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I don’t draw her too often, since I have a bit of a hard time with her, but I do still enjoy her design! So here she is!


So before I draw anymore Voltron Kiddie Mini-Comics I wanted to nail down their looks…

I’m starting with my favorite dork: Lance. I definately imagine him as the problem child… Next I’ll probably do my precious Hunk.

Justice League picnic

- This was totally Supermans idea
- He brings a pie Ma made.
- Diane brings Cassie and Donna.
- The Flash family is the reason there is no races for picnic games.
- Hal brings any Green Latern members on Earth that day.
- The arrow family is all there. Dinah might have given them no option….
- The whole bat gang is present. Most members didn’t even know how many there were till now. Alfred made their food for the potluck.
- Jason only showed up cause Roy was having to go. They invited Starfire too.
- J'onn got put has refree.
- Aquaman and his group won the swimming event.
- They are competive families. Like there’s no prize but bragging rights.
- Someone calls unfair on how big the batfamily is. They might have won three legged race. Tim and Damian were the winners.
- Jon and Damian wondering off. They thought they saw a turkey.
- Jason getting annoyed with Dick and decided to play how many girls here as Dick dated.
- Lian calling dibbs on Dinah as her partner for the egg tossing contest. Dinah stuck her tongue out the boys who are now partners for that contest.
- So much food. Everyone brought tons. It’s a mesh of everyones culture.
- Alfred’s cookies went fast they are lengend.
- The Wonder family won tug a war.

Here’s I guess my head cannon on Jack’s parents. His father is a white-tailed jackrabbit and his mother is a nesolagus sinesis ( an extinct striped rabbit species ). Jack’s mother passed away when her species was rapidly vanishing ( since it was really rare to find striped rabbits ) so jack lived with his father for most of live teenage years/adulthood.

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Give!! Me!! More!! Dragons!! In!! Shawls!!

I had this idea that some dragon tribes share the tradition of wearing wedding shawls, humongous elegant shawls either hand made by the mother-in-law of the betrothed for more poor class dragons, or and handed down over generations and crafted by ancients or animus for the royal families.

Above is displayed a smaller, less intricate and somewhat poor class shawl crafted by a skywing mother-in-law for her young daughter.  The silk that Skywings use is expensive and imported, so only royal families can afford to have shawls that stretch over their wings, back, and trail behind them in some cases.  

Only the upper class Icewings have a few beautiful shawls stored away for royal weddings, an ancient gift from an animus dragon which are said to give the gift of fertility to those who wear it during their vows.

Rainwings hand craft their shawls from vines to form narrow and small but elegant drapings entwined with beautiful rainforest flowers and leaves.  The male often will present a shawl that he hand crafted to his mate as proposal.

Queen Coral wore a shawl on her wedding night to Gill, though it is not a tradition in the seawing kingdom.

Nightwings, Mudwings, and Sandwings don’t partake in this tradition, each for their own reason.  

I love Sidon and Sidlink, but...

I can’t devote all of my love to the handsome fish boy because Yiga Clan members are so darn attractive and I have this headcanon:

The vast majority of the Yiga boyos you meet while out and about are actually the same guy. He has a major crush on Link, but misinterprets his feelings as hatred and rivalry because all his life he has been training to kill Link. And he’s a dorky idiot tsundere about the whole thing and it’s really cute.

Side Note: I may be doing other things with this character, and if I do they will all be tagged with “that one yiga boy”.

anonymous asked:

Tyler and Mark being really confident about there body's and Ethan constantly complimenting them and he never let's them compliment him back and one day Ty walks up to Eth and tells him, flat out, "Boi you look hot today" and Eth going all red bc NOOOOOO00OO you and Mark r da cute ones and then Mark takes tys side and they keep telling him he's perfect and attractive and Eth is RED the whole time

A+. I love this shit. good shit.keep the fluff coming friendos.

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If you're drawing Genyatta headcannons, I've always thought that Zen is the kind of person that would take pictures of pretty rocks and flowers he sees and send the pics to Genji when they're apart because they remind Zen of Genji and our fave ninja gets really flustered/happy

Adorable hc!