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I just couldn’t resist when I saw @imjustalazycat karaoke video and when I saw fucking swapfell sans sing the intense parts of this song I was all like “bruh I have to intensify this” it was so cute!!! I’ll probably draw her swapfell papyrus as well but later. I’m all worn out because of this piece of work.

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Hello~! May I ask for a gif set on how BTS would react to their usually shy, quiet, reserved s/o listening to heavy metal/grunge? I'd really appreciate it!

sure hun~ sorry this took so long to post, and I hope you enjoy it!

BTS’ reaction to their shy s/o listening to heavy metal

Jin: Jin was walking home from the market with a bag of groceries in his hand to make dinner for the both of you. He smiled just thinking about his shy and innocent jagyia, and her beautiful small smile that always managed to lift his mood immediately. When he inserted the key in the lock and opened the door he called out, announcing that he was home. No response. His eyebrows scrunched in confusion and he rounded the corner, only to find his jagiya sitting with crossed legs at the kitchen table with earbuds in her ears. He smiled at the beautiful scene but when he got closer he heard deep screaming and he stepped back, appalled. His jagiya wasn’t as innocent as he thought!

“Yah Jagiya! What are you listening to?! Well… even if you listen to that type of music I still love you.”

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Suga: Yoongi always thought that his jagiya would be a classical music kind of girl because she was always so sweet and caring to anyone she met, and she taught a ballet class for young girls. He smiled at the thought of her, and he packed up his things and left work early to visit her studio. He had never visited them before. He walked slowly along the sidewalk, and soon he saw the large pink sign advertising the dance studio. He pulled open the door, expecting to see little girls twirling and standing on their toes, but instead he saw little girls headbanging and whipping their hair back and forth… including their teacher.

“Jagiya! W-what’s going on here?! Stop corrupting these children! They’re supposed to like fairies and lullabies aren’t they?!” 

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J-Hope: Hoseok loved sharing his music with his beloved jagiya, she always fell asleep while listening to it, and he thought it was because it soothed her and helped her go to sleep peacefully. It matched her serene personality. Boy was he wrong. One day, he walked up behind her and he plucked one of her earbuds out of her ear and placed it in his own. He immediately jumped back in surprise at how loud the music was playing, and couldn’t even imagine listening with both on!

“AH! Jagiya! Turn down the volume! You’re going to go deaf! Is this why you’re always falling asleep when you listen to my music? Is it too boring for you?!”

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Rap Monster: Every weekend his Namjoon’s neighbors hosted big parties with a lot of drunken teenagers, and a lot of heavy metal music. Each time he complained he was turned away, and he couldn’t ask his jagiya for help because she could barely get through a phone call with the pizza parlor, which is why they had resorted to online ordering. He was currently looking for a new home so that the music wouldn’t hurt his jagiya’s ears at night anymore. Although lately she seemed to be sleeping more soundly than usual… it was probably because she drank tea every night before bed now. As he neared his neighborhood, he heard the familiar fast tempos and harsh sounds. He shook his head and hurried home, but as he got closer to his house, he saw that his neighbor’s house was dark and empty. There were cars lining the whole block, and as he stepped out of his car and stood in front of his house, he thought he had gone crazy and gotten the wrong address. But no, there was his jagiya dancing around their living room and having fun.

“Where did my sweet, innocent jagiya go?!”

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Jimin: Jimin always thought that he liked all types of music, and that there was no genre of music out there that he wouldn’t like. He and his jagiya loved music and he loved to stare at her when she talked because she always blushed and looked away when she caught him looking at her. While she was in the shower, he realized that he didn’t know what kind of music she listened to regularly. He grabbed her phone and pressed play on the paused song that she was listening to before and waited for what he thought would be sweet melodic tones. He stared at the wall opposite him, knowing that he finally found a music genre that he didn’t like.

“I guess you really can’t judge a book by its cover. But in this case you can’t judge a book because you’ve read part of it. You have to read the whole book.”

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V: Taehyung looked outside the window at his beautiful jagiya, she was so generous and giving. She was helping an elderly person cross the street safely, and she smiled at him and turned toward the house, the sun’s rays making her skin shine so brilliantly. He smiled and laid down on the couch to take a nap. When he woke up, he heard his favorite song playing on the living room speakers.

“Jagiya~ how did you know this was my favorite song? Ah~ you’re such an angel.”

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Jungkook: Kookie disliked the fact that his jagiya had to walk home alone every night. He knew the streets were no place for a beautiful young lady like her to be roaming at night. There were dangerous gangs and old men who listened to harsh music on every corner. He left his work early and ran through the streets, looking for his jagiya so that he could walk her home safely. He spotted her standing with a group of buff-looking men who were listening to heavy metal music, and his heart sank to his knees in horror.


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Ahh~ sorry I took so long, but I hope you enjoy this nonetheless, I tried to make it funny haha, but I think I failed. What is your guys’ favorite type of music? Mine is kpop of course :)

For Anon~ have a nice day <3