You will rot
for the boy
whose love once filled books
and poems
and lines
upon lines
upon lines

of passion.

You will rot
for his apologies
for his text message
for his 2am phone call
when his words
are slurring
and swerving
down the road
into a head-on collision of

I’m sorry.

You will rot
waiting for the magnificent explosion
that will amount
to an amazing symphony of


And in the end,
you will rot

if you wait
for him.

—  Michelle K., Rotten.

most favourite match of wwc15 because it had everything:
a thing for frustrated carli, relentless energy, germany against a big team again after france (a frustrating match), blood and pale faces from the head collision and the players still play, frustration from lack of goals, missed chances + hungry for a goal, back and forth on the pitch, johnston’s reaction to the foul then her teammates’, lena’s eyes, kemme (!), kemme helping heath up to her feet, penalty for ger and usa, sasic’s nerves getting to her and the missed penalty, and ger still continues strong, carli’s penalty concentration that felt long + breathing stops, defense team defending crazy, a match between two of the best teams, the ?? last min subbing of sydney + going for a light jog for 30 seconds, kelley subbing in and then having her first WC goal, kelley’s reaction full of pure elation then running to carli who assisted, and tight hugs, kelley lifting up her shirt and thumbs up, second goal’s reactions that reaffirm the fate of the match, lastly, everyone running to kelley at the end of the match, kelley in lauren’s arms. teammates happier to see someone succeed more than their own. 

When my parents asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up,
I told them I wanted to be an asteroid,
a burning body of matter that had momentum
in every step, a powerful mass that seemed like it could take out
the moon with one head on collision.
Things aren’t as easy to decide anymore.
You see, there are certain liberties you get as a kid;
you can say you want to be a flower and darling,
they will treat you like you’re a rose, 
and the very next day you can ask to be a firefighter
and honey, they will hand you a hose,
but the thing is, as you grow older,
they expect you to choose and to do that you
need to know who you are but how can you know
someone who you have never been?
All your life you have been playing pretend,
toying with your feelings and taking on different forms,
you have grown but you grew out of your mold
so what is left to tell you who you’re gonna be?
You stare in the mirror and you see outer space,
a mystery with tiny specks of the known and 
it’s a burden to know that the face staring back 
at you is your own because who are you? who are you?
I no longer want to be an asteroid because they belong 
in a belt and if I conform, I will never know myself,
but if I veer off track, what if I never find my way back,
what if I lose myself in some astronomical crash,
my God what if I never learn who I am and 
suck myself into my own black hole?
—  I am as much of a mystery to myself as the universe is to NASA

cute date idea: let’s get into our cars and crash them in a head on collision while driving as fast as we can. we’ll blast thru our windshields because we’ll make sure to not wear our seat belts and in the moment we implode into one another we will become one

Sven Bender has a slight head contusion after a collision in training and is done training today. Due to this he is also no longer doing a press conference today, instead it will be Kagawa and Gundogan.


I can still taste and smell the airbag from the accident 😒

Ok time to vent. PLEASE HEAR ME OUT.

Yesterday I was with two of my friends headed to the mall and I was driving. So this gold Honda Accord suddenly turns left from the other side of the road at an intersection and I only had time to slam my brakes but it was too late and we were in a head on collision. The three of us suffered sprains, cuts, and bruises. My friend in the passenger seat got it the worst with nasty bruises all over her body and she can barely walk right now. Here’s the part that really pisses me off. The other driver was on her phone. No I’m not talking about some teenager, we’re talking about A FULL GROWN WOMAN in her 40’s being irresponsible and on the phone. We were doing nothing wrong, I was doing about 42mph on a 45mph section. My phone was in my pocket and I had not touched my iPod since I had turned on the music before driving off about 10 minutes earlier. I was doing NOTHING wrong. It really bothers me that it’s the people that lady’s age that scorn us younger people for unsafe driving practices when they’re victims of the exact same infractions all the time. Yet I am pretty sure that the moment someone hears 3 teenagers involved in a head on collision are going to assume it was my fault. Unfortunately that’s not the truth. Ask any of my friends and they will all say I hate texting and driving and I seldom check my phone or answer phone calls while my car is in motion. I am very fortunate to have driven a very safe car otherwise I could have lost my leg and my friends would have been seriously hurt. But what if it was someone else, someone driving an old Neon or something similar, people could have been far more seriously hurt because of that lady’s irresponsibility.

So please, from a teenager that falls under the age group that’s often blamed for texting and driving to the rest of tumblr and all of social media, wear your seat belt, stay in your lane, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, don’t use your phone while driving, it’s not worth it, you truly are putting yourself and others at risk. I hope that lady understands that she could have severely injured or killed three innocent teenagers for being irresponsible.

the car on the left is my car, a 2003 Mercedes-Benz C240, my graduation gift from my parents, my dad’s pride and joy. My parents entrusted me with this car because I showed them I am worthy of it, the car I learned to drive in and thankfully saved mine and my friend’s lives. But what if it was someone else, I know I am very fortunate to have driven that but everyone is not me, the average teenager drives a car that’s not as safe as mine was. The outcome of that accident could have been far worse. It’s worth something to think about.

I loved you all the time but the
moments I knew you shone
like diamonds and rubies
and everything valuable
were the quiet moments.
the stillness of the morning,
or in a gentle evening breeze,
those were the times I caught myself
falling slowly, softly, without ever
noticing it. I thought love
hit you like the sound of glass
shattering, like a head on collision
on an icy road in the middle of
January, like the pop of a balloon
disturbing the silence of a near
empty room after a birthday party.
I guess I was wrong. apparently
love sweeps over you gently like the
rising tide on the night of a full moon,
like the sun slowly sinking past
the horizon against a cotton
candy skyline, like grass growing
and morning dew sticking to your
shoes before it can dry. I always
thought love must be like summer
rain: clear skies one minute, a
downpour the next, lasting five
seconds or all day, but ending just
as quick as it began nevertheless.
it turns out loving you is like the
dawn of spring. slowly creeping in
and replacing the cold winter
loneliness from my aching bones,
making the world more beautiful,
from the colors to the weather, every
moment a shining beacon of hope
and new beginnings, washing away
the emptiness from the times before.

love is like the springtime, when the
flowers bloom towards the sun and
I bloom towards you.
—  you are sunbeams through stained glass and i’ll always find that beautiful || s.r.

My mom was in a head on collision with someone not paying attention driving last night and that persons car ended up setting on fire and my mom went into a ditch and hit a tree…I’m so thankful she’s okay and the other person is too.

Don’t Ever Fucking Drink And Drive

The other evening I was driving home when I came to a fresh and horrific car crash at the bottom of my street.  Dozens of cops, firefighters were getting to the scene, and the road flares were guiding traffic away from the incident.  I could see the remnants of what used to be a car about 50 yards up.  It was brutal.

The local news outlets didn’t have much to report on other than it was a major injury accident as a result of a head on collision.

A head on collision?  It was in the northbound lanes and there was a concrete divider.  I figured the only way that could have happened was if someone was drunk leaving the bar down the road and turned onto the highway in the wrong direction.

Sure enough, I read in the newspaper that a drunk woman was speeding down the high way in the wrong direction and plowed into oncoming traffic.  The man she hit was a local hair stylist who had a very popular salon at the south end of town, likely where he was coming from when he was hit.

It also turns out that the man died in the hospital a few short hours after.  And, of course, the drunk woman lived.  She was taken into custody and will be tried for manslaughter. 

What pisses me off about people who drink and drive is their bold suggestion that their life is going to be taken care of, but completely disregard the life of others.  If you drink and drive you are a selfish asshole who doesn’t realize that you have the capability of killing others.  If you wish to be reckless with your own life, that’s your prerogative, but don’t get behind the fucking wheel and make other people suffer for your irresponsibility.  it’s even worse when you do kill someone and your sorry ass gets to live and see another day.

If you drink and drive I have no respect for you.  You are scum.  You have no respect for the safety of others and I have no respect for you in return.  Fuck you.   

“Past Transgressions”

Oh how I remember….

I remember the touch of your hair as it covers your face

I remember the smell of the shampoo that you used that morning

The sound of your eyes as your lashes bash into each other in a head on collision

The sight of your smile and how it  not only lights the path to my soul  but grows solid like pavement

I’ll caress your skin till it melts like ice cream on a July’s day

Oh how I remember…

The showers and how we washed out hair as if we didn’t know how to wash our own

How you cried on my shoulder as life hit hard and you didn’t know how to hit back

How you fell…

How you drowned…

How you almost didn’t survive…

Oh how I remember…

Those nights crying on the pavement floor as you drive off

How you moved through life like it would kill you to think about it

To think of the pain that was dealt to the both of us at the hand of you

“I love you” rings in my ears louder than a gunshot to a war veteran with PTSD






I can’t say the same for you….

Not anymore, but I’ll never forget the life i had with you

I’ll never have regrets.

                     Joshua Roberts

Music Shuffle Thing

You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle in your music library and write down the first ten songs that come up. Then tag 10 people.

I was tagged by awesomebooknerd22

1. Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have a Without Taking Her Clothes Off - Panic! At The Disco
2. Aftermath - Muse
3. Jamie All Over - Mayday Parade
4. For Baltimore - All Time Low
5. Blackout - Muse
6. Head On Collision - New Found Glory
7. Welcome to Mystery - Plain White T’s
8. Always Summer - Yellowcard
9. Go the Distance - Hercules
10. The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy

I tag theobssessedgirl ellagenetics mirhhaaba backstreetbarakat buttswow fancybub unproficuous oxoxninaxoxo dylansprousesrightnipple blink-5secondsof-alltimelow and anyone else who wants to do this

Lucky Russia Truck Driver Walks Away From Tractor Trailer Head On Collision-Viral Video

Lucky Russia Truck Driver Walks Away From Tractor Trailer Head On Collision-Viral Video - http://areyousure.in/serious-viral-videos/lucky-russia-truck-driver-walks-away-from-tractor-trailer-head-on-collision-viral-video/

Lucky Russia Truck Driver Walks Away From Tractor Trailer Head On Collision-Viral Video

guess who was nearly FUCKING KILLED in a head on collision today

some asshole wasn’t paying attention, swerved directly into oncoming traffic and directly in front of my car

thankfully i wasn’t driving, my mom was, and she tried to swerve out of the way but there wasn’t anywhere to go and that asshole was seriously so close to hitting us

and so i just started fucking screaming and squeezed myself against the window because what the fuck

and at the last second he turned away

and my entire body fucking hurts from tensing up so bad, especially my jaw and my back holy fuck