head tat


I really don’t post my full body cus I was always self conscious about not having a booty for a black Hispanic but fuck it. Trying to live life way more.

As these past few years have brought so many incredible and much needed changes, they’ve also brought along heavy feelings of frustration, regret, nostalgia, and plain old homesickness. To put it simply, they’ve been hard. And in the midst of all this chaos, I’ve attempted to cling to everything I had before. The bridges I once burned I struggled to fix. I held on to every old memory, every moment, idling on what it’d be like if I could just go back. I am still struggling, and it’s hard to admit.
So, thanks to my favorite band and my trusty typewriter for the daily reminder to focus on the now and focus on the good. Because one day I’ll wish I had these days back.