they read the news all polite and nice like in front of the camera, talking about cats in trees and the weather, how there’s going to be this huge storm this weekend, be careful folks!, and national news like a hurricane on the east coast or the drought in the south/west, and international news about the middle east and the world cup etc LOTS OF ~NEWS~ they’re known to be this really cute couple on camera because they have such chemistry or whatever because they smile at each other

but then when their mics stop working and they’re having that bit where they talk to each other they insult each other none stop and are like ‘stop flirting with me goddammit bellamy this is why they think we have chemistry’ and bellamy’s all 'wait clarke you smiled at me twelve times today i think this is your fault’ and they both ignore the awkward sexual tension elephant in the room bc both are doing it on purpose and like bellamy counts clarke’s smiles??? and clarke responds to the flirting??

secretly tho they live together and have wild sex against walls the kitchen counter, in the shower, on the carpet (they both complain about carpet burn but they’re both lying because, like all their sex, it was amazing) and yes just lots of sex. but!!! it’s not feelings sex, or so they tell each other, that they’re just frenemies with benefits or whatever youngsters are calling it nowadays like sex is sex no biggie

except that they kiss each other on the cheek when they leave the apartment and their flirting and all those smiles are on purpose and there’s blushing and an awkward hand-holding accidental date at burger king (because they are so lame) another accidental date where they go on a picnic and feed geese and there’s lots of accidental making out in a park, rolling down grassy hills and laughing, grass in each other’s hair and picking out the blades like it’s the most important thing in the world, this intimate, innocent touch with brushings of skin contact BUT THERE ARE NO FEELINGS (pfft no feelings my ass)

then they’re outed on the network when clarke accidentally snarks about how bellamy’s a terrible cook and he shouldn’t lie and literally the entire studio goes quiet until cameraman jasper groans loudly 'fucking finally.’ turns out their relationship was not so secret and everyone was just waiting for them to go public bc they’re nice like that. except that they’re relationship is still, technically, a no feelings thing and they don’t know how to break it to the other that they have ~love feelings~ for the other

over-the-top confessions follow bc they each have to out-do the other once they realize that their feelings are mutual like so obviously mutual oh my god the entire city knew before us clarke, are we actually idiots? and clarke isn’t taking this shit and just hisses i don’t know bellamy all i know is that i love you