • will being a fucking intern or something at a hospital and one day realizing holy shit i can heal people with my hands this shit aint normal but refusing to tell anyone since it’s like Xavier’s school for gifted kids you dont know and they find you
  • but no one finds will until nico saves his ass
  • nico accidentally being hit by a bus or something and will already being at the scene and is like holy shit that’s the hot guy that saved me from a mugger or something
  • and then he, like, makes up some lie and drags nico’s body off the street or whatever and something happened and he’s like “okay, dont freak out”
  • but nico doesnt tell will about the camp or whatever because he wants him to have a normal life 
  • but eventually will gets too nosy and follows nico after a freaking date or something and sees this shit and is like. what. the. fuck
  • and nico has to make up an excuse
  • they make a freaking emergency demigod ambulance thing
  • making out in superhero suits
    im sorry i just cant get it out of my head

lesbian jackie lynn thomas icons!! free to use!!
don’t need to credit me, just don’t claim as your own!
send me a request on who i should do next/with what pride icon!

hunk headcannons

some happy/angsty hcs for our fave cinnamon roll hunk bc as @pining-keith pointed out, we ain’t got enough headcannons of this boy missing home!!

  • hunk’s moms (i love this hc) owned a restaurant and were super passionate about food (they actually met at culinary school), that’s where hunk got his love for cooking from and loved to cook with his family
  • since he was a kid, hunk liked to take walks (in parks, beaches, anywhere) and take in the different sights.. his favourite thing to look at was the sunrise and sunset with his moms.. like every weekend and any time they could they’d drive super early in the morning to a nice cliff or hill to watch the sunrise. they did this the day before hunk was to leave for the garrison
  • when he was smol, hunk broke his arm and the poor boy was terrified of getting an operation, but his mom and mamma gave him a necklace that was to be like a good luck charm to keep him safe
  • at the garrison, hunk didn’t want to get the necklace damaged so he kept it under his pillow/in his drawer to keep it safe. and he’d always look at it when he missed his moms
  • time skip to when team voltron have been in space for about 2+ months and one night hunk can’t sleep. he can’t get over how much he misses his family. he used to cook at times to relive the happy memories of cooking with his moms. that always made him feel better, but this time it didn’t work.
  • he longs to see the necklace he got from his parents, its the one thing he always had to remember them by, and now it’s gone. stuck on earth. maybe forever. what if he never gets to see his family again? to go on walks with them, to sit in and watch silly movies when he’s back home, to cook together, to sing and dance, to get video calls when he’s at the garrison and tell them how much he missed them and loved them
  • it’s not the first time since he got to space hunk finds himself crying, but it’s the first time that he doesn’t hold back from letting the tears fall 

Headcanon that sometime during 8th yeah Harry and Draco started dating. And at first it’s just a casual thing but the longer it goes on the more it means and the more they help each other heal.

Except the end of year is swiftly approaching and neither one of them can admit how they fill or ask the question “what happens when we leave?”

So on their last day Harry takes Draco flying to a spot hidden in the woods. And Draco is caught off guard because it’s just a little dead field in the middle of an otherwise overgrown forest and just frowns in confusion like “this field is dead, potter, why are we here?”

And Draco watches as Harry drops to the ground, fingering a blade of brown grass as he tells him “I think the curse killed it. It still grows but it won’t turn green anymore” and before Draco an ask what he means Harry keeps talking and finally tells Draco how he actually died during the final battle and came back.

“I think maybe I can’t be fixed, like this field. So sometimes I come here here because…because even though it’s dead it’s still growing and I guess It makes me feel less alone.”

“You’re not alone,” Draco whispers, tentatively sitting down as close to him as possible, their sides pressed up together as he pulls him back until their laying together staring up as the last rays of the days sun begin to fade.

And sitting there staring at potter and realizing how close he was to losing him and just how easy he could lose him now he reaches out to take the other boys hand and links their fingers and whispers “I love you, Harry”

“I love you too,” he says, his voice softer than Draco has ever heard.

And as the sun sets on their last day at Hogwarts Draco knows that their life together is just beginning.

Easter HC’s

Happy Easter my loves!

(If you don’t celebrate Easter then… Happy Sunday!)

((And if you prefer the religious aspect of the holiday then…. um… Amen? IDK IM NOT RELIGIOUS IM SORRY))

I felt that, since we currently aren’t accepting requests, I would write a little HC with some Easter themes for you guys!

Okay enough talking, here you go my dudes <3 ~Admin 404


               -He wanted to do something a little different for Easter

               -Instead of the standard basket full of goodies, he wanted to have some fun! Play around! Go outside for once!

               -“It’s so nice outside… it’d be a shame if we didn’t enjoy it…. if we just sat in here…. doing nothing….” “Yoosung are you okay? Are you sick?”

               -He grabbed two spoons, a bucket with some unfilled water balloons, and your hand, dragging them all outside

               -You helped him fill up a bunch of water balloons, laughing when you realized they had little patterns on them like Easter eggs or little bunny faces

               -He announced the two of you were going to have a spoon and egg race, but with water balloons!  

               -But he gets really competitive? But it’s always really playful, never hurtful!

               -He’s knocked the spoon so the water balloon drops, or he bumps into you on “accident”

               -After his 7th win, he’s laughing at you and gloating that “Shooting Star” is the best Water balloon racer there ever was. He stopped laughing when you hit him in the face with a water balloon

               -The rest of the race turned into a water balloon fight. The both of you ended up completely soaked, running, and giggling like children. Once you were out of water balloons though, you two used the spoons as if they were swords and continued to run around like complete dorks


               -“BABE WAKE UP I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU” “Zen it’s 6 in the morning this better be important or I’m killing you”

               -He has you get dressed, hands you a piece of paper, and shoves you out of the house?? This early in the morning?? He won’t unlock the door?? YOU’RE GONNA FUCKING KILL HIM

               -The piece of paper had a location on it and a memory he had written down on it- it was the coffee shop the two of you and Jaehee frequent. When you got there, the manager handed you a basket with a single plastic egg in it, and another piece of paper with- surprise- another location and memory associated with it

               -After a while, the scavenger hunt got harder and harder. He’d write down a memory and you’d have to start to figure out where to go next

               -At each place, you found a single plastic egg. Curiosity got the better of you and you opened a few of them

               -Inside were different puzzle pieces? He put together a scavenger hunt for puzzle pieces? What kind of moNSTER

               -The last clue sent you home where he sat at the living room table, waiting for you

               -He helped you put the puzzle pieces together, the pieces revealed the picture you were putting together was your favourite photo of the two of you, with “I love you” scribbled in his handwriting in the corner

               -You absolutely loved it and couldn’t stop smiling at how dramatic and over the top he was with it, but it was still super cute! But there was a puzzle piece missing? You turned to ask him about it and you found him holding up a plastic egg covered in glitter. You opened it to find not only the last piece, which was a picture of a heart, but also a ring.

               -He turned a nice shade of pink but had the brightest smile when he saw your eyes light up. The whole day was amazing, fun, and just absolutely beautiful. You loved all of it, and especially him, there was no way you could say no


               -She woke up that Sunday to find your shared living room covered in hand-made paper decorations, coloured construction paper scattered across the floor, a basket full of goodies she couldn’t quite make out, and you standing in the center of the chaos with a large smile on your face

               -“MC, do you care to explain what all of….this… is?” She asked, side-eyeing the large paper rabbit you’ve hung against the bookshelf

               -“It’s all part of a game! It’s the Bunny Hop game! We pick these coloured cards, and move to that colour, sort of like Candyland!”

               -You gestured over to the basket sitting at the end of the “board”, and gave her the brightest grin you could

               -“Winner gets the basket of goodies!!! Okay okay, come over here!! Hurry, hurry!”

               -She laughed at your enthusiasm and joined you at the start, taking turns moving across the “board” from colour to colour


               -At the end of it all, she finally realized that you had rigged it so she would win. The basket was full of some of her favourite coffee beans, a bunch of caramel chocolates, some rare Zen merchandise, and a gift card for her favourite book store

               -She had no words?? You literally set this game up just for her to win? This is the sweetest thing anyone’s done for her in a long time

               -The two of you shared her chocolates throughout the rest of the day as she’s cuddled against you. As a thank you for the day, she cooks one of your favourite meals for dinner. she also makes you play the bunny hop game a few more times because?? Its cute and fun and she just wants to enjoy it let her have this


               -On Easter, you wake up to a basket full of goodies, correct?

               -When you live with Jumin, you wake up to like 5 different baskets

               -There’s even a basket for Elizabeth omg what a cutie

               -EACH BASKET HAS THEMES!!!

               -A few are full of items pertaining to your favourite interests/hobbies, another is dedicated to candies and chocolate, and the largest was by far the one he was most excited about

               -It held a beautiful outfit, dazzling accessories, and even some shoes??

               -He was grinning from ear to ear when you turned to ask him about it and he held out some tickets towards you

               -A play?? This dude’s seriously taking you to a play?? What a NERD but you couldn’t help but get just as excited who’s the nerd now, mc????

               -IT WAS ACTUALLY THE CUTEST LITTLE PLAY ABOUT AN EASTER BUNNY BRINGING GIFTS AND JOY TO CHILDREN AND YOU CAN’T BELIEVE THIS DORK TOOK YOU TO THIS (it wasnt even a play pertaining to the religious aspect of the holiday?? it was a grown man in a bunny suit?? and he loved every minute of it??)

               -When the two of you got home, you gave him his own Easter basket, full of cat-themed accessories, bottles of his favourite wines, and a hand-made coupon book full of tasks and actions he can cash in on (which he laughed at because?? you both knew you’d do any of these if he just asked)


               -It was too early in the morning and Saeran was pissed at the both of you

               -He had to hide dozens and dozens of plastic eggs around the house for the both of you to find

               -But Saeyoung was COMPETETIVE AS FUCK

               -He loves you, MC, but he’s gonna find the most eggs. He’s gonna get the most candy. He will reign supreme


               -There was one up like in the door of the attic? You found Saeyoung dangling from the opening

               -“Uuuuh MC, since you’re soo nice and sooo amazing…” “I’m not bringing you the ladder” “MC PLEASE”

               -He actually threw a pity party in the corner of the living room when he lost the Easter egg hunt? “YOU’RE BEING A CHILD, MAN UP, CHOI” “LEAVE ME ALONE MC”

               -At the end of the day though, the two of you sat watching cliché Easter movies and eating the pounds of chocolate the two of you collected

               -It’s not surprising that the two of you ended up in a sugar induced coma, spread out of the couch. Saeran looked at the two of you in disgust as he stole a handful of his brothers candy, so you’d have more than him when the two of you woke up


               -Why is there a large canvas sitting in your living room whERE IS THE FURNITURE

               -V was standing there in an old t-shirt and shorts, smiling at you proudly, which makes you question just what he has planned

               -The entire room is covered in layers of old sheets, painters paper, and cartons upon cartons of eggs scattered about the floor

               -“MC! Look! We can make art with paint instead of photos this time!” “But V, you have your camera set up right here, it’s set for rapid fire” “No it’s not, ignore that” “IT’S RIGHT HERE” “No it’s not”

               -Once you’ve changed into the appropriate painting attire, you look around for some brushes, and more importantly, some paint

               -You watched as he picked up an egg, smiled at you, and threw it at the canvas. The egg shattered, leaving a large paint splatter across it. That’s when it clicked that the eggs are hollowed out and full of different coloured paint

               -The two of you take turns just throwing different colours, laughing, and shoving each other playfully

               -After a while, throwing the eggs at the canvas turned into throwing them at each other. He even smashed a few full of light blue paint over your head

               -“Look, MC, now you’ve got hair like mine”

               -The fight didn’t end until the both of you were covered head to toe in paint, and he had enough pictures of the two of you playing to make a full scrapbook of its own. You even laid on the ground and made a paint angel, and he drew a little halo above you and everything


               -He watched in confusion as you filled a ton of different bowls full of vinegar and food dye

               -You had almost every colour you could think of and he wasn’t sure what you were even going to do with it?

               - After an explanation that, you take hard boiled eggs and set them in the liquid so you can colour and decorate them, he was just left with more questions

               -“Why would you do that? Couldn’t you just eat it? What’s the point?” “Stop asking questions and just dye some eggs”

               -He watched you use a clear crayon to draw some designs on the eggs, dip them in multiple colours, and tried to do the same

               - his first few eggs were literally just black

               -He actually enjoyed drawing little bunny faces on some of them. There were even little egg versions of the two of you!

               -A while later, he realized that the dye sort of…dyes your skin, so he wanted to mess with you

               -He got a paint brush and started to paint little pictures on your arm while you tried to finish dyeing the eggs

               -But it was really relaxing and you couldn’t help but let him do it. By the end of the night, the two of you were not only naked, but you guys were covered in adorable little paintings! He loved them a lot and didn’t want to wash them off in all honesty. Though the two of you reeked of vinegar and Saeyoung had to exaggerate and wear a clothespin on his nose the whole next day

Batboys react to finding out they their s/o is pregnant

The headcannon no one asked for but you are getting anyways. Note: Duke and Damian are older in these.


- Freaks out

- Like yeah he can handle kids, he has a lot of them running around.

- But this man has never dealt with babies.

- The great Batman is scared.

- Tells Alfred first before the rest of the family.

- Alfred already has the cradle ready before the boys find out.


- Super excited.

- Tells everyone in the family.

- Constantly asking if she is okay.

-At all the appointments.

- Cries when he sees the baby. 

- Happiest day of his life.


- Freaks out. Like he can’t be a dad.

- Doubts he will be any good.

- Then he sees her crying scared that Jason doesn’t want to be with her.

- Holds her and tells her everything will be okay even if he doesn’t know if it will be.

- Doing his best.

- Goes to Roy for advice because he wants to be there for her and the baby.

- Greatly concern for their safety. Like no one is touching his child or his girl.

- He constantly needs to be told he is going to be a great dad.

-And he is one once the baby is born.


- Doesn’t understand or process it fully at first.

- It is only when he sees the positive test that it fully comes to him.

- Already running through everything that needs to be done in his head.

- He isn’t speaking which just scares her more.

- Finally he just smiles because he is going to be a dad.

- Really excited but scared underneath.

- Goes to Bruce for help.

- Alfred becomes the king of advice as well.


- Excited, nervous, and scared.

- Wants to be there for his girl and the baby.

- Part of him is sad though because his parents aren’t there to be grandparents.

- Wants the child to have the best life.

- He goes to every doctor appointment and keeps the pictures of the sonogram for others to see.

- Constantly telling the rest of the family.

- He can never stop smiling.


- He is with Jason in the freaking out department.

- His first concern is for his s/o.

- He has no idea how to raise a child since the League kind of raised him in a very nontraditional way. 

- Promises to give her and the baby the best life possible.

- Concern on getting the best doctor possible.

- Starts to takes nights off when it is closer to the baby being born.

- Loves to feel the baby kick.


- In shock for awhile.

- Gives her the biggest hug he can. Then worries he crushed the baby.

- Already asking a thousand questions a minute.

- Goes to read up on everything to deal with babies.

- Ask if she is having any weird cravings already.

- Makes a giant announcement to the Batfamily and the Fox family.

If you’re queer reblog this with as much about your identity/personality as you care to share and your hogwarts house and I’ll come up with some headcanons for you (characters like you, interactions with other characters, place in the Hogwarts Queer Student Alliance, etc.)

- an aroace genderfluid Ravenclaw

Ok but Alex Standall...

• Would most definitely be the one to sit in the front of someones car and turn the music up to as loud as anyone could stand it. It would most likely be Zachs car as from listening to the tapes he mainly trusts him the most.

• “Ugh, this is such a good song!” He would scream and his hand would instantly dart to the dial to turn the radio up.

• And he would sing. At the top of his lungs and roll down the windows and scream the lyrics to passers by on the pavement.

• Zach never tried to shut him up because to see Alex look so free and energised was amazing! Instead he would roll down the other windows and pop open the sun roof to allow the air to blast through the car.

• And when Alex could sing no more he would stick his arm as far out of the window as possible and let the wind buffet into his hand and savour those last few moments after the song ended when he wasn’t weighed down with guilt and grief.

Lazy work days - Happy Lowman Headcanons

Do you do headcannons? :) If you do, could I have a head cannon about Happy Lowman and his significant other having a lazy day around TM? Please !x

For Anon
I’m doing significant other in second person as I would and imagine.

First head cannon request, wasn’t sure what to put but enjoy!

- If you didn’t work at TM then you’d certainly work close enough to visit regularly, it suits Happy because he likes having his special people close by.

- If it’s a very quiet day for the garage and club business then sometimes you and Tig would cover for Happy so that he could sneak off to drop in on his mother.

- If there was a lot of club business going on, then you were on Happy’s own personal lock down and you had to hang around TM until he could resume being your escort. The boys found it excessive and it often annoyed you but you knew, deep down, that if he felt it was that serious then you’d safer with Happy around.

- Because his hands aren’t busy working on bikes or cars on lazy days it means that your ass gets slapped – a lot.

- Also, there is a crazy amount of groping and pulling each other down the hallway into one of the empty dorm rooms for some afternoon delight. The prospects know not to barge into the rooms now since last time happy threatened to shoot them.

- If Happy’s having a lazy day but you’re still busy it means that you gain yourself a heavily tattooed shadow, he follows you around just enjoying spending time with you.

- Any guys that come to TM and look at you for too long get FIERCE glares.

- On more than one occasion he’s walked in on you and Kozik hiding dolls around the clubhouse for Tig to stumble upon.

 - Happy’s your alibi when Tig actually finds one and freaks out on everyone.

- Happy doesn’t like having to share your attention with the other Sons but he deals with it because they’re your family too. But he does have to remind himself of that when he comes into the clubhouse to find you and Juice giggling together at some weird video on his laptop.

- You spend a lot of time of the slow days with Gemma, Tara and Lyla and all of the boys panic when they see you all looking like you’re up to no good.

- You like to hide on the other side of the yard and sext Happy while he’s surrounded by the guys and watch him get flustered. Well Happy’s version of flustered.

- Even if it wasn’t a quiet day at the TM, if Hale and Unser showed up for any reason, Happy would ditch whatever he was doing and attach himself to your side. If he was out on business than Kozik or Tig took the spot next to you because of Hale’s massive, very annoying crush on you. They didn’t like the way that he looked at you but at the same time he seemed to buy into anything that you told him so you were used as an alibi by the guys all the time.

- Sometimes you steal Happy’s tools one by one and leave them as a trail for him to find and follow. The trail always leads to one of the clubhouse bedrooms.

- The first time you showed up at TM on the back of Happy’s bike, before you’d gone public with your relationship, Tig had choked on his cigarette and Chibs had to whack his back to help him out. Jax nearly gave himself whiplash doing a doing take and Juice ran off to excitedly tell everyone else that Happy Lowman had let someone else on his bike!

I have many emotions for Robert and just want him to be happy. Here, have some happy headcannons

❤ Rob most definitely owns a motorcycle. He asks to take you for a ride on said motorcycle. He gives you his helmet to wear because obviously he can’t let you get hurt. You and him ride off into the night. Your primary mode of transportation from then on is his motorcycle. Eventually he buys you your own helmet he had custom made for you.

❤ If you’re on a date and he sees you shiver even just slightly, he immediately will take his jacket off and let you wear it. It’s slightly too big but boy is it warm.

❤ Rob has terrible eyesight. He wears contacts most of the time but also has glasses. He’s embarrassed when you first see him with his glasses on but you just think he looks hot.

❤ You get invited to a fancy event that has a suit and tie dress code, and you can bring a plus one. You ask Rob, obviously, but he says it’s not his kind of thing. You convince him to go and OH BOY does he look great in a suit.

❤ You and Rob get very invested in the latest movie releases and go to the movies often. He has a soft spot for romantic comedies but also loves sci-fi films. He secretly loves Star wars. He cries during the force awakens and rogue one.

❤ Robs celebrity crush is Robert Downey Jr. He says their ship name would be Robert Squared.

❤ Back when he was in college, Rob wanted to major in film making and become a film director. Things didn’t happen according to plan but this is why he makes it a point to watch the credits to appreciate all the work that went into the movies.

❤ AU: Rob takes you cryptid hunting a few times and you always end up in some abandoned building or factory. You never find anything but then one night you actually do. A monstrous creature lunges at you but before it can attack you, it is knocked to the ground by a large wolf who’s wearing a very familiar leather jacket. After subduing the creature the wolf turns to you, shifting back into Rob “Okay so plot twist: I’m a werewolf.”

Pearl and Mystery Girl Headcannon

First time MG sees Pearl about to throw down with evilness or monsters and she’s just like “ExCuSe ME YOU WANT TO FIGHT MY TINY PERFECT GIRLFRIEND?! I WILL RUN YOUR ASS OVER WITH MY NICE SHINY MOTORCYCLE”

Pearl Hi-key loves it. MG knows. 

Greg is stunned by how much she looks like Rose, he tries a little flirting, nothing serious, for old times sake. 

Pearl is trying to be polite cuz they danced and sang and bonded and shit but she’s interally freaking the ever loving fuck out because not again. NOT. AGAIN. But its so important to Steven that she and Greg get along….fuckfuckfuck she’s blushing and stammering and she wants to flip but she’s resisting and Steven just looks HORRIFIED 

MG just kinda looks him up and down, real chill, and goes “Thanks but I prefer conscious configurations of light”

Pearl blushes

Greg is confused. 

MG clarifies. “I like putting my mouth on Pearl’s mouth. Alot.”

Greg is no longer confused. There are no more flirting attempts. 

Garnet ships it so.fucking.hard. 

MG and Lapis chill at the mall in sunglasses popping bubblegum. Everyone thinks they are badass hoodlums until Pearl and Steven rush over to show off a cute dress. And Pearl’s talking loud and fast about how she knows she doesn’t technically need to buy clothes, she can form them with her gem, and it probably would be too silly to get it, and MG just leans down and plants a little kiss right on Pearl’s pearl before leaning back and nodding. “It looks cute. You could wear it to my parents’ on Sunday.”

Amethyst dislikes her alot first. She’s the punk rock rock, who is this poser? But they like alot of the same music, so they chill with Greg and jam, and go to concerts. They get on good terms, till one day there’s this argument between Pearl and Amethyst and Amethyst just turns to MG and is like “Pearl only likes you because you look like Rose! Beautiful Rose that never gave her the time of day! You are a substitution!”

Amethyst immediately wishes she hadn’t said that, would do anything to take it back, cuz Pearl just crumples like a paper ball, crumples on the floor tears pooling in her eyes as she sobs “that’s not true, it’s not true, I swear…”

MG was really chill, leaning back on the wall scrolling through blogs. She didn’t really care that much about the fight or the comment. But Pearl is crying. Pearl is hurt. Her happy little ball of cheerful sunshine and outer space logic is sad. Heads will roll. 

MG scoops up Pearl whose desperately trying to deny it, to say how she cares for MG because she’s MG, not for anything else. MG knows, she just pets her head and shushes her. Then she glares at Amethyst. And Rose never glared like that. 

“Tiny purple punk rock. Not cool. Don’t involve third parties in your fights, and she was right, you’ve been really reckless lately and that’s dangerous. Do not make my small alien bird baby cry again or I will curb stomp you. I like her because she’s Pearl. Pearl likes me because I’m me.”

Pearl laughs a little because she is NOT a bird thank you very much

MG dyes her hair green the next day. Pearl sees it and spends the rest of the day reciting lyrical poetry about it

Finally MG is like “Dude just say its sexy” but she’s laughing because it’s sweet and genuine and Pearl. 

Pearl sighs. “It certainly is. But more than that. I believe….I believe the word would be ‘beautiful’.”

MG blushes hard core and hides her face in Pearl’s shoulder, hugging her. She’s been called badass, punk, sexy, but beautiful…that’s a first. 

Pearl makes MG a stud earring using scraps from the war and the volcanic heart of the temple’s core. MG loves it. 

Pearl tries to learn slang. She does not suceed, and will turn to MG after winning Mario Kart, or stabbing a monster with her spear and say “Was that ‘punk rock’?!?” 

MG just smiles and says “Very punk.”

MG gets shit for dating an alien. Pearl’s response is along the lines of “I saved this planet, and technically have lived here for 5,000 years. So I’ve been here alot longer than you.”

The shit talking stops.

MG loves to watch Pearl train Connie and Steven and Stevonnie. Mostly because her girlfriend is a goddamn boss. 

Pearl doesn’t like to talk about the war. But alone in Pearl’s room, floating on the water and listening to smooth jazz on shared headphones, she’ll admit little things. It’s easy for people to forget prim and proper Pearl is a rebel, a renegade, and a wanted criminal. (MG finds it kinda hot really)

Amethyst introduces MG to Vidalia and they hit it off big time. Vidalia paints MG and Pearl and gives it to MG, small enough that she can carry it around. It makes her smile like a sap all the time.

MG likes tattooes, but never knew what to get. So she gets a swan, pearly white and made of water, with a rising crescent moon behind her. Peaceful, strong, beautiful. Just like her Pearl.

Pearl doesn’t sleep, but she’ll stay with MG and play with her hair, clean her clothes, straighten up the house, and leave post it notes hidden for MG to find later. 

Pearl has to regenerate, MG flips out and is an angry crying mess for days. When Pearl comes back she nearly sends her back with a bone crushing hug. Later she realizes Pearl’s made a little alteration of her own. It’s her own kind of tattoo, blending in with her skin perfectly. It’s just a few words and some scribbly lines. The words say “My Mystery Girl” in perfect cursive. 

When she asks about the lines, she explains its Gem writing. She blushes and says she’ll translate later. 

Pearl considered ended things with MG incase the Diamonds come and she gets hurt. MG sees this coming and threatens to kick Pearl off the motorcycle for being stupid. She’s with her till the stars fall down. 

Pearl is adorable in MG’s flannels. It nearly stops MG’s heart. 

Pearl checks that MG got enough sleep, has eaten three meals, has hydrated, and wears a helmet and thick pants on the motor cycle. Steven teases Pearl is more like a Mom than a girlfriend, but MG’s never felt so loved.

Yellow Diamond kidnaps MG to lure in Pearl and shatter her. Pearl comes in, dancing with swords, bruised and beaten but looking fucking TERRIFYING. When she saves MG she has a soft smiling and kisses her hand like a knight to their lord. 

“We had an agreement. Together till the stars fall down.”

MG cries. It’s okay, Pearl’s crying too.

MG thinks its hilarious that Pearl can lift her with one hand. 

Pearl finally admits the words in Gem are “I pledge my life to the brightness of my life” with the human “My Mystery Girl” underneath. 

Garnet has grasped more slang and whispers “OTP” quietly with a big grin whenever they are around. 

Peridot uses MG as a human ladder to get to high shelves. MG is amused. Lapis is jealous. That’s HER little green space dorito. 

MG loves it and starts calling Peridot “little green space dorito”

For Christmas, Steven gives Period a T Shirt with it. 

MG loves Steven and lets him braid her hair and do her lipstick and ask about her piercings. They dance to music videos together on the couch. Pearl thinks its too cute to tell them to stop. 

They manage to fuse. And its nothing like Rainbow Quartz. She’s pale, big, and beautiful with short wild hair that changes colors in the light. She’s got three eyes, all of them are pink, and piercings in her lips, ears, eyebrows and tongue. Four arms, two legs, and a wicked smile. Her weapon of choice is throwing knives made like minispears. Meet Mystery Pearl. 

Jason getting married

- He wanted to elope, but Alfred crashed that idea. Or at least say that he wants to go with them.

- Agreement to have a small ceremony on Wayne Manor grounds outside.

- When he told Roy, the boy was jumping in the air with excitement. He almost squealed when Jason asked him to be the best man.

- Dick offering advice whether it’s needed or not.

- His fiance using puppy dog eyes to get him to help out.

- It was all hands on deck.

- Cass helping him him learn to dance. 

- Damian offered his pets for flower girl and ring bearer.

- Too bad Lian already had dibs on flower girl.

- Small ceremony with only close friends.

- He was so nervous. He got away from everyone for a bit. Roy found him in the library freaking out. Fear of screwing up.

- Before the ceremony Bruce had a talk with Jason. It was him saying he was proud of the life Jason was trying to make. Also that to treat his s/o right.

- Straight up crying when his s/o comes down the aisle.

- He wrote his own vowels and man this man with words. Not a dry eye in the house.

- Dancing under the stars with smiles on both their faces.

- Happiest moment of his life.

Reblog if all of the transgender Lazytown headcannons make you so so happy, because even if you don’t personally believe those characters are trans, it’s so wonderful to see all the acceptance and happiness this fandom and community can bring and how people can relate to these characters so well and you want to cry because you love everyone with all your heart

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Dating Trevor would include:

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  • We all know Trevor is a smart boy, so often he’d just tell you fun facts during the day, either by texting you or when you’re together
  • When his roots eventually began to show you’d help him re-dye his hair, whilst also trying to convince him to add some colour in there
  • He’d always bring you to events because it was sorta like getting time off work (although it 100% wasn’t) and he loves spending time with you
  • Hand holding! His hands are bigger than yours and it makes him happy knowing you’re right next to him
    • Also he rubs his thumb on the back of your hand whenever you hold hands
  • When you cuddle he rests his head on yours, which leads to many forehead/hair/temple etc kisses
    • And you can hear his heat beat just that little bit faster when you snuggle in closer
  • You have a cork board hanging up in your shared apartment - probably in the bedroom - which is full of memories from your relationship, like saved movie tickets, photo booth photos and polaroids and sometimes you just stare at it and smile

Jesus anon.

Link to the music vid. It is um..very classy?

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  • Is 100% willing to take you seriously
  • A little disappointed to find out you were just billing silly
  • When you explain the song he spends the next 20 minutes laughing
  • officially makes it one of your bedroom songs
  • He plans to do everything the song says.