Headcanon that Dave and Karkat didn’t have their first kiss for a year into their relationship because something would always happen to ruin it. They could be watching a movie and about to kiss but Karkat gets flustered and starts to laugh, they could be chillin in then common area and about to kiss but someone loudly barges in, they could be getting a bite together and about to kiss but Dave burps in Karkat’s face, they could be having a feeling jam and lean in for a kiss but Dave panics and headbuds Karkat. Literally, it takes them a year to finally kiss and it consists of Karkat screaming “SCREW IT!” out of frustration and just grabbing and kissin Dave right there infornt of everyone. Dave is just in a daze after that. Finally.

#1. Well, hello.

(First pre-Story to the ‘Listen to your Heart’ Harry Styles one-shot series.)

(past non-series one-shots)


Watching Harry working out with Mark wasn’t an ab-normal occurence, you’ve seen him do it before. But each and every time it just made you a little more and more desperate to take action, to touch him and feel him in his sweaty post-weight lifting state. His glimmering body, his hair bunched-up so you could watch his biceps strain, his breathing staggered and un-wavered as he got more and more tired. As much as it made you hot and bothered, you knew you couldn’t let your desire’s spiral out of control, he was just your friend.

You were okay with that at the moment, but you weren’t so sure just how much longer you could pull that off.

You cared for him, and he cared for you. You’d been his best friend out of the band for a while now, since you first started uni about two years ago. You’ve grown incredibly close since then and you knew you were aware of your feelings for a while. It didn’t take too much time with him for you to fall in love. You sat at the bench, watching Mark help him lift the weights as he neared the end of his workout. His sweat towel was clutched tightly in your hand, to deminish some of the desire

Harry liked working out in front of you, he swore he pushed a little harder when he felt your gaze watching him intently. He liked the feeling of your attention, of your eyes blinking with intrest. He was often found it un-fair, how you could watch him workout but you refused to let him watch you. You didn’t want to tell him, or anyone that you danced for your workout. You’d blare the music into your headbuds and move your hips around your dorm room, often looking not so g rated, but it was your way of working out. It was fun, and you never even realized you were working out until 4 songs later you were dripping with sweat and your heart-rate had picked up.

Harry clutched his water bottle, practically inhaling the contents to an extent that you were worried he’d choke if he didn’t calm down.

“You pounded it today H,” Mark praises from beside you, chuckling as Harry threw his empty bottle into the side and popped open a new one. “Never seen you so into it.”

“It felt over-due,” Harry responded non-chalantly, though he realized with a warm bubbly feeling he was just trying to impress you. “Do I get a hug for biting the dust?”

With his arms raised, the smell of sweat became even stronger, he made his way to your seat. You cringed and held out the towel, moving your head away from his glistening torso. You would have to take care of yourself later on, but you couldn’t let him notice your wandering stare. Harry pouted in a confused way, one of his eyebrows jotting up while the other remained sunken. He wanted your praise, he wasn’t egotistical but he liked it when you told him he did a good job. He took the towel from your hands, walking sulken all the way to the showers. You didn’t mean to make him sad, you didn’t mean to upset him, but you didn’t want to let him know. He’d surely notice if you let your stare move up from the floor, if you even so much as glanced you knew that he’d realize. Even though he was dense sometimes, he wasn’t an idiot.

You’d spent your time composing yourself as Harry showered, while Harry spent his showering time thinking over if he did something wrong. Maybe his shorts had fallen a little shorter than his waist? Maybe he smelled just a little too much like sweat, he thought you liked the way it mixed with his deoderant and cologne. Maybe his breath smelled off? He had a banana and a muffin, and a bit of tea with you before he came to the gym, and chewed a bit of mint gum, so it couldn’t have possibly been that, could it?

He was cautious as he came out, seeing your foot tapping anxiously, with your hair tied back neatly like his was, though yours was longer and a bit neater. You had calmed down significally, your smile bright and your breathing normal and no longer erratic. He sighed with relief, seeing you look as welcoming and bright as you usually were.

“Ready?” you questioned with your usual grin, the one that made his knees buckle, his mind and already dodgy stomoach feel woozy.

“Yeah,” he agrees with a returning grin.


“Why do you always order better than me?” Harry whines as he plucks another sushi-roll off your plate, causing you to giggle.

“Because you always order the special, no matter what it is.”

“I’m adventerous,” he says between a mouthfull of rice and tempura shrimp.

“You are. But be careful daredevil, you know your stomach can’t handel all this fish at once.”

He chuckles, rolling his eyes as he dips another sushi-roll into the soy-sauce before plopping it into his mouth. You scowl at him playfully, causing his grin and dimples to become even deeper.

“We better drop by tesco’s to grab some medicine, you’re definetely going to be in pain later.”

“Will you rub my stomach?”

“Only always,” you respond, a groan iminating from your mouth. Harry’s smile soon started to fade as he watched the hair fall from your ponytail, small tendrils falling around your soft looking face. Your smile seemed so bright compared to the cloudy England day surrounding the both of you.

“That reminds me!” you exclaim, causing him to snap out of his fantasies, the ones he had been getting into lately. He’d noticed how often you’ve been on his mind, how often you managed to show up in the most random places. Like just the other day, he saw a child who looked vaguely like you in that photo you showed him of yourself as a child, and he couldn’t help the idea of you as a mother from popping into his head. He’s seen you with children, you handled them better than many people he’d seen. You made whatever child you held or comforted, feel safe and cared for. It was one of the things he loved most about you, of the many.

He came to the realization he loved you more than a while ago, when you had been more than willing to come over in the middle of the night when he was in a bit of a rough patch. When you held him, ran your fingers through his hair and assured him he’d be alright. He felt safe with you, he could be himself with you.

He watched you rummage through your phone, tapping things and scrolling, until you came across whatever it was you were looking for.

“Anne gave me some recipes she recommended for your stomach, that were good but didn’t, taste like cardboard,” he marveled in your laugh, your glazed and animated expression was enough to have him smiling as well.


“I told you so,” you said in a sad tone as Harry felt another lash of pain shoot through his abdomen.

Right as you had gotten back from Tesco’s, he clutched his abdomen and fell into a heap on the couch. His peppermint tea sat on the coffee table in front of you both, his head in your lap and a showing of a movie you two had see over and over again.

“I know,” he replied glumly, snuggling into your lap with a small whimper. “But sushi is just too hard to resist.”

“I know baby,” you give him a small reassuring smile, knowing that like all of them, it’ll pass soon. “I know, I’m sorry.”

You two didn’t mind the nick names, you’d call each other those types of things just while you were only a few months into your friendship.

“It hurts.”

“I know, babe, I know,” you kissed his temple, feeling all but helpful at this moment. Harry felt his stomach settle for a moment, just enough for him to turn from his side to face you.

“I love you, I love you so much,” he managed to breath out with a grateful smile, grasping your palm and placing chaste kisses on it, since he wasn’t up to sitting up and kissing your cheek.

“I love you too bubs,” you smiled, knowing that both of you couldn’t remain just friends, not with the feelings he held for him.


First one-shot in the ‘Listen to Your Heart’ series! I hope you liked it! I’d greatly appreciate some suggestions for more stories, this series will basically just be life with Harry, and I hope you enjoy it! They’ll be longer once I get suggestions:)