I …well .. I do have an excuse for this actually. This is all @haikyoutooiguess ‘s fault. They were my exchange partner for the iwaoi exchange and had “KyouKen” written as their … fav other ship? :’D .. and……… then this happened? I’m sorry? Kind of?


Captain Canary AU: Earth 3: In order to prevent violence and to discuss the threat of the rising number of vigilantes, a meeting of the mayors of the largest cities has been set to take place in Star City, the city with the highest crime rate in America. Leonard Snart, the mayor of Central City, has no intention of staying longer than necessary. There are too many things he’s working on and he is completely booked out for the next two months. And Star City is also not the safest nor nicest place to go to, there’s nothing worth staying for. But he reconsiders all of this - including where he wants to spend the rest of his life, or more specifically, with whom - once he meets the new mayor of Star City, Sara Lance. An ambitious, charming and passionate woman who does not only change the life of the people in her city…