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From that day on, Sherlock took note of John’s behavior in the flat. He noticed how the man took to wearing tighter shirts, when he wasn’t snuggled up in his beloved jumpers. Sherlock nearly fainted one night, he was watching Rosie while John was having a shower. John usually came out wearing all his clothes, but this time, John emerged with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. Even Rosie halted her playing to stare at her very naked father. John smoothed his hair back and walked over to the two with a warm smile on his face. He kissed Rosie’s head, earning him a smile from her. He moved to kiss Sherlock’s lips and Sherlock merely stared. John titled his head and caressed his cheek. Then, without a word he got up and walked to his bedroom to dress. The only thing that Sherlock could think of was how good he looked. His body damp, with the beads of water on his blond chest hair, the towel wrapped tightly around his waist so that the roundness of his stomach hung slightly over the edge. His scar that stretched across his shoulder was a bit pink from being under the hot water. His hair, oh his hair, wet and long and styled into the swoop that Sherlock has come to love so much.

It made Sherlock’s heart warm to see that John was finally starting to become more confident after their talk, it also excited him because he had so much more to say to John. That man deserved to be showered in love the same way he did Sherlock. They lay in bed and he saw John strip himself of his shirt and lay down beside him. Sherlock rolled over so that his head was resting on John’s unbelievably soft chest, and his hand was on top of his stomach. He closed his eyes and inhaled John’s scent. Like mint and lavender. Sherlock smirked, he was using his soap.


John’s hands were carding through Sherlock’s curls. He moaned in response. Good, he was still awake.

“Either I’ve gone mad or you are especially naked tonight.”

“Is it bothering you?” Sherlock could hear the smirk. He didn’t respond.

“I could always put a shirt back on.” When he started to move, Sherlock held him down and said, “No! I like it. Your skin is quite soft.”

John’s chest rumbled and his hand continued stroking the brown curls.

“You know, Sherlock. What you’ve said to me that day. About all the things you loved about me. At first, I thought you were taking the piss, or trying to make me feel like something I wasn’t. But I don’t know if you realize it, but, when you’re being sincere there’s this…this glint in your eyes and your face it softens and becomes what I now know as the real you.”

Sherlock’s eyes were still closed, but he wasn’t asleep.

“Anyway, what I’m trying to say is. You made me feel good about myself. And I hadn’t realized until then how good it feels to be….”

“Be what, John?”

“How good it feels to be validated, and loved.”

It must have taken a lot of courage for John to work up the nerves to say something like that. He was being so extraordinarily brave and Sherlock was so proud of him. Sherlock sat up and kissed him gently.

“John, it is my duty as your lover to tell you all the things I love about you, just as you do to me every waking moment. You’re my best friend, you know that right?”

“I know it, Sherlock. You’re my best friend too.”

Sherlock smiled even though John wouldn’t be able to see it clearly, and returned to his original position, falling asleep faster than he ever had in his life.

The next day, John finally had to return to work. It was different without him there. Sherlock had just gotten used to his constant presence again, and now, he was gone. Rosie didn’t seem to mind the absence much, she was usually with Sherlock for most the day anyway, he wondered if she even knew John was gone. He busied himself with playing with her, watching yet another rerun of Teletubbies in sheer horror, and thinking about new cases Lestrade might have. They were probably fives and below, so he let the thought go quickly. He looked at the clock, John would be due home soon and Rosie had yet to have her supper. By the time he fed her, John returned home. She could barely keep her eyes open.

“Did she give you any trouble today?”

Sherlock shook his head, afraid that his voice would wake her. John walked over to the two and gave them kisses. He looked tired.

“I’m going to have a shower, Sherlock.” He spoke lowly so he wouldn’t wake the baby. Sherlock watched as he disappeared into their room before going to Rosie’s to set her down. The shower already started, and Sherlock was quick to grab a change of clothes and walk into the bathroom. John sighed loudly, he must have just stepped in. Sherlock shed his clothes, he was meaning to do that after Rosie threw up on him. He looked down at himself, stark naked. He took a deep breath and stepped into the shower. John turned around, hair already lathered with shampoo, body soaking wet.



John laughed. The man could be butt naked, and still act like the most pompous ass in the room. John took the time to survey Sherlock. He was so thin, yet, he had muscles from all the cases he’s taken on and solved. All the years of fighting and trying to be strong. He looked like something out of a museum.

“Are we feeling a little impatient? Couldn’t wait your turn, huh?”

“I thought you might want the company. You seemed stressed today.”

John exhaled and crossed his arms. “I forgot how much patience you need to be a GP. Why do people insist on coming into a clinic when they know they’ve only got a cold?”

Sherlock smiled and moved to massage John’s shoulders. “There there, John, it’s okay. I’m here.”

“You are, you’re here and very naked too.”

“As are you.”

John moaned at the massage and the hot water hitting his body.

“We should do something about this, should we?”

Sherlock grabbed John’s face and kissed him. He kissed him again, and again, and again.


“Shhh, John. You’ve had a tiresome day at work, please, let me take care of you tonight.”

His kisses started to trail down to John’s neck, eliciting a louder moan. Sherlock smirked as he traveled lower and lower until he got to where he needed. He smiled.

John seemed pretty excited too.


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i’m. thinking of giving different links e.g. tp!link, wild!link, sky!link, time!link, etc. constellation inspired nicknames bc. 1. no way would gramps be able to think of them/differentiate all of them in his head as just link without being confused at least once &&. 2. he’s a fuckign nerd who knows his constellations,, 3. the nickname will sometimes slip out in conversation 

For You And For Me

We got this request, and I just knew I had to write it! It jumped up the list, and I hope you enjoy it! (Also; this is pre-second CG Haruka & Kouhai!)

Haruka knew something was wrong when he came into the café on Thursday for his daily afternoon coffee and sweets. You were the first thing his eyes went towards when he walked in, and he picked up on the signs almost instantly. You were moving more slowly, and going up to the counter more often, sipping at a thermos you had left by the register. When your eyes met his, you gestured for him to come in and sit down, but he shook his head and held back on approaching you until the afternoon rush had ceased and people were happily eating at their tables. When you finally settled on your stool behind the counter, he came forward, his face full of concern.

“Are you all right?” He titled his head to one side, skipping all other formalities as he gauged your reply with a critical eye.

“Hm? I’m perfectly all right!” Despite your merry words and tone, he was not convinced of your “perfectly all right” status – because immediately after you spoke, you gave a hefty cough, clearing your throat and aiming for the thermos. Haruka, however, seized it first and began to unscrew the lid.

“What’s in here?” There was a tense pause as he smelled the contents, and he moved to give you a pointed stare over the rim of the cup. You shrank back in your seat at the gaze, not wanting to meet his eye.

 “…Tea with honey. This is an at-home cold remedy.”

“Yes, it is. I made it this morning.” You gave a wet sniffle, moving to pull a tissue from your apron pocket. “I’m sick.”

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i got lunch from au bon pain again because when i’m the sick the genuinely healthy, warm, and refreshing food it has is super good for me but anyway 

while i was circling around the soup table, ruminating over whether to get the tomato basil soup or the chicken and dumpling soup (i chose tomato basil this time), i saw the not-attractive white dude from my polisic class whose arms and stubble i lust over and he was standing with a frat boy and sorority girl and i made eye-contact with him and i internally smirked

i could feel his gaze on me and then when i was in line he passed me to get something and he said “hi” and titled my head and smiled at him

i sometimes tilt my head and smile at those whom i think are beneath me (especially @ men) but well he doesn’t need to know that 


the blood of a giant. she slumbers under a mountain and as the rock crumbles she sighs in her sleep, pulling dirt closer like a living blanket, she breathes in earth like oxygen, safe, safe while she sleeps.

starlight. rivers of it, shifting liquid starlight drawn from the sky into my skin, there is starlight in these arteries, thick like glue, a shade of purple mixed from glitter paint and day old bruises.

salt water from the sea. yes my body ebbs and flows with the tide, and it stings like salt, like teeth sinking in against an open wound but salt is a natural antiseptic and as much as it hurts in the short term, in the long term this ocean is pure.

it may be easier to ask me what doesn’t. i carry more than the world with each heartbeat, from the earth to the sky to the seas; inside me is legion.  

l.s. | what flows through your veins? © 2017 

Grumpy Chat

This started out as one of those “I see no difference” deals.  I can’t help myself, guys.  I have NO SHAME.


daenerys stormborn of the house targaryen, first of her name, khaleesi of the great grass sea, mother of dragons, the unburnt, queen of the andals, the rhoynar, and the fir…



First in Friendship (A Parks and Recreation AU)

a collaboration with @dreaminglikeeames

Meet Steve Rogers, the Deputy Director of the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department. He throws himself into each and every project with an unmatched passion, always ready to serve the people of Pawnee, and he drags the rest of the Parks and Rec staff along with him. In the midst of running a children’s concert series, operating the city’s parks, fending off the shockingly aggressive raccoon population, and dealing with the passionate citizens of Pawnee, Steve has one overarching goal, a project that will be the beginning of a prestigious political career: turning Municipal Lot 48 into a beautiful park. 

As a result of the City Council’s incompetence and mismanagement, the governor dispatches a team of state auditors from Indianapolis, throwing a wrench into Steve’s grand plan. Sam Wilson is gregarious and unfailingly positive, while his partner, Peggy Carter, is prickly and inflexible. Steve tries to protect his city and his department from the budget cut machete, but the City Council’s damage is too severe. The government shuts down, but Steve is bound and determined to fix it. He is known around City Hall as the “Man With a Plan”, after all. (He is alternatively known as “that tall blond pain in the ass”, but he prefers the first one.)

Steve rallies the Parks and Rec team (plus a few other friends), and together, they bring back the Harvest Festival, an old Pawnee tradition. Steve finds himself in the midst of an uphill battle–fighting a brutal flu, bad publicity, lack of resources, the threat of losing their department entirely, a curse, an evil librarian, and a burgeoning crush on a colleague–all in the name of providing a service to the town he loves so much.

Featuring: Nick Fury as Director of P&R, Natasha Romanoff as his assistant, Clint Barton as the shoeshine guy, Thor Odinson as the office manager, Tony Stark as Steve’s assistant and department scheduler, Bruce Banner as the office accountant, and James “Bucky” Barnes as Steve’s best friend and nurse extraordinaire.

“I don’t think Kingston, per se, is important,” Ned says. “I think it’s just the fact that we didn’t come from a notable place. It could’ve been anywhere. We could’ve grown up in the Midwest. Our tastes would’ve been different and our lives would’ve been different, but I think just the idea of not being from a major American city was important to us to represent. We’ll always be from Kingston, even if we all move away.” There’s something true in there. There’s value in being an artist and incubating in a place like this, to use that removal and then head out into the world with some weird, specific, outsider-ness. Whatever the actual merits or lack thereof in Wilkes-Barre, there can be a power in that, because it’ll make you hungry for something else.

You can read the rest of the wonderful and insightful write up by Ryan Leas for Stereogum’s cover story to mark the release of Title Fight’s album Hyperview.

  • Marcus tells Adrian first.
  • He’s mumbling and nervous, unwilling to look Adrian in the face.
  • He flinches when a hand falls on his shoulder, but Adrian’s grip remains strong. 
  • “We’ll need to do something about your hair then. You completely butchered it.”
  • Marcus gapes at Adrian and then can’t help the bubble of laughter that comes up when Adrian gives him a warm smile.
  • The process is a bit chaotic as Adrian does his best to fix Marcus’ attempt at a hair cut, but when he’s finished, Marcus is pleased.
  • He doesn’t have time to say his thanks as he’s whisked from the bathroom and then has piles and piles of Adrian’s uniforms tossed into his arms.
  • “I don’t think I’m that much bigger than you, at least one of these should fit.”
  • Marcus heart lifts because finally he doesn’t have to wear his old clothes anymore.
  • Not unless he wants of course. He’s not afraid to admit his legs do look nice when he’s wearing a skirt.
  • After a few tweaks and questions of, “How does your chest feel?”, Marcus finally thinks he’s ready for their next class.
  • Adrian sticks by his side as they leave the common room, the both of them ignoring the few stares, but it’s not until they see students from other houses that Marcus starts to get nervous.
  • Taking a deep breath, Marcus focuses on the feeling of Adrian with him and the thought that he is Marcus.
  • He can hear the whispers of other students though and musters his best glare as he and Adrian make their way up to class. 
  • Most of it, he can handle because it’s not that much different from before, but seeing the Gryffindors when he enters the classroom is another story.
  • He can feel their stares despite the fact that barely anyone has taken notice of his entrance in the room.
  • Marcus presses closer to Adrian as they take their seats and he buries his face into one of the textbooks.
  • “Looking good, Flint,” a familiar, too familiar, voice comments from nearby.
  • However, it’s not filled with sarcasm or disgust like Marcus had expected. He glances up from his book and swallows when Oliver’s eyes are still on him.
  • “It’s Marcus now,” spills from his mouth, his finger toying with the page of the book.
  • “Marcus,” Oliver repeats. “I’ll remember that.”
  • A small smile threatens its way onto Marcus’ face, but Oliver’s already turned away and the class has started. 
  • Marcus barely focuses on the lesson however because Oliver
  • Oliver goddamn Wood
  • had said Marcus.


Saw ep. 7 on the 25th. So obligatory Qrow art. I wanted to draw a series of sketches like a sketchdump, or movement study, but this is what it became. Sketchy style as always (yeah….). I won1t go into detail about ep 7. , but I love it, the art and animation is amazing, and the music incedible and catchy. Can’t wait for the next episode (no I really cannot. I’m anxiously waiting..,and waiting..).

But… it’s nice to re-enter the fandom. ^-^

Sheriff Sam has only been in like three episodes or something, and they’re still one of the most prevalent non-binary characters in any form of media I’ve consumed.

More non-binary characters for my grubby little hands, please.