• kind of gutted it looks like the rest of the chocobros don't get to participate in the chocomog festival when all I need in my life is
  • Prompto: literally on the verge of his head exploding from it all.
  • Gladio: squeezed into one of the shirts because they don't do them in his size and winning all the games
  • Ignis: in full getup, carrying all their prizes, looking like a tired mum when secretly he is having the time of his life

I’m so lonely and crave affection and closeness and intimacy with someone but at the same time I can’t stand the idea of someone relying on me for emotional support when i’m so emotionally chaotic myself and I need approximately 5 hours of alone time every evening or else I feel like my head is going to explode. but I’m so lonely 

There’s a balance to it. 

Viktor thinks wistfully back to Hasetsu, when all his attention focused on Yuuri: Yuuri’s skating, Yuuri’s artistry, Yuuri’s body. Coaching, he thinks, it’s just about being able to clearly see what’s there. It’s being able to see what’s not. 

It’s about being able to talk to your students. 

Coach, lover, competitor–the scale keeps tipping. Viktor feels like his head is going to explode.

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minghao and eunwoo moments for anon and myself

god freaking bless catilin snow for dropping the most accurate truth bombs and basically providing the best roast i‘ve ever seen on tv

anonymous asked:

How would the classic fell swap and swapfell skelebros react to seeing a full body x-ray of their so?

THERE ARE SO MANY SWAPFELL THINGS IN THE ASK BOX I’M SO HAPPY!!!! Ok, let’s just assume that Frisk explained that Skeletons are inside humans. - Mod Sync

Undertale Sans

He always knew humans had skeletons inside them, but he doesn’t immediately recognize that it’s your skeleton he’s looking at. Once he does however… Let’s just say Sans has left for Hoodievill, can I take your message?

Undertale Papyrus

HUMAN WHY DO YOU HAVE A PICTURE OF A NAKED SKELETON? IS THIS SOME KIND OF- IT’S YOUR SKELETON? OH. Oh. He stops and goes quiet for a moment. Then his head practically explodes into orange before he’s shoving it back at you and lecturing you over having such lewd images of yourself just laying around.

Underfell Sans

SWEATS. Oh boy. Oh man. You didn’t know that shade of red existed until his face turned it. He shakily asks if he can have a copy or five. After, he doesn’t leave his room for a while.

Underfell Papyrus

Is lecturing you even harder than UT!Paps. Probably tell you to keep those locked away, if not get rid of them entirely. He will not have such images of his date-mate free for anyone to see! His face is red as his scarf for hours after, but he won’t admit to it.

Underswap Sans

Actually very calmly tells you not to leave those out where anyone can see them, but his voice is shaking and his whole head is blue. He screams into the nearest pillow/cusion the second you leave.

Underswap Papyrus

Very quickly shoves it back into your hands before, very loudly, stuttering out any and all excuses he can to leave the room and leaving as quickly as possible. You’ve never seen him so animated. Or so orange.

Swapfell Sans

He’s the only one not in any way embarrassed. Just yells at you to keep these things out of site from prying eyes. He is not having people try and use them against you, not on his watch.

Swapfell Papyrus

Papyrus.exe has crashed. You’ve never seen that shade of orange before. He’s been staring at it for like, five minutes now. He can’t even form words. You actually have to pry the x-ray from his hands to get him to come back.