head spinning

My heart doesn’t beat here
My head doesn’t stop spinning
Walking down a street filled with strangers, hearts bleeding silently, but not without smell
It’s the same, big city, small city
The mist never goes away, the fog will always be stuck in your throat, my throat
My thoughts don’t make paper beautiful, stained black ink
Nothing more, nothing less
Buy me a coffee after a night out, please take my heart,
I don’t need it
—  When the town didn’t stop shining - Knight 

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Could you do Bruce little sister, maybe eight years younger then him, dating Barry Allen and Bruce getting all protective??

Trying to figure out exact ages had been a challenge 😂 thus why ages aren’t really mentioned much! My head was spinning by the time I tried to figure out if I wanted to go with nu52 or birthright but I am roughly putting Barry in his late twenties-early thirties. And Bruce is in his late thirties. So reader/batsis may be around about the same age as Barry! (Also there was a similar request asking for bat-aunt dating Barry!)

Bruce keeps his eyes locked on you and you fold your arms across your chest. You are certainly not going to back down! At least not when it concerns your love life.

Bruce steps closer to you. “When were you planning on telling me that you are dating Barry, Y/N?” Bruce does not know whether to be mad at you for ignoring his earlier warnings or if he wants to be mad at Barry for even thinking of going out with you.

“If it was up to me, you probably would not be hearing about it anytime soon!” You huff indignantly. Bruce has always been really protective over you. Given the fact that you are younger than him and is his little sister and only living blood, you can understand why he would be but you are now well in your late twenties! You can very much take care of yourself but unfortunately, Bruce just cannot seem to see that.

“What do you mean?” He asks gruffly, stopping right beside you.

You uncross your arms to motion your hand in Bruce’s general direction. “This.” You stare at him incredulously. Bruce cocks his head to the left, prompting you to continue. “You always have this notion that I need to be protected all the time and every single time I tell you I am in a relationship with someone, a few days or a week later, all of them broke up with me!”

Technically it had not really been your brother’s fault. You had found out much later that most of who you had been seeing were only with you because you are Y/N Wayne, the little sister of Bruce Wayne. That or they broke up with you because you did not want to put out.

Bruce narrows his eyes at you. “You know the reasons behind those.” He does not even bother denying your accusations: there had been some truth behind your words after all. “I have been trying to keep you away from any of us, Y/N. It’s dangerous, we are dangerous and even Barry is dangerous.”

You shake your head. “I am well aware of this, Bruce. The moment our parents were murdered, by just having the name ‘Wayne’ is already a clear sign for being in danger.” You refute. “Barry may be dangerous but you know he is one of the greatest men you have ever worked with and you also know that he will try his hardest to keep me safe, like you do, Bruce.”

Bruce’s eyes soften slightly and he lets out a sigh. As much as he is really against you dating Barry, he also knows Barry can take care of you very well too.

You place your hand on Bruce’s arm. “Please, Bruce. I really like Barry and this is the happiest I have ever been.” You let the words slip from your mouth and you finally see Bruce’s resolve cracking when he turns to look at you before nodding his head curtly.

“I may not be happy about this but since it makes you happy, since he makes you happy then I will support you. Just as how you have supported me, Y/N.” Bruce finally relents and as soon as he finishes talking, you immediately throw yourself in to his embrace, laughing happily in to his shoulders. Bruce wraps his arms around you, a warm smile present on his face.

“Thank you so much, Bruce! You are the best big brother anyone could ever ask for!” You pull back with a grin on your face.

Your moments are cut short when a knock sounded and Barry peeks his head in. Bruce and you turn to look at him and since you are still in Bruce’s arms, you can feel him tensing up slightly.

“Is it safe to come in now?” Barry asks and you smile, nodding your head. Barry grins at you before letting himself in to Bruce’s office. You pat your big brother soothingly on the chest before he releases you.

Barry walks to meet you halfway and is about to drop a kiss on your lips when he sees Bruce staring at the two of you. He clears his throat and gives his friend a sheepish smile.

“I don’t care if you are the fastest man alive but if you ever hurt her, Allen, I swear to God, I will put a stop to you.” Bruce warns grouchily and Barry nods his head.

“I am a man of my words.” Barry tells Bruce before wrapping an arm around your waist to tug you to him. You wrap your arm around his body in return. “For as long as I live, I will make sure to keep Y/N safe and happy.”

The two most important men in your lives continued to stare at each other before Bruce finally nods his head. Barry lets the grin stretch widely.

“Alright. Now that that is settled, get out of my office and have fun on your date. Or whatever.” Bruce orders, walking towards his desk.

Your eyes follow Bruce’s and when he turns to look at you, you blow him a kiss causing him to smirk. “Thank you, Bruce! I will call you later.” He nods his head and Barry and you leaves his office once Barry is done exchanging a few words with your brother.

Barry pulls you over to a secluded corner before placing both of his hands on your face. He leans down to capture your lips and your knees shake as you kiss him back. When Barry pulls back you almost pout. “I have been wanting to do that all day, Y/N.”

Déjà vu, when the wind brings laughter,
Are you still unhappy, my love?
Older and wiser, but none the happier.
I’ll explain to you how daisies grow and maybe you’ll follow
They love to ramble in poems and they bloom in spring,
You may change your mind, but you’ll still love the rain and I will still love you.
Oh lord, this feels like I’m missing something,
Time is ticking on me I hear the sand running out
And I’m still alone; the last place I wanted to be.
Oh lord, what can I say?
Thoughts broken up by periods of silence, midway through a sentence
I once knew how to grow, but if I am a daisy then this is my winter,
And you are the snow that suffocates.
3am it’s me again, I know you won’t reply
Hypothetical conversations played over in my head,
Spinning across my tongue,
Bitterly mixed with a cigarette and a nightmare
Amongst the rest.
Sleep deprived, breathless, please
Don’t hold me, I can hold myself
But don’t leave again, I can’t miss you again.
How many lies can I find
Behind closed eyelids?
How many hearts will I break
On such a beautiful night?
How many times can I find
You in a song.
But how long will it be until you find me in the same melody
“Oh lord,
What can I say?”
—  Learn to miss her

The Lie - TWO: rise and shine

find chapter one here 

I jolt upwards, head spinning with the cry of “no!” on my lips.
        “Hey, hey, hey,” a voice chants to my right. A warm damp hand settles on my arm. I jerk it away quickly, only to see that the owner isn’t who I originally thought.
        A blond boy eyes me warily.
        “Sorry,” I tell him half-heartedly. “I… thought you were someone else.”
        He nods slowly. “How are you feeling?”
        I wet my lips. “I’ve been better.”
        He nods again. “I’ll bet. What all do you remember?”
        My eyes narrow. “I remember enough to hope you haven’t let that boy in here. That miserable, disgusting-”
        “Peter Pan, obviously.” I roll my eyes at the name and cross my arms.
        He almost looks… amused? “Mmm. Just checking.” He stirs something in a porcelain cup. “We did keep you two separated. We thought it would be for the best after the number you two did on one another.”

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Sad Newsies is over (again) so I made my own papes!

So I saw Newsies twice (might have skipped class to watch it the second time whoops) and here are some of my favorite parts:

- Seeing Broadway newsies and toursies all performing together

- The projections of the headlines/Jack’s drawing of Katherine

- Hearing “Letter from the Refuge” in hd

- Seeing newsies spit in hd

- Jeremy Jordan’s raw emotion while singing Santa Fe

- Kara’s bro voice when she says “for sure”

- The camera angles esp during the fight scene

- And when it zooms in on Davey after Jack betrays him and the guys and then it pans back to Jack who just looks so helpless

- The world’s yer erster!

- Les making the deal w/ Jack

- Les’s reaction to Medda’s theatre

- How excited Les got when Katherine said “let’s get drunk!” in King of NY

- Just everything about Les he’s perfect


- How Davey says “… that’s it??” after Katherine first taps in King of NY

- The face Jack makes after shaking Roosevelt’s hand

- The audience losing their minds during the key change in Once and For All when the towers move forward and also during Brooklyn’s Here

- The audience cracking up at “why do old people talk so much?” “to prove they’re still alove”

- When Hannah secretly applauds Jack for the strike in Pulitzer’s office

- When the live audience throws papes at the stage during curtain call

- Jeremy attempting to do a dance move and almost falling during curtain call

- The girl next to me sadly whispering “oh Crutchie” after he sings “watch me stand, watch me run” during the Prologue

- The same girl during credits: “Tommy Braco?? Tommy BRACO?!?” and “Spot Conlan?! Spot CONLAN?!?” “WHY CAN’T THEY BOTH BE SPELLED RIGHT AT THE SAME TIME?!”

- Basically I loved everything 


- It’s not in theaters anymore and it’s not available for purchase (yet, hopefully it will be soon)

- So little screen time for Spot Conlon and Kid Blink, aka the sweet cinnamon roll that is Andy Richardson 

- I basically cried for the whole 2 and a half hours

i wish i could do things right and i wish i had motivation to get up

Loosely based off of how often Lindsay posts about her vivid dreams/nightmares - I like to imagine that Ruby has the same issue. 

Given her wild imagination, Ruby probably has a lot of really intense dreams. Some of them good and some of them not. Yang is accustomed to it, she’s had many nights where she wakes Ruby up when she starts talking or yelling in her sleep. 

It was a harder adjustment for the dorm room though, when Blake first heard Ruby yelling “WHERE IS SHE?!” it was pretty scary. Especially since she only really knew Ruby as a bubbly and bouncy kid. 

Weiss hated it at first, if only because the one time she woke up and tried to help it was after Ruby had a really bad nightmare and started crying and talking about her mom and Weiss was completely unequipped to help. It made her feel bad, like failing a test. How could she be the best partner ever if she couldn’t make Ruby feel better?

So she eventually asked Yang for some advice and when she said she wanted to help deal with it, on the rare occasions it came up, Yang was surprised but grateful. Blake wanted in on it too, for team unity and all that. Not because she cared - she didn’t. Of course not…not Blake Belladonna….nahh.

Eventually, they worked out a system and if Ruby started talking in her sleep, first one to hear it was on Ruby Duty. 

Blake would usually hear it first, but if Weiss happened to as well it was Weiss’ turn. For the really bad ones, they’d bring in Yang and Yang would sit up on Ruby’s bunk until she calmed down and both Weiss and Blake would usually stay up, pretending to be asleep, waiting for Yang to come down meaning Ruby had fallen back asleep. 

It’s not anything any of them talked about, and it didn’t happen very often, but Ruby’s dreams were something all of them became very aware of and adjusted to.

When Beacon fell, Ruby didn’t have anyone there to help her through the bad ones. It took a toll on her for a while because she struggled to fall asleep. Once she hit the road with Jaune, Nora and Ren - it was something she knew would happen and hoped she could handle. She was trying to convince herself every day that she was old enough to take care of herself. She didn’t need a bed buddy to help her through a bad dream. 

Then a bad one hit her during a night camping in the forest. It wasn’t her mother or a Grimm attack - it was watching Penny be torn to pieces. It shook her, badly - to the point that she woke up screaming and scared the hell out of her new team. 

With no way to keep it to herself, Ruby told them all about her dreams and how they’ve always been something she’s dealt with. About how after Beacon fell, they were even worse and more like flashbacks than nightmares - tormenting her. 

That’s when Nora started sleeping a little closer and Ren started helping Ruby clear her mind before it was time to go to bed with breathing exercises and good stretching routines to help her relax. Jaune would make a note to tell dumb jokes he’d heard or tell Ruby about all the silly things he collected as a kid. 

The nightmares lessened and Ruby found herself sleeping better. Which made it all the easier to help Jaune when she found out he wasn’t sleeping well either