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Can I just take a moment to appreciate one small, possibly overlooked part near the end of episode 10? That bit when Minami is at Yuri’s place, proclaiming himself the head cheerleader for the cheering party at Yu-Topia. Not only are he and the triplets freaking adorable, consider that he is a big fan of Yuri’s, and not only did he get to meet him, he competed against him, and later got encouragement from him, and now he gets to meet his idol’s family and cheer him on at the finals. He is a sweet little red-streaked cinnamon roll, and that had to be totally amazing for him. 

Also, Georgi dating again and looking happy about it made my day, too. I’m so happy to see everyone in this series get some kind of love/happy story.

Though sweet, candy-coated Christ, I don’t think I’ll find anything as funny as Yuri getting trashed and dancing with Chris for a VERY long time. Victor may claim to be forgetful, but Yuri did win that dance battle against Yurio, so… :D

I am here af for that “Kara is the head cheerleader who has a crush on alt Lena luthor” headcanon I am seeing. I am also here af tho for jagged-edges, ivy-league-bound, bitchy head cheerleader Lena who has tried (successfully) to make herself untouchable, being completely emotionally decked by space nerd Kara Danvers, Alex’s foster kid sister and losing all her famous cool.

Give me cliche high school romance movies with LGBT+ people please.

Give me a girl who’s never played an instrument in her life learning how to play the saxophone and bribing people before a school assembly on Valentine’s Day so she can serenade her band geek GF with “careless whisper”.

Give me the two rival star quarterbacks who secretly train together after school (and maybe make out a little).

Give me the genderqueer head of the cheerleading squad and the smartest student in the school going out.

Give me a trans guy cast as Romeo in the school play who falls in love with his co-star, Juliet.

Give me an ace person who’s the editor of the school paper and has a perfectly good and valid relationship with the student who volunteers as the library aide.

Give me the r e a l l y cute foreign exchange student and the student showing her around the school falling in love.

Give me the prom kings who are so in love you can see it in their eyes when the look at each other.

Give me the trans girl dancer and her childhood friend who’s been with her through it all.

Give me the super cool nonbinary basketball player who constantly flirts with the towel/water boy.

Give me the person who’s in a love triangle but turns out to be aro/ace, and the two people chasing after them realize they’ve got a lot in common.

Give me the questioning guy who ends up in a healthy poly relationship with his two closest friends.

Give me the “asshole player” who takes a bet to seduce the “good girl”, but ends up falling for her “badboy brother”.

Opposites Attract

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Warren Peace x Reader

Opposites Attract

Author: Morgan

Note: What is my deal with leather jacket-wearing bad boys named Warren???

A stupid crush. That’s what it was. A stupid crush on the head cheerleader. He didn’t stand a chance. She was a goody-two shoes, a preppy pink princess, and Warren was…well, Warren. Surely she didn’t want to date some hothead like him.

Working at the Paper Lantern had some perks. Free Chinese food and fortune cookies whenever he wanted it. But another perk was that it was her favorite restaurant. He’d watch many of her dates go south, sometimes helping her escape through the back door. It was the little things he did that made her smile. He would slip an extra fortune cookie in her bag or even just smile, and it made her feel like she would melt into a puddle.

You were sitting in your favorite booth by the corner, stirring your straw around in your drink, waiting for your date to get here. You had been waiting for three hours, but, you didn’t want to give up on him. One more hour. Then you would leave.

“Hey.” Warren sat across from you.

“Hey.” you sighed, shoulders slumped.

“You okay?”

“Yeah. I guess.”

“What’s wrong.”

“Date stood me up.” you told him. He nodded.

“I thought so. Here.” he pressed a fortune cookie into your hand. You offered a small smile. Warren just now noticed the red in your eyes from crying.


“You’re too good for him, you know. Whoever he was. If he doesn’t put forth the effort to treat you like the princess you are, he doesn’t deserve you.”

“Thanks, Warren.” you sniffled, wiping your tears on a napkin.

“Don’t mention it.” Warren snapped, the tip of his finger producing a small flame, and lit the lone candle sitting on the table.

“Do you, uh, could you keep me company? If it’s not too much trouble…”

He took a glance around the nearly-empty restaurant. It didn’t seem like his help was going to be needed any time soon.



When you decided to leave, Warren insisted on clocking you out and walking you home to make sure you made it there safely. You faced him on the front porch. Out of nowhere, you hugged him.

“Thank you. For tonight. You turned a disaster date into a nice night.” you told him. He chuckled, wrapping his arms around you.

“How about next time I take you somewhere other than my workplace?”

“Are you asking me out, Mr. Peace?”

“Um, yeah. I guess. If you want or whatever.” he shrugged, cheeks burning bright red. You stood on your toes, pressing a kiss to his cheek. You swear you saw steam rise from it.

“See you at school, Warren.” you sauntered into the house. “I don’t have any plans this Friday night.”

“I’ll pick you up at 8,” he smirked, trying to shake off the giddy feeling inside of him, but you could see right through his tough-guy act.

“It’s a date.”

SVT as Types of High School Students


  • student body president  
  • has the best party stories  
  • acts like a tool but has a heart of gold 
  • mostly takes PE classes


  • first male head cheerleader 
  • gets everyone else to do his work
  • gets caught cheating but talks his way out of it 
  • has all the hot gossip & ain’t afraid to spill it 


  • the really religious kid who’s very gay & very closeted 
  • surprises teachers with gifts 
  • major teachers pet 
  • everyone loves him too much 


  • flirts with everyone 
  • when he talks it just sounds flirty 
  • gets all the guys and the girls ;) 
  • the freshies all crush on him 


  • MC’s all the dumb school events 
  • makes little freshies feel welcome 
  • is everywhere all the time & everyone knows him 
  • started like 8 clubs 


  • has a new book every week 
  • zones out in class but manages to get an A 
  • a total Shakespeare snob  
  •  will screw you over in group projects if you don’t do work


  • stressed af
  • looks intimidating but is actually nice 
  • too dependent on caffeine 
  • not afraid to expose tf outta you 


  • never knows what’s going 
  • on yolos tests 
  • talks the teacher out of giving homework
  • ppl think he’s high but he’s sober & just like that 


  • hot kid who’s actually a dork 
  • oblivious to his hotness 
  • sneaks food to class 
  • so stupid no one knows how he made it to high school 


  • done with everyones bullshit  
  • hangs out with college kids 
  • beat up the local sexist/racist/homophobic bully 
  • low key every ones idol 


  • stereotypical gay theater kid 
  • sings the music to the current theater production 
  • stirs up drama 
  • you either love him or hate him 


  • wears headphones in class 
  • writes rap lyrics instead of taking notes 
  • proudly reclaiming his mixed heritage 
  •  unexpectedly deep 


  • is a freshman

you: heathers

me, an intellectual: Heather Mcnamara, head cheerleader. Her dad is L O A D E D - he sells engagement rings. Heather Duke, runs the yearbook. No discernible personality, but her mom did pay for implants. And Heather Chandler, The Almighty-she is a Mythic Bitch™. They are solid Teflon never bothered, never harassed. I would give anything to be like that.

  • Cheryl: Who the fuck are you?
  • Veronica: Who the fuck are you?
  • Cheryl: I asked you first.
  • Veronica: I asked you second.
  • Someone: She's Cheryl Blossom, duh. Head cheerleader. Homecoming queen. Part-time model.
  • Veronica: Oh.
  • Cheryl: Who the fuck are you?!
  • Veronica: I'm Veronica. I'm new.