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Every Last Reason

Enjoltaire (Enjolras x Grantaire)

Trigger warning: this fic contains alcohol abuse and self loathing.

Small talk and wine filled their living room, Enjolras had accepted one glass of wine for the night, but Grantaire being himself had obviously got things out of hand and now he curled drunkly on Enj’s chest as the blond man’s hand played lovingly on the dark mess of curls.

 "We should probably get some sleep" Enjolras said, suddenly realizing it was nearly 3 am. 

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Not True

Anonymous said:

Can you do a smut where you and Michael are both famous and rumors come up that you’ve cheated on him and he gets a little upset so you show him that he’s the only one for you?
i gotchu


Another headline all over social media, “Famous Y/N Y/L/N rumored to have cheated on her boyfriend Michael Clifford.” I rolled my eyes and ignored all the false rumors. I can’t step foot outside my apartment without the paparazzi taking pictures of completely false information.

This isn’t the first headline I’ve seen saying I’ve cheated on Michael, and it will never be true. I would never even think on cheating with Michael, ever. I can’t step foot anywhere with any of my guy friends without having the title “Y/N Y/L/N cheating on Michael Clifford.” Michael has brought it up a few times, and I always tell him they are rumors, but I think he is starting to get a little more paranoid now.

“Y/N, just tell me if you cheated on me!” Michael said. I rolled my eyes, “Michael for the last time I would never do anything like that! That’s not who I am, you know that!” I said. “Well, there are so many more rumors baby, I don’t like the idea of someone else making you feel good.” Michael said. “Michael, all the rumors are not true, I wouldn’t want to have anyone else than you fuck me.” I smirked.

Michael crashes his lips onto mine and I gladly kissed him back. He started to undo the button on my jeans as I did the same with his, pushing them down as far as I could without breaking the kiss.

His hand traveled to my clothed clit, slowly rubbing it in circles, I whimpered at his touch. “I bet nobody can make you as responsive as I can baby girl.” Michael whispers sent shivers down my spine. My panties were slid to the side as his finger antagonized my entrance. “Please.” I moaned. Michael sucked and bite at my sweet spot on my neck, and slowly entering.

“Fuck.” i muttered under my breath. Michael’s fingers sped up, his thumb rubbing sloppy circles on my clit as my breath became uneven. “You gonna cum for me, huh?” Michael said. Whimpers left my mouth as the pit of my stomach began to burn with pleasure. “Oh my god.” I moaned. My legs closed around his hand. “Ah, ah, ah keep them open kitten.” Michael said.

My first orgasm was a head spinner, “Michael I’m cumming!” I moaned out. I didn’t have time to recoup before Michael entered me. “Oh my lord, Michael!” I whimpered. “You think anyone else could fuck you like I do? Huh princess?” Michael grunted. “No Michael.” I moaned.

My mind was washed over with pleasure as my back arched. “Fuck I’m gonna cum again!” i screamed. Michael moaned a string of profanities and my name as he came close to his high. “Cum with me baby.” Michael said.

I clenched around him, hitting my high and soon his. “Fuckkkk.” Michael trailed out. “Holy shit.” I moaned. “God I love you.” He said. “I love you too. And always remember the rumors are not true.” I respond.


Armando with his “scare quote” fingers, Malcolm with his velocirator profile, (Geoff with his tiny head), Peter with his mantis hands and adorable laughing.

Behind the scenes with a little bit of Spinners and Losers and a glimpse of Armando’s direction and Malcolm’s office with actual decent lighting and how Peter DOES convey it all perfectly when the cameras are on and it’s time for Malcolm to tell Geoff why standing against Tom would be a *very bad idea*.

Of closets and confessions (Jercico).

Prompt: pure-fluff Jercico
Rating: PG
Characters because I don’t have word count and I’m lazy: 18k ish.
Authors note: turns out this was very difficult to get pure fluff without sacrificing a plot or originality. I had about four different versions of this before settling on this one, and even then it has its moments. So uh, deal with it idk lol also am super sorry it took like two weeks. I’ve been really busy with various things.

Nico felt like a big toasty cinnamon bun wrapped up in both his duvet and the cushiony pillow of sleep. He always found the first moments of consciousness in the morning to be the most freeing.

“Hmm,” He hummed, he felt Percys fingers trace down his spine, gently rousing him from sleep. His fingers were soon replaced with soft lips, kissing the pale flesh exposed to him.

“Good morning,” Percy whispered against Nicos back, dragging his nose along the shoulder blade.

“Is it morning already?” Nico yawned, before settling down further in the sheets, “It feels like I’ve only been asleep for an hour.”

“Well, that’s because you constantly oversleep. It makes you more tired, just look at the kids in cabin 15, Clovis sleeps constantly. Are you sure you aren’t secretly a child of Hypnos?”

Nico scowled into his pillow and sighed heavily, he hated when Percy teased him.

“No, Perseus, I am a child of hades, and I am as important as powerful as you are,” the words were full of conviction, but his voice was not. He’d recited this so many times he didn’t even try to be convincing anymore. Besides, he knew Percy was only teasing him, judging by the soft laughter coming from behind him.

“We do need to get up, though,” Percy poked his boyfriend in the side, causing him to jolt, and Percy to laugh, “well that got you up! And so much easier than sex,” he winked.

“Ha, ha,” Nico replied sarcastically, “Id prefer the sex anyway. Why are you waking me up, where do we have to be?”

“Oh, Nico,” Percy scolded, slapping the boys butt a little too hard and leaving a print, “it’s Jasons birthday. Or to rephrase, our best friends birthday. I can’t believe you forgot, did you even get him a present?”

Nicos eyes widened, he groaned before burying his head in his pillow.

“Damn,” he mumbled into the fabric, “I was going to, I really was, but I believe it was around the time you came home in the middle of the day and were particularly naked.”

“Well as long as that’s the reason, who cares?” Percy grinned, “ill just put your name on my present. Now this nakedness you speak of..”


Jasons villa had been transformed for the party. It was already pretty special, he’d gotten one of the premium villas in New Rome what with him being praetor for so long. He was enjoying retirement here, the only places better than this belonged to Frank and Reyna. It was two stories, but each floor was huge, allowing more than enough room for one guy. This made it the favourite place for the seven plus Reyna and Nico to hang out. In some ways it was a shame “civilians” couldn’t enter the active praetors homes, apparently they were closer to palaces than villas.

The lower floor was vast in itself, the cavernous entry way was dominated by an indoor marble fountain. A grand staircase sat against the back walk leading off upstairs. To the left an archway led to the kitchen slash dining room, a huge wooden table sat as the focal point as you first enter the room, beyond which was a very modern kitchen, unexpected but somehow it worked. To the right of the atrium was the living room, plush sofas with plenty of cushions, which could easily play host to twenty guests. A sixty inch flat screen hung from the wall with wires attached to every game console imaginable, the games to which could be seen all up one wall. Dvds and games filled the entire front wall, leaving space only for the bay window. To the back of the room was a snooker table, and various old school arcade games such as pacman and space invaders.

While the entryway was now hung with streamers and balloons in all shades of red, yellow and blue, the living room had undergone the most transformation. Nico wasn’t sure how they’d achieved it, but walking into that room felt like walking into a post-apocalyptic world. Mostly it felt a little too close to home, seeing as they’d all come so close to seeing the world end during the battle against Gaia. He supposed it was their way of dealing with it. In juxtaposition to the landscape before him, the demigods were all dressed as superheros, per the fancy dress rules. Nico was dressed as batman, the least colourful superhero he could find, and was holding hands with aquaman, or “Percy” as some like to call him. He saw Leo dressed as iron man trying to explain to a confused looking Hulk/Frank that of course him being iron man made sense, he was inventor and great with women. They’d just grabbed a drink from the fountain which had its water replaced With punch when the blonde superman approached.

“Hey, guys! We were starting to think you wouldn’t show,” he punched Percy playfully on the arm, “got distracted huh? I hear that!”

Percy and Nico laughed awkwardly in response. Since that night the three of them shared, Jason had always seemed eager to bring up sex. It made it uncomfortable for everyone except Jason, probably because he was single and didn’t have to worry about flirting. Nico and Percy on the other hand both felt the need to hide their mutual attraction to the son of Jupiter. Of course neither one knew the feelings of the other which made it complicated.

“Hey, is that present for me?” Jason grinned.

“Actually, its an offering to the gods,” Percy cracked up when Jasons face dropped, “of course its for you, idiot!”

They watched as Jason excitedly tore into the gold wrapping paper to find a first edition of Alice in Wonderland.

“Percy.. Nico.. This is too much,” his voice caught at the end, his saucer-like eyes never leaving the cover.

“I remember Thalia telling us your mom read this to you guys as kids, thought you’d get a kick out of it,” Percy shrugged as if it were no big deal.

With tears threatening to spill over, Jason enveloped both the boys in a tight hug, burying his face between their necks. They hadn’t even realised how long they had been stood like that until Piper dressed as halle berry’s catwoman cleared her throat to make herself known before refilling her cup with punch.

“Get a room, guys!” she laughed.

Clearing his throat Jason extracted himself from the group hug and turned to Piper.

“Where’s Wonder Woman gone? I wanna thank her for designing the interior, it looks great,” his voice trailed off as he exited the room.

Percy held up his cup to Nico with a smile.

“Cheers,” they tapped their cups together and left to join the party.


Hazel, for such a sweet young girl, could drink. The demigod superheroes had been playing a version of paintball which involved water balloons and watered down paint, when Hazel appeared in the doorway, holding aloft an empty wine bottle. Her wild curly hair had been dyed red for her poison ivy costume, two conical shapes atop her head.

“Behold,” she slurred, “the ultimate party game!” she slowly bent down, arms stretched wide to steady herself, and attempted to spin the bottle on the concrete floor. She succeeded in rolling it half way across the room before standing up straight, arms up like a gymnast and a large smile on her face. When met with blank expressions, she dropped her hands to her sides and threw her head back in an exasperated groan.

“Spin the bottle!” she explained.

Percy and Nicos eyes simultaneously lit up. Along with the others they scrambled into a loose circle in the middle of the room. It was a chance neither of them would get again, if they got to kiss Jason, maybe all those feelings would go away. Neither of them voiced their thoughts, but they both had them.

As they sat hand in hand, their knuckles turned slightly too white. As everyone got settled, Reyna announced that she would be going first. No one dared say anything against her, usually she looked scary in an authoritative, regal way, but now in her skin tight Black Widow jumpsuit, she looked menacing. She leant forwards on all fours, giving Leo a view of her butt covered in tight leather. As the bottle spun, Nico suddenly became panicked, he might actually have to kiss one of the girls. Yes, it was just a game but being the only 100% gay member of the group, he wasn’t sure he could even take that. Luckily, though, he let out a sigh of relief as the bottle landed on Annabeth.

She blushed and argued weakly, but it was clear she was eager to lock lips with the brunette. Reyna crawled over in front of her, licking her lips. Annabeth giggled and brushed a loose bit of hair behind the other girls ear, before tilting her head into a kiss. It was wet and noisy, and very drunkenly sloppy. Nico could see their tongues mingling together, and frankly he found it gross. When Reyna had adjourned Annabeth leaned forward to spin. After a couple attempts to not spin it with such force it flew across the room, the bottle landed on Jason.

“Come here, blondie!” she slurred, beckoning him with a finger in a “come hither” motion.

“Uh uh,” he shook his head, grinning, “the spinner comes to the spinee. Now, you come here, blondie!”

Jasons eyes were fixed firmly on Annabeths breasts, threatening to burst out of her tight corset. She gently shoved him in the shoulder, pointing to her eyes. He gulped, embarrassed at having been caught but quickly hid it by pulling wonder woman’s lips to his own. Nico closed his eyes, he didn’t want to see that. His mind filled with thoughts of panic, would anyone be able to tell if he got too jealous? What if he ended up actually kissies Jason, he surely wouldn’t be able to hide it then, would he? He’d been so wrapped up in his fear he didn’t even notice the bottle neck now pointing squarely at himself. His skin pricked, and he bolted. His mind wasn’t even clear enough to shadow travel, he just ran from the room, up the stairs to one of the spare bedrooms. He dove into the empty walk in closet and curled up in the corner. He had to put his head between his legs in an attempt to calm his heavy breathing. His face felt wet, gods were these tears? How pathetic.

He heard a gentle tapping on the door to the wardrobe, and tried to be as quiet as possible.

“Nico, I know you’re in there,” Percy sighed, “please let me in?”

A moment passed, then two, Percy raised his knuckle to knock again when Nicos small voice, barely audible came from inside.

“Okay,” he whispered. Percy pushed open the door, closing it behind him and knelt in front of his boyfriend.

“Hey,” he cooed, “what was that?”

“I’m sorry,” Nico sniffled into his black cape he’d brought around to use as a tissue. Percy lifted the young boys chin with his forefinger to look him in the eye.

“It’s okay, shh, its fine. You could have kissed him though, I wouldn’t have minded, it was just a game. You needn’t have worried about upsetting me, okay?”

“Percy I-” Nicos eyes glistened with newly formed tears, “I love you, I love you with all my heart, but since that night, I- I have, I think I’m feeling things for-”

“Jason,” Percy cut him off, nodding, blowing out a long breath out, “More than me?” Nicos eyes widened in horror.

“No!” he gasped, “never! Percy that’s not what I meant!”

“I know,” Percy responded, “I know what you meant.

You love me, but you can’t help but wonder about Jason. You think of him occasionally, sometimes sexually, sometimes romantically. Then you feel so guilty about it you could crawl out of your own skin because you love me so much, and would never leave me for him, but are scared I would leave you if I found out.”

"how did you-”

“because I feel the same. About Jason,” Percy admitted, hanging his head.

“What?!” a voice squeaked from right outside the wardrobe. Nico and Percys heads both snapped up to look, and after exchanging a cautious glance, Percy pushed open the door. Jason was sent backwards, and ended up sprawled on his ass, cape twisted around his torso. However, they couldn’t be sure if the confused expression came from the little trip he’d just taken or from the conversation he’d just over heard. Nico groaned and retreated deeper into himself.

“Were you eavesdropping?!” Percy asked, horrified. He had turned the colour of the strawberries grown at camp, he could feel his skin burning with embarrassment.

Jason only nodded in response. He didn’t move though, he seemed paralyzed, save for the small smile growing on his lips. Percy moved to put his arms around Nico.

“Well then you heard what we said. You know how I- how we feel. Its not a big deal, I think maybe Nico and I just need to get through it together.”

“No!” Jason shot forwards onto his knees, his eyes filled with panic, “don’t go away, what if I want to help?”

“To help?” Nico lifted his head with a small sniff. Jasons expression softened, and Percy saw in them something he recognised.

“What if I don’t want you to move on from it? What if I’ve spent every moment since that night thinking about you two. Yes, both of you, Percy, stop looking at me like that. You know better than anyone that you can love more than one-” he stopped short, realising what he’d just said.

“Love?” Percy whispered. Jason crawled forwards into the wardrobe, shutting the door behind him. He took a deep breath.

“I think so,” he breathed, “I’ve been reading a lot. More and more people are becoming involved in three way relationships. Its not just sex, and no one is left out. We all want to be with eachother.”

A minute passed in silence, while a conversation passed unspoken between Percy and Nico. Jason was starting to regret what he’d said when Nico climbed into his boyfriends lap. Percy kissed his shoulder blade before wrapping his arms around his waist and whispering in his ear. Nico leaned forwards, placing his hands on either side of Jasons face, pulling him closer. He pressed their lips gently together and it felt different from before. It was no longer the passion of sex fueling this kiss, it was love. And feeling Percys arms around his waist and Jasons hands covering his own he felt whole. He’d never noticed the empty feeling before, but now he realised it had always been there in the background. He was never meant to love just one person.

When he pulled back from the kiss, Jason remained silent, unsure if the kiss was a “goodbye, but thanks” kind of kiss. Percy cleared his throat.

“Jason, would you be our boyfriend, and accept us as your boyfriends?” in response to Percys offer, Jason captured his mouth in a deep kiss, grasping Nicos hand tightly in his own.


“I just wanted to thank everyone for this awesome dinner party, I’ve never felt so grown up! Although I guess being 21 now its about time,” Jason laughed, “Today is incredibly special as not only is it my birthday, but its a year since my life became whole. Percy, Nico, I love you both so much, and to have your love returned makes the world a brighter place. Happy anniversary,” he raised his glass to the two boys sitting to his left.

The other demigods raised their glasses with a chorus of “aww”s. So much had changed in the last year, looking around the table. Frank and Hazel had gotten married and immediately she fell pregnant. She now sat with a hand cradling her swollen belly and a plate of icecubes and cinnamon sticks in front of her rather than the delicious meal everyone else was enjoying. Reyna was obsessively fussing over Annabeths praetor cloak, straightening the pin as her shoulder. After Frank resigned to take care of his family, it made sense for Annabeth to take over. No one could make Reyna see sense better than her own girlfriend. Piper was rarely off her phone, although she had held all calls for the party.

Her business had really taken off. Her self defence classes for women had become a huge craze, the Greek fighting techniques never seen before, she had chains popping up all over the country. None of them had ever seen her happier. Leo seemed to be the only unchanged member of the group, which was fine with everyone, they loved him the way he was.


Nico rolled over in bed, squinting at the light streaming through the crack in the curtains. He no longer believed the first few minutes of the day to be the most freeing. He wanted to wake up and spend all of his time with his lovers. He stroked Percys arm, which was draped over Nicos stomach, and heard him hum happily. Percy giggled in his sleep, a habit he’d gotten into, giggling, crying, barking. It made nights restless but entertaining. Jasons hand poked over the side of Percys waist as he loosely spooned the boy. Nico leant forwards and kissed his hand, taking time to carefully place a kiss on each fingertip, lightly so as not to make him stir. He lay back on his pillow and stared up at the ceiling, thinking how lucky he was to find them both. He couldn’t imagine his life without either, if that old Greek myth about humans originally being two headed before Zeus split them down the middle were true, Nico was entirely sure he hadn’t considered the two beautiful sons of himself and his brother. Nico was infinitely happy in his unusual, perfect relationship.


Remember how I’ve been saying that current Real Life UK politics is way too close to what The Specials figured out almost ten years ago?  Well, I actually could have been more specific with the time because:

Today in TTOI History: The original airing of Spinners and Losers (and also the Opposition Extra) exactly NINE years ago today on July 3, 2007

[which was two days after the original airing of Rise of the Nutters on July 1, 2007 that we’ll pretend I remembered to celebrate on Friday]

I already did a looong series of posts this past January celebrating The Specials (aka the Week of Three Tuesdays) in all their amazing glory, but in light of Real Life just about turning The Specials into precognitive political  documentaries, in light of their general almost total perfection anyway, AND in light of the *Today in TTOI History* that happens tomorrow, I decided the best way to mark the occasion is with happy Malcolm savoring – in his usual modest and restrained way – his complete victory over Nick Hanway and Blinky Ben.

(You know, the victory that keeps Malcolm in power as Director of Communications – which of course has no repercussions for him whatsoever in later series…)

Here it is! Inside out meets Rumple’s head with color! 

For every emotion I drew him like one of the facets we’ve seen him. Anger is Mr. Gold in season 1. Disgust is Dark One!Rumple (idk why the flair on disgust was just to DO!Rumple). Joy is Spinner Rumple before he was drafted to the war. Fear is when the soldiers were trying to take away Bae, when he was shunned by everyone except his boy. Sadness is little Rum, after he was abandoned by Malcolm. 

Hope you like it :)


Is Geoff Shaking His Tiny Head? Malcolm Can’t tell: Aired version vs. Rehearsal version

1. In the first gif from the rehearsal version (top right), see laughing Peter transform into deadly Malcolm in less time than it takes to draw a single breath. 

2. The aired version and the rehearsal version don’t quite line up because Aired Version Geoff puts in the extra line about NOT standing before insisting his head IS the right size. 

(Mind you, if he hadn’t put in the extra line, they still wouldn’t line up because the rehearsal scene cuts off before Malcolm’s Francophonic punchline; however, I’m quite sure Rehearsal Malcolm IS about to correct Rehearsal Geoff’s perception about the scale of his undersized noggin vis-à-vis the rest of his body.)

3. I swear that until a couple of years ago when I finally I watched the (teeny tiny) Spinners and Losers behind-the-scenes extra with the rehearsal scene showing Malcolm’s office with the lights ON and the grainy-gloomy-post-processing OFF, I never realized he had the same office in The Specials and series 3. (Seriously, it was a total revelation.)

4. The aired version of the scene and the rehearsal version of the scene equals two versions, but I would say there are actually threeish thanks to this bit from the extra

that is just different enough from what aired – mostly in terms of pauses and inflection – to make me think it’s actually an alternate take.

5. In whatever version, the ONLY person who thinks Geoff Holhurst’s head is the right size… is Geoff Holhurst.

anonymous asked:

do you know any very emotional ziall stories?? x

god, yes! i’m not sure what the definition of emotional is here, but i’m just gonna rec the ones that made me cry and generally feel a lot. :)

it could get ugly (but it was beautiful) 

my all time favourite - zayn is a model and niall is a lawyer. they have to start working with each other, but they have quite the past.
highly emotional, oh my god. i cried during like half of this.


being gay in a very traditional, homophobic town has gotten zayn some really bad experiences. niall is the new minister’s son who changes everything. 
just read it, it’s gonna make you cry rivers (i did at least).

to put a little sunshine in your life and this is no bridget jones

just because those are a must for every ziall shipper

tight grip

they’re just sleeping together, not even having sex, but it’s a bigger deal than that.
using the original summary because there’s no better way to describe this. beautiful and very emotional.


niall is a musician, zayn is an artist. and he’s deaf.
another must-read. so, so  beautiful.

they ask me what’s my best side, i step back and point at you

niall gets kidnapped because zayn’s business might be a little bit shady at times. zayn is willing to do anything to get him back.
goodness, i’m not over this yet. very, very emotional.

come take my pulse

things are so much more complicated in a world where you don’t know if you’ll live another day. niall saves zayn from a zombie and things go on from there.
i never thought i was someone for zombie apocalypse aus, but apparently i am. i thought about this for days on end, and i still can’t really get it out of my head. stunningly beautiful and very frightening, a story that no one should miss out on.

you’ll never live down what you can’t forget, so forget it

another zombie apocalypse au, incredibly underrated because it’s so much more than people bashing in zombie heads.

bruised giver, grit spinner

they skate, and their lives aren’t easy.
i’m having trouble summarising this, because really, this is one of the best fics i’ve ever read. it’s incredibly well written and very touching in the way feelings are portrayed. it’s also slow burn, which makes my heart melt every time.

see this through

niall starts taking care of zayn, who sometimes comes to the shop he works at to buy whatever he can afford with his food vouchers.
this is probably the most realistic homeless!au i’ve ever read, it’s slow burn and absolutely lovely.

10 things i ____ about you

after an accident, niall doesn’t remember the past few years of his life. zayn has trouble dealing with that.
god, i sobbed my way through this. definitely worth it though.

i finally found you, my missing puzzle piece

zayn and niall grow up together, and they obviously don’t communicate about their feelings enough.
cute and oh so emotional.

if i’m louder

zayn is kind of a bad boy, and he’s bored. niall is quiet and reads a lot. then he starts tutoring zayn.
i think i read this for the first time last summer? still gives me feels every time i listen to more than this.

walking on a dream

zayn’s in the army and niall writes him.
the ultimately emotional fic in this fandom. if you haven’t read this, prepare for inconsolable sadness. i love this insanely much, even though i desperately hate the ending.

okay, so those are the ones i can think of off the top of my head. there are so, so many incredibly good fics though, i probably forgot a lot. feel free to go through my (not regularly updated or complete) fic rec or my bookmarks on ao3 to look for more :)

12 Days of Kristanna - Day 7 - Just a Kiss

Fandom: Frozen
Pairing: Kristanna (Kristoff/Anna)
Rating: K+
A/N: I think I subconsciously feel like every time I write smut, I have to balance it out with something innocent and cute. Is that a thing?

There is no such thing as ‘just a kiss’ for Anna. Each kiss with Kristoff is classified, counted, and cataloged. Her methods are hardly scientific. Elsa would call them sloppy, but the eager words scrawled by lamp light were not for Elsa. They were for Anna.

May 21st
Silly kiss on the nose, playful - but not too playful. It made my brain feel fuzzy. Maybe call this a Fuzzy Noser?

May 23rd
Kiss against the wall behind the stables. His hands stayed on my hips even though I really wanted to go - elsewhere? Is that normal? I think I’ll call this an Elsewhere kiss. Now to just get those hands elsewhere…

June 4th
I told him to stop waiting for me to give him permission to kiss me and he has. Today he pulled me into an alcove and kissed me till I was dizzy. Definitely a Head Spinner kiss today.

And so on - because to Anna there was no such thing as 'just a kiss’ and she couldn’t wait to spend the rest of her life finding out just how many kinds of kisses there were.


Since I am endlessly amused by Geoff’s total indignation over Malcolm’s insistence that he has a minuscule head, what could be better than two versions of the scene?

Column one is from the behind-the-scenes Spinners extras and is especially notable for a) showing what the episode would have looked like with the lights on and the grainy post-processing off and for b) showing how Peter could transform into Malcolm in less time than it takes to draw a single breath.

Column two is from the aired episode and you can see how most of it is pretty much identical to the rehearsal scene and yet it is still much stronger thanks to a couple of word changes, some dramatic pointing, and Malcolm’s final punchline.