You know, when you’re drowning you don’t actually inhale right before you black out. It’s like no matter how much you are freaking out, the instinct to not get any water in is so strong that you won’t open your mouth until you feel like your head is exploding but then when you finally do let it in that’s when it stops hurting. It is not scary anymore, it’s actually kinda peaceful.
—  Stiles, Teen Wolf
things that terrify me


the theory that we are all one in the same, only our thoughts separate us. individual things do not exist. things do not exist.

time may not be as linear as we perceive it to be. in my perception of time right now i am in bed, age 17, but at the same “time” i could be 12, laughing at some “diary of a wimpy kid” book or I could be 30, visiting my old house and sitting on my old bed to count the glow in the dark stars on the ceiling.

there may be galaxies bigger and smaller than we will ever know. what is within the nucleus of an atom? protons and neutrons, one might say. but within those? within the things within those things? entire galaxies. entire universes. and what is beyond our universe? what if our huge universe is smaller than another being’s proton?

i might die without a purpose. my existence is a fluke.

i might die with all purpose. my existence is quintessential to the continuation of the universe.

there may be nothing after my inevitable death.

there may be something after my inevitable death.

tl;dr- I am having an existential crisis because of a video game

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Just give me Robron hanging out with Vadam more. Thats all we need. Robert doesn't need a mate and technically all Aaron's mates are family now and I swear if they try to bring back any nonsense with Finn... Well, my head is close to exploding over Rebecca, Finn might push me over the edge!

I’d take a whole load of Bartsugsy, over forced ridiculous friendships any day. Maybe Finn and Rebecca could become bffs seeing as they’re both snakes


minghao and eunwoo moments for anon and myself

god freaking bless catilin snow for dropping the most accurate truth bombs and basically providing the best roast i‘ve ever seen on tv

This one is a good one. So there were these gigantic man-made spiders that couldn’t breed but they found a loophole; they could burrow inside baby doll heads, explode them, and spider babies would scurry out. So these spiders were growing in population pretty fast and people were freaked out by it so they were like taking all the baby dolls and burning them. Me and some people I didn’t know where at my cousins house and one of the spiders got in and we had to quickly find any doll heads but we were too late because there was a doll head (that looked like that one creepy doll from Toy Story) so the doll head exploded and all these little spiders poured out of it. We captured the baby spiders and the big spider in a big metal box and then we took it to some guy who lived in a shack in the middle of Australia; he was like that old and wise archetype but also a redneck type. We told him we need to find a way to stop these spiders from populating. He told us that he wouldn’t help because he believed the spiders had a right to live. As I was waking up I realized the reason spiders were burying themselves into doll heads because the only other option was to borrow into real baby heads and they didn’t want to do that shit. See, they wanted to populate and preserve their species but they weren’t going to sacrifice our children to do it. I also noticed that they didn’t try to hurt me or my crew…THEY JUST WANTED TO LIVE PEOPLE! THEY JUST WANTED TO LIVE!