head to toe let your whole body talk

Love's Sacrifice

Anon said: Can you do #’s 64 and 3 with stiles please? Thank you!

“Y/N!” Stiles screamed as you jumped in front of him, blocking Theo’s attack from Stiles, hitting you instead. His claws burying deep inside your ribs, your mouth opened a little letting out the air of your lungs. Theo’s eyes went wide when he realized what he was doing, he took his claws out of your ribs and your body felt right into Stiles arms.

Theo looked at you horrified, he would never think of hurting you-not intentionally at least-because you were the only member of Scott’s pack he truly sympathized with, his heart started beating loudly against his chest sign of his feeling of guilt and sadness. His whole body was shaking from head to toe as he looked at Stiles, talking to you, trying to wake you up as he saw a few tears running down his cheeks as he put a lock of your hair behind your ear clearing your face.

Finally Theo decided to take a step closer to your body but as soon as Stiles noticed, he freaked out “NO!” He roared and Theo flicked at the fury inside his voice “Don’t you dare to touch her! This is all your fault!” He accused him and Theo gulped as Stiles glared at him deathly “If she dies I swear to god I won’t stop until you pay for it” he mumbled between his teeth “I don’t care if you’re a werewolf I’ll make you pay” he promised and then you squeezed his hand gently drawing his attention back to you in a blink of an eye, your eyes now were half open

“Stiles… it hurts…” you mumbled as he carries your cheek with one hand, his tears blurring his vision

“I know babe, I know, but… you have to be strong, okay? Just hold on a little more… just until we can get to the hospital” he practically was begging you at this point. One lonely tear ran down your cheek, falling into Stiles’ arm as you hold on to his hand a little bit tighter.

“I love you Stiles” you whispered and after that the hold on his hand disappeared as your eyes looked at nowhere, that was when Stiles panicked

“No, no, no,no, no,no” he said as he touched your face, his tears now flowing like a river seen that there was no response from you to his touch “Y/N please, open your eyes…” he begged you his voice breaking “Babe…” he whispered, but there was no response. He finally gave up and brought your body close to his pulling you into a tight hug as he silenced his loud sobs on your neck.