headband of roses

Dating Lay (Yixing) would include

- sexual innuendo flying right over his head so much that you just do it to fuck with him

-“ah, Yixing, I’m so wet, will you clean me up?”

-“Wet? Did you shower? Do you need a towel baobei? Want me to turn the heat up?”

- sitting on the front porch, drinking tea while Yixing peels oranges for you two

- starry nights together on the roof of your house, his cute little “wah”’s of amazement making you giggle as he stared at the stars

- him comparing your sparkly eyes to stars or something but you really wouldn’t hear him from all the blood he made rush to your ears when he was next to you

- he’s the type to see little knick knacks in a shop, like a pearled headband, or a rose watch and grab it for you, the other boys making fun of him for it

- “why are you guys laughing? Do you think y/n will look silly in this? I think she’ll look beautiful”

- little pouty faces whenever you wouldn’t acknowledge him because you were a little busy

- long nights just talking and lounging doing literally nothing whenever you could because holy shit it felt like weeks since you had just talked and cuddled each other

- Sometimes you’ll pass out on the couch and Yixing has this one pastel, fuzzy blanket adorned with little balls that he’ll always cover you with, half the time falling asleep with you there because he didn’t want to move you because you looked so peaceful

- almost losing him inside of stores because this boy will see some fig newtons or some shit and wander off, and you wont even notice until you’re all the way at the vegetables and you have to trace your tracks to find him comparing the grape flavor to the cherry

- after long days, Yixing would do all the work for you, sex with him would be mostly him just wanting to please you and make you as comfortable and happy as you can be because that’s the only way he likes seeing you at all

- love letters in Chinese ˚₊*(ˊॢo̶̶̷̤◡ुo̴̶̷̤ˋॢ)*₊˚⁎

Treasure in the Royal Tower [x]

I start my junior year of college in a few weeks, and I only wish I had professors as awesome as Professor Hotchkiss. Class would be sure to be a blast, especially if I could hear intriguing tales of Marie Antoinette and her lost treasure. To create a look inspired by the game Professor Hotchkiss first appears in, pair a blue brocade dress with a gray cardigan, jeweled flats, a satchel bag, and a rose headband. Fleur de lys earrings, a Marie Antoinette necklace, pearl bracelets, a filigree ring, and a typewriter key ring complete the look.

I did a thing! :D 

Y’know that super cool rose headband with spikes that came with one of the hair meshes of the Vampire Game Pack? Well, haven’t seen a de-hairified version of it anywhere yet, so I decided to make my own U____U I still need to work on a few more recolors, but so far I’m very happy with the result *____*

(Also, say hello to Lacey again! :D) 

(…Actually, I was supposed to make a mini-comic/series of pictures/whatever showing her coming back home after the Big Brother first, but then shit happened and I haven’t managed to get any of it done, so for now here’s just a random pic of her U___U)