head tattoo

Hey Now

Proposal: On the mystery twins’ 18th birthday, they decide they want to celebrate by getting a small tattoo each. Ford thinks this is ridiculous, since they’ve never shown interest before, and it’s very spur-of-the-moment. He is not on board; he knows first-hand the pains of tattoo regret.

Stan shrugs and says yeah, sure, he’ll take them. It’s their birthday. So the three of them drive off and leave a huffy Ford on his own for a while.

Ford uses this time to take deep breaths and try to work himself into a more supportive mindset. He doesn’t see it as a good decision, but he doesn’t want to make Dipper or Mabel feel bad. So by the time everyone returns, he’s all prepared to look at any catastrophic design and call it wonderful. Except, then the twins are showing him their upper arms and…

Dipper has a design surrounded by the words “You’ll never know if you don’t go.”

Mabel is showing off her “Only shooting stars break the mold!”

Ford feels himself start to tear up. They- they match! They wanted to match with him. He starts to say, “Look, Stanley! Look how we all-” and then he stops. Off in the corner, wearing a smirk, is Stan.

Stan, the person who most consistently gives Ford crap about that wall-eyed star, is sporting “All that glitters is gold” on his upper bicep.

Ford still likes his sweaters. But now, when the family is all together, he can be seen wearing short-sleeved or collarless shirts in public. The tattoo is on display.

As far as he’s concerned, his family is made of All-Stars. :)    


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