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Some Things About Leia Organa and Her Hair

So I’ve been considering doing a post about this for a while and since there’ve been a lot of discussions about Leia recently I figured ‘why not’?

So, some things about Leia and her hair from a person who is living with hair LONGER than Leia’s is depicted in ROTJ and has been for quite a long time.

Please bare with me while I learn to use this thing.

1. She is inevitably asked by someone if her hair is real every time she tries a new style.

2. As a child she would wear her hair down when she was at home but as she grows (along with her hair) it becomes a less common occurrence because her hair is to much to deal with down. (Exceptions are made for headaches. Sometimes.)

3. On the way to Bespin Han asked her to wear it down and she refused (5 times) until she finally un-braided it all for him to see how long it is. (Han stops asking.)

4. Breha taught Leia to do her hair and Leia keeps some of her pins to tuck into her hair, even once they’re worn out and no longer keep anything in place.

5. She never has enough bobby pins.

6. Or hair ties.

(She asks Chewie to buy her some while on a supply run. He brings back exactly what she asks for and refuses any payment.)
7.On the way to Bespin she teaches Han simple styles and techniques; how to divide hair for a braid, how and where to pin them, what styles are good for what, and, his personal favorite, how to find all of the pins.

8. Hair, on Alderaan is tradition and modesty and necessity. It takes Leia some time to learn this but it takes her even longer to realize that other places don’t share the same customs.

9. A particularly rude Ambassador once inquired as to why she wore her hair “like a common peasant.” She hit him. (She later discovers that the people on his planet only bind their hair if they must work. She never apologizes.)

10. Leia is distraught over Jaina’s refusal to have her hair done and she cries the night Jaina comes home with it chopped short. (She thought she was going to get the chance to pass on the things her mother taught her.)

11. There is a crisis (because there is always a crisis) on some midrim world they happen to be on and a law is passed saying that to leave any hair must be shaved to the skull. Han promises to stay with her until the decree is lifted and he teaches her how to wrap her hair in scarves the way he remembers his mother doing.

12. The Rogues tell her mood by her hair. Han tells the political climate. Luke tells the weather.

13. One time, trying to be helpful, Luke brings her images of various hairstyles from the holonet. Leia is forced to tell him that anything that is pictured with hair shorter than hers will never work like the pictures but agrees to try some anyway.

14. Her hairstyle on Bespin is not something she’s ever seen done before but Han created the beginnings of it one night when she allowed him to braid her hair.

15. The style becomes one of her favorite elegant styles. She wears it on their wedding day.

16. She’s not one for overly adorning her hair but she has a handful of decorative clips, two hair sticks in different styles, a circlet and a diadem, all of which are very simple.

17. Her circlet was created for her when she was born, elegant gold twisting and coiling with one small sapphire set in it. After the war it was thought to be lost. That is, until it turned up, along with jewelry that had been in an exhibit about the designer. They found the diadem there too. It had been her mother’s, and it was quite simple, silver with small diamonds. (Her mother always said it was a day diadem, for formal events before sundown.)

18. After the event with Jaina’s hair Leia says nothing. She sits at her dressing table and does her own hair, leaving the door open for her daughter just in case.

19. Han built her a stool for the ‘fresher on the Falcon so that she can sit in front of the mirror and be at just the right height to do her hair.

20. The Rogues timed her once on doing her hair. She took out two braided buns and turned them into four braids coiling around her head. It took her 20 minutes to do the whole thing. They were impressed.

21. Jaina eventually begins allowing her mother to style her hair again for formal events. It’s quite short but Leia is quite skilled. After Jaina turns 18 Leia allows her to wear the circlet but Jaina rarely agrees, saying she’s not the real Princess.

22. There’s a rumor that Leia can do her hair faster than Han can tear apart, clean and reload his blaster. This is untrue. They tried it once. Han was 11 seconds faster.

23. When her friends get married Leia does their hair. For Winter it was a traditional coronet that looks like a tiara with the right pins. For Mara it was a waterfall of braids that she has only ever replicated for Mara on she and Luke’s 10th anniversary. The list goes on.

24. When Jag proposed Jaina began growing her hair out while trying not to make it seem obvious. The morning of the wedding she waits at her mother’s dressing table until Leia emerges from the ‘fresher. With tears in her eyes, Leia braids the diadem into her daughter’s hair and realizes how much she wished her mother had been there to do this for her.

25. After Bespin Leia allows her hair to become a mess. Finally a kind Alderaani survivor comes and washes and braids Leia’s hair, saying that it won’t do them any good to find Captain Solo if he has no one to come back for.

26. Leia would never cut her hair. She won’t even consider it.

27. Han establishes a rule that if he takes her hair out at night he either has to rebraid it before they go to sleep or he has to help her brush it in the morning. He figures this is a fair rule since he’s usually responsible for the mess it is. 

28. She teaches Jacen how to do hair and he’s always excited when his daughter tells her friends that her dad made the elaborate twists and coils.

29. Breha used time together doing hair as a way to teach her daughter about the galaxy but Leia stopped dreaming of a daughter of her own during the war.

30. Jaina is stubborn and “far to like Han” but she learned far more from her mother than Leia ever thought she did. She always tells her friends that beauty is often seen as a softness and lack of strength but she’s never seen anyone look more beautiful, and still kick butt, than her mother. Being focused on ones hair or make up or clothes isn’t something to be frowned upon, because you never see it coming when they can win a fight in an alley.

(Hoping this makes sense, I have a major headache. (: )


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Kings and Queens

Anti-Camille. I don’t think she’d do this in canon, but whatever, right? Also, the idea of Klaus having Caroline’s contact name be Queen is not mine.

Rated M but SFW for the most part. Part Two

Camille said goodnight to Klaus and his siblings with a plan in mind.

Rebekah had shown her to her temporary room – she wasn’t safe in the city for some reason they didn’t tell her – but that wasn’t where she was heading.

All upstairs was lined with spelled sage candles, though only a few were lit up. She sidestepped them for the room she wanted, at the end of the hall.

It was Klaus’ room, and she’d only ever seen it once. With dark walls, a big bed, and many pieces of artwork, it screamed ‘Klaus Mikaelson’.

She gently sat on the bed, wanting to savor being there. It was so intimate. She knew that no one else came in this room, but maybe he’d let her now that she’d come in. He was warming up to her, so it was a good possibility.

She looked around, hoping for more clues into his personality. She didn’t find much, just paintings, letters, and, oddly, a pair of women’s underwear. Camille stared at it for a long moment, noting how it seemed recent, almost like something she owned. She knew he’d never panty raided her…but what if he did? There would be no way she would know unless he said so. She shivered at the possibilities.

She set the lace down where it had been in the first place, in his drawer full of keepsakes, and moved back to the bed.

There was a phone on the bedside table. Curious, she picked it up, and opened it easily. None of the Mikaelsons had passcodes. Too technologically advanced, apparently.

There weren’t any apps, nothing on Safari, no notes, nothing like that. She didn’t check the texts, though, because surely there was a line she couldn’t cross and that was it. She did, however, check the contacts.

There were only a few – Elijah, Katherine, Queen, Rebekah, and Stefan. She only recognized the names of his siblings, though the name Stefan did sound familiar. The other two names sent a flare of jealousy through her. Katherine? Queen? Really?

Completely disregarding her hesitancy, she clicks on the texting app.

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The Man Who Lives Forever

A Courier Six playlist.

Full Playlist on YouTube

1.The World At Large - Modest Mouse
2.Thistle & Weeds - Mumford & Sons
3.Ain’t No Grave - Reckless Mercy
4.I Think I Lost My Headache - Queens Of The Stone Age
5.Country Song - Seether
6.Grounds For Divorce - Elbow
7.Gettysburg - Ratatat
8.Stray Dog Freedom - Bright Eyes
9.Drones In The Valley - Cage The Elephant
10.Amarillo - Gorillaz
11.Through The Valley - Shawn James
12.Gimme Shelter - The Rolling Stones
13.Dramamine - Modest Mouse
14.Go Get Your Gun - The Dear Hunter
15.Bandoliers - Them Crooked Vultures
16.Mykonos - Fleet Foxes
17.The Man Who Lives Forever - Lord Huron
18.Tonight - Seether
“Connecting Link” (ft. iKON’s Bobby) Ch. 3

너와 나의 연결고리
You and me, our connection,

이건 우리 안의 소리

this is the sound inside of us.

You groaned in annoyance and gritted his name through your teeth, “Wang Jackson… You…”

You stared blankly at the ceiling and wondered if you should ditch him since the only reason he’s bothering you is because your BFF wasn’t there, but you were hungry anyway and he was paying. Why in the world would you refuse free food?

You jumped out of bed and looked at your attire. You were wearing black sweatpants and a loose worn out t-shirt from university. Good enough, you had thought. You put on a bra, searched for your favorite hoodie and tied your hair in a ponytail, before heading towards the door. You saw a black baseball cap lying around in the living room, which was probably owned by Jackson and stolen by your friend, and decided to wear it. You opened the apartment door only to close it again because it had gotten quite chilly. You went back to your room to get another jacket over your shoulder. You stuffed your phone, card and keys into your pockets, grabbed your lip balm belatedly, and locked the apartment behind you to meet Jackson ‘troublemaker’ Wang.

You were halfway down the stairs when you heard Jackson’s impatient scream.

“Yah! I know you’re there, hurry up! It’s freezing out here!” he was shuffling in front of the apartment trying to keep himself warm. He was basically the same outfit as yours, but in a darker color scheme, trying to appear inconspicuous even when he was screaming like a kid having a tantrum.

“Christ, keep it down, you babo! Do you want to let the whole neighborhood know that you’re here?” you hissed at him and flicked his forehead over the cap.

“Ah! You violent woman!” he defended and started walking with you following closely behind. He handed you a pocket warmer and grumbled, “After all the trouble I had gone through to get you that warmer.”

You snorted. “Knowing you, you probably picked up one for yourself and just remembered me at the counter.”

He shot you an incredulous look, before gasping dramatically, “How did you know? Are you one of those people who have some kind of blood and has powers?”

“It’s called ‘white blood’ and no, I don’t have powers, but why did you bring that up? Have you met someone like that? They say it’s really rare for someone to even have residual white blood.” You questioned, squinting your eyes at him to catch his lies before he even tried playing them.

He opened his mouth to bluff, but decided to tell you the truth. “Nah,” he shook his head instead. “…we both don’t know enough people here to meet someone like that.”

You nodded along, “True.”

“Have you heard from my soulmate?” he beamed at you and acted as if he was swooning.

You rolled your eyes at him. “You mean, Eunmin? I’m not sure why you’re asking me when you probably harass her with countless texts a day.”

“You make it sound like a bad thing.” He accused pointing a finger at you.

“It is a bad thing, Jackson. It’s also bad that you call someone who has a normal life to eat sampgyupsal with you at 12 AM when you can call one of your many celebrity friends or your members!” you exclaimed as you put on lip balm on your chapped lips.

“Exactly, Y/N. Why would I call busy people like them when I can call you?” he teased and you slapped his arm.

You weren’t very far from the samgyupsal place and though it was pretty cold in the early morning, you two were walking quite leisurely.

Then suddenly, like lightning striking from the skies, you heard the call faintly. Your feet moved before your thoughts could follow. Jackson tried to keep up with you and asked, “Yah, why are you suddenly walking so fast? Are you that hungry?”

You heard him, but tuned him out to focus on the call. It was getting louder as you continued nearing the samgyupsal place. You stood in front of the restaurant, its dim lighting and no nonsense menu not anymore an unfamiliar sight to you. Jackson kept calling after you, but you already had your hand hooked on the sliding door. You slid it with a loud clatter and the small group that occupied a table looked up at you, but they weren’t even relevant then because he was there, looking quite out of place in the small eatery with his tall and bony structure.

Jiwon was already standing up and the moment you met his eyes, the loud call stopped ringing in your ears.

Jackson finally caught up with you and slung an arm over your shoulder before any one of the restaurant occupants could comprehend. “Yah, I didn’t know you were that hungry, you practically ran all the way here.”

When Jiwon’s companions saw and recognized Jackson, they bolted upright and bowed respectfully. You saw that Jackson was obviously flustered, but he tried to maintain a solid expression as he greeted back cheerfully. Jiwon also bowed, but his eyes were trained on you.

Jackson urged you forward, he whispered, “They’re celebrities and I’m guessing you don’t know any of them because you’re an ahjumma.” He teased again and you pinched his arm, stealing a glance at Jiwon who was still looking at you, his mouth slightly agape.

Jackson greeted them again before pushing you towards your usual table.

“Ahjummeoni, 4 servings of samgyupsal and two bowls of rice, please.” He ordered immediately when the owner greeted the both of you pleasantly, recognizing you, especially Jackson, as regulars. “Did you want something else?”

“Jackson, 4 servings? Are you out of your mind, how many servings are you planning to eat?” You laughed at him.

“Well, depends on how hungry you are, I can eat your portion too if that’s what you’re worried about.” He shrugged and nodded to the owner, requesting for generous servings. “But weren’t you hungry? You even rushed all the way here.”

You looked at him blankly, before catching Jiwon’s eyes again behind him.

“Do you know those guys?” you asked, gesturing to the other table.

“We’re not that close, but some of them are idols too.” Jackson remarked, picking at the side dishes. “Why? One of them is your style?”

You shook your head violently.

“You liar. Just because you haven’t met your soul mate yet, you can just play around.” Jackson clicked his tongue, shaking his head in disbelief at your ‘behavior’.

“From what group are they?” you tried to change the topic to stop Jackson from saying any more embarrassing things.

“Even if I told you, you won’t know them. I still have trauma from our first meeting.” Jackson feigned a headache, being the drama queen that he is. “I still can’t believe that the only JYP group you know is Wonder Girls.”

“Hey, at least I know you now.” You laughed just in time for the food to arrive.

The conversation flowed freely between you and Jackson, maybe this is why you get along with him well; he managed to eat 2 and a half servings whilst talking and before you knew it, it was almost 2 AM.

His phone rang loudly as you two were finishing up with a few pieces of meat were still sizzling on the grill.

He looked at the screen with horror in his eyes. “Oh my g—Hyung! Yes, I’m done. I was just about to head over there. Yeah, yeah… I’m hanging up.” Jackson groaned and slumped in his seat. “Mark-hyung caught me. I have to head back now or else he’ll tell on me.”

“What?” you exclaimed with a wrap stuffed in your mouth. “What about me?”

“Huh? I can’t understand.” He played dumb and began to rise from his seat. “I’ll just go settle the bill, stay here and finish up, I’ll be back.”

You chewed on the wrap thoughtfully, trying your best not to look at Jiwon’s table. After a few minutes, Jackson hasn’t returned and that was when you received a text message from him saying that he already left and told you to enjoy the food.

You wanted to shout, but gathered your fingers into a fist instead. You gritted his name for the second time that morning, “Wang Jackson… You…”

You heard excessive coughing and boisterous laughter from the other table as they loudly said goodbye to Jiwon who was trying to shut them up and stop them from leaving.

“We’re going first, hyung! We know you’re still hungry, eat more! We don’t have a schedule tomorrow anyway.” They all said simultaneously that it was difficult to pick out who was speaking. They all tapped his shoulder a bit too forcefully and nodded to you as they filed out the small restaurant.

When all the ruckus subsided and the two of you were left inside, you tried to avert his gaze as you gulped down a glass of water. You wanted to slap yourself for going out in your pajamas and not having a single speck of make-up on your face except for the tinted lip balm that you picked up.

You met his eyes again from under the shadow of your cap and he answered with a toothy grin.

“Hi.” He remarked, quite amused at the situation.

A smile quivered at your lips at how cute he was acting. “Hi.”

“This feels really awkward now.” He said shyly, tugging at his bonnet.

You let out a huff before shooting out of your seat. “How are you with soju?”

He looked stunned at first, but he smirked and said, “Probably better than you.”

You let out a short laugh of disbelief at his show of fake arrogance. “Let’s go then.”

You walked around looking for a tteokbokki tent. The streets were practically empty and you two were able to stroll comfortably.

“So…” he began after he took a look at your expression. “…you know Jackson, huh?”

You laughed at his obvious question. “Before you get ideas, I’m going to stop you right there. He’s my bestfriend’s soulmate and he spends an awful amount of time with us. You saw that he dragged me out at 12 am to eat, right? So I know him all too well, but we don’t have that kind of relationship.”

“Oh, oh I see…” he nodded, secretly glad that you cleared it well.

“But you… are you an idol as well? Jackson did tell me that he knows the guys from your table.” The warmer Jackson gave you was already cold, so you tried to bury yourself further into your jacket.

Bobby wanted to get to know you better before he revealed his true identity, but he thought that when you entered earlier, Jackson had already told you everything you needed to know. “No! I’m just… just a back-up dancer. We’re around the same age, so we hang out a lot.” There, he said it and he beat himself up for lying. “Sorry about them earlier, I was so surprised when I heard the call that I blurted out everything to them. They seem to have acquired the habit of teasing their hyungs any chance they get.”

You shook your head again and laughed, suddenly remembering the ruckus that his friends caused earlier. “No, it’s okay, trust me. Just having Jackson as a friend is already a handful.“ you remarked as you entered the small tent.

You got yourself some fishcake and soup and he ordered soondae and kimchi pancakes for the both of you. He also poured you a shot of soju and you answered in the same manner.

"Cheers.” You both said before gulping down the alcohol. You realize belatedly that this was actually a good idea because you were close to shivering to death and the alcohol really warmed you up inside.

He suddenly stood up and bowed to you. “안녕하세요, 김지원 임니닷.”

You got what he was trying to do here, so you got up, introduced yourself and shook his extended hand.

“Kim Jiwon, huh?” You murmured as you took bite off your fishcake. “I didn’t get your full name last time.”

“Me too, Y/F/N-ssi. You have a really pretty name.” He replied nonchalantly, but his deep, rough voice made it sound so charming.

There was an awkward silence and the air around you suddenly got tense. Was it sexual? Maybe. Did it make you feel weird? Definitely. It got too stuffy that you eventually shrugged your jacket off and placed it on your lap instead. He, on the other hand, almost choked on his soondae when you did that and a million, little, thoughts went through his head.

You realized that you were still wearing the cap, so you removed it along with your hair tie. Bobby was able to pick up his jaw by the time you spared him a glance, so you didn’t see how surprised he was when he finally saw your face in the low light. To say that you were his type was pushing it a bit, but he definitely thought that you were beautiful, sexy and cute at the same time.

He nervously chugged down his drink and felt himself slowly loosen up. “So what do you do?”

You were caught off guard by his question, but you were glad that the conversation picked up again. “I’m an intern at JJ&M, I’m under the HR Department.”

“Wow, you must be smart.”

You shrugged and jokingly said, “I do what I can.”

You laughed and he snickered to himself as you both took shots. “If you don’t mind me asking,” you began while nibbling on a piece of the pancake. “…how old are you?”

Bobby tried to dodge the question by leaning over and smirking, “You should probably call me 오빠.”

You were unfazed and imitated him with the same teasing expression. “Why? Do you like it when girls call you 오빠?”

He leaned back against the chair, acting like he was not just flustered by having you lean in so close. “If a guy told you that he doesn’t like it when girls call him 오빠, you run. He’s lying.”

“So you do like it! Jiwon-oppa?” You smirked and internally, you wondered where this newfound confidence was coming from.

He covered his smile with his hand and insisted, “Why don’t we stick with an American style?”

“Like what? No honorifics whatsoever?” You felt the alcohol hit you and all the nerves you might have had disappeared. “Just Jiwon is weird.”

“I have an English name if that helps. It’s Bobby.” He began munching on the kimchi pancakes as if he hadn’t stuffed himself with samgyupsal.

“Bobby… Hmmm, pretty cute name.” You drawled on, looking innocently at his face. “Why do you have an English name? Did you live in the States?”

“Yeah, my whole family’s there actually.” You caught the brief look of longing that passed and softened his features. “How about you? I do remember hearing the call during one of our family’s rare outings…”

“I was there on vacation, but I live in (country/state). I also heard that and now, look at us sitting in front of each other in Seoul, drinking soju at…” You pulled out your phone and looked at the time. “…4:40 AM. Don’t we have an awful amount of free time?”

He laughed with you as you poured each other another glass to celebrate your fateful meeting. “Cheers to… What are we drinking to?”

“To our soul being mates?” You supplied and he shrugged. 

“To our soul being mates, then.” Your glasses clunk together.

“Bobby…” You suddenly groaned out. “…it came.”

“What?” He laughed, taking in your beet red face and slightly disheveled hair. His elbow was on the tabletop, his cheeks slumped against his palm.

You ran a hand through your hair and put on the black cap backwards. You were slightly swaying as you sat on the plastic chair and Bobby managed to get to your side before you fell off.

“Whoops…” You grinned as he kept you upright with his hands on your shoulders. “I can stand and walk home, but you have to help me.”

Bobby was equally amazed and amused by you. On one hand, you were drunk, but you weren’t even stuttering and yet you were basically asking him to take you home. Times like these that Bobby really admires his self-control. He helped you up by offering his arms as leverage, before teasing, “That’s good news then because I wasn’t planning on carrying you all the way back.”

“I never asked you to, Mr. Bobby Kim.” You tripped on your step and he kept you in place. Though you hated to admit it, you liked skinship like this.

He retrieved your jacket which fell on the floor and dusted it off. You easily slid your arms through, before saying, in a really cute voice, which Bobby will use to tease you whenever, “Can I borrow your arm instead?”

Like a true a gentleman, which he was more often than not, he allowed you to link arms with him as he paid for the early morning drinking session. With you safely tucked next to him, you started on the long way back.

“Aaah…” You sighed as a subtle breeze hit your face. “Aaaair.”

You were still wobbly and giddy, but Bobby kept his steps firm to keep you from diving face first onto the sidewalk.

“Hey, I have a crazy idea.” You suddenly blurted out when your thoughts stopped being hazy. “But promise that you won’t think of me differently because I usually don’t do this on first dates, but…”

He chuckled and tried to meet your eyes. “Don’t worry, this is hardly a first date for me. I promise I’ll treat you to something better.”

“Nah.” You waved your hand as you shook your head. “No worries, this is probably the most interesting date story I can tell. Anyway, I want to invite you to my apartment…” You trailed off and he hung on every word. “I mean, sorry, that sounded too forward… to my apartment’s rooftop, to watch the sunrise.”

He snorted at your antics and followed with, “Sure! It wouldn’t hurt to end this date on a romantic note, right?”

“Psh, romantic… Don’t try to kid with me.” You smirked and raised your face to meet his eyes. “By the way, have I mentioned that you’re so tall?”

Bobby laughed harder and pinched one of your cheeks, falling for your natural aegyo by the second.

a/n: this is soooo long to make up for the short chapter last time and guuurl… you invited Bobby to your apartment, like whut? I wonder what happens in the apartment hmm… especially now that your roommate is away.

Ezra is a drama queen. A headache and one sneeze and he’s chugging unsugared lemon juice and taking cold showers.

Bradley just rolls his eyes whenever he does it and fetches him a blanket, telling him that it’s normal, everyone gets sick, it’s a natural response while Ezra just yells back that he can’t look pretty with red eyes and a runny nose.

Happy Birthday, Gen!

Dancing with Gypsies


James groaned, his hand coming up to rub his aching head. He knew he shouldn’t have stopped for drinks at the tavern in town. But his men and him where tired of their long voyage from Portugal to Scotland to France. They were definitely in need of drink and female companionship. Unfortunately, for him he had gotten way to sloshed to enjoy anyone else but his and now he had an ear splitting headache.

He paid no mind to his surroundings, already knowing where he’d find his little sister and without waiting for her guards to announce him, he barged in. The sight that greeted him however made him forget his headache. Mary, Queen of Scots, was wearing nothing but her shift, her arms up and hips swaying suggestively. She wasn’t the only one in the room, a beautiful woman was right in front of her dancing the same way. While his sister’s movements and state of dress incensed him, the darker skinned woman drew his mind elsewhere. Shaking himself, he watched as both woman reacted. “James! What are yo-.”

“Mary! What on earth are you doing!” Not wanting to be caught staring at the dark exotic woman, he strolled to Mary’s bed and grabbed a blanket throwing it at his sister.

“Dancing, before you so rudely came in! Why did you not announce yourself!?” James had the decency to blush, knowing he should’ve waited. But than his sister would’ve been able to hide the woman. 

“That was not dancing that was- Well something a Queen shouldn’t be doing!” It was Mary’s turn to blush.

“I don’t appreciate your tone. Remember you are speaking to your Queen!” She bit out, pulling her queen card and checkmating him. He turned to the dark woman studying her features. Beautiful was an understatement, she had long dark hair; emerald colored eyes; high cheekbones and a very voluptuous body. “And before you ask, her name is Esmeralda and you will speak to her with respect!”His eyes snapped to his sister, before bowing respectfully.

“Yes, your Grace. I don’t know what came over me, forgive me.” He knew Mary couldn’t stay mad at him for long. “And of course, your Grace.” He got up from his bow and nodded towards the woman. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Esmeralda.” 

theory on Emma in FTL in “Operation Mongoose”

… and what that might mean for Swan Queen.

Emma is not Prince Charming.

Nor is she Daniel. Or even Robin Hood for that matter.

Emma is simply Emma and that is the best possible person she could be. Not only is she her own person, but her connection to Regina remains unaffected by fate beyond what has already been written (the curse, the Savior, etc.). And after the whole pixie dust debacle surrounding AQ, everyone in Swen (and truly, every sane person watching this show) should know how important free will and non-determinism are in regard to, well, every aspect of life, really, and especially to Regina’s happy ending.

So how does Emma simply being Emma in the season finale fit into this?

It’s easy, really: Emma may embody (some of) the best parts of these men (as expressed in her wardrobe) yet ultimately she makes them entirely her own. 

She is obviously a Charming and the wardrobe department has highlighted that meticulously. There are subtle differences, but the overall look of Emma in the season 4 finale is very Prince Charming. In relation to Regina’s role as alternate!Snow White, this parallel might emphasize Snowing’s True Love and/or their promise to always find each other.

The similarities between Daniel and Emma have been pointed out since Daniel’s first appearance so I won’t be repeating them here. The shirt and the blue color in Emma’s FTL dress do recall Daniel’s outfit quite obviously again, thereby evoking the love a young Regina experienced and never quite let go of.

While the ambiguity of the costume clearly sets Emma apart from being cast as either just Daniel or just Prince Charming, this wardrobe move does two things: (1) the combination of alt!Snow/Regina’s True Love (Charming) and Regina’s (True?) Love (Daniel) in Emma’s outfit clearly highlights the aspect of love and (2) it directly imbues Emma with this one dominant quality in regard to Regina, no matter in what reality.

To sum it all up …

Emma is not Daniel.

Emma is not Prince Charming

Emma is her own person and that is beautiful because she represents a choice to Regina that fate has taken away. And to quote Regina, it is high time both Regina and Emma start pushing back and beat fate. What better way than to choose to love the person destined to be your undoing?