when watching buffy i like to imagine the monks creating dawn and like researching what boy bands and tv shows were hot, buying endless tiger beats and posting them all over the monastery for information, fighting over whether dawn should be a fan of the backstreet boys or nsync, and like coming up with cute stories from her childhood to paste in for authenticity and someone will come up with a really good one and theyll all go “aww!!” and continue to glue pictures of justin timberlake on a vision board for information or read through the sunnydale middle school yearbooks to pick out dawn’s best friends (“i like this girl!! she looks nice.” “jesus gustavo do u want the key to be a huge megageek? she should be friends with chelsea b., she’s the HEAD CHEERLEADER”)

i assume that the Official Buffy Writers did not intend for this to be my main takeaway from the key storyline, but tbh it is

Hands to Myself || Massie (AU)

Along a row of lockers stood the popular kids everyday. Each one of them was either a football player or a cheerleader. And at the front of pack was Cassie Smythe, head cheerleader, and her quarterback boyfriend Ryan. Cassie wasn’t like the rest of the group, for one she actually was a nice person, but it was easy to get stuck in that crowd.

anyway where’s my cheesy teen movie about the popular head cheerleader trying to transform the “nerdy” girl into someone popular and they fall in love along the way

5sos high school football AU
  • Luke:Starting quarterback, dating the head cheerleader
Ashton:tight end, that one jock that knows literally everyone in the school and is nice to all of them
Calum:Kicker, also plays soccer, the only reason the team wins any games 

  • Michael:Ball boy, signed up for try outs to be with his best friend Calum, and because his mom wanted him to leave the house, he's also Cheer captain