okay, so, time for another giveaway – a bit large one this time, too! 


-a sovrin snack patch and sticker (patch is about 6″, sticker about 2.5″)

-2 small beetleinkco stickers (moon, pomegranate) 

-3 pairs of uncleaned, craft-quality rat mandibles (2 small, 1 large)

-2 craft-quality, slightly damaged owl butterfly wings 

-1 b/w headband (worn once by blogger to the movies before they cut their hair too short to wear it;  basically brand new)

-2 20-pack incense (bamboo tea, frankincense) 

-1 low-quality cicada (will replace with nicer one if i find one! found specimen / not killed) 


-contest ends on september 23, the fall equinox 

-if you win, you don’t have to take all of the items. whatever you don’t want will be given to the another blogger

-reblog to enter! likes are appreciated, but don’t count as entries 

-don’t tag this as giveaway and have tumblr come down on my ass, please 

-you have to follow me to win. if you like what you see in this giveaway, you’ll probably like the content of my blog anyways


etsyfindoftheday | wedding week | 6.19.15

DAY SEVEN: top wedding picks 2015
featured: leaf crowns in gold and green by bloomdesignstudio

the bohemian hippie inside me regrets not wearing a flower crown five years ago, so my top choices for wedding headpiece for 2015 are classic leaf crowns. these ones are everlasting … but maybe i’d choose a fresh floral one? there are so many options … but you can totally get all your ideas here on etsy!