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HEADACHE RELIEF // a playlist full of calming, gentle songs for when your head really hurts, but you still want to listen to music

things to do when you have a headache: drink water, massage the back of your neck (at the base of your skull), breathe deeply, drink some coffee or tea (for caffeine), take a hot shower, eat something spicy, meditate


Jeffmads+Sofissa part 11

This is it, the apocalypse. 

Back from my dry spell of edits with an action packed Castlevania AMV/edit!

 I really enjoyed just about everything about the four short episodes we’ve gotten and it finally got me moving again. Maybe I’ll do a few more? But god it’s nice to edit something and actually finish AND like it.

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Heathers characters as things my friends have said

Veronica: *curls eyelashes* I FEEL SO ALIVE

Heather Chandler: Which one of you weakling bitches is going to open my Thermos for me?

Heather Duke: Does no one appreciate that I looked up on FUCKING GOOGLE the date Froot Loops were made just so that I could make a SHITTY JOKE?

Heather McNamara: That’s not a year. That’s like…12 months. 

JD: I would kill him for you. I’d kill him for fun, too, but that’s not relevant right now.

Kurt: Great minds think alike in terms of whores.

Ram: I’m going to deep-throat this Pocky, but I’m not gay. I swear.

Martha: You and your fork have outshone me and my spoon.

Ms. Fleming: No fighting in class! Kill each other at lunch, where I can’t see it. I have a headache.

Skinny Love | Jungkook | PT. 1

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Summary: You and Jungkook have been friends for a long time, probably so long that you can even consider one another best friends. You can spot each other in any crowd just by the bond you share, and you communicate sometimes in your own language. But you weren’t content with being ‘just friends’. You wanted more, but what itched at you was the question of if he felt the same.

Potential Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (Female)

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Future Smut, Mature Content—cursing, drinking and obviously sex. College!AU

There will be four(?) parts to this. Enjoy part one and please don’t forget to vote and give me feedback. 


Chapters: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04


You can recall the many times you had the opportunity to tell Jungkook how you felt. There was the time during the twelfth grade trip when you both were sitting next to one another on the bus ride home, he made a blanket for you with his sweater and told you to lean on his shoulder as he attempted to sing you to sleep. He looked like an angel that night, you were both close to the point where you could have whispered to him that you liked him and kissed him.

There was that time when you carried him home when he got wasted for the first time, which he never did again, and he was so out of it you could have confessed to him without actually confessing. He was so drunk that he wouldn’t even remember it the next day, it would save you the embarrassment but the sadness would still be hanging over you.

The memories of all the times he had asked you who you liked came back to you. You really could have pointed to him, looked him in the eye and said, “you. I like you Jungkook.” But life isn’t always like they say in the movies to make things speed up, things like this took time, even four years or so worth of it.

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things associated with the gang
  • sodapop: the comforting smell of a nice gas station, popped popcorn, strawberry smoothies on a picnic, lemon-scented cleaner, glittering blue water
  • ponyboy: pencil shavings, paint-splattered notebook paper, the sound of an old typewriter, the sound of a ripping t-shirt
  • darry: freshly-chopped wood, scented candles, cologne, a perfectly tied tie, wind rustling through dead tree branches
  • steve: car grease, the sound of a kit kat breaking, a sigh of relaxation when you finally go on break, smell of wet household paint
  • johnny: vanilla extract scent, cinnamon gum that's been sitting in a car glove compartment for a week, a neatly stacked pile of paper, organized post-it-notes
  • two-bit: laughing so hard your chest hurts and your eyes water, sun peeking through grey clouds, water-balloon fights, a fire place on a winter night
  • dally: worn-out leather, small headaches caused by loud music and bright lights, drives with the windows rolled down and warm winds blowing through the window

The Board…

hello!! my gf ( @evanhhansen ) and i made a murder mystery au including a clusterfuck of musicals to the point where even we are annoyed we let it get this far. the detectives are alana and jared whos parents are a detective duo. jared and alana grew up together exposed to the environment their parents have lived in. when they moved to a highschool that their parents will be investigating at, they decide to take some matters into their own hands and attempt to undercover find out who did it. they make friends along the way and learn more about the past of each peer better than any adult could get out of a teen. together, they are determined to discover who killed heather chandler!

we may write a fic about this if it gets any hype. we have already planned out who did it and all that jazz, but if nobody is hyped enough to read it, we wont go through with it. we just wanna see how this goes. :-O

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Sober || Part 1

Part 2 // Part 3

Note: Literally wrote this in like 15 minutes so apologies if it sucks haha

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Feyre was on her fifth drink, and her head wouldn’t stop spinning. She knew getting drunk over her ex wasn’t worth it, but right now, she could care less. She needed to get the image of Tamlin and that girl out of her head.

It had been Ianthe. Ianthe, who Feyre thought was her best friend. Ianthe, who was always supportive of Feyre no matter what. It had been Ianthe who ruined her and Tam’s relationship.

The more she thought about it though, maybe it wasn’t all Ianthe’s fault. Tamlin was controlling and rude and manipulative, and Feyre had been ready to call it off before she found out he was cheating. Even though their relationship had been broken, she still felt like a piece of her was missing.

“Get me another,” she slurred, sliding the empty glass forward and resting her head against the bar counter.

The smell of beer and smoke filled the air which only added to her growing headache, and the music that was playing was the worst. Feyre never went to bars, and she especially never got drunk. But, she figured there’s a first time for everything.

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