:Prototyping continues. Got the shapes down now in the pine, ready to take it to oak. The end grain of the european oak looks beautiful in the glued cubes. Think I’m going to have to do a end grain project in the near future. Next step is to streamline the lamination process, to clumsy and time consuming doing each one individually with g clamps!…..“


“Spent a good few hours chainsawing up the giant slabs today into bowl blanks. Wasn’t sure what i was going to get due to all the voids, and spaces in the timber, but ended up with a really good yield. 5 or 6 really big 12 inch plus blanks, and a heap of mailer bits. Grain is unreal, swirly, puppy, and the most intense colour. Going to get these roughed out as soon as possible, hopefully ready to finish by summer!…..”


“We are n the middle of a workshop move. We have taken over an old herringbone milking barn on a beautiful farm in west cornwall tucked away inside an estuary surrounded by fields of barley and gorgeous waters. Its been a lot of work building a new floor over the existing milking pit, as well as fully demolishing the weather face of the building, and replacing the timbers, adding a massive glass panel, and soon to be waney larch clad. The building is starting to look great, with character in abundance  and intrigue, and we can not wait to get everything set up, and to call this home for headandhaft!…..”