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“You rise with the moon, I rise with the sun.”  - (x)


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Danny + Dodger

All Tangled Up

Prompt: Hi, just wondering if u could please do a Draco x reader where she falls asleep in the common room and he doesn’t want to leave her there so he carries her to his bed. Thanks :)

Prompt: Hi there, could you do a draco x reader imagine where no one knows about their relationship but they both have hickeys all over them one day and Blaise and pansy try to piece together because they think that draco doesn’t know the reader? If that makes sense

A/N: Thought I’d put these two into one! Hope you like it! Also, if you want to be tagged in future fics/imagines, let me know and I’ll start the tag list :D This has been the death of me! I couldn’t get this how I wanted and it’s taken me so long to get it finished; sorry if it’s a bit not good! I APOLOGISE FOR THIS ATROCITY I CALL ‘MY WRITING’

I don’t know if Draco and Blaise shared a dorm so for the sake of this they did not!

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Warnings: Implied smut (but not really)

Not edited/proof-read


“What is that?” Pansy squinted, bending down to get a closer look at you. “There…on her neck.” She pointed. Blaise looked at Draco before huffing. He shut his book and sauntered over. He leaned over the back of the sofa,

“That, Parkinson, is a hickey.” 

“I know that but…who from?” She smirked with a raised eyebrow and folded her arms. Blaise rolled his eyes, albeit fondly,

“How am I supposed to know? She’s your friend.” He said going to sit back down with Draco who had been watching. Pansy went to reach out and wake you up but she stopped suddenly when Draco shouted ‘don’t’ at her. Blaise and Pansy looked at him.

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You’re inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation inside a simulation….

Cool Down- Steve x Reader(f)  Chapter 3

Authors notes: So, I didn’t think I liked writing fluff… but I’m loving this series. Hope you are too. Feed back is always helpful!!

Note/Warnings: Nerves, headache, and a crap ton of fluff at the end.

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Your flight had been uneventful. Well, if you could call three hours of a screaming baby, a man who snored like a freight train, and a thoroughly grumpy flight attendant uneventful. You landed in Summerville, South Carolina and took a cab down to Charleston. It was an hour drive to your parent’s house so, you pulled out your phone and plugged in your headphones.

 While you listened to your music, it was interrupted by a soft ping. You smiled to see a text from Steve.

 - Have a good flight?

 Oh, the best…

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Harry Potter Preferences : Favorite YA book (or series)

✨Fun fact: I’ve read every book/series in this preference✨

✨Some of these are short seeing as I had no inspiration and I’m really sorry, it makes me feel terrible that I didn’t write more and that I haven’t been able to write that much lately✨

✨Now playing-Punk Goes Pop vol.6✨




The Magicians by Lev Grossman; He found it amusing. A story about magic that reminded him so much of his own. It was an escape, to enter a similar but different world away from his problems. He read in less than an hour, resulting in a massive headache which you warned would happen. It was a bit of a hard read however, and a little too boring for his taste. He pushed through, surprising you because of how much he whined while reading it.


Caraval by Stephanie Garber; It was love at first sight. You adored the cover, the way the dark colors contrasted against the white lettering. From the very first word, you were hooked. The twists and turns throwing you off every second, the cliffhangers succeeding in pissing you off. You shipped Scarlet and Julian though, and was happy when they finally got together. All in all, it was a great book.



Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell; He only read because you wanted him to, he couldn’t stand to make you sad. He began to admire Cath and her dedication to the Simon Snow fandom, which you thought sounded a lot like him and a certain Slytherin. He was upset over Cath and Wren’s disagreement, given that he never had a sibling and if he did, he sure as hell wasn’t going to just let them leave his life.


Roseblood by A.G. Howard; You loved singing, it was a fierce passion of yours. Which made you love A.G. Howard’s new book even more. You were already a fan of the Splintered series, so you were anxiously awaiting the new book’s arrival. As soon as you delved deeper into Rune’s story and character, you sympathized with her, you related to her. Much like Rune, you felt a deep physical pain of you couldn’t sing, it was a part of you.



The book thief by Markus Zusak; She had a deep respect for intellectual books such as The Book Thief. It never failed to teach her something entirely new, no matter how many times she read it. She was also a major history geek, and not just magical history. If there was one moment in history that she could change, it would be the holocaust. She loved how Markus Zusak portrayed it, honestly and without lies.


The Sun is also a Star by Nicola Yoon; You were a hopeless romantic, so each one of Nicola Yoon’s books managed to ensnare you. Daniel and Natasha will always have a special place in your heart, their love was something you admired and wasn’t all that different from your own. Those books made you feel less alone in the love department when you were younger, now they continue to comfort you even though you weren’t lonely anymore.



Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon; To him, the book was truly everything and more. He adored Nicola Yoon’s writing, every little thing making him think of you. He admired Olly’s dedication and perseverance to his and Maddy’s relationship. Like Olly, he would do anything and everything for you, there were absolutely no limits. Nicola Yoon was right, Love is worth everything.


The entire Throne of Glass series and the entire A court of thrones and roses series by Sarah J. Maas; You had a lot of free time . You were just grateful that you got to pass that time by reading your favorite series. You had been a fan of SJM’s work for awhile now, and you were currently anticipating the third book in the A Court Of Thornes and Roses series. You had suffered serious heartbreak from your ships, one blew up only for another to become canon. It was madness.



The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer; He adored Fairytales and science fiction, so this series was a fantastic fit for him. From the moment he began to Read Fairest to the second he finished Stars Above, he was drowning in feelings. Given the events that had occurred in the series, he was just glad that the majority of the main characters lived.He appreciated that they had scars from the war, it made him feel safe because he had scars as well. He knew that those scars would take a long time to heal, if they even healed at all.


The 100 series by Kass Morgan; You had watched the show before you read the books, which later turned out to be a mistake. You couldn’t read the books without the image of the show getting into your head. You had managed to push past it though, and allowed yourself to be re-immersed into the world of the 100. You shipped Bellarke immediately. In your mind, they were soulmates. There was so much drama that frustrated and angered you. Bellamy and his snarky attitude reminded you of your own, you still thought that was a bit of a douche though.



The romantics by Leah Kormen; She never really cared for sappy romance, but this book slowly got her into it. She found it endearing that it was a story about love told from love’s point of view. It gave her a new insight to what love was. She still never really liked the book, but she did keep it with her at all times , which makes you think that she does like it after all.


Passenger by Alexandra Bracken; You were extremely hesitant to read it, and you didn’t for several months, and then you broke and began reading it the next day. It was slow and boring for a few chapters. You weren’t that involved with the book, but it was better than half the crap that you have to read for school.


His- Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell; He loved how it depicted a relationship that most people wouldn’t like or see. He admired Rainbow Rowell’s writing immensely, the way she expressed different stories that are incredibly unique. He was thrown though several emotional rollercoasters, with all the plot twists and the drama that happens between Eleanor and Park. Their relationship reminded him of the one he knew that you two could never have.

Yours- The White Rabbit chronicles by Gena Showalter; For some strange reason, you had a fascination with Zombies. So when you stumbled upon a series that not only had them but had Alice in Wonderland as well, you were ecstatic to say the least. When Cole was introduced, you actually thought that he was a dick. You didn’t trust Ali and her relationship with him. He still hadn’t shared all of his secrets, and honesty is needed to hold a couple together. Funny how that can apply to real life.


His- These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner; You actually forced him onto the couch and practically shoved the book into his hands. He only read because you said that you two wouldn’t have sex until he did. Eventually, he began to grow attached to the book. He actually sobbed when Lilac died, and was extremely furious when she got brought back. You didn’t really expect food him to like it that much, but you were glad that he did.

Yours- The Shatter Me series by Tarejh Mafi; You were a sucker for beautiful covers. The gorgeous illustrations against the bright colors immediately caught your eye. You cautiously read the first book, not wanting to give your heart to the series that easily. You suppose that it happened subconsciously; you began to get agitated with Adam and the lack of Warner and Juliette’s relationship. You don’t really regret it, not that much.




The Six of Crows series by Leigh Bardugo; Truth be told; he had absolutely no idea what he was in for when he bought the series. The ominous cover and blurb beckoning him. From the very beginning, he felt a connection to Kaz. He identified with his ‘tough-guy’ persona when in actuality, he was broken. He sympathized with all the pain, all the suffering that was within the book’s pages.


Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Page; You loved story re tellings, whether it be a new beauty and the beast story or a new Wizard of Oz. Dorothy Must Die was something that you had wanted to read for awhile, but you never had the money. The day that you had managed to scramble up enough to buy it, you immediately dived in. You can’t really state your opinion on the novel because you haven’t even finished it, but it looks good so far, and that’s all you need.



To All the boys I’ve loved before by Jenny Han;You were more than surprised when Sirius revealed that he loved the book. It just didn’t seem like the kind of book, if he even read one, that Sirius would latch onto. You thought it was hilarious that Lara Jean ended up with someone named ‘Peter’, he only found it really weird. He’s never told you that he secretly cries over it almost every night, or that he stashes it in his robes to re read for when he gets bored. You find out anyway, and you think that it’s incredibly adorable.


The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski; Again, you read it because of the cover. To be honest, it was never interesting to you at first. It took weeks before you finally found an interest in the book. You dreaded the cursed plot twits that seemed to make an appearance on every page. You were startled from not only the action, but the connection that Kestrel and Arin shared. You were envious, even though your own relationship was amazing, the relationships that lives in the pages were always a degree better.



Beastly by Alex Flinn; He thought it was quite ironic that he had come to love a book that loosely resembled himself and his life. He thought that the only difference was that Kyle got to slip back into his human body and life. You told him that another difference was that Kyle was a whiny bitch, and that he has always been the kind and gentle boy that you fell in love with. That was something that would never change.


The Grisha Series by Leigh Bardugo; You had an obsession with Leigh’s writing. How could you not, it was nothing less than absolutely flawless. You admired that there was actual pain and sadness in the books, and not just fake suffering that was in other books. Mal was a personal favorite of your’s, but then again, You did still kind of like The Darkling. You thought that he didn’t deserve to die, and cried for a bit. Those books helped you through other student’s bullying, and you couldn’t be more grateful.



Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins; You were nothing short of awestruck when you saw Regulus reading the book. He was so moody and unhappy, you never really expected him to like those kinds of books. He was fascinated with how Women could be in extremely painful labor and then take over the entire world in less than a day. The book showed him that Women are truly fabulous and amazing people, and should be known as such .


Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff; You loved Illuminae, so when you heard that was a second book, without hesiataion, you bought it the minute that it came out. You devoured it in less than 4 days, resulting in several migraines. You liked how it not only introduced completely new characters and stories, but still had the originals as well. It was a very eye opening book, it showed you the dangers that earth is always alarmingly open to.



Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan; He found it amusing. The ideal that a mere mortal could toy something as powerful and ominous as the gods and mythology. Those two were something that not just anyone chose to mess with. He was angered at the prospect of forcing children to fight for parents that couldn’t even be bothered to know that they existed. He admired the honesty and depressing maturity that the book hid within it’s pages, it took a great deal of courage to write something like that.


Carry On by Rainbow Rowell; You loved Rainbow Rowell and you loved gay ships, that’s it. Even though the lgbtq+ community had come a long way, there stills wasn’t a whole lot of representation. The book was one of the few that showed the simplicity of the community, love is love, there is nothing that’s simpler than that. You also noticed how long it took for Simon and Baz to finally be together. You understood it, love’s not always easy. It’s messy and complicated and full of flaws, but that’s what makes it worth it.


James Sirius-


The Selection by Kiera Cass; He was in love with Kiera’s books, every. single. one. He loved The Selection the most because he admired America’s desire and demand to have a right to her own life. Yet she still had this feeling that tethered her to Maxon. He liked how the book portrayed the struggle between love and free will. He never like Aspen, he practically hated his guts .He was aslo severely upset when Maxon had kissed kriss. Granted, America did lie to him, but she was saying goodbye it Aspen because she loved Maxon.


As Old As Time by Liz Braswell; You loved Beauty and the Beast, it was your favorite Disney movie. So you immediately loved any retelling that you happened to come across. The book however, was special. It somehow managed to provide an entirely different storyline for Belle and the Beast. You thought it was both interesting and clever how Liz Braswell incorporated Bell’s mother into the story. It made things more suspenseful, and that’s what you loved, suspense.



Splintered by A.G. Howard; The book was boring and all Scorpius wanted was to fucking throw it out the damn window. He only read it because You dared him to. He loved you, but you were positively wicked when it came to what would piss him off. He ended up reading the whole series out for boredom.


The Problem With Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout; You were mute, which made you love Mallory even more than you already did. You looked up to her, which was fairly easy considering how short you were. The book made you feel like you had home that you could never escape to. You longed to meet Mallory and Rider, to ask them for relationship advice. You had recently caught feelings for a certain blonde slytherin, but how could you talk to him, if you couldn’t, well, talk.



Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard; It was the case of ‘The cover was the only reason I read it’. He mind was quickly changed though, the very first word having him wanting to actually hug the book. He loved how strong Mare was and how she wasn’t afraid to stand up for what she wants. He admired her dedication to her family and her friend, something he deeply aspired to.


The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas; You had always been very politically concerned. So when a book concerning the black lives matter movement, you immediatey bought it. You loved how truthful and unapologetically itself the book was. You thought that the movement was well represented, and you were pretty satisfied with the book overall.



Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall; She had always had a rather deep concern for mental illness. She knew that you had a history with the subject and the whole time that she was reading the book, she thought of you. Like Norah, you suffered from sever OCD. Rose read this to try and get more of an understanding of what you were going through.


History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera; You LOVED Adam Silvera’s books, they gave you ship worthy ships and crushed your soul all at the at the same time. You didn’t read the book until about two weeks after it came out. It fulfilled every expectation and raised every bar to you. It was this beautiful and gorgeous piece of art that you thought should be in a museum.

Part 10

Summary:  Two weeks after waking up with no recollection of the people and ship around you, you take your future in your hands and try to piece together your past and the events that lead up to you losing your memory of the last five years. This means finally meeting Scotty, the man you just learned is your husband.

Word Count:  1,397

Warnings:  Headaches, blood, fainting

Author’s Note:  This chapter was so much fun to write. Please let me know what you think! Enjoy :)

Table of Contents Here

Real sunlight streaming through your window woke you the next morning. Inhaling the warm air, you twisted your body from your back to your side to look at the person next to you.

Scotty lay there, his hand on your waist, thumb rubbing lazy designs into your flesh. A slow smile crossed his face as he watched you wake up.

“Morning,” you murmured, mirroring his smile. As the word passed your lips, a bloom of pain sprouted from the base of your skull, its tendrils crawling up and up and up. You must have winced.

“Are y’okay?” Scotty asked, his thumb stilling.

“Yeah, headache,” you muttered, taking a deep breath to take the edge off.

“Hangover?” he asked, lifting his hand to gingerly twine his fingers through your hair.

“Did you see that shot?” You tried to crack a smile. “Probably.”

You raised your hand to Scotty’s face, brushing the disarrayed strands of hair from his forehead and organizing them back into place.

“How are you?” you asked.

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Babyface. {DeanxReader]

Summary: You’re just a kid to Dean.

He restlessly waited in your chair, bouncing his leg repeatedly as you blended more burgundy eye-shadow around his crease. “Ya done yet kid?” He asks, popping his gum obnoxiously. 

“N-No sir.” You mutter, barely audible while you increased your blending pace, sensing his irritation.

“Christ, Kid. Drop the "sir” term, would ya? Makin’ me cringe over my age.“ He spits, slacking his jaw.

You refrain from tucking your lower lip between your teeth to avoid ruining your pink freshly coated lips. "Sorry Dean..” You mumble, gripping onto the blending brush to relieve nerves.

You had been an intern for Leslie whom was the lead make up artist for WWE and her glam squad for 3 months now. The relationship you had with the superstars was very mutual, a simple “hello” down the corridor and “thank you” when they left your chair was about the only conversation they ever got from you. You didn’t necessarily know how to strike up discussion with your fellow colleagues considering you didn’t know much about wrestling, let alone if you had common interests with any of them in light of the fact that you were 20 while majority of them were going on 30. 

Dean examined his faux black eye you had created for him. Nodding in approval, he hopped out of the chair.  "Love it kid, looks real realistic.“ Nothing more, nothing less, he discontinued his appearance from you and was eventually down the hallway rehearsing his promo. 

Kid. You always despised that pet name he gave you. It made you feel…juvenile. Which was the last term you wanted to be in Dean’s perspective. There was an instant attraction you had towards him when you first arrived to the backstage environment. However, to be with him would be comical when all he concludes of you is your youth. Dean is a man, and you were a girl. A naive, young girl in man’s work environment. Why would he ever go for someone 10 years to his senior when he was surrounded by women everyday? 

You shake the gullible thoughts from your head, shaming yourself for ever even putting it into your head that you and Dean could ever be linked. 

To say Wrestlemania weekend was hectic would be an understatement. Not only was it the constant press you had to beautify the Diva’s for which included you nonstop hotel room hopping when they weren’t satisfied with their appearance. Nor was it arranging different tutorials for each individual superstar. It was everything and anything. 

So when the company decided to have an open bar at the hotel after the grandest stage of them all, you didn’t dare to refuse the offer. 

You sat with the rest of the glamour department to avoid getting carded from the bartenders. Which in your favor - worked - considering you were already on your 4th glass of coke and rum. 

Your tongue went numb, and the figures around you started to blur. You mentally cursed yourself for not eating before hand. However, that didn’t stop you from ordering yet another mixed drink. 

Half past 11:00 and making it to the elevator was quite the obstacle. You leaned against the metal doors for support as the lobby twirled around your drunken state. 

Without warning, the doors parted causing you to collapse straight through and into the arms of a muscular embrace. 

Whoa there..“ Dean sang, taking in your tipsy appearance while trying to balance you.

"I-I..” You begin, only to drop your head dramatically low. 

Chuckling, Dean closes the elevator shut and hoists his arms around you for support. “What’s ya room number kid?" 

You let out a dramatic sigh, putting all your weight against Dean. "I-I’m..I’m so-so..sorry. I’m so s-sorrry.” You slur.

Dean snickers, squeezing your hip while keeping you close to his side. “No need to apologize kid, I’ve been worse." 

The elevator chimes open, and unfortunately for you the shot of vodka you parched down 15 minutes ago is sneaking up. Your intoxicated frame wobbles out from the elevator nearly stumbling face first into the wall. Dean hisses, sympathizing your pain as he has surely been there and definitely done that. 

Knowing that there is absolutely no chance of you making it back to your room without falling, Dean scoops you up into his arms and carries you down the hallway. 

He sets you down while keeping a tight grip around your petite waist once you have reached your room. "You got any Advil kid? You’ll definitely need it in the morning.” He smirks. 

Kid. That damn word again. The word and the alcohol that you have consumed don’t mix well. “I-I-I’m no damn k-kiiid.” You whine harshly, breaking from his hold. “Kid that’s su-suuch an-an insult.” You spit, continuing on with your objection until the liquor begins to creep up your throat. 

Swatting your hand over your mouth, you bolt inside of your room and rush to the toilet. Hurling all the alcohol and jumbled confessions down into the bowl.
Your eyes begin to swell from the heaving sensation in your stomach as more of the liquor leaves your system and into the toilet. Dean’s hand startles you as he gathers your hair out of your face while the other reaches over to flush down the remains. 

You hang your head low in punishment coming to realization of how much of a fool you have made in front of him. You sniffle, feeling your eyelids go heavy and Dean’s touch slowly disappearing as you knock out for the night. 

The following morning left your body in a tender condition. Despite the amount of alcohol you had thrown up last night, the room still spun rapidly. Cautiously sliding out from the covers, you groan at the heavy throbbing that commences to your head. 

The fact that Dean had to practically babysit you last night was enough to give you a headache, let alone receiving one from your hangover. You peel out of your clothes from the night before and throw on a hoodie before exiting your hotel room. 

You fiddle with your thumbs as you took a long walk of shame down to Dean’s room. Is an apology even enough for him? Has he gossiped about how much of a drunk mess you were to the roster? Oh god, how is he ever going to look at you as someone mature? 

You sigh, thumping your head against his hotel door. Hissing at the strong throbbing that only increased your headache. 

Without warning, the door clicks open to project a shirtless Dean peering down at you, almost concerned. 

As if he didn’t make you nervous enough, his exposed muscles are  a mocking gesture. 

“I-I” You begin, already not helping your behavior from last night. 

Your eyes stare to his messy locks that fall against his forehead, trying your hardest not to drool over the perfection of his fit built. 

“How ya feelin’?” He questions, interrupting you from your bliss thoughts.
Clearing your throat, you pull on the sleeves of the hoodie to release nerves. 

“Fragile.” You mutter bluntly. 

He scoffs, leaning against the door frame. “Yeaaah, you’re a lightweight. Gotta learn to pace yourself." 

You only felt more adolescent as he referred to you as a "lightweight”. Sighing heavily, your mouth moves without realization of the words that ramble out. 

“I’m honestly so sorry about last night. That kind of behavior is not who reflects me as an individual. The fact that you had to nurse me is inconvenient considering you never get any free time, and I’m truthfully so sorry. If I said anything to you that was insulting or uncalled for, I can only plead that you’ll excuse those statements and move on from this situation. I can reassure you that you will never see me in that posture ever again." 

Your response leaves him an unexpected stance. It’s the most he’s ever heard you speak, considering you don’t hold conversations long enough to reach 2 sentences. He coughs awkwardly, feeling his heart soften at your sudden apology. 

"Listen, ki-” He pauses, correcting himself. “(Y/N).. it happens to everyone. I had to wheel Roman on a bellhop cart after the Hall Of Fame after party.” He chuckles as a giggle slips past your lips before he continues on. “If I had to take care of a 265 pound Samoan then surely, I can handle a pretty little lady that needs help getting back to her hotel room in one piece." 

You blush uncontrollably at his sincere reassurance, looking down at the carpeted surface. 

He leans over, pecking your cheek before shifting back inside his hotel room. "I’ll see ya around kid.” He winks, closing the door.

That word didn’t seem to bother you as much when it was followed by his lips to your cheek. You stand there momentarily before smiling, “See you around…”

Fuzzy Part Two {Anthony Ramos x Reader}

So here is the requested pt 2 of ‘Fuzzy’. I hope y’all like it

Pt 1

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 732

Tagging Party: @stardustandmoon @nadialinett14 @mindofthescattered @ihamilhatemyself @kazuha159 @randomlysu @keikoraventeller

“I’m sorry. I don’t know who you are. I don’t know who any of you are.”

In an instant, the room became eerily quiet. Everyone was holding their breaths, seemingly waiting for me to continue speaking. But that’s it. I have nothing more to say. I mean I guess I could yell for them to leave or scream for security, but I don’t think that’s the best option seeing as everyone looks either heartbroken or confused beyond belief.


I turn to look at Anthony and see utter pain written all across his face.

“What do you mean? You know who I am, Y/N. You’ve known me for over two years. You’ve known all of us for that long.”

Sorry pretty boy, but I have no fucking idea who you are. I’m pretty sure that I would know someone pretty well after two years and I know nothing. Nothing. Well, I know who my parents are and where I live, but I don’t know these people.

“Okay, fuck this.”

I turn to look at a tall man with his pulled back into a lil poof. He’s the only person doesn’t look sad or confused. He actually looks angry which doesn’t make much sense.

You need to stop playing,” he says, pointing a finger at you. ‘This is a serious situation and it is not the time to be making jokes or pranking people. This is pretty damn serious, Y/N, so you need to cut it out.”

The audacity of this guy. You would think someone would be more sensitive and caring to a person in a hospital bed, but apparently that’s not on his agenda. Apparently being a huge douche to a stranger is though. If he really knew me then he would know that I am terrible at pranking people and never go through with it because I’m afraid that I’ll hurt them in some way. Ha, and they all say that they know me.

“Daveed!” “What the hell, man?” “No, you need to stop.” “What’s wrong with you?!”

The entire room explodes into people questioning the guy. The volume increases and it’s even louder than it was before, which is not comfortable for one’s ears. I don’t seem to be the only on who thinks it’s too loud because the nurse looks to be in pain as well. I watch as she grabs a metal tray and cup and lifts them into the air. Now I’m the one confused until she starts banging them together, creating a noise louder than everyone’s yelling. Everyone quiets down and looks toward her with puzzled expressions.

“Listen up,” she says with authority. “Your friend here seems to have some amnesia from the attack. Like you said before, she hit one of the props during the altercation and during that fall she hit her head. Because of that and the entire trauma, it was possible that she would have some amnesia. As you can see, that has unfortunately occurred. However, everything will be okay because the amnesia should only be temporary. That means that you all need to be helpful and kind to her while she regains her memory, not getting mad at her for not knowing or yelling obscenities so loud that her head hurts. Okay?”

Everyone mutters a positive response, looking guilty for their past actions. I kind of feel bad for them. They didn’t know what was happening or that it was giving me a headache. They had no warning to what was coming and it looks to have hit them like a ton of bricks. That still doesn’t excuse their past actions though.

“So this is real? You don’t remember who we are?”

Lin looks at me with grim expression and it only worsens when I give him a small nod. Anthony, still holding my hand, drops his head onto the side of the bed. His face is obscured so I have no idea what he’s feeling right now. I don’t want to cause these people pain. They care too much and I can’t make them stop so I just sit in the silence, not wanting to say something and make it worse.

Anthony lifts his head and looks at me with tears in his eyes, saying, “It’s okay. We’ll figure this out and everything will be okay. We’ll get through this and everything will be fine. It’ll be just fine.”

A/N: Sorry that this part was shorter than the last but I wanted to stop there because I know that I can continue the story in a pt 3. If you would like to be tagged for pt 3 plz let me know. Well that’s all. Have a good day and peace out my peeps