Caller: “I sure do hope you can help me.”

“Sure. What can I help you with?”

“Here’s what happened. I was driving on the southwest side of town, on my way to see my Spiritual Advisor. I ran off the road, just avoiding a head-on collision with another vehicle. When I got there, my Spiritual Advisor was leading the group in prayer. As he was praying, I had a vision of a goddess with three faces standing right behind him. Who was the goddess?”

“Is this a trick question?“

"No. I’m completely serious. Can you tell me the name of the Goddess?”

"Okayyy…..I’ll do my best. What is your faith?”

“I practice the Hindu religion.”

“Did the goddess have three heads or three faces?”

“Three faces.”

“And this was a vision and not a painting on a wall, or anything like that?”

“Yeah, it was a vision.”

“I am a little reluctant to search for this because I am afraid I might give you the wrong answer. Since this is a matter of religion and faith, maybe you should talk to your, uh, Spiritual Advisor.”

“I did and he didn’t know. Are you finding anything at all?”

“Since I didn’t have the vision myself, the best I can do is search for 3-faced Hindu goddesses. Let’s see what comes up…Hmmm…”

“Trimurti is a 3-faced Hindu deity, also known as the ‘Great Trinity’…so this might be a possib—”

“Okay, that’ll work. Thanks.” (CLICK)

maybe it was a one off but I kind of wish it wasn’t
our paths were meant to be crossed and I swear it should’ve lasted longer than it did;
maybe I’ll see you around one day.
maybe you’ll see me and say hey
but the last thing I remember was the way you said your name.
it was like your call to fame,
i memorised what I felt but not what I saw,
I remember how you felt.
I didn’t remember what you looked like until a week ago,
head on collision,
on a new mission,
but this time…
it’s personal.
you’re a lot more than what I remember.
now make me try to forget

Welcome to Night Wale -- Closed started


Maureen wasn’t exactly the most popular person in Night Wale. She had a huge temper, a dirty mouth, and had a habit of getting into trouble–though that was partially the fault of her former employer.

She also had a habit of not watching where she was swimming, which this time caused a head on collision between herself and the PA to arguably the most powerful man in the kingdom, Jake–the only merperson who had a worse temperament than herself.

She folded her hands shakily on the table and looked down at the Vanilla Frosting scented candle.
“I don’t know,” she breathed.
I don’t take this “I don’t know” shit, there’s a reason people do the things they do. They put up signs on the roads to help avoid car crashes, which is similar to why I try not to trust too easily. I am a head on collision waiting to happen. I am a house of cards, I am a town of glass houses surrounding a baseball diamond.

“There’s obviously a reason, were you just not happy? Was I not good enough? Did you just feel like fucking someone over?”
My throat felt all tight and my voice broke on the last few words.
“I don’t know, I don’t mean to, I just don’t know what to do.”
I swallowed. I have never loved someone who hurt this much. I don’t answer her.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write//my friends’ exes

sitcom idea: a fundamentalist christian and an angry atheist die in a head-on collision, and must work together to get through the underworlds of great fallen civilizations

we’ll call it Other People’s Hells

To say that he’s had a lot on his mind and his, metaphorical, plate of late would be the understatement of the year; he feels out of place and filled to the brim with the stress of having to deal with the inevitable collateral damage that came with his father’s untimely death, and getting used to be back, here, of all places, he, of all people–it is weird, the prospect of spending months on end here, in the same place, a concept he is entirely unfamiliar with–it feels strange and uncomfortable.

So, presently, he is more than just a little unfocused and absentminded, face tucked down and staring at his phone as he walks down Main, his head dizzy with the dozen of errands he has to run before heading back to the farm–so, as he walks, he honestly doesn’t even think to take note of anyone else around him. This, ultimately, leads to a near head-on collision with someone, which draws a mumbled curse from him, because, what the fuck?

fuck. Shit, I’m sorry” he instinctively, mindlessly, reaches out to lightly touch their arm in a subtle display of apology. ”–are you okay?“ 

Here it is - the official cover of Ad Astra


Indie author Courtney Carola tells a tale of unconventional love about two lost souls coming together to become one.

Sterling Mason and Esther Scordato don’t have a thing in common and before that fateful morning where the two of them met in a non-vehicular head on collision, they hadn’t even spoken a word to each other. However, from that moment on, everything changes and their relationship snowballs from there, in good ways and bad.

The idea of love at first sight is pretentious and ridiculous and completely made up by Hallmark - however, it can’t be denied that there is an unexplainable attraction between them (even if it was one sided at first) when they first meet. So, the name of the game: soulmates, legitimate or not? And just because someone is your soulmate does that mean you’re theirs?

Stering and Esther are about to find out. 

This cover was designed by the extremely talented illustrevor, it is honestly better than anything I ever could’ve dreamed of and I adore it so so much. 

Ad Astra has been in the works for about a year and five months now, and it is something I am very proud of. I genuinely believe this novel is some of my best work yet and I cannot wait to share it with everyone. 

This is a photo from when I got into a head-on collision on Friday the 13th in February of 2015.

At least I’ll have a lifetime excuse to say I have PTSD so I can always get medical marijuana.

LeBron has ‘slight headache’ after sustaining cut to head:


Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James needed stitches to close a bloody cut on his head after a hard collision with a courtside camera during Game Four of the NBA Finals on Thursday.

James went head first into a camera along the baseline after a hard foul by Golden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut caused him to lose his balance.

The four-times Most Valuable Player and two-time NBA champion remained down for a few minutes but did not miss any game time and did not undergo any concussion protocol.

“I had a slight headache, which I think every one of you guy would probably have if you ran into a camera,” James told reporters when asked about the incident.

“But I didn’t go through any protocol. I’m fine. Like I said, I got a few stitches and I got a slight headache right now but I’ll be fine with that.”

While James remained in the game, he went on to have his worst offensive night of the best-of-seven series, which is now tied at 2-2 with Game Five scheduled for Sunday in Oakland. http://j.mp/1IB3gre