head chain

a crown fit for a king;

pairing: connor x female!reader

drabble prompt: [o1/11]: Connor + Flowers

word count: 533

a/n: Thank you to wonderful @krazykendraisnotinsane for requesting this prompt. I could probably write 3 because Connor and Flowers is ~~aesthetic~~. Sorry if this isn’t to the usual standard I’ve had crazy few days and been insanely tired. Any feedback is appreciated and loved! 

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— — —

The scent of honeysuckle was near overwhelming in the warm spring air.

There was a certain peace about the sound of children screeching happily in the distance as they played, and the soft song of the wind as it rustled the leaves.

You inhaled deeply, filling your lungs with fresh scent of flowers and musty earth beneath you. Next to you, carefully slanting his body towards you, sat Connor. His long fingers carefully traced the slope of you neck and the shell of your ear as he watched you working.

After the revolution, you saw Connor a lot less than you would like. He was an important figure and Jericho’s leader, Markus, trusted Connor to help him with negotiating for peace with humans. That responsibility often took him away for days at the time, barely leaving you any time to see him anymore.

But it was worth it. Because finally after months and months of hard work, there was a glimmer of hope that it could work.

It didn’t stop you from missing him constantly though.

“I’ve missed you.”

You almost jumped at Connor’s voice. Turning to him, you did not hide your surprise after he vocalized your inner feelings so plainly.

“I-I’m right here,” you answered quietly, watching the way his dark eyes travelled over your face with mute longing.

“I know,” he replied with equal quietness. “But I still miss you.”

Your expression softened when you realise what he was struggling with. Human emotions were still so very new to him and often overwhelming. You and Hank did the best you could to guide and explain, but it was still hard.

Sometimes it’s like I feel everything at once,” he told you one time, his expression terrified and voice breaking. That night you kissed him into restless slumber, and he held onto you through the night like a lifeline.

Smiling at him lightly, you cautiously lifted the object in your hands and placed it on his head. The chain of white daisies sat in a crooked crown around his head, accenting the darkness of his hair.

Cupping his cheek, you placed a soft, loving kiss on the corner of his mouth, your fingers tracing his skin. “There,” you started deliberately, grinning at his startled expression. “A crown fit for a king. One who fights for a better future with unfailing determination.”

His expression slackened as stared at you for a long moment. After few seconds he shifted, slowly taking your face in his hands and laying a lingering kiss on your forehead. He remained there, still cupping your face as he gazed at you, your noses touching.

“A king is only a king, if he has a queen by his side,” he breathed lowly, watching you intently. There was a thousand things in those eyes of his; a thousand different promises and futures laid bare.

“I think I like that,” you told him earnestly. “I think I could stay by his side forever.”

Connor hesitated for a moment, his lips moving upwards into a brief, awkward grin. He adjusted the flower crown in his hair before he leaned his forehead gently against yours again.


— — —

an: This is probably the fluffiest thing I’ve ever written ahhh. Please let me know what you thought! You guys are the best as always and I love you. ❤️

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