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Of course! :D

  • Because she is fluent in Spanish and Japanese, she would often tutor people in high school if they ever needed help learning either language.
  • Sailor Moon was her childhood. Anytime she saw it on TV, she’d stop everything to watch it until something else came on. To this day, she still collects as much merch as she can get her hands on. When she went to her first comic-con, she cosplayed as Sailor Moon and lots of people wanted to take photos of her. And Tuxedo Mask was her first fictional crush.
  • Her closet is the type of closet that you think only exists for magazines. She has a walk through closet in which all her dresses and jackets are organized by color. She has drawers that separate all of her accessories. Leggings and socks are organized by season AND color, high heels are organized by height and headbands are organized by color and size. She even has two jewelry boxes; one for earrings and rings and the other for necklaces and bracelets.
  • If you didn’t think the closet was enough, she is equally organized with her make-up. She has the perfect desk and a small drawer for everything she uses. So yes, a drawer for lip gloss/stick, eye shadow/mascara, blush, etc. And yes, it’s all organized by color.
  • Her interest/passion in chemistry came from watching Bill Nye and Mythbusters. Specifically the ‘Chemical Reactions’ episode of Bill Nye and the diet coke and mentos experiment on Mythbusters.
  • Her online boutique store had a very slow start for a long time. She had originally started up the small business to get money to help pay for college (since she knew she had been accepted into SFIT at the time). No matter how much she promoted her website, no one would check it out. But one day, someone has purchased one of her accessories and left a really sweet review one it had arrived. Not too long after, other people had started buying her clothes. It has gotten to the point where her website has crashed from all the orders people place. While the purchases are at a more easy-going pace, she still has to take time from friends and projects to send out her products.
  • While we only saw the one phone case in the movie, she has an entire drawer filled with phone cases. They don’t have a specific organization, but she does have a phone case for every major holiday. Also, she’s willing to let someone have one of her phone cases in the event that theirs breaks.
  • Because of her heritage, she celebrates holidays such as Cinco de Mayo. She also had a quinceanera on her 15th birthday.
  • Adores babies and children to no end. She is such a natural with kids (go-to babysitter material). If she’s in public and sees a baby crying, her immediate goal is to put a smile on their face.
  • When she has spare time, she is always looking up tutorials or DIY’s on different hair and make-up styles as well as cute designs for clothes and recipes for foods and desserts. She never watches a video she likes without trying it out herself.
  • She’s ambidextrous! She was born right-handed and uses her right hand for the most part, but can use her left hand if she needed to.
  • Once her interest in science kicked in, she entered every science fair at school. For her first science fair, she made the classic volcano project. And due to her being a little bit of a pyromaniac, she overdid it with the lava. When the volcano erupted, the lava went so high, it hit the ceiling. She ended up getting third place that year. And there may or may not still be a stain on the ceiling to this day.
  • Goes to the mall at LEAST two times a week. All the employees at her favorite stores know her so well, they know what her style is and have even given her discounts for being their most valuable customer.
  • She tried out for This Nation’s Got Flavor for season one, but her audition went poorly when something went wrong trying to cook unadon. She had decided to have a redo on that meal for her season two audition and it turned out much better. She is more that happy that she took second place - she had no idea she’d get as far as she did, so to be as close to winning as she was was a victory itself for her. And she’s seen videos of people cooking with her recipes from that season which makes her feel very accomplished.
  • Her purse is like a supply kit. Not only does it hold make-up and her wallet, but also a phonebook, tissues, two hairbrushes, hand sanitizer, a notepad, band-aids and even a small snack on occasions.
  • Listens to Latin music all the time. Whether it’s working on projects for school or designing her own clothing, cleaning around the house, studying, baking or shopping, she just loves listening to it. It keeps her calm and in a great mood.

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Things BYG likes to do for even two hours to relieve stress:
  • plot the revolucion
  • read parenting books to better raise his son Zelo
  • organize his headbands and crocs
  • ignore Jongup
  • bake cookies