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And then all of the sudden, Tobi becomes Riza's ultimate weapon against Roy, who in turn is startled by the unexpected motivation to get all this damn paperwork done because, "NO, I do not want to get another tongue-lashing, thank you very much." Please tell me if my spam is bothering you, my head is just exploding with all the possibilities!

No worries! It’s such a fun AU. :D

Edit: Oops, answered the wrong ask, sorry. 

Tobi is 100% the boss of sass, and I can imagine their showdowns being so funny

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aa ok one of my hcs is that mc and 707 r both genderfluid and they both use 7's giant closet to choose how theyre gonna present each day and theyre each others boyfriend & girlfriend & datefriend and they start going on cute dates dressed how they want to be and r both super proud of the other and theyre both open and happy and supportive of each other. a rly lame hc aha ;;;;

my nonbinary heart can’t take this much cute in one message. mod 606 is out of order please leave a message after the beep. *entire head explodes* :)))))))

Went to see the Book of Life today

Inktober day 25