Untranslatable Irish Words Part 1
  • Ainbhlinn - Froth from mouth of decaying corpse.
  • Áirí - Ground manured in previous year; ground from which potatoes have been cropped.
  • Aiteall - Fine spell between showers.
  • Amainiris - The second day after tomorrow.
  • Amanathar -  The day after tomorrow; the second day after.
  • Béaláiste - Drink to seal bargain.
  • Bearrthóir - Tail-chewing animal.
  • Béillic - Flat stone with cavity underneath.
  • Brach - Discharge from eyes during sleep.
  • Bruán - Afterbirth of animal.
  • Buadán - 1. Stump of animal’s horn. 2. Bandage on dehorned animal. 3. Bandage on head; kerchief bound about head and forehead.
  • Buaile - Milking-place in summer pasturage.
  • Buaircín - Guard on tip of animal’s horn.
  • Cealdrach - Old burial ground; burial place for unbaptized infants.
  • Cídeog -  1. Covering for head and shoulders against rain or cold. 2. Person who is easily imposed upon; spineless creature.
  • Cinnire - Person leading an animal by the head.

Vintage Black Americana Ceramic Bisque Doll painted jointed. This is a gorgeous small female / girl black doll wearing a pink dress with green and yellow trim. The head kerchief is yellow and pink; apron is white with pale green dots. She has blue and white striped underpants; painted eyes and mouth.

This cute doll is intact and will hold a seated pose. She is jointed at shoulders and hips. The elastic is intact albeit somewhat stretched by age. Note pic 5 for the elastic knots. There are also exterior knots on the shoulders.

The doll is smallish and measures 5" long. Just the right size to be called a ‘pocket doll’. I tried very hard to get an age on her but there are no marks on the torso. I would give a guesstimate at over 30 years and as old as 60 years.