felivignone-punkrockangel replied to your post “clement almost looks like charles ��✔️✔️”

Aww, he was cute with the longer hair. Looking like Charles was part of his charm. :( Love the hims n hems series btw, it’s awesome.

shhhh what the heck dude he needs encouragement right now

Being Peter Parker’s Accomplice Would Involve

Me: Shit Human who uses google to find gifs so doesn’t have credit

Being Peter’s Accomplice Would Involve:

  • Meeting on the roof one time as you both stop try to stop the same crime and just get in each others way and get pissed off ateach other.
  • Learning to work toegther after you save Peter’s butt several times and he saves yours.
  • Laughing at each other’s first suit attempts
  • Doing your homework together because you can whine about how little time you have because you both get that you’ve got the superhero thing going on
  • The internet shipping the two of you together
  • Laughing about this and making lots of jokes
  • Deep, nightime discussions on the rooves of buildings with your legs swinging over the edge
  • “When do you think we’ll get too old to do this?”
    “Are you really expecting to survive to an age where it matters at this point?”
  • Reminding him he can’t save everyone, and isn’t expected to
  • Joking about starting an Instagram to post pictures in your secret identities
  • Getting to a scene of a crime too late and finding only the aftermath. Peter instantly notices how much it’s affected you so he gets you out of there, away from the bodies and he just holds you.
  • Making up origin stories for each other - because sometimes the same one over and over again gets boring
  • Letting each other take photos of the other in costume so that Peter can sell them to the Daily Bugle
  • “Hey, let’s just focus on this city alone because even though loads of bad shit goes on in the world, New York seems to be the only one attacked by superhumans. Just saying.”
  • Leaning on each other for support when it honestly just all gets too much.

I’m drawing a slightly angsty lapis and peridot comic … I’m about ¼ of the way done and plan to post it this week. I like it and I hope ya’ll will too!
Here’s a crap quality preview from the first page …

Also I just recently hit 12k followers so I’m gonna do a giveaway that I should have done back when I hit 10k but opps So be on the lookout for that post!