head stomping

“And is your family here tonight?” One of the journalists asks him when he’s just about to push his way backstage.

“My grandfather is,” he decides to say when the guy doesn’t back off. “Could you let me through?”

“Yes, sure sure - is there nobody else?” The man moves, but now Yuri doesn’t. “Mr Plisetsky?”

He forces a deep breath into his lungs. “Nobody, no. Good night.”


Viktor goes first. He just knocks at the door of Yuri’s hotel room, impolite as always. Before Yuri can protest, he’s already sticking his head inside, stomping in a mere moment later. “Just saw your interview.”

“So? I didn’t insult your beloved fiancé this time-”

Two arms close around him. Yuri’s heart thunders.

“Your family watched your entire performance. They were there the whole time, and if you still don’t see that, then it’s about damn time.”

Viktor leaves without a word. Yuri doesn’t mind. He couldn’t have replied anyways, not with his heart beating up into his throat, or with the first tear reaching his cheek when the door goes shut.


“Do you think I’m family?”

“I need to borrow your gloves. I forgot mine. Please?”

“I asked you something.”

Yuuri looks up from where he’s tying his skates. He’s smiling and Yuri bites down on his lips, hard, so he doesn’t do something stupid like crying (again).

“Never doubt that,” Yuuri says quietly. He pushes his hand into Yuri’s hair, ruffles it like the idiot (inspiration, just never letting him know that, friend, or that, and maybe something that is stronger and thicker than all even without blood or water) that he is, and gets up. “Now let’s go.”


It’s only after practice that Yuri can’t find his gloves. Turns out that it’s not a problem, because Yuko sends him a pair in her next package. And if he wears them even though blue and pink never were his favourite colours, well, that’s his business.

  • Seth: *spins his title around his head*
  • Kevin: *stomps on his title*
  • SCSA: *literally breaks his fucking title*
  • Y'all: *crickets*
  • Roman: *holds his title over his shoulder*
  • Me: ........

@ The Killers: y’all need to hurry the FUCK up and do something. Ya fandom is turning into an internet dystopia. Cars are flipped over. The buildings have all burnt down. Victims have fought over the last loaf of bread. The plague has killed ¼ of us. As I write this, someone will curve stomp my head in for calling it all extra. And it is. so. fucking. extra.

a Drarry scene

For @ash-castle because I say so.


They walk up the cobblestone path through the wild garden towards the towering home.  One pair of tennis shoes crunching the loose gravel, a pair of oxfords clicking against the stones.  Draco readjusts his grip on the neck of the bottle, feeling the foil at the top with the pad of his thumb, back and forth, back and forth.

A gnome darts across the path ahead of him, kicking Harry in the shins and just as quickly running off giggling madly into the geraniums.  A grumbled comment including “fucking gnomes” escapes Harry and Draco sniggers, earning him a glare whipped back at him.  Huffing, Harry turns his head back around and stomps his way up the steps to the Weasley home.

Sighing, Draco follows, putting on his best warm smile as he steps through the doorway into the overwhelmingly warm and cozy house he can never quite get used to.

“Uncle Harry!” comes a tiny scream, and a blur of turquoise collides into Harry.  Draco ignores the twinge in his gut as he watches Teddy snuggle up into Harry’s arms, his hair — already unruly — fading to jet black.  Whenever he visits his aunt, Teddy is thrilled to see him.  But if Harry is ever in the room there is no way he will get any attention.  Jealous over a toddler.  Ridiculous.

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All four of my girls together, running from security. It’s basically everything I wanted from life.

Shizuru, with that deadly glare directed behind her, like, I’m just running because Botan told me I had to, don’t think I won’t turn around and stomp your head in. Botan, still babbling even while running for her life. Keiko, who is just having a very hard day, thank you. And finally, Yukina, what the hell are you, a baby bird trying to fly for the very first time?

I love them all.


 Yoongi x Reader 

Word Count: 2.8k

Summary: Yoongi is kinda on the dominant side, blowjob, cheating… yeah.

Stupid Jerk, Asshole, Dick. The insults bounced around my head as I stomped down the hallway towards the stairs.

I can’t believe this. I said to myself. I thought he loved me.

I’ve been with my boyfriend– ex boyfriend for well over a year. In that time, he had been nothing but sweet and caring and wonderful. Then today, I thought it would be fun to surprise him at his house. He has a lot of tests going on in school right now and I thought it’d be nice for him to take a load off and take a break from studying for an hour or two. Except he wasn’t studying.

I opened the door to his bedroom to find him ramming his dick into some other girl. Of course he freaked out when he saw me. He sprung up from the bed and covered himself with his jeans which were wrinkled from being thrown on the floor. Ugh.

And to make things worse, he actually tried to defend himself. He was begging me to let him explain. He even tried to tell me “it’s not what it looks like”. Really? ‘Cause to me, it looked like you were sleeping with another girl.

I was so stunned by what I had just walked in on, that I couldn’t even yell at him. I couldn’t even tell him to go to hell or that I hated him. Instead, I just turned around and tried to walk away, except, I couldn’t do that because he grabbed my wrist and shouted for me to stay and talk to him. Meanwhile, the girl couldn’t find her fucking underwear so she was listening to this entire thing. I ripped my hand from his grasp and walked down the hallway. Behind me, I could hear him begging me not to leave. Plus, he was crying. Still, I didn’t look back as I walked down this seemingly endless hallway.

I turned a corner and he finally stopped shouting for me to stay. All I wanted to do what get out of this house

“Geez, what’s going on?” a voice asked from behind me asked.

I rolled my eyes. Yoongi.

I had absolutely no problem with my boyfriend’s older brother, in fact, I actually enjoyed his company. But right now I really wasn’t in the mood to talk.

I was tempted to keep walking but Yoongi asked a follow up question, “Are you okay? You seem mad,” he spoke with a cool, slightly lazy tone.

I turned around. He was leaning against the doorframe of the door to his bedroom. His hair was sticking up in weird places like he had just woken up from a nap, “Well if I seem mad then I’m not okay am I?” I snapped at him.

Yoongi pushed himself off of the door and stood up straight, “what did he do?” he asked referring to his brother.

I swallowed against the hard lump in my throat, “I just caught him with another girl,” I told Yoongi.

He scoffed, “Of course you did,” he said not sounding surprised at all, “that’s just like him.”

I was about to tell Yoongi that I never thought his brother would do something like this when the image of another girl’s legs wrapped around my boyfriend’s waist came into my head. I squeezed my eyes shut to stop the tears that had gathered in them from coming out but it was no use because the tears pooled over my eyes and down my cheek.

I hung my head in defeat. In front of me, I heard Yoongi shuffle. His soft hand came up and, with his thumb, Yoongi wiped the tears off of my cheek.

I looked up at him, “you shouldn’t cry over him,” he told me, “he’s not worth it.”

His hand cupped my face with the same hand that wiped my tear and stared at me but I couldn’t make out his expression.

“W–why are you looking at me like that?” I asked cautiously.

Yoongi turned his head to the side as if to look at me from a different angle, “I never noticed how pretty you are.”

My heart fluttered, “Yoongi…”

He cleared his throat and took a step away from me, “sorry, um, I know you just broke up with my little brother. I’m overstepping my boundaries.”

I looked into Yoongi’s eyes wondering how such a sweet guy could have come out of the same gene pool as his brother. His words made me feel all fuzzy on the inside which was something his brother had never made me feel.

I took a step closer to Yoongi, “I don’t think you were overstepping your boundaries at all…” I bat my eyes, “you know…your brother never told me that I was pretty.”

Yoongi’s expression remained hard and serious, “my brother’s an idiot.”

I blushed.

Suddenly, my thoughts became clear.

Wait, what am I doing? I thought to myself. Am I really flirting with my ex’’s older brother? I mean yeah, he’s super attractive and all but… isn’t flirting with him wrong? I paused my thoughts. Was this really wrong? I just walked in on my boyfriend having sex with another girl so surely what I’m doing isn’t as bad as that?

Yoongi’s hand reached out to stroke my cheek again, “I’m sorry that my brother hurt you. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?”

You know what, why am I even thinking about his emotions? He cheated on me. I mentally reassured myself.

I found Yoongi to be very attractive and he had clearly taken an interest in me. Plus, I’m single now. Who says I can’t be with him?

“Kiss me,” I answered Yoongi’s question.

His eyes widened slightly, “what?”

“I want you to kiss me,” I said confidently, “that will make me feel better.”

“Really?” he said suddenly sounding shy.

I nodded.

Yoongi hesitated but eventually he slowly leaned forward. He brought both hands up to cup the sides of my face and he looked deeply into my eyes. HIs face approached mine at a slow pace and the eagerness in me began to build. Yoongi tilted his head to the side and his eyes drooped shut. I followed his actions. I could feel the heat of his breath on my own lips as he got closer.

Then, finally, our lips brushed. Yoongi flinched back slightly as if he was unsure if he should continue. I grabbed his wrist and pulled my lips up to his. At first, he seemed surprised by my sudden movement but it wasn’t long before he sunk into the kiss.

Getting a burst of confidence, Yoongi wrapped his hands around the back of my neck and pulled my closer to him. His lips moved forcefully over mine as he took control of the situation. His lips spread, making it easier to deepen the kiss even more. His body was pressed against mine and I could feel his heat against my body.

He broke the kiss and pulled his head back slightly to look into my eyes, “you have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that,” he told me.

I blushed in embarrassment, “really?”

He nodded, “there are so many things that I’ve wanted to do to you but I couldn’t because you were with my brother.”

I rocked on my heels, “well, I’m not with your brother anymore… do you wanna tell me more about those ‘things’ you’ve wanted to do?” I asked innocently.

Yoongi straightened his back and made more space between us, “Y/N… I don’t think you know what I mean…”

I shook my head, “No, I know exactly what you mean,” I closed the space between us again, “why don’t you show me all the things you wanted to do to me?” I traced his collarbone with the tips of my fingers.

Yoongi’s breath quickened, “Y/N… are you sure?” he asked reluctantly.

I batted my eyes and nodded.

Yoongi slowly brushed his hand up my arm which gave me goosebumps. When his hand reached my shoulder, he pulled my body close to his. He bent his head down and delicately pressed his lips to mine. I instantly pulled him closer and wrapped my arms around his neck. His hands moved to the curve of my lower back as he held me tight.

Yoongi spread his lips against mine as his tongue slipped into my mouth. His shoulders loosened as he relaxed into the kiss more. His hands moved farther south to cup my butt.

Without breaking the kiss, he roughly pulled me through the doorway into his room and he kicked the door shut. He pushed me up against the wall and held me tightly there with his body. My fingers tangled in his dyed hair and I gently pulled on it. His hands moved up and down my sides making my shirt come up slightly. Yoongi’s lips traced down my jawline to my neck. He nipped and sucked at the sweet spot just below my ear. Both of his hands moved up to fondle my fully clothed breasts.

The exhilaration of kissing Yoongi and the way he was touching me sent excitement all through my body. I could feel my desire for him growing in between my legs.

Yoongi pulled away and eagerly pulled at the bottom of my shirt. I raised my arms to make it easier for him to tug the shirt over my head and toss it on the floor behind him.

I followed his actions by lifted his shirt over his head and throwing it on top of mine on the ground.

Yoongi reconnected our lips and our fire hot skin was pressed together. His hands went back to kneading my breasts which were now only covered by a lacy black bra. My hands moved up and down his stomach which was chiseled with muscles.

Yoongi popped open the button on my jeans and slid them down my thighs. I moved them down to my ankles and stepped out of them.

Wanting to move things along a little faster, I let my hand brush against Yoongi’s half hard member. He gasp when my fingers wrapped around him and I palmed him through his jeans. His hips rocked in time with the movement. He was now fully hard under my touch and I could feel him throbbing.

I pulled off his belt and opened his pants. I slid down onto my knees in front of him and looked up to see his face. He carefully watched my movements as his chest rose and fell.

I let my bottom lips slide between my teeth as I slid his pants down to his ankles. His fully hard member created a tent of his white boxer briefs. I looked into his eyes as I slowly slid his underwear off of his hips. Once removed, his dick sprung free and slapped against his stomach.

I licked my lips and grabbed hold of the base, slowly sliding my hand up to the tip. I adjusted my body so that I could easily slip him into my mouth. I sucked gently on the tip, tasting the salty precum that had gathered there. Above me,  Yoongi groaned deeply and let his head roll back. I sunk my lips farther down his shaft and let him hit the back of my throat. I bobbed my head up and down and rubbed the parts of his member that I couldn’t reach with my mouth with my hand. Yoongi’s hand slipped into my hair as he gently guided me up and down. My tongue circled his tip and I wrapped my lips just around that part, giving it extra special attention. I sucked hard which made a long low pitched groan come out of Yoongi’s mouth. I brought my lips to the base of his cock and licked a large vein up to the tip and then I wrapped my mouth around him again. I lifted one hand up to gently squeeze and fondle his balls. His in my hair tightened and he lightly thrusted his hips into my mouth.

After a while, Yoongi’s breath started to get heavier and faster and I knew he was getting close. I sucked hard a couple more times and then Yoongi pulled me off of my knees and back to my feet. He kissed me roughly once before pushing me onto his bed. He hovered over me and smirked sexily. He pulled my underwear off and tossed them to the side. He grabbed my leg and kissed all the way from my ankle to my hip bone before kissing up my stomach and stopping at my boob. He delicately took one of my nipples into his mouth and circled it with his tongue. His hand squeezed and kneading the other breast as he sucked on my nipple.

He kissed up the valley between my breasts and up my neck and jawline until our lips were connected once again.

Yoongi broke the kiss and leaned over me to reach for his desk drawer. He pulled out a wrapped condom and tore the wrapper open with his teeth. He rolled the condom down his shaft and lined himself up with my entrance.

Slowly, he slipped into me. I felt pleasure instantly as he filled me up. He pressed his forehead to mine as he started to move in and out of me with quick and shallow thrusts. He immediately found my g spot which made me squeal loudly. He continued to his the same spot over and over again which turned me into a moaning mess under him. I secretly hoped that his brother could hear my moans through the wall.

My body twitched and convulsed as I came closer to my orgasm. Yoongi reached down and roughly circled my clit with his hand which only made me scream louder.

His thrusts started to get more inconsistent and his moans also got louder. My back arched as the pleasure started to take over my body.

One more rough thrust into my g spot sent me over the edge and I let out a long string of curses and Yoongi’s name as I came. Shortly after, Yoongi also hit his high and thrust himself through the entire thing.

Then, the room was quiet. We both looked into each other’s eyes as we tried to catch our breath. Yoongi wiped sweat off of his forehead with the back of his hand.

He slipped out of me and pulled the condom off of his softening member and tossed it into the small trash can by his bed.

He grabbed his pants off of the ground and stepped into them then pulled them over his hips. He grabbed my clothes and tossed them to me.

Feeling weak from what we had just done, I slowly pulled my clothes back onto my body. I sat on the edge of his bed slightly dazed.

Once Yoongi’s clothes were back on, he came over and kissed me sweetly, “That was fun. We should do it again some time.”

I smiled and nodded in response and he grabbed my hand and pulled me off of the bed.

I stumbled slightly once I was stood up and Yoongi wrapped his strong arms around me.

He chuckled, “Tired?”

I nodded, “Yeah… a little…” I sighed.

He kissed my forehead, “You’re cute you know that?”

I buried my face into his chest so he wouldn’t see me blush.

“C’mon, I’ll walk you out,” he said as he guided me to the door.

When he opened the door, we were greeted by his brother standing in front of it with his fist raised as if he was about to knock. He jumped back slightly when Yoongi opened the door.

“What the hell?!” He shouted at both of us. He looked from me to Yoongi looking extremely hurt.

“What’s the matter?” Yoongi asked nonchalantly.

“Wh–what do you mean ‘what’s the matter’?! You just slept with my girlfriend!” he shouted as Yoongi hysterically.

“She’s not your girlfriend anymore,” Yoongi said simply, “that’s what happens when you don’t treat a girl right, they break up with you.”

He looked from Yoongi to me again, “you didn’t even wanna talk about this? About us?”

I shook my head and leaned farther into Yoongi, “I don’t really care what you have to say, it won’t change anything. It’s over, sorry.”

He looked as if he may cry but Yoongi paid no attention to that, “we should probably get you home,” he told me.

He brushed past his younger brother and lead me down the hallway with his arm securely wrapped around my shoulders.

Despite the terrible thing that happened to me, I felt surprisingly happy. It felt good to know that I had such a nice guy to turn to when I was in need.

Here ya go Anon! Sorry I took so long putting this up. I hope you liked it!

Feel free to send in requests for any member of BTS! Feedback is always welcome!

Thanks for reading! xx

Starter for @evangelinefate

After the attacks of the infamous Black Arms, the sun hadn’t purely shined over Station Square (or even in Westopolis where the attacks first started) in the past week since the events begun, until this very day. After everyone had worked hard together (especially a certain brooding hedgehog) to make sure their favorite ‘blue’ planet was safe and sound, it seemed they all took off in their own in separate ways for a ‘break’…. Or at least, one *certain* light blue hedgehog did. 

She was absolutely determined to go lay about on the beach side of emerald coast, whether or not, she was not going to be stopped. A beach ball under one arm, and a towel under the other… Sunglasses rested on her head under her bang but hooked behind her ears, giving the bang a bit of a lift off of her head. 

Sonii stomped her way over to the beach to finally arrive to a beach chair and a umbrella that was currently vacant to THIS hedgehog. Letting the beach ball drop next to the umbrella buried into the sand, she slowly laid out the towel over the chair before turning around to see a towering figure behind her. All that was seen from her view was the shadow. 

“Oh no, I’m not helping, assisting, aiding, or guiding. I will not be moving from this spot today, so doooon’t even remotely ask–” she started going on a bit of a rant before she slowly turned around to see whom was there to speak to her.


(legends of tomorrow spoilers below)




That episode was coldwave as fuck i mean THE RING IS FROM HIS FIRST HEIST WITH MICK YOU CANNOT TELL ME THEY’RE NOT MARRIED. and he PLANTED  it on him before he fucking knocked him out to save his fucking life and Mick is BEING SAD AND HOLDING THE RING

and RAY AND MICK jesus the atomwave was beautiful too??? (kinda disappointed there weren’t any proper coldatom scenes but i can fix that)

Mick really stole the fucking show. HEAD STOMPING and quipping and being married as fuck to Len and punching his boyfriend Ray for fun and RESISTING BRAINWASHING BECAUSE HE CARES ABOUT THE TEAM





and for the fucking record, Snart ain’t dead

he just isn’t

there are no strings on me

(P.s. i totally didn’t freak out because snart said ‘even the best laid plans can go sideways’ no not at all)

Outside Gunnison, Colorado 1989

JESSY: It finally happened.
MATTY: What, you didn’t get detention this week?
JESSY: Me and Jackie.  We kissed.
MATTY: Hey, can I stop hearing about him every two minutes now?  ‘You think he likes me?  Jackie looked at me.  I-I think he looked at me.’
JESSY: He definitely likes me.
MATTY: Jess, you know you gotta be careful.
JESSY: I’m not an idiot.
MATTY: Yeah, I know, but it’s not just Ned and Charlie and those dicks who’ll stomp your head in.  I mean everybody at school and in town… they won’t leave you alone.
JESSY: OK.  I wish we were gone already.  Can’t you lie and say you’re eighteen and get a fake ID?
MATTY: California’s expensive, OK, we just gotta save some more money.
JESSY: You could… sell your collection.
MATTY: I will, ok, when it’s time.  I can get at least $900 for the buffalo nickel. and another $400 for the double eagle.
JESSY: That’s a lot.
MATTY: Look, Jess, as soon as I turn eighteen, I promise, we’re going to get out of here, ok?

So there’s like three different things going on in this conversation.

– Jessy is twelve in the spring of 1989, which means he was born in 1978 or so.  Dean’s a year younger.  Folks have speculated on what John Winchester said to Dean to keep Dean so hyper-focused on performing masculinity and heterosexuality for so long… and I think it was pretty much what Matty says to Jessy here.  Only, you know, over and over, in each new (potentially shitty) town, with the standard John Winchester lack of emotional intelligence and an added dollop of ‘think what will happen to Sam if you get yourself stomped.’  

– Matty has a coin collection, which we can figure is precious to him personally, since he went to the trouble of collecting it and all, and also has material value on the open market.  He’s willing to trade it away in hopes of rescuing his little brother.  

– Matty won’t go until he’s eighteen.  He’s waiting until he can legally leave, legally work, maybe even have a shot at getting legal custody of his fourteen-year-old brother.  He’s taking the long view, here.  Things suck in the here and now, but if they can tread water for a couple more years, they can head west and make a real start of things.  

Matty is paralleling three Winchesters at once.  It’s kind of dizzying.

Imagine - Kylo Ren 3

Kylo sets out to another mission and returns but has failed. You try and comfort him and convince him to take you back to the place you went so long ago.

Kylo was setting out on his mission to find the droid that held the one piece that would lead to Luke Skywalker, the last known Jedi in existence. As always he kissed you goodbye and went on his way to go and try to retrieve it on Jakku. Every time he went he took a piece of your heart with him, even though he returned every time you never knew if something could possibly ever happen. It was almost an entire day that he was gone, when he returned back he was angry. You could feel it when you saw him walk into your chambers. He removed his mask and looked you in the eyes, “I failed.” He shook his head and stomped around the room. Sighing you walked up to him and placed a hand on his cheek, giving him a slight kiss you listened to him speak. “The droid got away… I failed.” you shook my head in disagreement, “You did everything you could Kylo, its okay.” He pushed you away slightly and stared at the wall. He sighed and laid a heavy fist down on the table and picked up the photo you had of the two of you. When he took you to a secluded planet that was littered with tropical islands. It was just the two of you, it was the last time anything like that had happen because Kylo became to be absorbed in finding this map to Luke Skywalker. Placing a hand on his back you held him from behind, “Remember when you took me there? To Ataaab? It was such a beautiful time.” you nuzzled my face in his clothing and breathed in his sweet scent that brought back wonderful memories. “Take me, let’s go now.” you grabbed his face and looked deep into his brown orbs.

He sighed for a moment, “I have important work I need to do, Y/N.” your heart dropped for a moment but you asked again. “Just for one day please…then we can return and find what we need.” he sighed once more, “Okay..” a smile spread across your face, finally sometime to yourselves with some romance.

Date Night (AU)

by: avintagekiss24

Michonne is annoyed.

She steps out of her Audi and slams the door shut behind her, her eyes connecting immediately with his truck as it still sits in front of the police station. She sighs heavily, shaking her head as her feet stomp toward the door. His squad car is gone, he could be on a call Michonne, chill, she thinks as she reaches the door. She throws it open and heads towards the front desk, where Maggie sits, filling out random paperwork.

“Maggie,” Michonne starts, her heels clicking against the tile floor.

Maggie’s green eyes peek up and a large smile spreads across her face as she recognizes the beautiful woman before her, “Michonne, nice to see you again! Gosh, you look great!”

Michonne does look pretty damn good tonight, if she does say so herself. She’s decked out in a form fitting, short, pale pink, backless dress with matching pink lace up heels. Her hair is loose and dangles over her shoulders as she shoves her gold clutch underneath her arm, “Thank you” she smiles genuinely at the young country girl behind the desk, “Do you know where my husband is? We were supposed to meet for dinner but,” She tilts her head to the side and clicks her teeth, trying to keep the anger at bay, “He never showed up.”

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If it doesn’t go right, we’ll go left

*Warning: A lot of profanity. Proceed with caution.*

Chapter 2 - Held Down by Chains

“Where the hell is Evan?” Tyler hissed as he tapped his foot in a continuous repetition, clearly irritated.

“Relax, he’s probably finishing off the rest of the CCG, he’ll be here soon.” Lui replied as he watched his fellow ghoul in the pig mask become even more irritated by the second, “Honestly though, what foot is up your ass this time?”

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Bucky Barnes- Parachute

You shove the meeting room doors open and storm inside, retreating to the farthest corner to lean against and sulk.

The rest of the Avengers pile in, giving you space as they sit down at the large table in the middle of the room.

“Well,” Steve says. “I think the mission didn’t go so badly.”

“Badly?” You snap. “It was horrible. Next time we hire a sniper, get someone who can actually shoot straight.”

Looking towards the entrance, you see Bucky in the doorway with his eyes down. You shake your head and stomp up to him and stab a finger onto his chest.

“Get your head in the game, or I am out.” You snarl, rushing out of the room with an aura of rage radiating off of you.

“She hates me,” Is the first thing Bucky mutters when you leave, not giving the others an opportunity to confirm nor deny his statement as he turns and heads to his room.

The next meeting, you’re glaring daggers at Bucky, who keeps his head down tiredly.

“So, everyone clear on the next mission?” Steve asks, and when everyone nods, they file out of the room except for you and Bucky.

“By the way, Winter Solider,” You say. “Keep your aim straight,”

He doesn’t say anything as you leave the room and nearly bump into Natasha. She smirks.

“I saw you staring at each other, I just wasn’t sure if it was sexual tension or murderous rage.” She says dryly, and you nearly choke.

“What are you-”

“Definitely sexual tension.”

Your ears burn as you push past her, and Bucky smiles when Natasha laughs. “Don’t worry, Barnes. She’s tough to get along with, but she’s worth it. Just give her time,”

Bucky nods, trailing after you and climbs into the jet. Once it’s taken off, Steve is going over the mission and for some reason, Bucky’s eyes keep wandering towards you curiously as you take in the information.

But then a stomach churning beeping makes you all look towards the pilot. He’s struggling with the wheel, pulling to his chest until something snaps and he flies backwards with the wheel in his hand.

“Oh for the love of-” You rip the wheel from his hands and huff. “Looks like we need to jump ship,”

Steve nods, grabs two parachutes and tosses one to you and Bucky. “You guys get out. I’ll land the plane in the water and-”

“Oh no way, Cap. That didn’t go too well for you the last time,” You leave your parachute and drop into the pilot seat, pushing and turning switches until the bay doors open. “We’re all getting out of here-”

“There’s only two parachutes,” The pilot sweats, gripping his jacket. “We need to pair up,”

“I’ll go with the pilot,” You say, taking your parachute and stumble when the plane shudders.

“Go with Bucky, I’ll take the pilot,” When you give Steve a look, he sighs. “We need to even out the weight,”

You frown, shoving him the parachute and buckle into Bucky’s. “You better know how to work one of these things,”

He nods, giving Steve a salute before leaping off the plane. You squeeze your eyes shut and refrain from screaming, stretching out your limbs like a sea-star.

“Pull the string!” You shout as you two rapidly approach land. But he doesn’t listen and you look up just in time to see him yank on the lever.

You hiss as the parachute ejects, suddenly tugging at your chest. “I hate parachutes!” You whine once you two are gliding through the air.

He nods, shouts back, “As do I!” And continues to steer the parachute until you’re landing softly on the shore line. Well, almost the shore line.

“You idiot!” You shriek right before your pulled under water, but you unbuckle yourself to break the surface sputtering for air. He does the same. “You really can’t aim, can you-”

Then he’s diving at you, dragging you underwater and you elbow him hard in the ribs so he releases you. You meet his eyes through the water and he shakes his head, making a gesture to stay down.

Eventfully you break for air right when a fighter jet flies away.

“(Y/n), Buck!”

You turn to shore to see Steve and the pilot on the sand, dry and not soaking wet. He waves his arms and you two swim to him. “What’d you land in the water for?”

You huff, already shivering as you trudge out of the water. “I don’t know, ask him,”

“HYDRA fighter jets. Would’ve shot at us if they saw us,” Bucky says, and you turn in surprise. “I recognized their disguise,”

The corner of your lip turns. “Thanks, Barnes. Maybe you’re not so blind after all,”

Steve chuckles and Bucky grins. “I’ll take that as a compliment,”

“Good, because that’s the only one you’ll ever get out of me,” You all know it’s not true but they nod anyways.

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