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| Warnings: None. |


I heard the door open, but I didn’t bother to care who it was.

I heard her calling out for me. But I didn’t dare speak.

My head was throbbing, and my dark, silent bedroom wasn’t helping it like I had hoped.

“Dan, are you ok?” She spoke from the doorway of my room.

“No.” Was all I said, and it hurt to say that.

I felt the bed dip behind me where she sat, I was curled into a ball, holding my head in my hands. I felt her soft fingertips brush against the back of my hand.

“What’s wrong?” Concern laced her voice.

“Headache. Bad.” I mumbled.

She was silent, I guess she was scared to speak.

“Why don’t you go take a warm shower and meet me back in here?” She said softly.

I didn’t want to move, but I knew she sometimes was burdened with migraines, so I took her advice, and walked to the bathroom, stripping off my clothes and turning on the water, stepping inside the shower. It was as hot as I could stand and steam filled the entire room.

I made the most of it and washed my hair, my body, and just relished in the slight relief.

I turned off the water, stepping out and noticing the clothes [Y/N] must’ve sat out for me.

I slipped into them and made my way back into my dark bedroom. The only lights she had turned on were the fairy lights on my headboard.

“Here.” She patted her crossed legs. “Lay your head right here.”

I laid down on the bed, resting my head on her lap just as she asked of me.

“Close your eyes.” She whispered. I complied, and felt a damp, cold rag placed over my eyes.

I then began to feel her fingertips massage my scalp, my temples, my forehead, even my neck. “Relax, baby.” I heard her whisper, and I suddenly noticed how tense I was.

This contact, her touch, I had craved it for so long. I loved her. But I never told her. And now, here I was, my head laying in her lap, her hands all over me, all her attention on caring for me.

Fuck, I was nervous.

But she began humming, and it began to calm me, along with her touch, and the cold cloth, I began to fall asleep.

I felt like I slept for hours, but it was only about 40 minutes according to [Y/N].

“How do you feel?” She asked, looking down at me through her half lidded [E/C] eyes.

I put my hands on top of hers, which were resting on my shoulders. “Better, thank you.”

She smiled softly, and ran her hands up from my shoulders, to my neck, to my cheeks, rubbing them softly. “You’re welcome.”

And we just looked at each other, for what felt like an eternity.

“You look so handsome.” She spoke, barely above a whisper.

I didn’t reply, but I could feel a blush crossing my cheeks.

She lifted her hand, booping the tip of my nose. I laughed, she must’ve been tired.

“I love you.” I said as she played with my curly hair, I didn’t mean to, it just, slipped out.

Everything got silent, I was going to apologise.

Then, she leaned down, and placed her lips against mine.

She tasted of cherries. And her lips were incredibly soft. Her hands slid from my hair to my bare chest as she kissed me.

She pulled away, barely. “I love you, too.”

I moved my hands up, holding her cheeks, pulling her down to kiss me once more.

And from now on, every time one of us had a headache, this is exactly what we would do to cure it.

And it always worked.

#12 Luke has a headache *requested*

“Luke has a head ache?xx”

AN: Right this was requested a week ago or so. I’m finally doing it! At first I wasn’t sure how to make it different from Calum’s but then I thought it could be a hangover headache rather than a random headache :)


Words: 615
Warnings: none

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